Coachella 2012 Line Up – Just Another Den of Sin

If you have the urge to ride the carousel of homosexuality and bask in cotton candy sin, than you will love Coachella’s 2012  line up of debaucherous deviants and faux hawk hipsters. Just like last years fecal smothered sin fest, 2012 looks to be jam packed with a music lineup  that will entice kids to engage in pre-martial lust penetration and tempt them with unwashed anal play. Let us not forget that the chances of female teen pregnancy at this concert skyrocketed and even surpassed the number of STDs contracted within the 2 days of dilly fondling.

Just like voting for Obama, cuddling up with Satan goes against God and even stepping foot onto the Coachella party grounds is one foot too deep within Satan’s sin cavity of despair and homosexual desire.

The roster below has more curse words and references to twinkie sticks than a late night homosexual reality show on Showtime.

13 thoughts on “Coachella 2012 Line Up – Just Another Den of Sin

  1. Damien Blade Spring, Jew

    So, I see nothing wrong with any of those bands, and find you to be and idiot. You try to defame legitimate causes, and legitimate gatherings, just because they don’t “jive” with your idea of perfection and morality. Well, you’re and idiot. Done.

  2. Albert Toppers

    I can’t believe this SIN FEST is on again. With all the diseases spread last year, I figured the heathens would be too occupied BURNING IN HELL to purchase a ticket this time around.

      1. Albert Toppers

        Mortal life is but a speck when compared with eternity. And I can assure you these homogay ruff romp ryders will burn in hell for their foolish commitment to such a depraved lifestyle.

  3. Kerry Ulberg

    Just so everyone knows, this poster isn’t real. Most the acts on it are references to movies, tv and popular culture. Jem and the Holograms is a cartoon from the 1980s. So is Josie and the Pussycats. NONE of these are actual bands that will be there. Sgt. Pepper? That’s from The Beatles song. Don’t take everything so seriously. You’re all worked up about a FAKE lineup.

  4. Mike C

    To the author. You are an ignorant human being. You are the reason that so many Christians get a bad name. This goes for Albert as well. I am a full blown christian. I am a middle school Pastor. I go to these music festivals every year. Just because some partake in the sinful nature, does not mean all do. Doesn’t the Lord ask us to LOVE others? Shouldn’t we want to help those who are in need rather then just condemn them? They are sinners just as you are. A sin is a sin, doesn’t matter if you justify it in your mind. So shut your ignorant mouth and stop giving us who love all and ACTUALLY live the christian life bad reps. Ignorance is bliss for you apparently…But ignorance also mean you are dumb.


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