Gunsmoke James Arness dies at 88 That’s The Full Episode

gunsmokeActor James Arness, who was famous for his role on Gunsmoke, died today at the age of 88. Gunsmoke was a full episode of wholesome American television that taught use that the bad guy never wins and that good will always beat out evil.

Many Americans today and even politicians could learn a lesson from Gunsmoke and James Arness. They could learn that being bad men and trying to control the world with evil and greed will get them nowhere. They could learn that trying to bully the American people into communism is against God’s plan for America.

Too bad we don’t have any moral television shows like Gunsmoke nowadays to teach kids that smoking drugs and being sexual deviants is a bad thing.

The world has lost an American hero and we mourn the lost of one on America’s last true actors.

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