He Said She Said TV Can't Get Enough of Christwire's Holy Word.

The flaming fecal assassins at He Said She Said can’t seem to get enough of Christwire’s Holy glory and influence. Week after week these two banshees of debauchery keep subliminally inserting our message into their TV show. We think after last week’s on air drugging of Bryan Blake, they have had a change of heart. We feel Bryan’s holy presence did a number on their souls and they are secretly trying to tell their audience to stop being gay and turn their sinful backsides into Holy followers of God.

3 thoughts on “He Said She Said TV Can't Get Enough of Christwire's Holy Word.

  1. Father Felch

    I’m praying for their depraved souls. Maybe ManDyke would like to go out on a date to help her conversion along.

  2. Stephenson Billings

    When you fight for moral decency in America, you become a target for radical liberals intent on destroying the last fiber of your souls. I take their interest in Christwire as a sign that we’re truly reaching out to new territories, that we’re inspiring even the hardcore homosexual to acknowledge that Jesus does indeed offer them escape from this disturbingly pornographic lifestyle, always hanging out at the gym and spying on normal men after a hearty workout, following them into the shower where they expose their outrageous lengths and perky bodies, drooling and yelping like rabid dogs. I am horrified and outraged.


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