Homo Gay Statues Across The World

There isn’t a corner of the planet that isn’t safe from the fecal soiled hands of the Homo Gay Agenda. In the photos below you will see the stiffness of their movement from the past 1,000 years of their vile existence.

Here we have a statue of a homosexual trying to ram his fecal plunger into some warm mud. This statue shows you that homosexuals will drop their twiddle rompus into anything that is warm and oozy brown.

This statue shows two ruff and buff muscle homos entangled in a sexual “bear” hug. In Roman times, the homosexual who passed out first from their opponents tight grip ended up being the “power bottom” for the nights sexual endeavors.

This is a group of homosexuals talking about how their life struggles are just as hard as the afro-saxons. In these “gossip circles” gays make plans on how to make people feel sorry for them.

This statue is showing the act of homosexual mouth sex acts. You can see the “bear” is holding his “twink” down in a dominate manner and forcing him to play a game jazz trumpet on his sass whistle.

Gays love to display their syphilis encrusted testicles in public fashions and this statue shows a gay giant flashing his musky candy sacs off to unaware bystanders.

Do we even need to explain what is going on here? We all know what gays do to little boys and that is as far as I will go with this description.

Gays love to play a game called “fecal finger” and this piece of “art” depicts two flocking fancy fannys skipping naked while they try to ramp their fingers up each other’s sewer holes.

We all know gays have a fetish for man on animal fornication and this statue shows that this sick obsession was even present in the gay community, even before Internet nasty sites.

20 thoughts on “Homo Gay Statues Across The World

  1. Some Random Guy

    You do realize that these statues actually have meanings that are NOT gay. (not homogay. That’s not even a word) These statues are pieces of art that are meant to educate people on the past. Every statue has a story.

  2. Advisor

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  3. Australis

    What is wrong with you Christians? does your bible of stories not teach you ‘judge not yet ye be judged’. I have a gay friend, he is not sick, deranged, evil, satanic or trying get an agenda accross nor does he want sympathy. i have no problems with homosexuals, the wonders of science shows it is more then just a choice. you preach peace and love then but this crap on the net like its a conspiracy. shame on you.

    by the way, my mate doesnt sculpt either

    1. Sylvia

      That’s why we should not judge because humanity makes plenty mistakes , our lord and savior will be our judge come judgement day . It’s not out place to judge . Anything that perverse is the devils work . And it all starts in Europe obviously . The devils will try to confuse as many as he can get to , he preys especially on the high and mighty ppl that declare themselves high authority like priests , pastures, anyone with high moral values . But as long as we repent and accept our lord , we should not fear evil for its our lord Jesus we should fear . Bottom line ,we can study all these facts all we want but it’s still acts of perversions . Pedophiles were born , I loath that statue of a man looking down at a boy who is pleasing his …. That’s beyond sickening .

  4. Ever read about history?

    First off, I noticed that one of those pictures depict a certain Greek hero named Heracles (Or his Roman counterpart; Hercules).
    Heracles was one of the most powerful humans that ever existed according to ancient Greek texts. He was a hero that destroyed many evil monsters, he was at the physical peak of a man. Many looked to him for inspiration, he even became a god!!!
    So what if he happens to be naked. He killed the goddamn Nemean Lion and the Lernean Hydra, he completed many supposedly impossible deeds.
    Also if you didn’t know; historically, events in the Olympics originally had the athletes competing naked.

    Statues are created for a reason. They show a snapshot of a story worth remembering or visually illustrate a point. I would have expected an educated person to at least look into the story behind those pieces, and not just make immature, childish and insulting statements about something they do not understand.

    I suggest that you read about the history of statues as art or at least give the proper meaning behind these pieces.

    Also, the whole “Science is man’s poor attempt at understanding God.” thing is total bullshit. God is man’s excuse for their fear of the revalations that Science has created.

    May I suggest ‘Cambell Biology’? The ninth edition would be best as it is the most recent.

  5. Elise Vice

    This is hilarious. None of these statues are “homogay” which is the funniest word I have heard in a while. Gay fucking pride.

  6. TysonBowerstheignorentprick24

    Tyson bowers iii *sigh* when will people ever learn that everyone should be treated the same “Treat everyone else how you want to be treated” its pathetic what if being straight was “unnatural” and gay being “Normal”?

    That’s what I thought assholes

  7. Shayne Ford

    I would just like to say for all those uneducated homophobes GAY IS THE WAY gay people are NOT paedophiles or devils or even brainwashed we are who we are.

  8. nonone

    lol This is so funny because the owner of the web site has no idea of the historical context of the statues. The Bear holding down the Twink is one of the 12 labors of Hercules. But hey, penis’s, am I right?

  9. coolc220

    So much hatred in your heart can’t be good for you. You can’t really think that all gays are pedophiles right? I’ve never met someone that dumb. Some gay men don’t even have anal or any sex at all! You sure are doing gods work judging people for him I’m sure he’s sooooo proud of you


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