14 thoughts on “How to Spot a Occupy Wall Street Protester

  1. Aaron Calhoun

    Whoever made this is an ignorant douchebag trying to paint an earnest movement to change this country into a bunch of hypocrites standing around whining because their trust funds are running low. Screw off….you and yours have NO FUCKING IDEA what this movement is about.

  2. Ryan Nordstrom

    You moron. I am 100% on board with this movement and I’m a poor, self-supported physics student. How many designer bags to you expect to see at a rally attended by people protesting financial hardship and joblessness? In what way are these protests un-American? HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU DECIDE THAT THERE WAS ANYTHING RACIST ABOUT THIS?! The central message is unity, peace, fairness, and democracy. I hope your viewers are not nearly as ignorant and close-minded as you are.

    P.S. Besides identifying you as a retard, nothing about this is even funny. So congratulations on zero redeeming qualities.

  3. Millennium

    1st occupy wallstreet is a small aprt of a greater thing now over 90 countries had protester

    2nd anti american what are you talking about ?? oh yeah you are greedy and steal from poor people more and more money so they cna be thrown on street ?

    3rd nobody would Buy this type of bag and for the food most of them have communal food

  4. Pat Finmield

    I think you are confusing “protester” with “hipster.” If you would bother to do any real investigating (instead of taking cheap shots that aren’t accurate) you would see that there are people of all ages, economic backgrounds, and religions coming together. As AMERICANS.

      1. smile your an idiot

        maybe if you both got your heads out of your asses and watched the news an researched you’d see that moving up in the economic ladder is quite difficult right now because of the recession.

        Oh and by the way that 1% isn’t entirely full of Christians, so there are people just like you people who follow this website and support you’re idiotic asses, out there living in the 99% because oh wait what 99% IS ONE NUMBER SHORT OF 100%!!!

        Seriously the people in the 1% are wall street business men and women who make 99% of the products you have in your amateur photo shop diagram. Get over yourselves, you don’t even know what hard work is.

  5. Roger Delco

    I have seen these vile young heathens camped out. I figured they had spent all their parent’s money on designer clothes. What a bunch of babies.

  6. Get a Life Dracula

    Where is your citation? Really? None? Well then it can be proven that this is all falsified information. Therefore, you have failed, once again. Thank you, good night.

  7. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire, Jew



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