Is P90X and Tony Horton Turning America Gay?

What is P90X
Muscle confusion or sexual confusion? This is the question America should be asking one of the largest homosexual front operations in America, called “P90X”. P90X is ran by a company called Beach Body and they fill the minds of weak willed people to get up and get into shape. But the shape they want them to get into is in the form of a pink feather boa and assless chaps. With each 55 minute work out, their customers work up a sweat towards the path of homosexual.

You see, just like the Gay Agenda, P90X feeds on the weak minded people. They know they are the easiest to turn gay. All you do is give them a little bit of attention and you have them sucked within your demonic grasps. Heterosexual men and women workout to be healthy, not strut around in cut off shirts or walk down Melrose in jogging shorts. The only people who want bulging biceps or a tuckus that you could bounce silver dollars off of, are those who have the sexual deviance of a homosexual sinner. This is why most P90X users used to be fat or they target the ugly, Mexicans, fans of emo music and video gamers, because they all have one thing in common, no life and no self esteem.

P90X also works their victims slowly into their future gay lifestyle by repeating gay terminology and food choices. Gays love buzz words and trendy phrases, it is the reason why everything in the world today has been morphed from “Hello fellow American, it is a beautiful day outside” into “So, yo”. On term that sticks out in the P90X program, is the term “X-ing”. Tony is always “X-ing” you during his work outs and you even see his brainwashed co-hosts throwing up their gang like street signs when he says it. Did you know “X-ing” is the term gays use when they insert ecstasy pills up their rectums? Yep, these are the kinds of terms Tony is teaching while he has you drenched in gay lover man sweat. Next thing you know, you’ll be “X-ing” your new Cuban boyfriend behind Sparkles and Barracks on 5th avenue!

Another big thing in the gay lifestyle is gourmet food and this program pretty much requires you to hire a 5 star chef. The food gets you to crave posh delights that would only be served at a gay restaurant or nightclub. I mean, how many real men eat basil tomato soup? But don’t worry, if you can’t afford a chef you can pay out the rear for their custom shakes and protein bars. Each item contains what is called “Skake-ology”, which is packed with amino acids that attach the gay gene to ones dna. So not only are you huffing and puffing to great gayness, you are also downing loads of homo juice down your throat five times a day.

Who is Tony Horton
If Satan had a Pilates instructor it would be Tony Horton, a former gay club go go dancer turned international health guru. Tony’s main goal is to keep you focused on the task at hand with his quaky one liners and man boy good looks. Tony makes you feel like he is your buddy, your pal, your new best friend. He makes you start comparing your friends to him and within 90 days he gets you to unfriend everyone you’ve even befriended and make you fall in love with him. You start to seek out your first gay relationship with men that follow the same physique and hair line as Tony. Tony is now your God, he is your anchor into the new world he has created for you.

How to Tell if Someone is Using P90X

I created a print out for our readers, so they can use this and compare it to their friends, family members, children or spouses. If they fit any of these symptoms, they are in danger of having their soul rejected from heaven.

Photo Evidence
Most liberals and supporters of The Homo Gay Agenda don’t understand complex journalism, nor do they some time understand basic English. For those whose minds are to feeble to understand my Jessica Fletcher style of detective work, I have added images from the forums to show you the effects of P90X on American males.

Liberals and Obama lie, statistics and numbers do not. We polled 100 men and on and asked them some very direct questions to prove that this P90X system was cause of the shocking increase in gayness among Americans.

Effects on Men

Effects on Women

General Statistics

189 thoughts on “Is P90X and Tony Horton Turning America Gay?

      1. Brian fucking MINSK

        It took you 40,000 to write a bullshit article with absolutely no research and no facts to speak of? You’re an evil “christian” who steals money from others. Fail.

        1. Sam

          Guys, stop giving this Tyson clown the time of gay… I mean time of day. He isn’t a Christian at all. He’s a far left liberal ass who PRETENDS to be a right wing Christian so that he can say outrageous things and piss people off at REAL Christians. Its all a joke made to fool YOU into thinking he is really some religious nut. He isn’t. He’s pretending to try and make Christians look crazy. Whats the other word for him? Oh yeah…. liar. Don’t take him seriously.

        2. Sam

          He isn’t a Christian at all. His whole campaign is a lie. He is a far left liberal who PRETENDS to be a right wing Christian so that he can say outrageous things and piss people off at REAL Christians. Its made to fool YOU into thinking he is really some religious nut. He isn’t. He’s pretending to try and make Christians look crazy. Whats the other word for him? Oh yeah…. liar. Don’t take him seriously.

        3. Sam

          Tyson is a fake. He pretends to be a Christian and then says stupid garbage to make REAL Christians look bad. Its all a sham created by a bitter, tiny little person with a grudge against actual Christians.

          1. Seren

            I’m pretty surprised how long it took y’all to figure out this was fake. Thanks for feeding the trolls, and giving those billy goats a break now and then. <3

    1. Marquita

      This is the stupidest article I have ever read. I am a Christian and find this absurd. I have exercised to Tony’s dvds and am very happily married, and never once cross my mind that his fitness program is a ploy to increase the homosexual population.

  1. Stephenson Billings

    I know from personal experience (not my own of course!) that lots of people buy these home tapes or watch these shows without actually exercising. They just like to watch a man bend and stretch all over, showing off his legs or chest, purely for erotic gratification. I find that really disturbing. Some men do it to hide their same sex desires from wives and mothers, pretending that they’ve purchased the shows for health benefits while secretly delighting in the open display of bare, muscular male flesh while down in the basement.

    How sad that marketers would take advantage of people suffering like this. Tony Horton may indeed be homosexual himself and that only makes this whole scandal worse. Shame on him for pushing others into a dangerous lifestyle choice.

    Thank you for the well done research Tyson. It was indeed eye-opening!

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      Your journalistic inquiry and genius once again trumps mine. I should of dug deeper into this. I had no idea that men use these tapes as a form of home smut entertainment.

        1. Ana

          Sounds to me like you two are the ones in a gay relationship. “Oh Tyson, thanks for the flattery…” blah blah blah you fucking hypocritical pair of queers

      1. Sam

        Tyson, why do you do this? Why do you pretend to be a Christian, create fake stories about what you do and then make moronic claims to get people angry at REAL Christians. Why are you such an angry person with this need to stir up hatred by creating fake stories and claiming to be a believer when you aren’t? You have lots of people here thinking that you’re really serious and you mean what you say. I understand that your real intent is just to fool people into thinking you’re a right wing and piss them off at the right and/or Christians. My question is why? What happened to you that has caused you to try and mislead this many people?

    2. L.N

      “I know from personal experience (not my own of course!)”

      Damien has a point, how can it be personal if it’s not yours? Did you fail all of your elementary school English tests?

      “that lots of people buy these home tapes or watch these shows without actually exercising. They just like to watch a man bend and stretch all over, showing off his legs or chest, purely for erotic gratification.”

      Uh, proof? Thanks to the internet, no one spends that kind of money just to watch people do stretches. You’re talking out of your ass, people get the equipment and dvds to learn how to properly work the equipment as well as exercise. It’s how often they use it is the question.

      “I find that really disturbing. Some men do it to hide their same sex desires from wives and mothers, pretending that they’ve purchased the shows for health benefits while secretly delighting in the open display of bare, muscular male flesh while down in the basement.”

      They also have dvds where women are exercising. You’re basically saying anyone who works out is gay. Congratulations, you’re an idiot.

      “How sad that marketers would take advantage of people suffering like this.”

      What, overweight people who want to lose weight and gain muscle? People take advantage of everything. Several times your friends here took advantage of terrible events to spout out their bigotry and false faith.

      “Tony Horton may indeed be homosexual himself and that only makes this whole scandal worse. Shame on him for pushing others into a dangerous lifestyle choice.”

      1. Homosexuals are not dangerous, the way they live their lives are not dangerous, and homosexuality is not a choice.

      2. You have no proof that the man is gay.

      3. You’re still insisting that working out makes people gay.

      “Thank you for the well done research Tyson. It was indeed eye-opening!”

      Well researched? It’s all lies and bullshit! Are you retarded? The answer is obviously yes. Retarded and apparently fat if you hate working out so much that you’d call anyone who does work out ‘gay’.

      1. Stephenson Billings

        LN: I have indeed seen friends and others across the internet covet these videos not for exercise, but to see bare male flesh. In the old days it was muscle magazines. I used to peruse them for my workout regimen and would notice the other men in the magazine shops leering at the photos purely for erotic self pleasure. They were of course homosexuals.

        And when I say Mr Horton is taking advantage of people, I did not mean those who seek to improve their bodies, but rather those who want to hide their sexual fantasies from their families.

        1. L.N

          “LN: I have indeed seen friends and others across the internet covet these videos not for exercise, but to see bare male flesh.”

          Two things: 1. I’m not doubt it happens, it’s just that you have to be either extremely pathetic or have no possibly way of accessing the internet to want to get some jackin’ or smackin’ material.

          2. That still does not count as ‘personal experience’. Go define personal and then think about what you just said.

          “In the old days it was muscle magazines. I used to peruse them for my workout regimen and would notice the other men in the magazine shops leering at the photos purely for erotic self pleasure. They were of course homosexuals.”

          That was just how you saw things, who’s to say they weren’t looking at something else? How do you determine what someone’s thinking of just because they’re looking at a magazine like that?

          “And when I say Mr Horton is taking advantage of people, I did not mean those who seek to improve their bodies, but rather those who want to hide their sexual fantasies from their families.”

          If you want to make bullshit like that up, who’s to say that your favorite sports team does the same? You’re literally looking at something and instantly assuming ‘it’s gay’. No proof beyond one person saying they do it and your imagination, you’re just sitting on your ass and making the claim that he’s making people gay.

        2. Tanya

          There is no suck thing as a gay gene and if men watch this to get off as you say then what about all the women trainers and people do not turn gay after watching this or eating certain food. People like you are sick and twisted. People like you I warn my children about. Saying there is a gay gene and like saying you can tell who is going to commit a crime by their blood type. You guys need to get a life and stop worrying about other people. Finally if you have friends that have these videos for what they are not supposed to be used for what does that say about you and who you hang out with.

    3. Andre

      Interesting experience… I’m curious. For someone who is obviously against gays, where do you find the time to watch men get off from watching the DVDs, and why would you research that.

  2. SD_Dave

    HOT!!!!!! As I said on your facebook post, ” Lee Jeans? Really? Sorry, but we don’t buy Lee Jeans! Try Diesel or 7 for All Mankind, etc., but Lee? PUHLEEZE!!!!!!!!”

    How insulting! Lee Jeans……pffffft

  3. Chris

    Ok well this website is the most retarded piece of shut ever. I would like you all to take a gun with a colones of your choosing, place the mozzel in your mouth and plow your brains out against your bathroom wall. Now wellyou dockyard shitface monkeys are doing that I’ll be off recovering from deppression most likely with a 4 mile run and kick boxing. If u think I give a fucking shut about any of this crap. Please feel free to chew on raOr blades. I legitimately dot know why I come on here.. So fil you guys. Dueces

    1. Simplyamazed at Peoplesignorance

      Apparently, you do give a SHIT (not shut) about it or wouldn’t have wasted the time and energy to post. By the by, you may want to take some time out from your workout to take a remedial English grammar and comprehension class. Possibly some Anger management curses, as well.

      1. Simplyamazed at Peoplesignorance

        Sorry, that should have said Anger Management Courses, nut curses. Though that would work well, too.

        1. alfonse

          maybe you could use some grammar and comprehension classes. looks like the one at the community college arent good enough, please do not reproduce

  4. Jess

    … If the videos are about turning men gay, eg. making men attracted to men (which is bullshit by itself, but not the point of this argument), which point it accomplishes by eroticising men who are exercising, then how is it more successful at making women attracted to women then men attracted to men when there are no women involved in the videos? Boggles the mind, it does.

  5. Robert Pooner

    Wow, if you can get a grant for this work, I can make serious money just by randomly generating charts and graphs! It’d be like printing my own money!

    As a whole, though, this article can be used for public good. Author provides clear evidence supporting the benefits of population control. The fewer the number of people writing such bias, the clearer everyone else can think.

    I might reconsider my position if you start getting the morbidly obese to start making successful, high-selling workout videos. Health is in everyone’s best interest.

  6. Lady Faga

    Robert…”As a whole..” really. Hi..larious! But again to my point about fear based reactions: I think this whole thing exposes how overweight, unattractive men are afraid of having all the hot girls(and guys) stolen by hot men. Being attracted to a fit body is NORMAL! Get to the gym.

  7. Frank

    Wow! Is this serious or a joke? I mean, are some of you really this seriously disturbed? Are you really afraid that being healthy and getting into shape turns all straight men gay? Do you really think the world is in danger of becoming all gay and producing no more children (the overpopulated world with about 3 billion more humans than it can handle already)? I know many confident, self-assured, unthreatened, in-shape, hot, secure, straight men who enjoy their lives and their friendships with gay men. You want to know the gay agenda? I’ll tell you: to walk and share this earth in peace and harmony, with equal rights and without being persecuted by crazy people. Yes, there are gay people who are extreme partiers—-as there are straight people who are into drugs and self-destructive behavior. I mean, really. Are there people who believe this crap? My partner and I have been together for 31 years. Wish I looked like the guy in the picture, but I don’t. Don’t have to recruit. Straight people are producing plenty of wonderful, talented, loving, sensible, smart gay folks for us.

  8. Living&Loving4Christ

    I’m not gay. I’m just a Christian that tries his best to follow the christian principles that Jesus did.

    I’m fairly sure Jesus didn’t spend his time creating graphs and theories that are not only HATEMONGERING but completely invalid because they are not falsifiable.

    Theories that can’t be tested, proven true or false by the scientific method (falsifiable) are just ignorant people’s opinions. Seems to me someone needs to go take an accredited research methods class before posting only TABLOID-worthy “facts & statistics.”

    Or better yet, go get some PROFESSIONAL counseling to see why you are obsessing over the very same thing you are accusing others of obsessing over. Or are you just using this OBSESSION of yours as an excuse to not get off your fat ass and go to the gym?

  9. FAN

    just became an even bigger FAN! ROFL!!! The before and after pictures and graphs KILLED me omg still wiping tears i was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!

  10. Simplyamazed at Peoplesignorance

    Oh dear beardy guy in the sky! If you people are any indication of the “average’ intelligence level in America, we are all DOOMED! You do realise that this is a PARODY! The entire site is a parody. If you are reading this and taking it , or anything posted on this site, seriously you need to kill yourself NOW! Please eliminate your DNA from the gene pool NOW! Thank you!

  11. Intelligence

    The first “after” photo is Chris Geary, a Brit, NOT an American as this author claims — one of many lies. Also, T.Horton should file a defamation and libel claim against this website.

  12. the atheist one

    Wow, p90X is for getting in SHAPE, so humans dont become fat like the friggin rednecks south of the border!!!!!!!

    1. zback

      Ouch dude, that’s unfair. I’m from Texas, and I am of a healthy weight. Saying things like that is just as uninformed and misguided as the above article.

  13. keithm

    Boy, are you guys on this site a bunch of ignorant inbreeders. I may be gay, but my God, at least I don’t try to support my agenda with such bogus info. & outright lies.

  14. alfonse

    hahaha you are all just a bunch of jealous big titted fat assess calling the p90x people gay is just a way of dealing with your own insecurities women prefer men in shape it is a fact and they get tons of women you can be sure of that, you probably have only slept with one woman and shes your fat wife

  15. djigoo

    This is the most insane pile of shit I’ve ever read.

    God gave you a brain, yet you refuse to use it.

    You are an abomination.

  16. Nacho Business

    Do you dumb-asses have nothing better to do than sit around coming up with bullshit stories about how gay everything is? I think anyone involved with Christwire is gay themselves. Look, most of the stories here are about how this person or that person, this show or that show, etc. is gay. I think it all boils down to you fools trying to hide your own homosexuality by bashing on others. You people talk about how being gay is a “dangerous lifestyle,” but isn’t sitting around being bitter and hating everyone dangerous? You’re all pathetic losers! BTW…I know for 100% fact that the Before and After collage is bogus and made up. The person in the top right photo is Chris Geary, and while he is gay (which should be none of your business), he has NEVER IN HIS LIFE been overweight, and the photo of the person on the left of his picture is NOT him. I do find it amusing, though, that you all went out to his website to get his picture. Is it one of the many you likely saved off while visiting the website for your own sexual fantasies? Face it, gay people never did a damn thing to any of you idiots, so get over yourselves, and all your insecurities!! GET A LIFE!

  17. FitLifeSfRob

    Wow. Just wow. Rhetoric aside, this is proof that the religious right is completely insane. Next time, stick to what you know and stop making up lies. It makes you look, not only like a fool, but a moron.

    Part of me hopes this is a spoof, because I find it hard to believe that people are this unbelievably stupid. But then again, it was written on this website. So…

    If you want real fitness info, come to

    We don’t lie to our readers.

  18. Dale

    ROFLMAO – The guy that wrote this is obviously a major closet case. He spends all his time thinking about what makes men gay and scared to death to act on it.

  19. Lin

    Gourmet food is now gay? I sure wish someone had told me that–I’d have converted months ago! Well, I’m off to study my Satanic…er, sauce bible!

  20. TaTsuki

    This is obviously made by a homophobic piece of shit.
    Here’s a little hint for ya, buddy:
    I mean really?
    Obviously there was NO REAL RESEARCH done for this article, it’s all made up bullshit.
    The author’s existence has no point. Die, you homophobic piece of ass-munching turd.

  21. Dillon

    Well, you bring up a nice point, but we must look at your conclusion in a scientific view (obviously, this scientific view is absent through most of the statements).

    First, your graphs have no source for the information nor evidence to prove your numbers, not to mention, they lack any sort of logical evidence in the first place.

    Secondly, we must apply Occam’s Razor. To prove that P90X raises homosexual habits is true concludes that exposure to muscular male bodies in any sense makes males more inclined to desire a partner with those physical features, and that some drastic mental change has occurred due to this exposure.

    Third, we must check the credibility of the sources (if there were any) by assessing their emotional attachment to the topic. It is quite obvious that the author of this article is very emotionally attached to the topic. The author’s emotional attachment means that his opinion is rampant in the “facts”, removing any credibility the author might have had.

    Now, using the tools above, we can conclude the author wrote this article to prove one of two options:
    1. the author is becoming more aware of their homosexual habits
    2. the author decided that making many people mad and many other ignorant readers happy was just the boost the author needed in their esteem to continue living a content life.

    In my scientific view, I believe that, due to the severity of the claims, the author is becoming more aware of their homosexual habits and is threatened by their new observation. As a result, the author must lash out against their habits and deny their observation as truth in the most dramatic way possible to try to throw off any suspicion to the new truth.

  22. Ivan Trotsky

    This is the kind of hard hitting journalism that I have been looking for. I have never liked P90X or Tony Horton but I never knew why. Now I have facts, figures, charts and graphs to back up my misgivings. I wonder if all of the poor, misguided schmucks who flash the X sign know they are in perverted congress with those who shove ecstasy up their butts.

    1. Ice Van Winkle

      I wholly agree. This article has really opened my eyes to this new great threat.

      This add the missing piece to the gay agenda that CW has been trying to uncover.

      Here is what we know now.

      1) 1000’s of guys get hot p90x body, turn gay.
      2) Join military as gay for Obama, taken over the Navy, then Marines.
      3) Turn the US of A aircraft carriers into gay bath houses.
      4) Send code pink to the Chinese, who assault from the west.
      5) Mexican assault from the south.
      6) France attacks from the east.
      7) American is turned communist, and children are forced into anal rape camps for the enjoyment of Obama’s gay supporters.

  23. Justin

    Do you realize the straight stupidity of this article and others like it directly contribute to the rising interest of athiesm? I’m on my second round of p90x and so far it’s only further connected my sex drive with women. Try completing this brutal program before you claim your senseless opinion. Christianity never seizes to amaze me with the morons it produces. Unbelievable.

    1. Deb G

      Justin…I don’t see anything “Christlike” in this article. Do you?? This man is not representative of most Christians. He is a very sad excuse for a human being.

  24. Youguysaremorons

    Wow. All that research and you have literally nothing to show for it. Maybe if you weren’t so worried about other people, you would realize what kind of poor shape you were in. To me, it sounds like you are jealous that these people got off their lazy asses and actually accomplished something, rather than hide in fear by writing a story about it. Your charts and photos look like something a high school student would use for a class project. And if anyone believes you, God help you all- no really, may God help you because you clearly are lost in so many ways…

  25. mark

    I really hope this article is a joke. an attempt at tongue in cheek. I really hope so. If this is meant to be a serious trope by a religious zealot on Tony Horton then I’m speechless. P90X is a home workout program and simply that. nothing more. No hidden messages, no subliminal gay messages, hidden Barney or Mickey Mouse. Just exercise and get healthy. Maybe the writer of this piece wants P90X and Tony Horton to be gay. I think someone is projecting inner desires in this article.

  26. Mike

    What a bunch of fucking zealots. You sit here and condemn people for being gay by watching exercise videos or wanting to be in shape, but yet it’s the priests that are touching the 13 year old altar boys. The people that YOU follow. Fucking hypocrites. You say P90x targets the weak-minded? How about your insane psycho-babble bull shit? Talk about targeting weak-minded people.

  27. Anthony

    If one thing’s a virtual certainty, it’s this: the more a self-proclaimed Christian rails agianst homosexuality, the more likely it is that he secretly spends his weekends in airport restrooms looking for men to service or buying Rent-A-Boys.

    Come on out of the closet, Tyson, it’s Ok, you can say it, we all know already. The truth shall set you free!

  28. pat

    I gotta think this is a spoof, if not, then you are breaking a lot of commandments with this post. The primary one being “Bearing False Witness”. Your article is riddled with lies and half-baked truths, especially the gourmet food section as I don’t recall chicken, turkey, and eggs being gourmet. In addition, I’m not sure labeling a minor (Justin Bieber)regarding one’s sexuality as something you should strive for in your ministry. This article, and your words, are not Christocentric. You should pray for forgiveness since you have not used your time and talents in a Christ-like manner.

  29. Stephen

    I LOVE that I get a Google Ad for P90X at the top of this page. I think this article is hysterical! As a devout Christian (Episcopal), a happily married gay man (to my husband, yes), and two weeks into a Beachbody program, I have to say that Tony’s doing a great job: I’m feeling better and more energetic. And if you look through the active members on the teambeachbody (dot) com website, MOST of the men are CLEARLY straight, with no confusion whatsoever. So, for any of you who struggle with your body image, come join us at TeamBeachBody: We’ll help you get motivated to get fit, with a strong, supportive community!

  30. Daphne

    I honestly think you REALLY need to go to church. If Christ was really in your heart, you would have a high level of tolerance. Your blog was in poor taste and extremely ignorant. Try saving your own life before bashing other people for their success. Its religious maniacs like you who destroy this planet.

  31. Bill

    As a born again Christian, I couldn’t be more offended. 99% of the people that get involved in a fitness program have no desire to show off their body, but are instead motivated to get off the couch and become healthy. While the American lifestyle and diet have made Americans fat, lazy, and incapable of taking care of their own business, Beachbody has offered them solutions. These are solutions that are more effective, more convenient, and less expensive then other methods. Your article is pure ignorance. But then again, you are probably the same people that think those “minorities” are ruining everything. How dare we all not have blond hair, blue eyes, and “whitey rules” tattoos?

  32. Brian fucking MINSK

    I can’t believe this article. All of your statistics are obviously fabricated, anyone with a high school education in basic statistical math can clearly see this.

    I’m going to crack a few eggs of biblical knowledge on you real quick, maybe it will help you realize that you aren’t a Christian.

    Here’s the first one;

    Matthew ch 7 v 1-2

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”

    I’m assuming that you are operating either through blind projection, or with a limited intellectual set so I’ll explain this verse in the most simple way.


    With that being said, I’ll move on to another verse.

    Here’s another one from the good book of Luke

    Luke 6:31

    New International Version (NIV)

    31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    Here’s the translated version for you, I call this the NIBV (New Idiot Bigot Version)


    I hope that one was clear enough for you.

    Here’s one about LYING. You lied out your most likely non virgin ass to all of us, so I’ll let the truth set you free on this one before I explain to you why you hate gays so much.

    Leviticus 6:1-4, “And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie unto his neighbour…or hath deceived his neighbour…and lieth concerning it, and sweareth falsely; in any of all these that a man doeth, sinning therein: Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty,”

    Here’s the NIBV translation for that one;

    U LIE = U SIN

    Okay and finally, let me explain to you just exactly why you have such an OBSESSIVE hate towards homosexuals. It is because you have subconscious homosexual fantasies and leanings so you are PROJECTING those on other people. You look for homosexual “agenda” where there IS none. Here’s some proof to show that projecting is real.

    Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]

    Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

    PLEASE, do the entire world a favor and either REPENT and become a non hypocritical christian or just FUCKING KILL YOURSELF.

  33. Brian fucking MINSK

    I’d like to add one more statistic for your stupid fucking blog. HOMOSEXUALITY IS BIOLOGICAL. IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN TURN INTO. IT IS EITHER THERE WHEN YOU ARE BORN, OR IT IS NOT.

    If we were created in God’s image, then why the FUCK is being homosexual wrong? Is God gay? Then fuck off. Seriously, fuck off and die.

  34. Deb G

    CAN WE SAY HOMOPHOBIC???? Are you kidding me??? My husband and I have been doing P90X for over a year and we LOVE it. It is a really excellent program. I think you folks need to get a life. Just sayin….

  35. Jeremy S.

    If this is for real you people are a bunch of IDIOTS. You need to get a life and and find something more constructive to do with your time.

  36. it works l0ol

    all you can do is laugh at the haters cause they dont have the mind to actualy do it.. dont blame the 1’s that can this stuff works get off your lazy ass and try it just dont judge

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  38. ILOVEP90X

    Looks to me like the author is ashamed of his homosexuality tendencies. Come on out, buddy! People will support you. :)

    FYI – I am not homosexual, I do P90X, I LOVE my husband, children and the great workout that P90X provides.


    1. pete

      yep…tyson come out of the closet with that leather leotard and stop biathching about great fitness guru girlfriend…….buhahahahahahahha

  39. Ahmed


    I am anti-homosexual/anti-homosexuality but this is the most RETARDED thing EVAAAR LOL

  40. grumpyrogue

    This was one of the best trolls I have ever read in my life. I almost thought the person writing the article actually believed all this until I saw the before and after pictures, as well as, the obviously fake statistical information. The before and after pictures aren’t even the same people and anyone who is educated in statistics knows that the numbers produced were impossible. I mean c’mon? 100% of women polled wanted to “Leave their Husband for a Butch”?? Thanks for the comedy!

  41. Christian

    Tyson, what a horrible example you’re setting for Christian youth. I thought this was a joke or something, but to say such mean things all over your site with completely bazarre and inaccurate info, I think Satan has gotten a hold of you. I hope this site is a joke, otherwise, good luck to your ignorant life on earth… and then in hell.

  42. Alex

    My first question is are you an idiot or merely a fool? You seem rather preoccupied with homosexuality maybe you need to ask yourself a few questions. If you are you asking, Yes I am a liberal…..we accept everyone…Mexicans included !

  43. Ally R

    I’ve been doing P90X for 7 years now…I’ve never found myself attracted to another woman. I’ve been in a long term relationship with a male now…I also consider myself a Christian.
    P90X is a way to help people get healthy. So many people today are getting horrible health issues and this program helps.
    It’s just Silly that anyone would even bother saying this makes you gay. I’m sure some ALREADY gay men and woman do this program.
    No one I know that does this program has turned gay because of it.
    I myself am about to be a beachbody coach. Why would anyone think this…Maybe it’s a joke to mess with people…no one in their right mind could think this.
    I haven’t bothered reading other comments because it’s all the same back and forth crap.
    Why do you care enough to make a blog about it…people should be healthy. It makes people feel good about themselves and whatnot. I mean maybe the person who wrote this is an obese person who is lazy and has to make themselves feel better about it…idk.
    Their are more important things in life to think about….I’m only commenting because I’m simply bored & confused…

  44. Alex R Kanman

    Hello everyone,

    it is sad to witness the scandalous way of attacking everyone around people. I respect Mr. Horton’s sexual orientation (although I don’t care about it), nevertheless, what I do not respect is the fact of misleading healthcare into a strict path of pseudothinking. My point is simple: God teaches to love everyone else, regardless of what they like and what they do not. However, trying to push their efforts down is something that is not of a believer. I may not know every verse of the Bible by memory, but I do know that being a son of God does not imply a fake puritanism. If you practice abstinence, well good for you, really! But don’t try to mislead those who are putting their backs into making things better.

    With all due respect,
    Alex R Kanman, BA, MPH

  45. Really now?

    You’re doing your entire religion a disservice here, exhibiting blatant ignorance at its finest. How dare you take such grand assumptions of people you don’t even know…and then do it with such novelty as this article?

    …and by the by: I just finished my P90x for the day. Now I’m going to go have relations with my girlfriend. Asshat.

  46. DonC

    True, I have had my own suspicions about Tony Horton but after reading your obviously idiotic article, I doubt those suspicions. Its idiots like you who make people gay. Stop telling lies and tell the truth. God condemns homosexuality, PERIOD!!!!!! Stop being an idiot and just tell the truth or all of America will be gay and it will be your fault. IDIOT!!!!!!

  47. Michelle

    wait….is this a joke? if not, ….dafuq did i just read?

    (slowly walking backward toward the door out of this crazy, retarded, christian gay-bashing part of cyberspace. how do i get back to netflix from here? i think i have gone too far down this rabbit hole to get out. HEELLPP! I’m trapped. oh wait….haha the BACK button. ok i’m good.

  48. John Reison

    Come on, everyone, what’s with all the serious posts…the article was written as a joke, wasn’t it? I mean, the writer is hardly serious!

  49. lewis

    I have no idea how I got on to this crazy site. To be honest I thought it was a joke untill I kept reading and worked out the author actually believes this nonsense. Gay or not, the p90x schedule is making people fit and healthy. Tony Horton is doing a great job at promoting a balanced diet and fittness regime for young people and also helping older people roll back the years. Well done p90x, the author of this article is crazy

  50. Ryan

    THE ARTICLE IS A PARODY! For all of you commenting with an IQ of 65 or less, (which seems to be most of you), that means it’s NOT REAL! Jesus Christ.

  51. Brian

    @Ryan: Give me a break. I know what parody is. If this article is parody, then the whole web site is one big parody, and I can guarantee you, that it is not. If you read any of the other articles on the site, it is clear this guy is a ultra-right, religious nutter like so many others that we have had the “pleasure” of listening to recently. The only parody here is the life of the loser writing the articles. He is a living parody of a human being.

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  53. Shawna

    Mr. Tyson Bowers III,
    You sir are a moron. I not only work out with P90x, but I also use the dietary supplements that you are referring to in your article. (Which by the way has so many spelling and grammatical errors that I thought I was reading a 5th grade essay) and I can assure you sir that I am by no means gay and neither is my husband who does the P90x workouts with me. I started doing P90x because of possible health issues due to my being overweight. Yes, since I have used P90x, my self esteem HAS risen a great deal. I feel better about myself and I feel better. Using P90x does not make you gay, there are simply gay men that use the program. But I must commend you sir, this is the funniest article I have read in some times and almost wet my pants from laughing so hard.
    A homosexual and gay marriage supporter and avid user of P90x

  54. jt

    yo sir are no priest…..proof you down a race (mexicans) you have no idea wat you say and are likley a hater that has never had chicks in ur life …..your likley to end up in hell like everyone else

  55. nemanja

    lol come on people, you cant be serious in thinking that this guy is serious in writing this? in my opinion, he just didnt have anything better to do that day, or he just wants some attention, or maybe he wants to distract the attention from the fact that he might be the king fag? any of these might the the answer, so just read the article and get a good laugh out of it

  56. Joe

    This. Is. Disgusting. Youth Leader Bowers, let me be the first to welcome you to the Gay Lifestyle. You have obviously, religiously, watched the entire DVD collection of Tony Horton’s P90X and from the profound evidence you’ve gathered above (love the photos that don’t match Before and After, by the way) it is clear you suffered from what the DVD attempted – you’ve become a homo yourself. Straight men don’t obsess about what other men eat. Nor do straight men obsess about how to spot a homo who has used a workout program. Have you EVER set foot inside a gym? Most of the men there are looking at women. Why else do women-only gyms pop up in record numbers all over the country? Women state they want to work out without having men looking at them. Also, let me congratulate you on money well spent. P90X isn’t cheap. At $150 for the DVD collection, it must be a welcome treat among your collection of other gay propaganda. I wonder if you buy gay porn DVDs or watch it on line? Finally,…who cares!? In a fat, obese, unhealthy, sick society that is plaguing not only adults but children as well, there needs to be a focus on nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, fitness and taking pride in and care of the body. I’m wondering if you could even walk down Melrose in gym shorts. And what is this place you speak of on 5th Avenue. I live in Midtown Manhattan, manage my own consulting firm, have a very stable grasp on the use of the English language (I counted three mistakes in your article above), and yes I own P90X and yes, I’m a gay man. I’m Mexican American and I have a life that isn’t filled with sexual thoughts. But tell me, what man in this country isn’t preoccupied with sexual thoughts? Ever seen an NFL game? The cheerleaders are there, and half dressed for a reason. You are foul. You are wrong, and quite simply sir, you’re a Homosexual.

  57. Not Buying It

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the alleged “40k research fund” (“How many times a day do you have gay thoughts”, seriously? that is research?!) was actually paid by ACORN or similar liberal propaganda machine to denigrate conservatives by posting excrements like this in their name. You are a pathetic hoax. I am a conservative Christian and I admire Tony Horton and have used P90X extensively. I am married. To a wonderful woman. Please, don’t even use your name in the same sentence as the either the word “Christian” or “conservative”. Your a nazi liberal.

  58. Travis Jackson Nash

    obviously written by some over weight lover who prides himself on being a mans man bc he loves nascar and drink beer on the couch week nights while watching reruns of crime tv
    probably the same guy who lives in the glory days of when he was almost the star of the team that nearly made the championship in high school

  59. Catherine

    Please stop this nonsense. This is one of the reasons why Christians face humiliation and persecution. I do P90X because I am in the military and it keeps me strong. It makes me feel good to be healthy. I don’t want to suffer from all kinds of diseases. Being gay has nothing to do with what food you eat. My fiancé is is very straight, and he cooks gourmet food. Incidentally we met when he was overweight, out of shape, and headed for a heart attack. He is not weak minded. He has one of the most brilliant minds in America. There is no crime in looking good, and it does not make one gay. There are gay fat men. If your premise is true, then ice cream makes you straight. Sin is what makes people gay, not Tony Horton. Tony Horton does not get my blood rushing. In fact I think he talks too much, so I don’t normally watch the videos. Pray before you make accusations like this.

  60. Catherine

    Oh wow, I responded once before reading all of this, and I was appalled when I went back to read more. I don’t do P90 to hook up with another woman. What the heck is that about. How does one measure an “increase in gayness”? This is an article written by some crazed liberal who wants to make Christians look like fools. Shame on you!

    1. Caesar

      There are specific and proprietary metrics involved. I can’t give you any further data due a non-disclosure agreement.

  61. Barry

    what an incredible idiot…people actually said God gave you a brain…obviously he was busy doing something else during that portion of your development…this has to be a joke because NOBODY could actually believe what I just read…and by the way…IF tony were gay…who fucking cares…his workouts have put me in the best shape of my life and contrary to your “research” i havent thought of leaving my wife or cruising gay bars…sheeeeeeeeesh…

  62. Deuce

    This article was an entertaining read at best. I hope this was meant to be a joke. If not, Tyson should consider getting his mind off of Tony’s abs and take a class on statistics.

  63. James

    Haha… I can’t tell if this clown is trying to do a funny little mock exposé, or if this guy actually believes this shit. I can’t help but think as I read thru his “facts” that he is just having a laugh while writing some satire, but if he actually does believe all that tripe then he is really to oblivious to the fact that this stuff makes him sounds like an overweight kid with deeply suppressed homosexual tendencies that was picked on by the jocks in school…

    Let it go man, they can’t hurt you anymore..

  64. cleric

    Very funny and well written article, laughed my @$$ off, very good stuff. Not an ounce of truth to it but hilarious nonetheless :)

  65. James

    Thanks for the best laugh I had in about a month.

    Honestly not sure if people on here have no sense of humour or just do not understand what sarcasm is.

    You should work for The Onion.

  66. sumguy2006

    While this was extremely funny, it’s obvious Tyson Bowers III is fighting the urge to jump on the old meat missile himself. I mean who actually uses the “III” at the end of their name! Really.
    By the way Tyson, abstinence is the gateway to homosexuality.

  67. Luke Matthews

    You really took your time to come up with this trash… Find a hobbie, a real one not one twisting the Bible.

  68. sirtrollzalot

    this has gotta be from the onion !!! charts n graphs don’t make u right when your data is based on crack pot theory’s

  69. beentheredonethat

    Not only was this the furthest thing from an accurate study I’ve ever come across, this entire article had me in tears. This page should be nominated for the most comedic piece ever published on the internet. Aside from your overzealous, homophobic comments, I think you’ve gone insane if you believe any of the information you’ve posted to be true.

  70. Alice

    I was browsing for more info about Tony Horton and I ended up here. I honestly thought this was a joke until I saw the author’s info. I still think it is hilarious.

  71. i am natty

    you are a true saint, tony horton must be stopped I’ve already begun masturbating to gay porn the second I tuned into this filth… by the time i-I got to this article I was already “x’d”.. the p90x shakeology pill was shoved so far up my anus it is no longer feasible to return me to the hetero sexual i once was… HEED MY WARNING IF YOU DON’T WANT A LIFE OF LICKING THE ROSEY CAUCASIAN PENISES OF TONY HORTON LOOKALLIKES STAY CLEAR OF P90X… i-i t-think am mexican now…DAMN YOU TONY HORTON YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR hold me reverend… i promise not to zuck ur d

    1. visitor

      omg you poor confused man you are like child homosex soldiers we must aware the facebooks… TONY 2012!

      STOP TONY!

  72. House Boi

    Notice in the videos how Tony is always paying extra close attention to the men? Adjusting them, and what not. He also talks in a gay voice sometimes. He’s totally trying to get everyone to go gay.

  73. breal


    I fap hard to Tony Horton’s P90’x like every day. I beat my genitals up to that shit.

    You’re missing out on some real hot bromance here. You right wingers needs to stop repressing your urges. That’s what leads you to rape children.

  74. Jeff

    I’m as conservative as they come. I can’t believe what I read when I started reading this page, the first paragraph screamed this guys a whack job. First let me say I will never defend the gay movement or its agendas. My belief is that the homosexual lifestyle is a sin and those that choose to be a part of it will someday perish if they don’t turn from it and repent to the Lord. That said this article is the biggest load of crap I have ever read ! What rock did this whako Tyson Bowers crawl out from under ? it doesn’t matter ! He should just slink back under that rock and disappear.

  75. gabbie

    Ok, SERIOUSLY!?!? First of all this entire article is beyond ridiculous. If a person is gay, than as a christains we should stand up and show those people the love of Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for all sinners, including GAYS!!! God has never hated people He has hated their sin. So shame on those people that put anyone else down, because of the beliefs and orientation. Real grace is to show mercy and love. That is what God has given us and He expects us to do the same to others. A real christian recognizes the sin and prays for the people who are living in it.. To shun others away, because of their sexual preference, is closed minded and plainly really stupid. God forgave you so learn to forgive others. Not only is this article hateful toward the gay community, but also very racist. I am a MARRIED latina women who has God in her heart and work with the youth in my community, and also work out to INSANITY. And NEVER have i had any sexual desire for another women.

  76. S.J

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever wasted time reading.I couldn’t bring myself to finish it! I think you are just mad because the workouts are just too hard for you so you’re taking your anger out on him!

  77. mua dien thoai gia re

    ” Indeed, even a beloved father, who also did what he’d contrarily been “compelled to
    do,” serves to provide one of the most vivid illustrations of how false religious doctrine inevitably and tragically leads even the noblest astray, and thereby especially the most fervently reverent at that. Couldn’t keep from sharing – they are just too funny. Are you tired of the GPS feature tracking your whereabouts.

    Here is my homepage … mua dien thoai gia re

  78. Mike Weage

    The only thing that gets you “rejected” from Heaven is “rejecting” Christ. “For the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23 a.

    I am a p90x graduate and I find myself a more healthy person. I have more energy, I look and feel good. And I can assure you I’m still heterosexual.

  79. Jeb

    This personn who I have never heard of definitely sounds like a closest homo. Quit hating everyone. Live and let live as@#$ le!!

  80. Mary

    Stupid article. There is nothing sexual about these workouts. If you see that the sin is yours. My husband and I do them and they work and not once have I thought of sex doing them. I’ve worked with Tony personally and he is truly into fitness. I also have done Insanity and T25 by Shaun T who is gay. Great workouts but I’m not thinking of sex while doing them. They do not promote being gay. That is a choice.

  81. Mark Hoffman

    You are so right, as a result of using P90X I am now gay for dudes butts. This is how I know that your gay too. Us gays have gay radar. It’s called gaydar. I am guessing that P90x made you gay too and that’s why you are so angry, but the sooner you come to terms with your love of dude buttocks the happier you will be. You should look in the mirror a few times a day and say, “I admit it I love dudes butts”. Once you embrace your gay you can finally be happy again and you will finally stop smelling your own farts. Maybe we can meet up one day and make out and rub our gay butts together.

  82. Hank Rouse

    Dear Deacon Tyson Bowers III,

    Welcome to the GAY CLUB!!! YES, those that scream the loudest, typically are. So we’ll welcome you with Open Arms, then remind you of the song below.

    As for those results of P90X, we gay men tend to take care of our bodies; P90X is simply one option.

    As for spewing your hatred, I was taught the following in my church.

    “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

    Jesus loves the little children
    All the children of the world
    Red, brown, yellow
    Black and white
    They are precious in His sight.
    Jesus loves the little children
    Of the world.

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