11 thoughts on “Jesus Fixes the Gay – Video

  1. Tom

    Cartoon = fantasy.

    Fantasy = not real.

    Therefore, this is not real.
    Grow up. I stopped believing in caroons when I was about five years old.

      1. L.N

        It’s also a cartoon. Your pea-sized brain can’t handle anything more than a handful of words at a time. Cartoons are not real.

        1. Duhya

          The real pea-brain is the one who cannot identify a troll. From their cheesy display pictures, and names, to their insane posts. IT is easy to pick out who is just acting.

  2. August Weisz

    Seeing the gays almost made me puke. I’m glad the story had a happy ending. Gays can be cured, and only then will children be free of rape by the Sandusky.

    1. Christopher McAlliston

      I didn’t know gays congregated like they do in this video.
      I trust Jesus removed the homogayness from the rest of the people too!


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