Marvel Uses Aborted Fetus To Promote New Movie

A few years back I reported on the fact that Marvel was promoting The Homo Gay Agenda by making a Wolverine doll that taught young boys how to perform a mouth sex act on an adult homosexual. This is nothing compared to Marvel’s latest stunt to promote their newest movie coming out in the summer of 2012. You would think with the billions of dollars Marvel has, they would use flashy TV commercials or hire brainless whores to dress up as slutty super heroes at comic parties, shaking their milk sacs in the faces of pimp infested nerds. Instead Marvel has dug themselves into a new ditch of soulless debauchery and I feel they have dug so deep that they have opened a hole directly to hell.

This past week their marketing campaign was released and what was shown would make a liberal or communists taint tickle with pro-baby murder climatic arousal. Marvel took aborted babies and painted them like the featured characters in their up and coming movie and displayed them in jars, so they could float and look like the super heroes where in a incubation state, waiting to be born. How sick do you have to be to take a lifeless, forced killed baby and display them in circus freak-like manner in hopes to increase ticket sales to a movie.

It has been reported that Marvel paid Planned Parenthood $35 per fetus and also promised special effects and marketing credits to them in their movie. In return Planned Parenthood would make sure that Marvel is deliver only freshest of kills and to make sure that each fetus has the same weight and length. Once the bodies are received at the Marvel marketing headquarters, the babies are cleaned and sent to the art department for painting. Once painted the never given a chance at life children are dumped into a clear less square container, which is than filled up with a liquid to make sure the look like the are suspended in mid air.

Next thing you know, your children will be trying to get knocked up so they can line up behind Planned Parenthood begging to be vacuumed so their unformed baby can have a chance of being the next Aqua Man or Batman marketing centerpiece.

38 thoughts on “Marvel Uses Aborted Fetus To Promote New Movie

  1. Alison Manson

    How are you so sure it’s an aborted fetus? Mabey it’s a midget in a fetal position! Or a 4D image of a baby turned into a charater!

  2. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire

    OK, so first of all, those are prismatic images. They are laser cut dots in a piece of plastic. They are then colorized, and made to look like the characters. This image is probably based off of a picture taken of a newborn baby. You can tell that it has been born b/c it actually doesn’t have the cord. So, you fail. Deal with it.

      1. Neoconstipated

        It’s very tough to decipher your grammar but this screed appears to be a trollish attempt to insult me as a know-nothing. However, it does not resonate because your horrible writing style doesn’t make you a very credible judge of what others know.

          1. Neoconstipated

            Ma’am, your evil ways must be effecting your eyes. Please repent now for the sake of your eternal soul.

          2. Neoconstipated

            Satan has no mercy but you will surely find that out when the tip of his sphincter penetrates your bull-whipped rump in Hades.

          3. TheRavenlord

            neo im just going to sum up what he said. shut the fuck up you have many a time proven you fail at life

          4. Neoconstipated

            It’s very painful to try to decipher what Chris†Wire trolls are communicating when they have as much disregard for proper punctuation as they do their immortal souls.

          5. TheRavenlord

            I’d use proper punctuation if my account hadn’t been cancelled. I know my account was cancelled or moved to a someone else because the password that i never changed stopped working and i never got the reset password email.

          6. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire

            I didn’t know that Satan’s sphincter went outwards instead of inwards. And which direction does yours go? Cause my sphincter, my anus, my rectum, whatever you would like to call it goes in towards my body. And in case you don’t know what a sphincter is, a sphincter is an annular muscle surrounding and able to contract or close a bodily opening.

          7. Neoconstipated

            I’m not interested in where your anus has been but Satan is and you will find out everything about his anatomy unless you repent and give your heart to Jesus.
            It is only through Him that you can be saved. The empty promise of emosexual bliss will serve only to make you lonely and even more pathetic. I beg you to find Jesus and give up on that dire music. PPlace your faith in God and listen to some wholesome country music. Your soul and backside will thank you.

          8. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire

            I would rather repent in 2 weeks to the G-d of the Jews, and be rid of my sins for the last year in one fell swoop. Its a lot easier than having to go every week, confess your sins to a pedophile, say some words in a dead language that no one uses, and have to repeat it many many many many times. And country music sucks. It sucks even bigger dick than you do. And that’s pretty damn big.

  3. Stephenson Billings

    This is so disgusting, so wrong… I just don’t get it. Are liberals really this insane? This is the filthiest, craziest thing I have seen in a long while. I pray no longer get exposed to this garbage but with the internet wired into everyone’s home these days I’m sure kids will be confused. Maybe that’s what the democrats really want. Obama surely does.

  4. mcr666

    The second picture down is see through. tell me, how the fuck can you take an aborted fetus and make it see through?
    Because it is physically impossible.

    Second, with most abortions, the baby isnt whole when it’s aborted. They use various instruments to remove it in pieces.It is a highly upsetting, grotesque procedure. Look up abortionno or any sites like that.

    These are either computer generated images, or figures made out of various materials, but they are definitely not aborted fetuses.

  5. Yeah I'd Rather Not!

    My favorite part of all this would be that superman and cat woman are DC characters. Marvel doesn’t own the rights to them, so I don’t see them showing up in a Marvel movie anytime soon.