35 thoughts on “Scientifically Christian Venn Diagrams

          1. ExMachina

            Brand of firearm yes. I always carry my kukuri into battle with me tho. 18” blade on the thing. I have cut down trees with that thing!

          2. TheRavenlord

            i have a medium katana that doesnt get much use other then being showed off along with my duel words…but i havent trained for those

          3. TheRavenlord

            yes its battle ready as for the brand however i can’t remember and i dont see any marks on it saying the brand

    1. TheRavenlord

      what science you didn’t use the scientific method or show how you even go the results plus your using venn diagrams wrong

  1. Amanda Ann

    What the fuck is wrong with being a ginger exactly? Having red hair wasn’t my fucking choice, your God made me this way.


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