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Chinese Invent Sinful Boob Scarf

As if the Chinese weren’t the most veil people already, they have invented a new scarf called the “Boob Scarf.”

What sick and twisted people they are. No wonder our good friend Amber post the great story “I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People.”

I guess the scarf is suppose to be humorous and I guess it is if you’re a sin ridden, freedom hating Chinaman!

Women’s breasts are for one thing only and that is to feed a newborn. Not to be shown off in a sexual or humorous way!

These commie, sex crazed, child abusing wackos need to be nuked. To bad our Christian leader George Bush still isn’t in office. He would wipe these low lives out with a holy nuke from GOD!

BOO China! BOO!

Chinese Mother Teaches Child to Curse

Yet again we have found more proof that the Chinese have no respect for God. In this video a communist mother is teaching her child how to say the God forsaken “F” word.

This commie loving women should have her child taken away from her and put in prison for mental abuse! I don’t even want to think what else she is teaching her daughter.