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Google to Launch “Gaygoo”

It is no secret that Google has some of the richest homosexuals in the world as investors and they have a major influence on how Google works. To provide proof of this is simple. Did you know that Google will block sex results that involve hetero people, but a confused child can type in the word “Twinkie” and instead of getting information on the favorite cream filled treat, they will be bombarded with a sea of gay-fully delightful imagery of muscle cave sin pleasures and URL hotlinks to man boy websites?


Right off the limply held bat, you can tell the Gaygoo logo has been redesigned to tantalize the queer eyed visitor. Dipped in homo gay colors, the Gaygoo logo screams “Type in a keyword and I will spit out sinfully lusty results to tingle your anally intrusive twiddle rompus”.

Websites have landing pages that are called “Homepages”. These homepages are usually lightly weighted down with bits, so the band widths are fast to load. The same goes with the Gaygoo homepage, but it has been reworded to be called the “Homopage”.

On the “Homopage” you can see it is setup just like the normal Google, but with a different set of verbiage. Let us take a look at the currently proposed “homopage”.

As you can see, the homepage is gayer than any Bravo television host could ever imagine to be. Gays can quickly find clubs to meetup with a new sin docking partner or quickly check their gay shirtless imaged filled emails from their Mexican twink boyfriend, Escobar. They even have a “I’m Feeling Horny” button, which if clicked, takes them to a random power bottom fetish website.

Gay Friendly Search Results
Gays hate having to think. That is why Gaygoo has setup a system that is allowed to think like a dirty like ass assassin. When a homo gay types in a few letters, Gaygoo can already figure out what their faggy brain waves are thinking. Let us take a look at what auto suggestion you would get from normal Google, compared to Gaygoo.



Pedophile Image Results
Google realized that 94% of the time gays spend on Google, is on the images page searching for unprotected MySpace photos of young children. They use these images to drool over, while they insert bulbous objects into their swampy muscle caves to force a “milked orgasm”. Now with the help of Gaygoo, instead of having to use keywords that are saved on their Apple computer’s cache and that can be used against them in a future molestation case. Gaygoo has removed the hardwork and worry all together and gives the gay a smorgasbord of pedo enticing images to browse from, automatically. Demon whacking will never be easier for the homo gay community.

You can see in the stolen image below, the amount of images that are pulled automatically for the gay surfer and notice the sidebar allows them to filter out the little boys to their personal liking. Thus feature alone will make a homosexual more gitty than letting them site front row at a Cher concert.

Without having to type anything in, the image pages automatically displays the following:

Here you can see the filtering system to allow the gays to zero in on their desired pray. It is quite sicking to know that Gaygoo is pretty much opening your children’s bedroom door, unprotected and open to a viral gay assault.

Liberal States Caught Searching Nasties Online

The liberal mind is one of filth and sloth. While God loving patriots use the internet to search for relevant information and to be up to date with news, the liberal spends their day looking up vile and unholy search terms.

We used the latest in search engine technologies to find what kind of band widths keywords each state uses while browsing on popular search engines like, Bing, Yahoo, Hotbot and Lycos. The results will shock you.

Below is scientific data maps pulled from some of each search engines most popular search terms and that data was generated to create some amazing color coated heat maps to show you that the liberal states abuse the internet for porn erotica and other pro-choice style browsing.

Let us see what kind of filth we have floating around the digital highway:

The only reasons some of the Conservative states have been dinged, is because of liberal relatives coming over to visit and using up their band width to get their sick fix. This goes to show you that liberals have no respect for friends and families.

North Korean Communist Band “Secret” Promotes New Gay Trend “Shy Boy”

North Korea is not only a threat to the entire freedom loving world, but more importantly these jaundice colored commies want to invade the minds of American children with terror pop music. The Koreans know that today’s kids love lolli-pop music and know if they can create a fashion forward hipster group, they could brainwash kids with their lyrics and it seems that is exactly what the rice stickies have done.

There is a new techno-electric pop band named “Secret” hitting the American airwaves via commie Korea. This group features four male prostitutes dressed up in female drag. We know the orientals are known for their male sex slaves and we also know they don’t allow their women to go outside, so it is by pure knowledge that we know these four “women” are in fact tran-Asians. That is why the group is called “Secret”, the secret is that these kamikaze fighters are four men spreading commie brainwash and molesting the image of wholesome Tiger Beat pop stars.

Let’s look at their video “Shy Boy” (Shy Boy is a homogay who hides in the dark about his disease or a gay man that likes trans-genics), a song about a gay man afraid to profess his love for a trans-genic mongoloid. At the end, they go against God and their parents and embark on a adventure of gay docking sin. You will also notice they try to look like they are in the American 1950’s. They do this so it makes kids think this music is from America and not from some evil pit of communist gay love triangles.

The catchphrase “You R My Shy Shy Shy Boy, Oh Oh Oh My Boy” is clearly showing their agenda of promoting homosexual relationships. The Koreans know if they can turn America and the rest of the freedom world into gays and lesbians, our population will die and it will make it easier for them to red invade. You can see in the song that they are clearing mocking us by saying “tturuwap dubap dubap”, which means America, Die, Die. Now we have little kids running around saying “tturuwap dubap dubap” and this makes Satan and his little helpers have communist fantasies of an American take over.

Unless you want your children to become “Shy Boys”, we must band together and rid the world of such oriental hate trash.

Cory and Lex from Green 960 Want Questions From Our Readers

The filthy homosexual hosts of Radio School want our most holy readers to ask them questions for them to read live on air. If you want to post your questions in the comments below and have them read to their San Fransisco audience, we will forward each comment over to them.

Questions will be read this Sunday at 7:45pm PST and you can listen to these two fecal fisters live on their poorly designed website here.

Make sure your questions hold a Christian Class.

If you don’t want to post your question here, you can always email it to our Holy mailbox here.

Howard Stern Now Spreading Porn on Twitter

The most vile and inhuman person in the universe has now emerged from the pits of “shock jock” radio to now torment the young users of Twitter. Now having to conquer social sites to become the 21st century “king of all sinful media” Stern has created a Twitter account to spread visuals of naked lesbian women, drunken gay midgets and images of un-cut flesh swords.

Within the first few minutes of Stern having an account he went ahead and uploaded photos to show off his child wife’s milk nipples. I added a image below of his actual Twitter showing that he would drug his wife to take nude photos to share. He knows posting these kinds of images will tempt children to “M” themselves while they are playing on Twitter.

We all know this vixen of sugary sin is just there for the old rich man ride. Once Stern is long gone, this little tramp will be spending his money on champagne orgies, with black young men.

4Chan Uses Pornographic Images to Force Teenagers to “M”

4Chan is a growing threat to your young boy. This online web ring has a evil plot to force your boy into wanting to touch his flesh sword with sexual intent.

(Stats are for boys 11 to 19, who have visited 4Chan)
4Chan has been linked to masturbation in 87%
4Chan has been linked to poor grades in 34%
4Chan has been linked to disrespectful attitudes towards parents in 53%
4Chan has been linked to pre-martial sex in 82%
4Chan has been linked to obsession with Asian females having sex with tentacles in 65%
4Chan has been linked to pre-martial sex in 82%
4Chan has been linked to serial killer thoughts in 22%
4Chan has been linked to atheism in 9%

All little history and terminology:


4chan was started on AOL in 1998 by a 15 year old atheistic boy. He first used it as a chat room to share his drawings of Chinese porn to his friends and grew into a full community of digital smut drug dealers. Once the room got banned from AOL due to the large amounts of adult content, the young man named “moot” bought a domain and a hosting system from a local server shop and created 4chan. He got the name 4chan from his love of 4 channel RC cars and airplanes.

The site grew in popularity and soon became New York’s largest online Chinese porn image board. Most recently it has become the new haven for old Digg and Readit users.


/b/ is a universal term used by hackers to let them know a forum is filled with “bad” content. Since kids didn’t want their parents to know their were demon whacking in their rooms to produce devil DNA, they would make computer folders named /b/ to throw their parents off.

From this hackers started to use /b/ as a sub domain to let other hackers know they had a IRC room full of porno and wherez to share illegally.

Epic is a elite word used by these masturbating monkey mashers to described a image that has the most porn scent to it. If you hear your child use this word, then you know to look through his internet browser’s history to see if he has been cruising on hell’s highway.

A misspelling of the word “Porn”. This is to throw parents off. If a parent looks at a child’s keyword searches on Google and only sees the word Pron, then they wouldn’t know they are really searching for Porn.

Why it is dangerous:

Every day millions of pornographic images are being uploaded to 4chan’s /b/ – /z/ boards, to wet any young boy’s appetite. Categories can range from Japanime tentacle porn, Photoshopped celebrity nudes, kissing oriental lesbians or even Miley Cyrus up skits.

4Chan is like the famous 2 year liberal arts forum, deviant art.

It is full of anti-Christian artwork and naughty part filled imagery, exposing your child to devil temptations that are unnatural to do.

If your child has been to this site and you know about it, you most stop it! Allowing your child to perform self made sexual solo acts on himself will harden his soul and he will become Satan’s charcoal.

A good way to keep you son from doing “M”, just let him know the spirits of his dead relatives are watching him as he is pounding himself in adult wet dreamland.

Examples of things your child is being exposed to:

Chinese Invent Sinful Boob Scarf

As if the Chinese weren’t the most veil people already, they have invented a new scarf called the “Boob Scarf.”

What sick and twisted people they are. No wonder our good friend Amber post the great story “I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People.”

I guess the scarf is suppose to be humorous and I guess it is if you’re a sin ridden, freedom hating Chinaman!

Women’s breasts are for one thing only and that is to feed a newborn. Not to be shown off in a sexual or humorous way!

These commie, sex crazed, child abusing wackos need to be nuked. To bad our Christian leader George Bush still isn’t in office. He would wipe these low lives out with a holy nuke from GOD!

BOO China! BOO!

New Site Promotes Sin

My brothers and sisters, with the close of Juicy Campus, there has been a new site that has popped up called Spoiled Juice.

This site encourages young people to post horrible photos of class mates and then allows people to vote and comment on them.

I wish to ask everyone to contact the owners of this site and have it shut down!