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North Korean Communist Band “Secret” Promotes New Gay Trend “Shy Boy”

North Korea is not only a threat to the entire freedom loving world, but more importantly these jaundice colored commies want to invade the minds of American children with terror pop music. The Koreans know that today’s kids love lolli-pop music and know if they can create a fashion forward hipster group, they could brainwash kids with their lyrics and it seems that is exactly what the rice stickies have done.

There is a new techno-electric pop band named “Secret” hitting the American airwaves via commie Korea. This group features four male prostitutes dressed up in female drag. We know the orientals are known for their male sex slaves and we also know they don’t allow their women to go outside, so it is by pure knowledge that we know these four “women” are in fact tran-Asians. That is why the group is called “Secret”, the secret is that these kamikaze fighters are four men spreading commie brainwash and molesting the image of wholesome Tiger Beat pop stars.

Let’s look at their video “Shy Boy” (Shy Boy is a homogay who hides in the dark about his disease or a gay man that likes trans-genics), a song about a gay man afraid to profess his love for a trans-genic mongoloid. At the end, they go against God and their parents and embark on a adventure of gay docking sin. You will also notice they try to look like they are in the American 1950’s. They do this so it makes kids think this music is from America and not from some evil pit of communist gay love triangles.

The catchphrase “You R My Shy Shy Shy Boy, Oh Oh Oh My Boy” is clearly showing their agenda of promoting homosexual relationships. The Koreans know if they can turn America and the rest of the freedom world into gays and lesbians, our population will die and it will make it easier for them to red invade. You can see in the song that they are clearing mocking us by saying “tturuwap dubap dubap”, which means America, Die, Die. Now we have little kids running around saying “tturuwap dubap dubap” and this makes Satan and his little helpers have communist fantasies of an American take over.

Unless you want your children to become “Shy Boys”, we must band together and rid the world of such oriental hate trash.

Russian Music Causes Satan To Enter Two Little Girls Bodies

Yet again we find more and more proof of satan’s work. In this video you can see that satan has entered two young girls bodies once they turn on some commie Russian techno music.

As we all know techno music is the music of satan and makes kids want to do drugs, have orgies, engage in homosexual activities and murder. Now when you mix that in with a little bit of communist Russia, you have a huge disaster waiting to happen.

Satan’s two favorite foods are communism and techno, so please stay off his dinner table my friends and make him starve himself.

Here is the video:

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Chinese Mother Teaches Child to Curse

Yet again we have found more proof that the Chinese have no respect for God. In this video a communist mother is teaching her child how to say the God forsaken “F” word.

This commie loving women should have her child taken away from her and put in prison for mental abuse! I don’t even want to think what else she is teaching her daughter.