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Sinner Katdanmo2 Tries to Steal From Christwire.org

A sinful homosexual known as Katdanmo2 (meaning satan staff worshiper in Korean) has tried to steal the word of God from Christwire and take credit for it. It was brough to our attention by a great Christian named twaallen32.

This is another example of the homo race trying to use sheep skin to hide their homosexuality. This twiddle rompus massager is using God’s word to mask himself from his friends, as he knows they would stone him in a alley if they knew he was a satan worshiping homosexual.

Katdanmo tired to say he created Abe’s “Richard Dawkins Cheers Human Death and Suffering.” The funny thing is that this homo lover posted this video after Abe created this article and this article is used on other creditable sites that give Christwire credit.

Christwire Radio – Saving Souls One Show at a Time

Welcome to our new Christwire Radio Show! This is our first installment or what we like to call our introduction show.

Blake Schuart

Chandler McFloust

I would like to introduce our two knowledgeable interns, Chandler McFloust and Blake Schuart. They are making their way up the ranks here at Christwire and we are proud to give them their own radio show!

Listen to our show!

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