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Sinner Katdanmo2 Tries to Steal From Christwire.org

A sinful homosexual known as Katdanmo2 (meaning satan staff worshiper in Korean) has tried to steal the word of God from Christwire and take credit for it. It was brough to our attention by a great Christian named twaallen32.

This is another example of the homo race trying to use sheep skin to hide their homosexuality. This twiddle rompus massager is using God’s word to mask himself from his friends, as he knows they would stone him in a alley if they knew he was a satan worshiping homosexual.

Katdanmo tired to say he created Abe’s “Richard Dawkins Cheers Human Death and Suffering.” The funny thing is that this homo lover posted this video after Abe created this article and this article is used on other creditable sites that give Christwire credit.

The Gays Use Japanese Music and Babies To Try And Turn Youtube Viewers Gay

The Gay Homo Agenda (GHA) has launched a new tactic against our children to try and make gay porn “fun”. Their plan is to mix hardcore man love videos and use subliminal Japanese music to make it funny and then add baby faces over their sin soaked private parts and hell bound orifices.

Here are a few examples (WARNING: Parents make sure your children are our of the room and please pray after viewing these:

I will be writing to YouTube today and ask why they are supporting such filth! These videos MUST be destroyed and the people involved should be thrown in jail for harming the minds of the world with such nasty imagery! If this were 200 years earlier, I would even ask for hangings or even have them burned!

I would like to also see the stats of how many more homosexuals there are in the world after these videos have been posted. I bet there has been at least a 5% increase of sick people wanting to stick their parts into each others devil holes!

This is an actual quote from a person who has been brainwashed by this sick and twisted man on man loving “trend”

I’m so into this new trend of remixing gay porn videos with crazy Japanese music and putting baby faces over anything that might be offensive.

From OMGBLOG.com