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College Humor Promotes Gay Office Relationships (Part 3)

First off I would like the people at College Humor to rename these two as Jake and Aqueer.

In their new homo erotic episode of Jake & Aqueer, shows solid proof of the in your face gay-o-matic agenda College Humor is promoting. This San Fagsisco style porn show now has our little devil hole loving Aqueer going to the bathroom together with his new lover boy and Jake running on some gay friendly beach listening to a mix tape made by his sin hole mate.

The sickest part about this episode is when Sarah (closeted lesbian herself) tries to let Aqueer know that it is ok to be a gay man donut. Sorry Sarah, it is NOT ok to be a solider of satan and to spread veil homo love. Their is nothing ok with two men shoving their satan scepters into eachothers sin caves.

Maybe College Humor should also change THEIR name to College Homo. I think it fits their style a lot more.

Watch this video below and pray, pray, pray that this company gets shutdown or that someone burns these two in a town square so others can see what happens to sinners!