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CollegeHumor.com Now Promotes Having Sex With Pony Anus’

We’ve had our run ins with CollegeHumor before on many subjects like:

Now our college sin breeders have created a video to promote having sex with pony anus’.

They try to show it as a funny ha ha sketch, but in reality they are telling their college viewers to get a group together, drive to a local ranch and partake in a circle sin of animal gay love.

This video is encrypted with hip and cool lingo, so us older generation can’t understand it. Good thing for us we had our college interns decode this homo gay Morse code.

Here is the character breakdown:

The horse or “pony” is being played by the lovable office lesbian “Sarah” and she is making it look like a pony would love a twinkie stick inside it’s anus’.

Dan plays the drunk frat boy to show that it is cool to be a straight college boy and stick your scepter stick inside.

Patrick plays the business student to show our future business owners that it is ok when they are traveling the world for business that they can go and have sex with foreign animals.

Aqueer or Amir plays the closeted homo letting fag students know that they can repress their gay urges by having sex with horses. Amir also represents the gay kid who comes out of the closet his senior year and shoots up his college because he hates himself for being gay.

Jake is just added because the gays love his young boyish looks and chiseled facial features.

CollegeHumor.com Now Promoting Child Molestation

We all know our team here at Christwire put a stop to Jake and Amir’s long running gay episodes. They must have heard I was leaving for our Spring into God festival this past week and decided to be gay little homo child molesters while I was gone.

In their latest and veil video, Jake and our favorite homo hobbit Amir, talk about a camping trip, which is gay talk for orgy and how Amir drugged and anally rape a park ranger. But that my friends is not the worst part. They go online to show their gay viewers how they can sign up as a big brother and pick a child they wish to rape!

Jake tries to play this off as a joke, but butt heckler Amir shows the true reason for this video. To promote child molestation!!

Just like any good little devil hole fiend, homosexuals love praying on little boys and what better way then to have them delivered to your door step with family issues. A gay will use this to their advantage and treat the young boy nicely and gift them. This makes the young boy trust the predator and feel that they must do whatever is asked of them. Knowing this, the rump ruffian will usually drug the young boy, have his way with him, send him home and knows for a fact the young victim will never say anything.

This site is nothing but filth and homo preaching!

Shame on you College Humor, shame on you!

College Humor Promotes Gay Office Relationships (Part 3)

First off I would like the people at College Humor to rename these two as Jake and Aqueer.

In their new homo erotic episode of Jake & Aqueer, shows solid proof of the in your face gay-o-matic agenda College Humor is promoting. This San Fagsisco style porn show now has our little devil hole loving Aqueer going to the bathroom together with his new lover boy and Jake running on some gay friendly beach listening to a mix tape made by his sin hole mate.

The sickest part about this episode is when Sarah (closeted lesbian herself) tries to let Aqueer know that it is ok to be a gay man donut. Sorry Sarah, it is NOT ok to be a solider of satan and to spread veil homo love. Their is nothing ok with two men shoving their satan scepters into eachothers sin caves.

Maybe College Humor should also change THEIR name to College Homo. I think it fits their style a lot more.

Watch this video below and pray, pray, pray that this company gets shutdown or that someone burns these two in a town square so others can see what happens to sinners!

Satan Enters Another Child’s Body

As you can tell from some of our past posts:

Techno Music Infects Girl With Strange Spirit
Nintendo Wii Infects Kid With Strange Spirit

We have been researching the internet to find proof of Satan entering child’s bodies while they are engaging in acts of sin. This child is singing a “techno” song, which we all know techno promotes drugs, anal sex, orgies and other grotesque activities.

As you can see, this child has no control of himself while the music subliminally enters his mind, which opens a gateway to hell and allows demons to enter his mind and control him.

I ask one question…….WHERE IS HIS PARENTS!?!?!?!?! I hope they will be proud of their child when he has a empty soul, selling drugs and attending S&M nights in some homo part of town in San Francisco!

Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!!!!