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God Causes Lady Gaga to Fall Off Her Piano

This isn’t the first time God has struck down this hermaphroditic, gay supporting, song stealing Jezebel and it doesn’t look like he will be stopping anytime soon.

For all her noise she has made, God gave Gaga another love tap to remind her he is watching and that she better get her act together or the next punishment might be a Michael Jackson fire accident, a Freddy Mercury AIDS infection or a Michael J Fox twitch fever.

God Strikes Down Homogay Supporter Hermaphrodite Lady GaGa

The half man, half women whore machine, Lady Gaga was struck down to her homo supporting knees not once, but twice during a drug enraged, orgy infested, sin marinated, homo joy party.

This is truly God showing his disapproval for anything not Christian.

This whore demon has been raping our children’s minds with songs about¬†gambling, sex mouth acts, monsters, relationships with blacks, pro Ellen gay marriage and much more sin infested tidbits!

God is showing us it is ok for us to remove this women from the earth and to send her back to the depths of homo hell! And while we are at that, let us join together and burn the place that breeds and supports these gay lovers! Yes homowood, we are talking about you!

On a personal note, sometimes I wish tar and feathering was still legal! Some of these demons deserve it!