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Amazon Stands Up To The Gay Agenda

Amazon is removing sales rank numbers from Homo Agenda based books because they don’t want queer material showing up in searches and best seller lists. BRAVO!

One of the main books they are removing from sales ranking is the sin marinated book by Ellen DeGeneres. This book does nothing but promote lesbian love and gay “rights”. Good thing Amazon agrees with us and knows that gays don’t have any rights besides burning in the fires of hell.

I’m so happy to see Amazon standing up and saying no to hardcore porn books written by these queer demons to promote their sinful lifestyle onto our young children.

Amazon knows that if they are forced to post gay books, they will soon have to promote books like “How to Molest a Child” or “How to sin against God, by playing with another mans tinkle twattle.”

We applaud you Amazon. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping us putting a stop to these queers.