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Rachel Bilson Promotes Sex with Animals

We all know homo sex and mixed skin colored sex is immoral, but the sickest form of sin docking is that of a human and animal. Well, it seems like animal sex is this seasons new the red dress for Hollywood.

The burnt out Hollywood elite stars will do anything to get their faces in the smut books that are displayed in grocery stores or on the newspaper carts owned by a mangy illegal Mexican.

Rachel Bilson is the star of the CBS show “Chuck” and can be seen in the photo below performing a reverse missionary style sex act on a large black poodle. I want to know why a woman with her beauty feels she needs to do such an action to gain attention. Was she touched by a gay child preying uncle or was she molested by lesbian roommate in college? Whatever the case, she is acting out in a sinful way to try and get the glowing spotlight of hell whore Hollywood to shine on her again.

Maybe she has always been a sexual k9 deviant, she is the daughter of Janice (née Stango), a sex therapist, who is of course a liberal Hollywood resident and being raised in a household of non-Christian values, it comes to no surprise that such cross specie sex has been captured on film. Or maybe this is just some new type of underground theme that is all the rage in Hollywood.

Whatever the case maybe, we need to stop this new fad from becoming popular like homosexuality. Let’s come together and ban Hollywood animal sex for the sake of our children’s future.

All in all if I had to pick a lesser of two evils, I rather see her be with a black Afro-Saxon, rather than a black poodle. If she does not stop she maybe in danger of God’s wrath and her nose diving career will be the less of her worries.