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Simone Battle – He Likes Boys – Proof the Gay Agenda is on the Rise

Simone Battle - He Likes BoysX Factor failure, Simone Battle, has released her first single within the matter of minutes after being kicked off the show. Not only does this British socialist competition smell of musky scam. How is one to believe that this girl didn’t already have a record deal and they were using the X Factor to freely promote her new song, that BLATANTLY PUSHES A HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA. Do they really think that America is dumb enough not to know that the liberal media used another piss soaked karaoke show to stealth attack our homes with homo gay dupstep twiddle wally and sin coated dilly husk?

While America was watching to see who was going home from the X Factor, the sneaky little, pro anal sin docking, Afro-Saxon slipped in the Google keyword that all tweenages of the world needed to enter, like some secret passcode, to witness her new video that clearly pushes a homo erotic message. Within seconds, millions of children have been exposed to a video the shows one afro-gay walking around West Hollywood, looking for cheap ecstasy and tight jeaned man meat to devour. The song title alone shows you how open the gay world is when it comes to brain washing your children. It is entitled “He Likes Boys” and it is a song about putting the gay lifestyle in the spotlight.

America should be angry and the black community should be appalled by Simon Cowell’s use of black women to push a gay message and using a black man as the video’s star. I’m sure if The Tapack Sugar was still around, he would load this video up with a hell fire of bullets and then ghetto slap Cowell in the face.