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Gay Homo Agenda Makes New Penis Toy For Children

Well it looks like our anal sin pounding enemies are out targeting our children with gay toys again. The gays have been getting more and more blunt with their agenda on making our youngsters gay. Their newest homo creation is the “ToyPedo” and is shaped like a large adult gay toy.

This toy is a prime example of how the homos are trying to get our children use to gay things. They are hoping that kids will be so use to toys like this, that they can run up on them and pull out a “toy” and ask young Billy to come over and play. I mean if all the kids are playing with the “ToyPedo” and mister homo queer is playing with it, then it must be ok for me to goto his house and let him shove it in my naught spot after he drugs me and it won’t be a bad thing.

These gays are very sick people! If they like their gay anus love so much, then let us take 20 of these toys, fill them up with gun power, ram them up their dirty tunnel and set a fire under their rumps.