Who's More Sinful: Casey Anthony Or Amanda Knox?

The media has been swarming with silver sassy whores this past year and there isn’t anything more two faced whorish and lustfully laced with sin than Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox. Both are murders, both love to be in skanky dressed outfits and both enjoy Satanic sex orgies, but the question we want to ask America is….”Who do you think is more sinful?”

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26 thoughts on “Who's More Sinful: Casey Anthony Or Amanda Knox?

        1. Adam Nelson

          The sad thing is, I bet Jewish people mainly use Microsoft as an OS and have no respect for Washington state.

          I would really like to take Foxy Knoxy out for a fun night on the town, a good welcome back home with good drinks, good friends and good memories all the way to the next sunrise.

  1. Blanche Beecham

    This is an important question that illustrates the cultural divide we face in this country. Florida is and has been for some time a leader in the raunchy and provocative manufacture of whorish women who find themselves in conflict with societal boundaries. While Amanda ups the ante for Washington state, the state leaders in floosies that brush with the law – Florida, Illinois and California requires a more substantive effort from Washingtonians than the questionable demise of a limey exchange student.

    My question is not who is the more sinful, but what does this trend say to our young women? Both are obviously rife with the taint of godless whoredom. So when can we expect a reality based television show?

    1. Cassidy Pen

      Blanche makes a great point here. With the liberal media constantly propping up these trollops and America’s economic ruin underway, it’s easy for young impressionable girls to fall under the empty promise of seduction and promiscuity that these sluts represent. I blame obama.

      1. Tonestar

        Hey, you’re pretty dumb Cassidy Pen. Your name also makes you sound like a “promise of seduction and promiscuity…”

  2. August Weisz

    I would have to say Casey Anthony is more sinful as she has given birth and therefore is now unclean. Amanda Knox has those nice christian eyes and looks like fun.

  3. SiliconNooB

    Amanda Knox is hotter, but I’d rather party with Casey Anthony (provided the kids had a babysitter) – I’m sorry, what was the question again?

  4. SiliconNooB

    Perhaps all these tiresome rusted on liberal sinners might care to ask themselves how they would feel if Timothy Mcveigh or Anders Brevik received an aquital – oh I’m sorry, they’re both heterosexual Christian Men *no sympathy face* >:(


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