4 Dogs That Will Tell You a Dog Owner is a Homosexual Man

Dogs are man’s best friend, not a man’s accessory to enhance their tightly groan pressed skinny jeans and P90X peck pushed v-neck shirt. Throughout history some dogs were breed from hunting tools into companions and toys for females and young children. Now in modern days, the world has been shifted to be more flamboyant when it comes to dog ownership and each dog says something about its owner. Below is a list of typical dogs owned by homosexual males. This list will helpy ou identify any frolicking fecal fairies in your neighborhood. Remember, the last thing you want is a sneaky homo being a part of your women’s dog walking morning activities. They will feel your women’s heads with fantasies of “Sex in the City” lifestyles or convince them to become fag hags.

Just like the ferret, homosexuals use Pomeranians as fetish anal pleasure toys. If you notice one of your gym buddies or neighbors walking these pint size butt plugs, make sure they are a Megan’s Law distance from your children.

Shih Tzu
Nothing screams “Chocolate Butt Pudding Pirate” like these little commie canines. Shih Tzu were illegally shipped to America in the 1980’s during the American gay outbreak epidemic. Homosexuals would pay up to $50,000 for one of these fuzzy rodents and just like rodents they are breed themselves across American and into the households of many gay couples. So, not only are the owners dilly dappers, they also support Communist China.

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Just like their Mexican importers, Chihuahuas are smelly, weak, lazy and require you to take care of them 24/7.This is why the gays love them. Gays like their prey to be weak and needy and by having a Chihuahua in their man purse at all times, it makes them feel like they have their young child prey with them at all times. If you see one of these dogs popping out of the bag of a man at a PTA meeting, inform the school principle of a possible child stalker walking the campus.

Let’s face it, these dogs look like a rectal star and we all know that another man’s anus is the gays favorite food. If you see a man and at the end of his leash is a pug, you will know for a fact that they are a fine dinner of musky man sewer hole.

14 thoughts on “4 Dogs That Will Tell You a Dog Owner is a Homosexual Man

      1. LinuxGamerTheist

        Do you assume all homosexuals are perverts? And bispecies? Please take your ignorance off the internet.

    1. Millennium

      if you can Think about that it’s mean You actually Know more about that than the Gay itself is relevant that In fact you are gay ?

  1. BVBarmy18

    wow… the amount of hate filled prejudice in that little article is enough to choke a horse… i hope u all realize the damage u r doing…

  2. Eleanore

    Holy shit, I already had a good idea about what kind of a person you might be, but to go so far as to mock dog breeds… I know that being a man of Christ and what not you realize that all animals, typically owned by gays or not, are gods creatures. So, why are you here saying the most unkind, cruel, and disgusting things about them? They are animals. They don’t know anything but love for their owners, nothing about sexual orientation or god. A being of such love are revered by people of christ for their humble and caring nature and selflessness towards humanity. Not labled “rectal stars” or “commie” dogs. You are such a disgusting being to me, and I’m sure to legions of people, also – religious or not.


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