51 Christian Friendly Words for Anal Sex

  1. Sin docking
  2. Fecal jousting
  3. Reverse deification
  4. Cramming the flirt-grill
  5. Spearing the chocolate starfish
  6. Mud gagging
  7. Pumping for Satan oil
  8. Fanny frolicking
  9. Plowing the fecal farm
  10. Poking the rude muscle
  11. Tainting the turd tunnel
  12. Mangling brown booty cakes
  13. Plundering the colon cavern
  14. Fondling Fred
  15. Surfing the feces freeway
  16. Alabama Irish shave
  17. Occupying the log cabin
  18. Packing the mud musket
  19. Playing Canadian Mounties
  20. Stirring bum fudge
  21. Impaling the anus
  22. Agitating the winking eye
  23. Defiling the Star of David
  24. Rectal harpooning
  25. Visiting Harlem
  26. Slurring the puking gorge
  27. Playing with the spoiled onion
  28. Mashing the sewer hole
  29. Groping the Mexican finger trap
  30. Tickling the bladder
  31. Bashing the flatulent tuba
  32. Double-crossing the “vagina
  33. Ripping the chowder head
  34. Marinating in fecal mucus
  35. Buffing the big wheel
  36. Playing in devil sauce
  37. Fecal curdling
  38. Invading Africa
  39. The prison dance
  40. Angering the corn dragon
  41. Greek handshake
  42. Danish leap frog
  43. Compton drive by
  44. Turnpike surprise
  45. Portuguese karate punch
  46. Skipping the fish dinner
  47. Fishing in the yuck hole
  48. San Francisco hemorrhoid massage
  49. Beating the crumpled eye
  50. Wearing a brown wig
  51. Filling the prairie hole

BONUS: Searching for mud hobbits.

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18 thoughts on “51 Christian Friendly Words for Anal Sex

  1. Gud Nooz

    I hope none of my beautiful young children ever HAVE to use these terms and go fishing in the yuck hole. I couldn’t bear it. It’s a very homo thing to do and in my family we try to stay pure for Jesus, our savior.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful work, Tyson.

    -Mary Shawn.

    1. Jenn

      Omg. R u fuckin serious. I guarantee all of your children will encounter anal sex in their lifetime. They’re also going to give or receive blowjobs and have sex come to terms with reality

  2. Militant Negro

    poking the brown eye
    taking the brown eye
    sphincter busting
    packing the brownie
    fudge merry go round
    busting a claire
    the rebel yell
    ass plundering
    fighting cock mud bath
    the Richard Simmons

      1. NellieBVB

        See Tyson, you’re racist. You can’t deny it. Also a man of God should be a kind person. Being racist sin’t kind.

  3. Tom

    I get the didtinct impression you spend far too much time thinking about anal sex. Is there something you’d like to admit to Tyson? Or do you think the incredibly gay impression you’ve given in the article is sufficient?

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  5. Lex

    This Dipshit is not Christian, creative or heterosexual. Get a life you Redneck Bugger. Yes, bugger is a word for ass fucking.


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