Afro-Saxon Rage Caught on Tape

The proof is in the chocolate pudding. Afro-saxon’s are very sensitive people and can go off at any minute. Here is a video of a Afro man getting angry with his slave rage because the wholesome family story Toys R Us didn’t have coloring books. You can see in classic black style, that he blames the white man for not having coloring books and it must be that the store is racist. I understand that the young man can’t read and wanted coloring books so he can give himself some form of education, but to say this is racism is just ridiculous.

14 thoughts on “Afro-Saxon Rage Caught on Tape

  1. Anne

    “The proof is in the chocolate pudding.”
    I see what you did thar.

    Did you just call an African American an Afro-saxon? Ugh, dude, I really love breaking this to you, but it doesn’t mean the guy is from Africa. One can take is historically (Saxon being a Germanic tribe of which many European families are descended of) or the slang (Afro-saxon meaning a white man trying to speak “black” slang)
    But either way your perception of it is wrong. 😀

  2. Matt

    Well said Tyron!

    Once again the typical black stereo type male is aptly described. I would have expected nothing less from this Neanderthal. Perhaps he meant to rob the place before opening his dumb ass mouth!

    1. The Comedian

      “I am not a racist. I am just afeared of minorities.”—Shat

      “I’m not a racist.”—Adam Nelson

      “Blacks are just so tribal and violent.”—Adam Nelson


  3. Sweet Atheist

    All I can say is…wow. Does the bible not state that all men were created equal? How fucking dare you think you are better than any other of God’s children you pompous, racist, piece of shit?

  4. Mark

    You really write some seriously twisted, racist stuff on your site! Also the editors of this site sure do not know anything about the constitution of the United States. I also love how you Blaspheme against God all the time..When your judgement comes, it will not be pretty. Keep spreading hate and lies, doing the work of satan must appeal to you all very much. Enjoy your eternity of damnation in hell!

  5. Orangehair

    The hatred and ugliness on display on this site (not to mention the serial misrepresentation of facts, when they are presented at all) is shocking. That a sentient human being in the West could think such things is proof that there’s more caveman left in our society than we’d like to believe.

    And the caveman is you, Tyson. Not your “Afro-Saxons.” “Love thy neighbor as thyself” seems to be quite beyond you.

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