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Afro-Saxon Rage Caught on Tape

The proof is in the chocolate pudding. Afro-saxon’s are very sensitive people and can go off at any minute. Here is a video of a Afro man getting angry with his slave rage because the wholesome family story Toys R Us didn’t have coloring books. You can see in classic black style, that he blames the white man for not having coloring books and it must be that the store is racist. I understand that the young man can’t read and wanted coloring books so he can give himself some form of education, but to say this is racism is just ridiculous.

Homo Gay Toy Makers Now Target Young Mexican Boys

Looks like the homo gay agenda couldn’t just stop at brainwashing young white and afro-saxon little boys with gay dangerous toys, now they are targeting the underage illegal crowd.

The homo gays marketing department has gotten smarter with their packaging to promise young tortilla eaters that by being gay, they can grow up acting and looking just like their porcelain skinned classmates. I mean look at the photo, they have two young versions of proclaimed gay pop star Ricky Martin all in smiles after being rump raider by Tristan the homo hobbit cross dresser. What little boy who has no identity would be able to resist wanting to “Grow Up Gay” if it promises them a job that makes more then $7.25 an hour?

The gays are smart at targeting children while they are in the stage of confusion and anger. Showing two little boys in a gay like embrace while they gaze into a mirror that has pillows as its reflection is a total subliminal mind trick. Gays are trying to say it is ok to let little Jose or Juan come over and play dress up while laying in bed reading GQ magazine. Gays are known for their bed side orgies and this trick is to make Paco feel like it is ok to watch older gay men slap each other’s rape rockets against each other’s butt cushions during a college girl pillow fight and the performing mouth sex acts on each other.

I bet the artist was suffocating his twiddle rompus with great gay rage while he created this packaging on his iGay powered MAC (Men Attacking Children), dropping devil DNA all over his keyboard. You can see the attention he paid on the part that says “HAIRDRESSER” as we all know gays work as hairdressers or florists, while at the same time collect gay welfare from the government, because gay has been claimed as a handicap. This is saying, “Hey, be gay, live off the government, make fag hags look pretty and have unprotected sin docking with tons of gay men!”

Those fighting the war on illegal immigration, should just hold up posters of this toy packaging and say “Go home or the homo’s will rape Pablo.”

New Infant Doll Sex Toy Created For Homosexuals

Ha busted! I got you again Mr. Gay Toy Maker!

I got you here:

And here:

Don’t forget here:

And this gajunker:

Now again these filth factories want to produce a doll that has a working human twiddle rompus!! You can see from the start of this unclassified video that a gay man with a fake French accent comes wondering in while two little girls are playing with a baby doll! Look at the excitement in his sin whore eyes when his starts to hungerously gaze at the fake babies wee-wankous!

Let me break this commercial down to you as I have been studying the gays mind for sometime now.

1. The guys use little girls in the video to make this product look like it is for little Sally and Katie, but what mother would really want their 3 year old playing with a plastic satan staff? BUSTED

2. The video uses a French accent. Why? causes French is spoken within the gay bath houses, so when they hear a man with a French accent their little gay radars go off and they know the item is geared towards them. BUSTED AGAIN

3. The man in the video shows you how to tickle the baby (looks like he has done this before) because babies become aroused when tickled and homos know this. Once the baby is tickled it shoots baby tadpoles in the man’s face. This is a favorite act with the gays when they perform mouth sex acts on young children. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED

This toy is nothing more then a doll that allows gay men to have their sick rape fantasies while they have their little gay parties in places like Homowood and San Fagsisco.

Homogay Agenda Making STD Toys to Make Their Diseases Look Cute

Not only are the gays making ice cream queer flavored or making toys to teach young children to be devil whores and how to whistle on a twinkie stick.

Now the gays want to make their disease ridden community look fun and friendly by making cute plush toys to show children that having aids or syphilis is nothing horrible. Little do the children know, that these diseases where thrown a pond them by satan so they could spread their gay sin filth around. Their souls are marinated in sin and veil disease and now that they know that we have learned to stay away from them, they are now trying to lure our children with more cute and friendly toys.

There is nothing cute about a men shoving his satan scepter into another man’s sin hole! This is an act that only sinners do! Also there is nothing “hot” or “sexy” about to male looking women diving head first into eachother’s sin infested bullet wounds.