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This is What Communism Looks Like

For all you up twinkle fingered Communists in Oakland and New York City, if you really want this country to go down the drain and turn into some kind of candy land of Heavenly Communism, please take a look at what the future holds. Below are 32 images of dirty, no good Commies and the filth and garbage they live in.

From guitar playing pigeons to lesbian hooker soccer teams, these images are full of warnings of why we must stop these hipster occupiers, or we will live in a land full of street walk cover dog sex and fat lady on the beach aerobics.





Communism and Socialism Kills

George Bush (Capitalist)
Genocide Total: 0

Stalin (Communist)
Genocide Total: 23 million

Hitler (Socialist)
Genocide Total: 6 million

Mao Ze-Dong (Communist)
Genocide Total: 78 million

Pol Pot (Communist)
Genocide Total: 2 million

Hideki Tojo (Fascist)
Genocide Total: 5 million

Ismail Enver (Communist / Socialist)
Genocide Total: 1,200,000 Armenians / 350,000 Greek Pontians / 480,000 Anatolian Greeks / 500,000 Assyrians

Who are the real murders?

Minecraft – The Game That Teaches Kids How to Make Penis’ with Digital Blocks

This cheap graphics of a game has been all the buzz around the internet and boasting to be a “WOW Killer”, which means that is will sell more copies then they black magic game, World of Warcraft.

But is the game really dangerous? At first, I thought it would be and then I started playing it with some of the inters. After a few hours we couldn’t find anything wrong with this game.

The core gameplay revolves around constructing large items our of digital blocks. Players will make buildings, trees, hearts, spacecrafts, famous NES characters and some will even put in 100 plus hours building full models of real life major cities. While snooping around on this game, I even noticed that players were very polite to each other and it seemed as there were real friendships being developed on each new world I visited.

All this building and community sounds fun huh? Until you come face to face with a 400ft phallic purple, gay powered, sin snake! That’s right! After playing 13 hours, we finally found why kids are so addicted to this game. Brainwash.

You see, the gays are tricky people and they like to come off as normal and nice human beings. But in reality, they are secretly trying to lure your children into gaydom and sin. And just like GLEE, this game seems colorful, doesn’t require much brain level to understand, love end production and doesn’t seem like it would be harmful.

Gays figured if they can subliminally insert penis’ into children’s video games, they hope that one day kids will feel so normal around gay type things, that they will be able to insert something into them.

Just like in reality you can’t have something nice without gays making i dirty. We visited some very well done Minecraft worlds, but all enjoyment was destroyed when we realized that their was a orange tinkie stick, urinating onto the cities downtown.

The gays now don’t even need to secretly post these penis’ in the game, they have now got kids so messed up, that players will spend weeks on end developing block pee pees and have competitions to see who can make the biggest and more realistic one!

No wonder this game is currently free! They want as many kids on it as possible, brainwash them, get them hooked on wieners and urinating wee wee clouds and then start charging them like crazy to feed their newly forced appetite.

Here is a chart showing the increase in gaydom of America, based on the release of homo-promo products.

I say we call the developers and demand this game be turned off!

Below is a gallery, chalk full of these digital nasties! Please have any female or young children types leave the room before viewing.