Chinese Mother Teaches Child to Curse

Yet again we have found more proof that the Chinese have no respect for God. In this video a communist mother is teaching her child how to say the God forsaken “F” word.

This commie loving women should have her child taken away from her and put in prison for mental abuse! I don’t even want to think what else she is teaching her daughter.

8 thoughts on “Chinese Mother Teaches Child to Curse

  1. dude

    there is no way this website is legitimate. i am calling it now, christwire is actually a gigantic ruse by some intelligent and witty left-minded individual looking to point out all the idiocy that comes with pushing typical right wing viewpoints just a little past the tipping point. i think this is absolutely hilarious.

    p.s. if this is serious, you’re all going to hell. i’m not joking. if you’re serious, god have mercy on your souls.

    p.p.s. awesome picture, chuck (see above).

  2. your idiot GAWD

    WHAT? What makes the woman an Asian mother? Do you know how many bizzar baby hungry American’s are in this country?!!? You are turning an innocent child’s words into “Chinese Mother Teaches Child to Curse”. Go to Hell. Your Christ is sick. Maybe your Bible was tainted with the Devil!!!

  3. Fallen


    the child is being told to say “frog”, she is young and can not pronounce it right. Saying the word does not make it wrong, saying it and meaning to does. By your logic people with torret’s syndrome who sometimes curse as a twitch are committing sin. You people might just be retarded.

    Also, even if the woman is Chinese, that doesn’t make her a communist, please look up the word communist.

    Also, Chuck, up top, you look like you might diddle my nutsack, just saying.

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  5. anon

    how dare you post this video here? my daughter was sitting on my lap while we were in the “safe zone” of the internet on christwire! now she has heard that filthy word and i must give her the cat of nine tails until she has been cleansed! so, it’s win-win.


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