“Emotion-Core” Band, Blood Sex Love, Makes Anti-Christwire Protest Song

A group called “Blood Sex Love” has been spamming our HolyMailBox@Christwire.org for weeks now with hatemail more vile than a interracial miget, twink gay porn. The email is always signed “With blood, your anti-lover, Angel Se7en / Danny 4tune”. Now I don’t know anyone who has a number in their last name, so I’m guessing this is some kind of emosexual iPhone texting code.

They say their band is “Emotion-Core” and it is a new style of music that takes “dub-step and hardcore to express the emotions that we deal with everyday”.

Recently, they sent us a “song” of some sort of music that Black Veiled Brides would write and call it music. They say it is a protest song about all things Christwire and I quote:

This song is about how Christians introduce their religion to ABDUCT people from being who they really are.

I swear, if I have to hear one more of these future Wal-Mart employees cry about how life sucks, I’m going to scream. Life sucks because like hates you. You sleep all day doing nothing, you call yourself an individual, yet you all dress the same. Also, they always say they are part of an army, little do they know, army means to conform and be the same.

12 thoughts on ““Emotion-Core” Band, Blood Sex Love, Makes Anti-Christwire Protest Song

  1. ExMachina

    I bet I’ll make more money than you do after I finish school. I can’t believe that one could label a whole group as stupid. You are a reactionary christian fool.

  2. Neoconstipated

    This sounds like very nervous satan derived noise designed to make the listener hate Jesus while confusing their already drug-altered senses.

  3. Bruce Danus

    I have been in multiple bands before I chose Jesus. That was a horrifying sound from a band, whether they like music or not. That band is not “walking in” my dark.

    1. Nanna

      Are you sure you’re not gay Tom? Strait people don’t fear things that can “turn you gay”… because they are strait. You fear it because you might realize you are gay. Go for it.

  4. Ren Fenwitz

    Hey! I know you now! You’re the one who spammed my youtube, saying exactly what you said in your article and that I’ll never be more than a Wal-Mart manager! Well, I’ve wanted to say this, so here goes:

    God bless you, you son of a bitch.


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