Homo Gay Agenda Wants Babies to Wear Thongs

While you would think that the sickness in homosexuals couldn’t get any worse, it has. Our shadow walking phallic stuffers have dug their Old Spice scented, manicured hands deeper into the Hanna Barbera underwear of America’s youth. Even against popular science, homosexuals do not have a age limit when it comes to their victims. The Homo Gay agenda is trying to create a flash mob of gayness inside the urine protectors of your toddlers and newborns.

Just like when I warned parents of The Gay’s attempt to use toys to anally rape your children during poopy time, The Gays are now using waste products to attack your children with fondling feely fingers in the shape of thong diapers. These new diapers fit to the baby in the form of a thong, you know the kind of underwear that gets soiled by moist Satanic juices when a cheap whore like Ke$ha or Oliva Munn get finished performing a mouth sin act on a Hollywood executive.

17 thoughts on “Homo Gay Agenda Wants Babies to Wear Thongs

  1. mahandma shandy

    thats going to lead to a bit of a back up in the ol baby plumbing, its at times like these i ask why the good lord would put a sewer right next to a playground

      1. Neil

        so then please send me a link to a store where i can see a price listing and shipping info. its obvious a picture designed to convey humor in a bay product idea. I mean the box is called a “baby got back pack” for christ sake. it can get anymore obvious without writing “A FUCKING JOKE” all over the box

          1. Neil

            im not afraid to admit being wrong, thats part of being human and expanding your knowledge horizons, hardly runing my day :). i checked on costco’s website but couldnt find these thongies, so please direct me to the correct website.

  2. mahandma shandy

    that childs eyes are too blue and its ass is too round, photoshop is a tool of devil, as is not believing in something,especially photgraphy and the blueness of a childs eyes,which the good lord gave us along with photoshop, that makes you an “unbeliever”, as is looking at pictures of children in a thong shaped nappy, especially a child that sexy, you are all unbelievers as is that child with its sexy eyes and j-lo behind, also stop stealing from the vatican photgraphy archive

    sincerly cardinal rat-slinger

  3. busdrivertoHELL

    I can tell you EXACTLY where to buy this absolutely legitimate product, worth every penny of research and development.

    Stocks are up on “THONGIES” I would know, a republican told me.

    A little side track, its in the aisle just past the adult diapers “Oops I crapped my pants”

    Which, I’m sure most of you wear.


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