Images of Communist Hipsters

Homosexual hipsters destroying our metro areas of America is one thing, but there is something I can’t stand even more…..COMMUNIST! If you look below you will now see that the commies in Russia are now trying to adopted the American hipster look, so they can come over here, try to blend in with the homosexual street kids and cause terrorist attacks.

14 thoughts on “Images of Communist Hipsters

  1. woopdyfreakindoo

    lol lol lol u ppl shud really get out of the house 4 a little! n i can barely tell by just looking at some1 if their communist! lol this better b a joke cus any1 who actually believs this is true has gotta b like insane

  2. Lurlene Tyranna Shores

    More and more, the liberal networks are pushing hipsters on tv, Brother Bowers, it is disturbing to behold. Soon the rapture will be upon us, and they will burn in all their debauchery.

    Some leading hipster figures:

    The one coming in from the left is especially nefarious, as he claims to be a Christian:

    Hipsters from Hell:

    They play in Japanes porn (anime)

    The most nefarious are the Old English Communist Hipsters, once they bite down they never let go, like pitbuls:

    And this one, as yet unidentified but claiming U.S. citizenship:

    1. Millennium

      The last pic is form the movie X-men first class an american movie

      also yous ee communist as evil therefore you did much more bad evil thing than communism would never did in ideology ( also communism never really existed)

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  4. Ice Van Winkle

    Wow, these images are deeply disturbing and frightening. If I saw any of these communists or hipsters in a dark alley I would automatically run.

    There is nothing wholesome about these immoral godless and snide characters.


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