Ke$ha – The Harlot of Dripping Whorness

There is only one person in the world that would make Mary Kate and Ashley’s drug problems look like a happy morning episode of “Jesus and Friends” and that Satanic spunk of whorness is no other than ghetto rap, slut demon Ke$ha. This woman is covered in Satan nectar and radiates promiscuous interracial sex from her vodka and crystal meth clogged pores. The harlot of whorness, also spreads her “alternative lifestyle” like a African outbreak with with lyrics in her music. This music is played all over radio shows like Ryan Seacreast and other gay hosted top 40 stations.

This feeble minded bi-homosexual hussie of home wrecking fecal frenzy is to dumb to even realize that “$” isn’t even a word. Does the “$” respesent that fact that she sells all her orifices for a record deal or a quick line of acid meth? If the “$” is her name is suppose to mean she is worth anything, she should show her real worth and change it to a “¢”.

Ke$ha is a turbo quasi lesbian that spends more time on tripled dipped acid drug trips, while wondering the deserts in search of a Indian three way, than she does on her own personal hygiene. There is no doubt that this girls labia could host a E! News red carpet event. Her fish cave woofs the stench of aborted babies lying lifeless in the trash can outside of a Planned Parenthood alleyway. It has been rumored that her love slaves prefer to rump her sewer hole rather than her camel hump because the smell is more pleasant. The only thing more train wrecked than her man hole sized baby door is her overgrown bushy eyebrow-ed Clydesdale face and long locks of lice infested hair. This woman’s body is truly a walking dumpster filled with pre-used homosexual anal docking condoms and bags of fecal matter.

You can also tell God has smitened her because she carries the ugliness of Satan and she tries to cover up these beast marks with voluminous layers of make up and carnival face paints. She knows she is ugly, because in her song “TicK TocK”, she says that she wakes up looking like a ugly blak man named “Puffed Dit Te”. We all know that male blacks are not the strong jaw lined lookers.

If she could, this woman would love to suck your children up into her love cavern and torment them with nightmares of late night binge drinking and back ally gang bangs. So don’t let your children listen to her “blah, blah, blah” mp3 files on their iTunes or from their accounts. If you do catch you child listening to her demonic sound waves, punish them by throwing all their electronic devices in the trash, burning them and ground your child. For every Satanic song of her’s they have listened too, that is an extra week of no social interactions.

35 thoughts on “Ke$ha – The Harlot of Dripping Whorness

          1. Tyson Bowers III

            Actually if you look, we are published by a very high end publisher. They have produced over 300 best selling authors.

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            I know the jealousy of our success burns your blood Claire. It is very understandable for a person with your low amount of personal drive to be angry at us for being successful in spreading our message of love. Last pre-order count was above 75,000.

          3. Claire

            75,000…hmm, considering how “I Am Extremely Terrified of Chinese People” has gotten a few million views, I’m not very impressed by your pre-order number of 75,000. Sorry.

          4. Tyson Bowers III

            Awwww Claire is upset. Need a hug Claire bear? 75,000 pre-orders with 4 months before a release is big in book selling terms. Of course you wouldn’t know that because you’ve never written anything or produced anything of value. It is not our fault that the common reader is a poor wel-fare living loser and can’t afford $9 for a book that will change their life. I know your life will even be in more pain when you see us as a NYT best seller along with other awards. It just hurts you to know how famous our fellowship is and that you…..well….you have done nothing original with you life.

          5. Tyson Bowers III

            The truth is Claire…we could sell 60 million books and you’d still spew your negative Nancy juices all over it.

          6. Claire

            Upset? Far from it. Amused would be the appropriate word.

            P.S. How’s your fourth grade English class going? Don’t you have a book report on “Sarah Plain and Tall” due soon?

          7. Nanna

            Relax Clair, Hitler was published author. The only difference in his work from Mr. I like it ass III here is the switch of the word jews for gays.

          8. Businessman Hank

            I’m impressed with your work Tyson. In America, the amount you can sell is equal to the amount you’re worth. And God knows that.

          9. Nanna

            hahahah. by that logic Hank, using units sold Ke$ha is (6mill/75k) 80x greater than slap nuts III. And god knows it.

  1. M.A.

    Well. Where to start. First off: you sir, are not meant to write a damned thing. A lot of very laughable typos in there. Plus, EVERYONE knows the dollar symbol ($) is not a WORD. I think you meant to say it’s a LETTER to get your point across. Damn, you’re stupid. And if you haven’t noticed, that woman is much more attractive then you are, or ever will be. God hopefully bless, you evil man.

  2. Nanna

    Hey dick slap III way to make up a word (bi-homosexual) then call someone out for making up their own ($). The $ actually conveys a concept (money). Your word conveys metal retardation.

  3. Luis Ventura

    THIS IS ALL TRUE! I won a free raffle i never entered and flew to L.A and met Ke$ha. She smelled of her prescious crack and was too drunk and off the wagon to do anything. The next morning i walked into her having a 32-some with the entire cast of Friends , Lady gaga, and Justine Bieber and Selena Gomez. I was so appalled by their fornicating I killed all the people nobody notices in the name of the Lord. But then the whorelot looked at me with her vajjazzled mound and i was hipnotized and forced to fornicate with her, but her make-up got smugged and i saw the very face of Satan! Now if youll excuse me i have to take anti-deppresants and worship my dead parents by making a shrine out of their severed heads, you know, like a *good* christian.

  4. Lucy

    Tyson Bowers, supposedly “spreading a message of love”.
    If I ever find a single drop of love in any article you write, I swear to the god that you pretend to worship- I will eat my own foot.

  5. mcr666

    Ke$ha – even writing a song made up of “blah, blah blah” is still 1,000 times smarter than the people running this site.

    And for the record, I love Ke$ha. She writes POP music. Not “ghetto rap”.
    Trust me, if you uppity biased fake christians knew what ghetto rap was you would pissing your holy little pants.

  6. BreeSixx66

    I have to admit, shes not the most pretty or talented. But really, who the fuck are you to judge? Unless you are making music, then STFU.
    When you Grow A Pear, you should comment ba a a ack(: Cause all I hear is Blah Blah Blah.


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