Mexicans Now Use Kittens for Illegal Fight Games

Mexican’s have an odd way of making money from useless things. A few examples are, selling tortillas with butter, hot sauce dipped fruit pits and lemon dust. A Mexican’s main source of American income is usually lawn work or they will make money using chickens to fight in a gladiatorial style back ally blood bath. Here Mexicans will bet their garden money on which chicken they think will win.

Now that The American government has been cracking down on Mexican rooster battles, the shifty handed weed whackers are now using kittens in a WWF homosexual type cage match. Since there is no real laws banning two pussies smashing each other in a physical manner, the cops have their hands tied until they can get a bill passed that will allow them to crack down on illegal pussy kitten fights. Below is a video showing the violent matches.

12 thoughts on “Mexicans Now Use Kittens for Illegal Fight Games

  1. Bill Buttlicker

    That rink is clearly too small for cat wrestling. My guess that the cats (which are the world’s stupidest animals) wandered into the worm wrestling rink by mistake.

  2. Cassidy Pen

    Any fights between feline hellions is sure to end in death. I hope someone puts a stop to this angry sick sport before these cats begin to attack with no restraint. When they taste blood, they’re like ticking bombs ready to attack when one’s guard is let down.

    1. YouhatemeIhateyou

      I have a cat, she plays around with stuffed animals and my feet like that ALL THE TIME! Thats how they play! Cats are feral animals from birth, even when born in a domestic home, they play-fight all the time. That was in a WWE toy wrestling ring, i know because i am a fan of wrestling still, two kittens playing and wrestling in a toy wrestling ring is nothing but harmless.

      And also, my kitty is 3 years old and plays very rough with me. Sometimes she bites me or tries to “eat my leg” as i put it sometimes when playing with her. She has scratched me enough that i have small thin scars, once she even slit my wrist because i accidentally spooked her.

      And besides, i’ve tasted blood before. It’s taste is rather delicious to me and it’s smell, rather intoxicating. Does that make me a ticking time bomb too? Just waiting to go out and kill someone? Heads up, if i do head out to kill someone, it’ll be the “Christwire Flock”, just sayin ;3


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