Photos of People's Reactions After Being Surprised with Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a scary thing, but to 98% of Americans, they have been able to keep safe from having to be scared by viewing the actually act of demonic sin docking or the act of clam twaddle. Homosexuality is starting to seep its poison into America via erotic song and dance shows, vampire movies and these Homo Gay Agenda propaganda tools are making us forget how vile and unnatural the act of homo sex is. In an attempt to rebirth homo awareness a group of people put together a hidden camera booth in hopes to not only show people how gut wrenching the gay really is, but to also capture the reactions of the viewers to prove that people do not like gay penetration being enacted within their country.

In the images below you will see the trembling terror that attacks the body once it has been exposed to men and women performing gayness and you can see by the fear in the viewer’s eyes that they wish to never experience such a sight of sin again.


55 thoughts on “Photos of People's Reactions After Being Surprised with Homosexuality

  1. openupyourmind

    okay, im straight, but i think homophobia is one of the most discusting things in this world, one of my closest friends is a lesbian and i dont think any less of her or treat her any differently. my suggestion to you is to stop shagging your bible and open up your mind. ps: religion is a lie.

        1. L.N

          Now that’s offensive. I know people who were hit with a waffle iron and they still look better than Tyson. How dare you compare them to him! He’s far uglier!

          1. Albert Toppers

            It is a look familiar to many of us in the fellowship. Tyson has given his life to Christ.

          2. L.N

            So apparently Clownboy has proven that Christians have no life. The face shares no joy, only pain and sorrow and hatred.

      1. Michael Orman

        You fat fucking old nasty man. You are repulsive in every manner. Oh and you graduated from the fucking university of Arizona? I guess your also dumb as shit too. The world will be a much better place the day you die.

  2. L.N

    So Tyson was browsing Yahoo News today, saw the link to the article of pictures of people in a haunted house and decided to say it was because they saw gay people.

    Tyson, did you ever ride the short bus?

      1. NellieBVB

        Homosexuality isn’t a choice. If a man wasn’t gay, he would be repulsed by the thought of dating another man.

  3. Cassidy Pen

    The boy to the right in the first picture has a curious look. Hopefully, he’s normal and entranced by two nude women lying down and rubbing clams or administering sin cave tonguing and not male sword play which would mean he’s having homogay thoughts and is definitely not right with God.

  4. Bruce Danus

    The guy in number 30 looks like he is just trying to escape from that large panda in the yellow shirt that was chasing him.

  5. Sam

    Umm hate to break it to ya (not really), but this was taken in a haunted house in Niagara Falls called the Nightmare Fear Factory if you search it on google you can find all of there pictures.

  6. Aubrey

    1. They are pretty much a porn sight. But legalized some how.
    2. They are pretty much the anti-christ.
    3. They use vulgar language I would never let my child read.
    4. They talk about molesting your children.
    5. The above reasons should give you an idea why this sight is complete bullshit. But if you must continue reading.
    6. They do not even use biblical quotes.
    7. They have fake ass people running it.
    8. The fake ass people who run it have no fucking jobs, obviously.
    9. It is scads of apparently “old” people who are here to prey on your children’s minds
    10. There is an “old” lady named Susan who has no fucking clue what she is talking about.
    11. A guy named Steve who has a pedophile type picture for his profile is trying to seduce your children
    12. They are completely ass-backwards in what they talk about. For instance, saying that legitimate satanic bands are an a-ok Christian band.
    13. This site has no editor or mind filter what so ever. Made up words and 3rd grade grammar are excellent examples.

    This site is as fake as it really seems.

  7. Izzy

    I am beyond FURIOUS with this “article”. It’s so poorly written, my father’s Goddaughter (6) could’ve written better. Gayness? Hello! That isn’t even a word, please, go look it up and report back if you find it. (:

    Upon reading this for the first time, I honestly thought it was a complete and utter PISS TAKE! I laughed, then I realised you were being serious. I laughED again, but only because I realised what idiots are allowed to stalk the internet. Article my left butt-cheek. There is no legit evidence here to back-up your wild claims except from a load of excentric “preaching”. These photos are ridiculous, clearly stunted by a lot of creepy kids from your “congregation” and to be honest, stupid. Wouldn’t your kids have the EXACT same reaction if they were forced to walk in you on having sex? Straight sex, gay sex, they’d all have the same expression because they’d be embarassed. Sex is a private and beautiful act between two lovers. (Man and Man, Women and Women, Man and Women, IT DOESN’T MATTER!)

    As for the content, well, disguted and shocked really doesn’t sum my reaction up, I can’t find the words to describe my feelings towards this horrendus and blatant cyber-bullying disguised in an article for a ridiculous, non-christian organisation.

    It’s YOU people who give Christians a bad name! I am DISGUSTED to think you can even call yourselves so, for your behaviour is down-right dispicable and totally unchristian! Jesus taught us to “Love thy neighbour”, in fact, it was his most important teaching! Love thy neighbour means, it doesn’t matter who is beside you; Gay or striaght, black or white, female or male, you should love and accept him.

    I see nothing of his teaching on this site, except “stories” condeming our fellow human beings. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    Many people argue that human beings were created in the image of God, but I strongly disagree. No, not because we have people who are homosexuals, but becasue we have people like YOU. People who go out of their way to post shite and spread homophobic and excentric views, out to bash a community who have been persecuted for years.

    Christians? HA! Jesus and I are both laughing so hard at you right now, you just wouldn’t believe it!

    1. Adam Nelson

      Is Jesus at your house right now laughing with you, or did he call to tell you that? Because to me it seems you’re bearing false witness and being a hypocrite, female.

      1. Claire

        Somehow I doubt that if Izzy was a male you’d say “Because to me it seems you’re bearing false witness and being a hypocrite, male.”

        Is there a reason you felt the need to specify her gender?

          1. Claire

            Reread my comment, asshole:

            “Somehow I doubt that IF IZZY WAS A MALE you’d say ‘Because to me it seems you’re bearing false witness and being a hypocrite, male.'”

      2. L.N

        Considering you’re a liar, a hypocrite, a murderer-in-the-making, and SOOO much fucking more, you should shut your mouth.

          1. Claire

            “What man on here could you possibly want if not me?”

            Well if I had to choose there’s always L.N, Comedian, Millennium, fake Adam. Heck, I’d even choose Billings over you!

            “but I’m young, pretty good looking and a doctor.”

            Want to back that up with a picture? And you’ve accused women of being “gold-diggers” multiple times in the past. In fact you’ve even referred to the nurses that you fuck as being “gold-diggers”. Yet you’re now encouraging the behavior by suggesting that I should be attracted to you because you’re a doctor?

            You’re a piece of crap who views women as inferior to men, would nuke every country that looks at us the wrong way, would KIDNAP and MURDER my beloved cats, and thinks that women are only on Earth to make babies. There’s a whole lot more to hate about you than there is to like about you.

          2. Adam Nelson

            Fine, Claire. Fine . Teach me to love. Let’s go out for coffee and you can pay for it, since you don’t want to be a golddigger. You can pay for our hotel room too. Deal?

          3. Claire

            Perhaps you missed the whole part about you not respecting women, wanting to kill my cats, and quite possibly planning on raping me.

  8. Izzy

    No, he isn’t right now. (It’s a metaphorical joke, though you probably wouldn’t understand since you probably didn’t pass any of your English exams to gain the qualifactions you need to function at that level) But he’s closer with me than he will be to any of you, that is for certain.

    I actually love how all of you lack any reasonable comebacks except from making stupid comments about my gender. Ha! You’re all a disgrace, call yourselves human, eh? You’ve all barely got anymore braincells than a fly.

    Thanks for standing up for me Claire. (: It’s seems to me we’re the only people talking sense here, haha!

        1. Adam Nelson

          There is a good chance. I may have said, “Listen, bro, that’s not very Biblical.” Or perhaps, “Dude, that’s not cool. It’s totally not in the Bible.”

          If I had said that to a man, would you have taken the time to belabor the point that I used qualifiers like “Bro” or “Dude”. I doubt it.

          1. Claire

            But “bro” or “dude” is what friends say to one another; they don’t give off an air of condescension from the person talking, whereas saying “woman” or “female” does (because you view women as inferior). After all, I’ve heard you refer to a woman as “female” numerous times in the past (i.e. “Shut your mouth, female”) whereas you’ve never said “male” when addressing a male commentator.

  9. Kait

    What the fuck. This is from Nightmares Fear Factory. It’s sad really, that they have to stoop this low. I mean, this is 100% proof that they are willing to lie to everyone just to get a few more followers for their false religion.

  10. Victoria Square

    finds it funny that more than half are in ‘homosexual’ positions… looks like there’s more curiosity than horror!
    I’m gay and I find this not offensive, concerning or impressive.

    It’s completely ridiculous- but that what satire IS.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yet this is too laughable to be concerned with in 2013,

    Peace. It’s gay, but peace nonetheless…


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