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Homosexuals Create New Torture Device for Their Child Victims

homo hotcakes

Well it looks like the Homo Gay Agenda is back at their sin seeking ways again. New plans have been found showing a new device masked as a “banana filler” , but in reality my friends, we know it’s a new device to fill our children’s waste shoots up like HOMO HOTCAKES!

The gays will most likely drug the young child first, tie them up, call over their sugar plum fairy friends, bake their favorite pastry and then shove this up young white boys sewage outputs with “fabulous” cream fillings.

Gays are sick sick people and find the most despicable ways to harm our children.

The gays are also getting smart. They know if a police officer comes to their home looking for evidence of “bad touch” play, the officer will over look this device as a kitchen utensil.

Parents, beware! Please call the authorities of any gay activity in your neighborhoods . These homos are out there to harm your children and just look at the kind of things they are creating to have fun time with our kids.