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Nintendo Wii U Uses Digital Penis in Logo

Let us not forget that the name “Wii” is a homo erotica communist term that means “Wiener” or “Tentacle Sex”. We have already shown you the first game that the Wii U will be releasing and we have told you about how the gays and blacks have teamed up to violate your white housewives, by using Wii remotes.

Now, even after many emails and phone calls to their main office in China, Nintendo still points its middle commie finger at America and this time they have gone to far.

The new Wii system is called the “Wii U” and the “U” is Japanese elite speaking for “Rape with Penis”. So if you say the name out loud with its communist meaning, it is “We Rape with Penis” and that is what they plan on doing to your children. The logo is also blue, which is the universal color for boy, so it also is subliminally showing your children images of gay sin snakes.

The Godless Japanese mind is one of perversion and unGodly thoughts of women sharing bowls of fecal matter for dinner and multi-sex member, sour cream and pancake orgies. You can see their slanty work just by looking at the new control system, which is really a device women can use as a personal climax slammer or can be used to shove up ones rectal pipe to produce a “Milking Orgasm”.

The Kamikaze tsunami brigade is hoping that parents will buy their new system for their kids next Christmas, so that they can use the system to brainwash you children into God hating, American flag spitting deviants. With the new Wii U comes a lexicon of subliminal sexual games that will teach your children about how to have abortions, partake in interracial/bi-sexual sex Olympics, teach girls how to “M” themselves or have a “M”ing sleep over party and also teach your children how to surf the internet for free adult gay sites.

Just when you thought you only had to worry about gays and blacks ruining the morals in American, we get sneak attacked by the yellow German pitbulls. Keep them from sinking your families battleships of morals and prohibit your children from playing or secretly owning this new gaming console.

Princess Peach’s Pool Party – The First Nintendo Wii 2 Video Game Uncovered

Nintendo has announced it will be releasing a new console called “The Wii 2″ which is a upgrade from their first sin-sational console “The Wii”. The name “Wii” is a homo erotica communist term that means “Wiener” or “Tentacle Sex”. With the Wii 2, the communist Japanese want to push the envelope, by making the games more sex packed and filled with more communist, baby eating Hentai porn.

With its release it will include a game called “Princess Peach’s Pool Party” and this game is nothing short of a demon spell of homosexual urges.

This game is pretty much a digital topless pool party, filled with 8-bit sin snakes and RGB moist camel humps.

Let’s look at some of the different types of side games your kids will be wii-ing with.

Snorting Mushrooms

Did you know ever since the creation of Mario Bros, the increase of mushroom induced sex acts has been on the rise? Did you know that kids now think that taking a rainbow joy ride on Satan’s highway is normal and not sinful? Well wait until your kids are lining up at Circuit City to get their hands on a game that shows kids how to buy “Shrooms” from Drug Lord Koopa!

The object of this side game is for kids to try and collect as much sin candy in 60 seconds and then see who can get their character to “Epic High Status”. The player who has the highest THC levels at the end of the round wins.

Lesbian Spin the Bottle

Did you know nintendo has been behind the current movement of lesbians? Every since the creation of the Princess Peach character, college dorm rooms have been filled with hordes of sex filled lesbian pillow fights and late night lipstick tongue play.

In this section of the game it asks for 4 to 6 female players to stand around a table and spin the Wii 2 controller. The player will spin the controller and when it lands on another female player, they must partake in a full sin marinated lip lock until the Princesses 60 second timer goes off. If the players finish this kiss of death, they are award points. If they do not finish, they are asked to removed a article of clothing.

Sex Gangbang Bonus Rounds

If you think this game couldn’t get anymore vile, you’re completely wrong. In this bonus round, 6 player are told to hold their Wii 2 controller in a vertical position and shake it up and down as fast as possible. The faster they go the faster their character performs a twiddle rompus to babyhole act on the Princess Peach. Each player tries to fight over who can enter the Princesses sin cave and the person with the most “entries” wins.

We need to rid the world of slanty technologies that harm our children. We need to take control of our country and remind Japan and China of the day their country went nuclear.