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Princess Peach’s Pool Party – The First Nintendo Wii 2 Video Game Uncovered

Nintendo has announced it will be releasing a new console called “The Wii 2″ which is a upgrade from their first sin-sational console “The Wii”. The name “Wii” is a homo erotica communist term that means “Wiener” or “Tentacle Sex”. With the Wii 2, the communist Japanese want to push the envelope, by making the games more sex packed and filled with more communist, baby eating Hentai porn.

With its release it will include a game called “Princess Peach’s Pool Party” and this game is nothing short of a demon spell of homosexual urges.

This game is pretty much a digital topless pool party, filled with 8-bit sin snakes and RGB moist camel humps.

Let’s look at some of the different types of side games your kids will be wii-ing with.

Snorting Mushrooms

Did you know ever since the creation of Mario Bros, the increase of mushroom induced sex acts has been on the rise? Did you know that kids now think that taking a rainbow joy ride on Satan’s highway is normal and not sinful? Well wait until your kids are lining up at Circuit City to get their hands on a game that shows kids how to buy “Shrooms” from Drug Lord Koopa!

The object of this side game is for kids to try and collect as much sin candy in 60 seconds and then see who can get their character to “Epic High Status”. The player who has the highest THC levels at the end of the round wins.

Lesbian Spin the Bottle

Did you know nintendo has been behind the current movement of lesbians? Every since the creation of the Princess Peach character, college dorm rooms have been filled with hordes of sex filled lesbian pillow fights and late night lipstick tongue play.

In this section of the game it asks for 4 to 6 female players to stand around a table and spin the Wii 2 controller. The player will spin the controller and when it lands on another female player, they must partake in a full sin marinated lip lock until the Princesses 60 second timer goes off. If the players finish this kiss of death, they are award points. If they do not finish, they are asked to removed a article of clothing.

Sex Gangbang Bonus Rounds

If you think this game couldn’t get anymore vile, you’re completely wrong. In this bonus round, 6 player are told to hold their Wii 2 controller in a vertical position and shake it up and down as fast as possible. The faster they go the faster their character performs a twiddle rompus to babyhole act on the Princess Peach. Each player tries to fight over who can enter the Princesses sin cave and the person with the most “entries” wins.

We need to rid the world of slanty technologies that harm our children. We need to take control of our country and remind Japan and China of the day their country went nuclear.

Gays Invent New Wii Sex Toy, So Blacks Can Have Virtual Sex With White Women

Two forces have come together to take their sexual lifestyle’s to a whole new level. One side likes inserting their satan scepters into other men’s sewer holes and the other likes to brainwash young white youth with 8-bit music and turn your lady home makers into “ho” makers. The two have combined forces to virtual sneak into your house and violate your American wife while you are hard at work trying to get by while Obama steals you health care plan.

I present to you the WiiRape toy by Nintendo! Now I know you’re asking yourself “Mr. Bowers, why would these two groups need to join forces to create this? I know the African American community is not fond of gays.” well I have a easy answer. The Afro-Saxon community is not very good at building electronics or handling money, so they asked the homo gay agenda to develop the product for them. Also, gays have a lot of money saved up because they work as bar tenders or florists and collect gay welfare at the same time. In return, the Afro-Saxon’s would make sure that each item that is sold, would come with a list of children in the buyers neighborhood.  Now what Ellen marriage believer wouldn’t want that? A whole list of fresh meat to pray on?

So now that this product is in “A Store Near You!” Rappers can use the hipped hopped music they play on Bravo or TLC to brainwash your wifes and tell them to goto the nearest Circuit City and purchase the new Wii “Toy” with of course your hard earned cash. The item comes with a free game disgusted as a Opera CD, so that for sure a real male would never bother checking it out. What it really is, is a dating game that displays images of large black twiddle rompus’. Your wife can browse through categories like “Balla”, “Big Playa”, “Deez Nutz” and other hipped hopped lyrical terms. Once she picks what type she wishes to “play” with a video screen appears where your wife can be swindled by satan like sexy speak. Once your wife has been put into a trance, she will be asked to plug in the new Wiimote and on the other end the predator will be able to control the speed and has electric tips so the womens fish cave can be shocked.  I think this is what is refereed to as “The Shocker.”

Now, you may ask “Where is little Billy, while mom is playing sin games?” Well, he is alone and looking for attention, which is what a homopedo predator looks for in a victim, before he plays twinkie stick rape games.

Nintendo should be ashamed for such vile inventions. What is next? The Lesbian Lick controller? or the Rainbow Butt Heckler attachment? I say we call for a recall on all Nintendo products before your wife and children are victims of hate crimes. Oh and guess who is a backer and fan of this product?

Well isn’t that a surprise?