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Proof Blacks Are Possessed By Satan and Are A Violent Species

A new video has surfaced of two blacks attacking eachother. One is a teacher and the other is a student. From trusted sources, it has been reported the student was acting up (typical black child at school) and the teacher warned him over and over to stop. The child then throw a desk at teacher in a “spear throwing” motion which caused the teacher to be engulfed in black rage. The teacher then ran up to the child and attacked him using some type of Zulu martial arts punch moves.

Where does this violence come from?

It comes from rap music:
Black people praise rap music more then they do religion. They believe murdering, drug dealing, “slanging”, “pimping” and other black sin things.

It comes from their father’s sin:
Black people have a long blood line of sin and violence. Starting from when they were created about 1300 years after white people.

It comes from bad mothers and fathers:
Black people 9 out of 11 times don’t grow up with a father figure, because most black males lack responsibility. Their mothers are just as bad. They tend to spend more time smoking crack and selling their bodies, instead of taking care of their children. That is were my tax dollars goto, to take care of this black babies.

On that last note, let’s take a look at the students mother. She is over weight, uneducated and ugly. This is the typical choice that a black man chooses for a mate. Obviously her son is following mom’s foot steps.

This is why I have a strong believe of locking up blacks in jail and putting them through a vigorous rehabilitation program, to re introduce them into the world. I mean this is a breed of people who beat their own children like how lions eat their own young in the wild! Until then they are a threat to our children and women.

Just image it a white child was in this room? Ah, they thought of that gives me nightmares.

Below is the shocking video, showing how blacks act in their enclosed urban habitat.

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