The Gays Use Japanese Music and Babies To Try And Turn Youtube Viewers Gay

The Gay Homo Agenda (GHA) has launched a new tactic against our children to try and make gay porn “fun”. Their plan is to mix hardcore man love videos and use subliminal Japanese music to make it funny and then add baby faces over their sin soaked private parts and hell bound orifices.

Here are a few examples (WARNING: Parents make sure your children are our of the room and please pray after viewing these:

I will be writing to YouTube today and ask why they are supporting such filth! These videos MUST be destroyed and the people involved should be thrown in jail for harming the minds of the world with such nasty imagery! If this were 200 years earlier, I would even ask for hangings or even have them burned!

I would like to also see the stats of how many more homosexuals there are in the world after these videos have been posted. I bet there has been at least a 5% increase of sick people wanting to stick their parts into each others devil holes!

This is an actual quote from a person who has been brainwashed by this sick and twisted man on man loving “trend”

I’m so into this new trend of remixing gay porn videos with crazy Japanese music and putting baby faces over anything that might be offensive.



50 thoughts on “The Gays Use Japanese Music and Babies To Try And Turn Youtube Viewers Gay

  1. jorge

    Dude…. you know… normal people is not really offended by gay stuff.

    Gay people who won’t admit it do however. Just like you do.

    I don’t even know you, or listened to you speak, but you are quite clearly very, very gay.

    Your blod is one of the most retarded, ass-backwards things I ever saw, and believe me, I’ve seen weird shit in this internet of ours.

    Come out of the closet before its too late! You’ll miss all the wang later!

  2. Waytrendy

    I would like to also see the stats of how many more homosexuals “their” are in the world after these videos have been posted.

    If people can become gay by watching a video, does that not mean that you are, in fact, encouraging people to do the devil’s anal bing bong by posting these videos? Also, after your impending homosexual transformation, I would encourage you to attend a fourth grade grammar course to learn to differentiate between “their” and “there”.

  3. gayconvert

    thank you for these videos! they totally made me realize the inner-homosexual that i have denied for so many years! where can i donate to your cause? i would like to spread the word!

  4. KidDiddlerHomo666

    Thanks for sharing these links; I just couldn’t resist and had to beat off right at my work desk; I didn’t even realize I HAD this fetish! Thanks again!

  5. Fapmaster Flash

    Man you are the straightest gay guy I have ever read. What’s wrong with being gay? When you go out to the bar it’s like 20 guys to 20 guys you can’t loose in that scenario.

    Also, you get to watch sports and you still get b l o w j o b s, I’m not gay but the longer I stay married the more appeal it has.

  6. Finger Lightning

    The Emperor has come back.

    Q. Emperor Palpatine when did you start blogging?

    Q. Does your metachlorian count determine if you are gay or straight?

    Q. Will you blast me with your finger lightning and take me on your gay fantastic voyage?

    I want to feel your hate flow through me.

  7. Waytrendy, because yes, two words can sound the same and have very different meanings…

    1. a form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun: their home; their rights as citizens; their departure for Rome.

    1. in or at that place (opposed to here ): She is there now.

    So, with you as my freshly gay 4th grade student (because of the butterfly entering the cocoon like metamorphosis you just underwent from watching such egregious homosexual indoctrination material as you previously posted.) Can clearly see is that god, or more specifically your god, led you to use the possessive (their) form as opposed to the adverbial (there). And that’s ok, because, with those rimmed glasses and pursed together lips you look like an excellent, if not albeit effortless, addition to the gay conspiracy, you old queen you!

  8. Paul Dorman

    Oh noes! When I saw those videos I INSTANTLY TURNED GAY!!!!!! I must .. find .. devil holes … But where!?!?! I know! I’ll click on that gay dating Google add on this very page! Thank you!

  9. Paul Dorman

    Oh, and before anyone else points out that I wrote “add” instead of “ad”, well blame it on the gay rapture…

  10. Oh noes

    oh noes i just turned into a gay by clicking on the link you posted …. ahhh sin is encapsulating my body… its so white and sticky.. i cant get enough of this please for the love of GOD post more links!!!

    ps. you write at a 4th grade level, Congrats!

  11. Tony

    Oh no, you gotta help me man! That video is slowly turning me gay! I can feel my genetic makeup being rewritten as we speak.

  12. instant boner

    is it wrong that i got a boner watching these videos. i mean i like chicks and stuff and have sex all the time…but now that ive seen this im not so sure. i kinda want to shove my meat between some ripped dude’s buns. should i pray to save my homosexual burning soul?

  13. Tyson Bowers III

    Hey I will try to keep it clean here. When I was a kid my mom diddled me. I would have her shit in my mouth and we would play the game Aristocat.
    That is the one where I would stick it in her while she was on her period and she would make pudding from my man gravy and eat it while I was forced to suck off our blind three legged dog “Jerry”

    I’m not gay, my penis is.

  14. Ponzy

    I commend you pastor good sir for sharing your opinion with the information super-highway. Takes a lot of courage to come out and admit that your an idiot in such splended fashion.

    Now that you’ve had a chance to share your opinion, let me share mine… No wait. I better not. I think you already know what I’m going to say, so lets leave it at that… dipshit.

  15. Anonymous

    Poe’s law definetely applies to this. I can not believe that this article was sincere! On the other hand, it did make me think. When I masturbate I always insert my penis into a doll’s head through the neck hole and I have painted angry eyebrows on it so that I can yell: “Your resistance only makes my penis harder!” I pretend that the doll is a baby who is angry with me for cutting off its head and reverse-oral-sodomizing its trachea. I always thought this was normal. But after watching that video and seeing something similar from an outsider’s perspective, and I feel very ashamed. Babies and gay sex don’t mix (I consider masturbation a from of gay sex). So now I’ve gotten a full sized mannequin head and I reverse-oral-sodomize that instead. I feel so much cleaner now.

  16. Straightguy

    Thank you brother. Welcome to the church of gay saints. Our lord and saviour was also gay because he lived with 12 men and they made divine love to each other. The videos you posted were very nice. Christ liked Peter best because he was a bit manly and his man juices were good. The Japanese are getting back to proper christianity and its about time you do as well. :) Peace be with you my gay brother.

    The Church of Latter Gay Saints

  17. rainman

    I thoroughly enjoyed the irony of seeing an advertisement for a gay chat website right below this article, along with pro-gay advertisements along the sides. Satan’s closing in my friend- watch your devil-hole!

  18. Paul Dorman

    Seriously though Tyson, why are you so hateful and paranoid? I’ve seen your other entries now, and you don’t come across as a very rational person. Yet you seem determine to try to convince people of gay conspiracies and such. It’s all nonsense Tyson, there is no gay conspiracy, black people are no more related to monkeys than you are (people you have to see his other posts to believe them), the earth is much, much older than 6,000 years. Why are you so determined to hold onto these delusions in the face of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

    Most people are happy to deride you (myself included – it is kind of fun), but in all seriousness, get some proper, actual psychological help. You are not well connected to reality, no matter what you think.

  19. r

    can we just get along, and accept who they are? Did not jesus say, for he is sinless cast the first stone?

    If we are following the words of jesus, then why not accept and love them for who they are?

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  22. peni wang

    Bill O’Reily is the epitome of narcissism. If I had to describe Bill O’Reilly in a phrase, it would be “sock-sniffer.” You know the kind of guy who comes home from a long day of work, his feet have been sweating all day, his socks are ripe with the pungent aroma of stale milk and wet leather, and after he finally sits down and takes his socks off, but just before he throws them in the hamper, he takes a quick sniff to sample his odors.

    O’Reilly wouldn’t be such a bad guy if he would quit crying for a few minutes, step back, re-evaluate his life, and realize that he’s a giant blubbering vagina. In June of 2003, O’Reilly attacked the only form of media he was powerless in: the Internet. In his “Talking Points Memo” segment, he whined that “nearly everyday, there’s something written on the Internet about me that’s flat out untrue,” continuing with his theory that “the reason these net people get away with all kinds of stuff is that they work for no one. They put stuff up with no restraints. This, of course, is dangerous…” Yeah, real dangerous Bill. Next thing you know, people will get the crazy idea that they have the right to express their opinions as they see fit. Who knows? Maybe this idea will catch on and they’ll add it to the Constitution of the United States, giving it a catchy title like “freedom of speech.” What do you think of that you sock-sniffing bog trotter?

    When Bill feels threatened enough, he goes after the people who say these “vile” things about him. For example, his much publicized tirade with political satirist Al Franken ended with FOX News lawyers being laughed out of court.

    No, Bill, the reason we “get away with all kinds of stuff,” other than it being our irrevocable right to do so, is not because we don’t work for anyone; it’s because if the case against Al Franken taught you anything, you can’t do anything about it! Here’s the dilemma Bill O’Reilly faces every day: let the people who attack him on the Internet go, or talk back and give these people publicity. Al Franken’s book probably would have never done so well had FOX not made a fuss about his satirical use of the phrase “FAIR AND BALANCED,” and big blubbering Bill won’t admit it.

    Everything about this guy is obsessive. He speaks with an obnoxious cadence and rhythm, careful to chant the same handful of phrases over and over again. His entire repertoire of insults range from the versatile “ideologue” (oh no, don’t call me an advocate of a particular ideology, anything but that! Dumbass), to “demonizer,” and “ridiculous.” In fact, he repeats these phrases on his show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” so many times, you could play a game of Bingo while tuned in. Simply print out the following sheet and mark a square each time he does or says anything listed. You win when you get 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal):

    Bill O’Reilly gets a major chubby every time he says the phrase “fair and balanced.” That’s my theory anyway, otherwise he wouldn’t say it in spite of the fact that FOX News’ slogan is: “we report, you decide.” I love that slogan, because it makes me feel empowered. They report, I DECIDE! Wow, it’s almost as if I’m being reminded that I still have the capacity for critical thinking, but only insofar as I tune into their network for the delightful and not gruesome Gretta Van Susteren. Here’s a quick question to the executives at FOX News (because I know you assholes will eventually read this): why do you keep calling yourselves “fair and balanced?” Shouldn’t we DECIDE whether or not you’re “fair” and/or “balanced”? Is it even possible to be fair and unbalanced? Just let it go, it’s not witty, it’s not clever. It’s not even catchy. Let it go.

    During an interview with NPR’s Terri Gross, Bill was quoted as saying: “don’t take your ire out on my product because you don’t like me.” Hey Bill, isn’t that the whole premise behind a BOYCOTT? Big blubbering Bill chose not to drink Pepsi when they signed rapper Ludacris to do commercials, yet he expects people to go out and buy his shitty new book even if they don’t like him (don’t take my word for it being shitty, check out what people are saying on Amazon).

    Speaking of his shitty new book, there’s a quote in it saying “in order to be truly successful you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Excuses and rationalizations have to be put aside. You must define your own life,” continuing with the definition he’s giving you for your life “[and] not let others do it for you.” Wow, thanks Bill! You condescending son of a bitch. As if he wasn’t already a giant self-collapsing vortex of hypocrisy, there are literally thousands of other examples I could cite of him “defining” people’s lives. For example, regarding people who support Michael Jackson, he said “all Americans should remain on the sidelines and watch the process.” Oh really? Does that include you, Bill? Or are broad sweeping generalizations about what “Americans should do” inapplicable to cranky, joyless blowhards?

    Since Bill O’Reilly is such a cry-baby bitch, I have decided to send him a bottle of Johnson & Johnson “no more tears” shampoo, along with a box of tampons to help with his constant PMS:

  23. your idiot GAWD

    I’m gay now, thanks to your link. Thank you for helping me. WOW . your site is full of God’s wonders…oh wow
    I love being GAY! now I don’t have to beg my chick to suck on it no more. Gee really thanks!

  24. Pierre Labite

    So you’re saying that watching these videos have a similar effect to that video from THE RING? Not to mock you, but does how long does it take for the homosexuality to kick in after viewing? Does it take a week? Less? More?

    To be honest with you, I have some issues with how you are trying to spread the gospel. Though you MIGHT have a legitimate issue with censored porn being placed on YouTube, making the leap from that to claiming it is causing a virulent strain of gayness is just plain silly. Sir, I respect your religion, but I do believe that your Chick-esque style is so over the top, many could rightly believe that is nothing but a parody site.

  25. Genie

    you are the most narrow-minded person i have ever heard of… a part from that you are highly gullable to believe that this mixture in a video makes people gay.

    How about you go create a staight version… then you can turn everyone straight, and save this dreaded world from sin.

    You are a Pig, you need to learn to accept people for who they are, there are a lot of worse things in this world than homosexuality such as war and murder.

    You need a good ride up the bum, that’ll sort you out.

  26. Aaron

    “God doesn’t hate gays, he’s just mad that they found a loop hole in the system.” This was taken from a popular comedian. It was either Daniel Tosh, or someone else.

    Enough said.

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  28. Oberon

    “I’m a solider of God and I walk in his light to do his bidding!”

    For someone who walks in the light of god, your picture is kind of dark. Are you in a basement or something?

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  30. Andy kat

    . . .

    You are mentally and socially un evolved. You lack any rational capacity for understanding. You’re simply ignorant

    This is not a insult. This is a direct fact.

  31. kiki

    being gay is normal and acceptable and not a sin there is nothing but your own fears telling you that it is and if you don’t think it’s common obviously you have never been to my home town i myself am bisexual and am happy no matter the sex of the person you cant make some one gay you either are or your not take my boy friend for instance he shaves his legs and armpits he wears make up and girl’s jeans and yet he’s straight and he loves anime it didn’t make him gay or who he is today his experiences in life and his nature made him who he is today no matter what God you believe in they all speak of love and not killing so why is there so much death and hate in religion if you think it’s right to kill, hit, hate and, discriminate against people because they aren’t the same as you then you are worse then those you choose to condemn and God will not accept you for you forge the very thing he doesn’t want in this world

    love all no matter their skin colour, sexuality, belief, clothing style, or life choices. live laugh love forgive life is to short to live with regrets

    1. grado-forever

      “being gay is normal ”
      NO. only bi people like you think that.

      trying to force children to watch the gayest show on tv, glee. <– you think that is NORMAL.

      homogay is very very bad.

  32. Tom Gallagher

    i sent a link to this article to a friend of mine via facebook and the thumbnail icon was that “faggin up the place” picture lol

  33. Tyson Bowers III

    But I did say that. I’m so sorry. I have denied it all my life, but I can no logner keep the terrible secret. My mom diddled me. Ten times a day. With a rolling pin.

  34. darksorceressmonoke

    ‘Their’ is used to describe an object as being owned by a third party. As in: “It’s their car.” While ‘there’ is used to say where an object is; usually followed by said person pointing at said object. As in: “The tree is over there.” *points to the tree.*

    This has been basic grammar with モノケー先生.


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