What is a Raver

We can thank Nazi German for what is known today as “Rave Parties” or as it is called in street talk “Acid Parades”. The Nazis were known for holding secret events, where they doped themselves up on heroin drugs and smoke meth rocks until all hours of the night, while banging on drums to put themselves into a state of enraged ecstasy. These drum beats (now known as bpm loops) where transformed into what modern day electronic house music sounds like and this is the same type of beat today’s candy hippies dance to while they shove pills of ecstasy drugs up their rectums and suck on cherry flavored ring pops.

With all the health dangers that heroin addiction brings,it is imperative that you bring a loved one who is in that situation to a facility that provides treatment for addiction to heroin before it’s too late.

Raves first became famous in Russia and moved over to England in the 1980’s where the term “Acid Parties” started. These parties were drug infested sex orgies, full of pre-martial sin docking, multiple and same sexed closet make out sessions and enough acid to send a gorilla on a trip down the Dorthy’s yellow brick road, while holding hands with Captain Crunch and rainbow colored vampire midgets. These phase in UK history is also known as the “Abortion Plague”, as the rate of abortions shot up to 74% in girls from the ages of 14 to 19.

Raves didn’t start becoming popular in the States until the late 1990’s when a new style of music called “Happy Hardcore” was created. The new style of music was louder and faster than any other trance music heard in the UK. Rave DJs (Drug Jockeys) knew the American’s loved more of a “pop” sound and developed this music to entice American’s to come to their hidden desert parties and get them hooked on the newly developed drug MDMA, also know as ecstasy or “The fuzzy sex pill”. The first popular Happy Hardcore song in American was called “Groove is in the Heart” by a Los Angeles band named “Deee-Lite”.

The band was created by New York born Kierin Magenta Kirby or also known by her rave name “Lady Miss Kier”. Lady Kier was a Gogo dancer in New York and wanted to start making her own music. She moved out to LA where she met a “beat maker” and started to create electro tunes. They named the band “Deee-Lite” meaning the “D” for drugs “eee” for all the “e” or ecstasy they did and the “lite” comes from the fact that they liked to “litely” lace their drugs with acid.

Now back to the drugs.

This new drug was so powerful that it could take the average business and turn them into a bead wearing, lollipop sucking, Elmo backpack carrying sex-a-holic within 35 to 45 minutes. This drug would make ones eyes the size of a Japanese Anime character and would turn them into a raging sex craver. The amount of stranger sex due to this drug is unmeasurable and has been rumored that a male could be driven to having 12 to 17 sex partners in one night.

The DJs were also smart and gave friendly names to the different types of ecstasy you could buy. If you wanted to have more of a body drug experience you could buy the “Tweety-bird” or the “Candy Carpet”. If you wanted to be plastered beyond recognition, you could grab a nice bag of “Devils Ferrari” or “Double Dipped Danger Flakes”. The DJs wre smart with their marketing terms as they also knew a parent would have no idea if their son or daughter was on the phone talking about “Candy flipped Saki Bombs” or “Rainbow Kissed Sugar Drops”.

With all cultures there are subcultures and the rave scene is no stranger to different breeds. I have broken down the most famous raver clans known to the world.

Candy Kids
A candy kid is a person who likes to wear bright clothing, love beads and drench their bodies full of liquid ecstasy and fill their blood with sugar. You can always spot a candy kid by the multiple ring pops on their hands.

Each candy kid collects beads, these beads are signs of how many bi-sexual sex orgies they have been apart of. It is almost like medals won on the sexual dance floor of STDs.

A candy kid is also know for their “glow stick” skills and often battle with other candy kids to see who can do the better light show dance. Most battles are for drugs or to win a sex session with the other crews females.

This group of raver also has the largest homosexual population and are no strangers to sin snake to rectum entry sex parties and their female clan members all have partaking in fish cave worshiping.

There method of drug use is what is called the “Rear High”, where the take female cleaning product bags, fill them with water and drugs and then have their funs stick the nozzle up their sewer hole and squeeze Satan’s liquid love sauce up their bums to get a faster and more exciting high.

Jungle Lists
This is the violent clan of the bunch, with their afro-angry drum beats and zulu dance moves. Mostly made up of “Yellows” and blacks, Jungle Lists goto these parties to stir up trouble, cause fights and rob other ravers. This should not be a surprise as we know communist Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society.

A Jungle List is known for liking what is called “Drummed and Base” music and are known for their pot and meth addictions. The term “Drummed and Base” comes from the fact that they like fast African style “tripped pops” music and smoke meth or “basing” while dancing like angry silver-back gorillas.

Each Jungle List group has a leader, also known as a “Rudeboy” or “Bom Bom Cloud”. The leader gets to pick which rave party the crew with go to and what type of dance battles they will perform.

PLUR Babies
The term PLUR means “Peace Love Unity and Respect” but this actually means “Penis Labia Urine and Rectums” and it is their jumpsuit army battle cry. The PLUR Babies clan is that of rich suburban white kids who hide their homosexual activities from their parents and live it up at local raver gay bars.

PLUR Babies can be picked out in a crowd by their visors and soccer shirts. This group is known for their in ability to do good rave dancing and usually just go to the parties to get a quick rape session in or looking to perform mouth sex acts on another man’s Satan scepter. This group also has the highest ranking of STD carriers.

This group is only welcomed into the rave community because they are usually the ones selling the drugs. Just like all things gay, the PLUR Babies are their to distribute Satan’s body to the masses.

How to tell if your kid is a raver:

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    1. P.L.U.R.P.L.E.

      Are you serious?! The rave scene has come long ways from when it started. People who attend raves do not participate in the behavior that you have so kindly and vividly explained. Besides being racist against Asians and African Americans, you are ignorant and a hypocrite. How can you follow God’s word when you take the time to judge people by their skin color? If you are going to act as a sociologist and analyze a culture, then actually gather concrete evidence and stop portraying yourself as a person who lacks knowledge, education, and awareness. Also, if people feel the need to express themselves in some kind of “deviant” behavior, then mind your own business and let them be or “go to hell”.

      1. Stephenson Billings

        It’s so sad to think of all these children lost to the drug culture. America seems to have become much more lazy about approaching addiction these days, maybe it’s all because of Obama and the liberalism. Pot legalization is disgusting. Ectasy simply kills. How can they say narcotics are good for you? And how are they living a life that praises Christ with all this sex and drugs?

        These children are so terribly lost. Thank you Tyson for helping parents identify this trend. We need to be far more vigilant about what are teens are doing, where they are going and who they’re hanging out with. This sort of activity can be deadly. The fact that ambulances are on call for these events underscores that. I think it’s about time mothers and fathers monitor their kids internet use and text messaging on a daily basis.

        In my day, kids listened to their parents and were grateful for the gifts America gave them. Is this what are troops fighting overseas are fighting for? So that kids can get high and paint their faces like cartoons? They need to grow up and grow up real quick.

        In general, I think society needs to be more proactive with the Rave Kids. We need to educate families so they can stop this trend in the bud. These parties need to be raided by the police and shut down. I see no shame at all in calling 911 if I were to hear such an event was up and running. Again, I wanted to voice my support here for you Tyson. I realize your article is getting spammed by drug addicts but you should know there are many, many of us out there who support your compassion and vigilance.

          1. Stephenson Billings

            Amber, you really are quite arrogant, aren’t you? As I noted below:

            When you report on a topic, sometimes it’s important to read controversial Facebook pages for firsthand information. It’s called being a JOURNALIST. You need to “like” them go get unfettered access. These sources are invaluable to understand youth trends. Journalists do it all the time, a fact which you seem totally unaware of. I highly doubt Tyson would ever listen to this garbage as a fan. He’s practically twice your age and is a devoted member of his church. Stop trying to avoid the issue of addiction with your lies.

          2. Stephenson Billings

            You have absolutely NO right to post my personal information Amber. You also have no right to make illegal threats against Tyson Bowers. You could be arrested if you continue this campaign of harassment.

            This is a Christian website for families. We don’t need your profanity and sexual talk here. Please try to be mature. Highly offensive, kiddo.

          3. Claire

            “You have absolutely NO right to post my personal information Amber.”

            Seriously Billings? You link to it yourself at the top of the page.

            “You also have no right to make illegal threats against Tyson Bowers.”

            I don’t recall her doing so.

            “This is a Christian website for families. We don’t need your profanity and sexual talk here.”

            Excuse me? This coming from the man who writes stuff like this?

            “Once two men enter into such a foul agreement, they titillate their penises across the mist of the steam room with foul synchronicity. It will begin slowly, with a flopping readjustment and then a firmer tease. In full view of everyone else present, they might move beside you and lay a hand inches from your leg. A curious finger will probe your flesh and some men simply close their eyes and rest their heads back. This is an invitation for a full-on grab. One man will clasp the other and stroke him furiously, even using his own spit to slicken the depravity. Oral copulation sometimes occurs. These interactions are quick, but not without the most horrific slurping sounds. Vice-like embraces are exchanged as the action reaches its height but once climax is achieved, both part in different directions without so much as a goodbye. What is left is nothing more than a milky pool of emission, left there sprayed out across the floor for others to mistakenly step into.”

            That’s pretty much porn you wrote there, Billings.

          4. Claire

            Billings, I simply replied to everything you said in your post. I pointed out that you give your facebook page out yourself and that you’re notorious for posting explicit descriptions of sexual activities on this website that you claim to be for “Christian families”.

          5. The Comedian

            Stevie, is everything irrelevant to you? Do you not know how to take a hint? Do you not understand the concept of free will or doing actual research? Of course not, otherwise you wouldn’t even be here in the first place.

          6. George Lucas

            Mr. Billings,

            You completely have lost and essentially admitted hypocrisy on this thread. I suggest you delete the article, which is littered with falsified information, or admit defeat and leave the thread.
            Thank you,

          7. Stephenson Billings

            George, that’s pretty presumputious of you to suggest I delete this article. First off, I am merely a commenter here, supporting my friend Tyson against the spam and hate you people are sending his way. Secondly, why don’t you address you childish nonsense to Tyson himself? He’s clearly far sharper than you and can fend for himself.

            Sorry if this sounds harsh but I’m a bit fed up with the personal attacks here. This is wrong and shows a lot about the mentality of drug addicts in our society today– incredibly reckless and selfish. You think you’re not harming people but what happens when you get behind the wheel high on crack and kill someone’s grandmother? You people make me sick.

            Thirdly, I find it sad you call on a simple supporter to have this article deleted as you say. Don’t you care at all for free speech? Doesn’t the Constitution and Bill of Rights mean anything to you? Are you even an American? You people are little Hitlers when it gets right down to it. No use in denying you’re all a bunch of bigots who want to bully Christians. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          8. Mel Meneses

            Amber: If you have nothing nice to write about don’t write it. A righteous person won’t use profanity, especially, in a Christian website. Do some soul-searching and once you found it, come back as a decent person.

          9. God

            I have one thing to say Stephenson Billings. GOD CREATED THE CANNABIS PLANT. Say what you want about raves, but you CANNOT deny that God did in fact create the cannabis plant. He also gave us EVERY SEED BEARING PLANT ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET. This includes the cannabis plant.

            On the subject of electronic music. What makes music? Sound. What makes sound? Vibrations. What can make vibrations? Anything. Any one object colliding with another creates vibrations which then travel to our ears and up to our brain, and those vibrations are then interpreted as a sound. Therefore, anything in the entire world that makes any form of vibration can be used to make music. INCLUDING COMPUTERS. You sir are the ignorant one here. I GUARANTEE that none of you extremist assholes have ever actually been to a rave. Therefore, using basic laws of truth such as evidence and experiencing what you are trying to “tell the truth” about, I have determined that you are in fact lying. Which is a non christ-like behavior. Or did you forget that “christian” means christ-like? You know what christ would do in this situation? (Provided there was an actual problem.) Well he wouldn’t be a lazy ass such as yourself, he would attend raves, and he would ACTIVELY SAVE PEOPLE. Rather than spread hate by creating your own false truths to deceive readers.

            Now, Im off to smoke a bowl of this absolutely fantastic natural medicine that God, in his infinite and never ending wisdom, placed upon this earth for all to shut the fuck up and be peaceful. 😀

            Questions? Hit up my e-mail. I would be very pleased to smash everything you think is correct, righteous, good, etc, and inform your obviously feeble mind of the simple truths of this world.


            I will be awaiting your message with GREAT ANTICIPATION. >:D


          10. JesusWalks

            I go to church with Tyson. I can varify that he as upstanding a Christian as I know. If there is a side of him that he’s hiding, he’s hiding from everyone around him, and hiding it very well.

          11. Amber Leigh

            …Missinformed Mel….. I NEVER EVER said I was a christian…lmfao.. and the only reason im trolling this stupid FAUX page and article is cause me and my buddy are having a GREAT LAUGH at all this NONSENSE….. Just to make this CLEAR.. I BELIEVE IN MOTHER NATURE & HOUSE MUSIC… As far as me using profanity ??? I didnt realize i used more vulger and profane content than this site… <— Best Believe if i wanted to talk a gang o' shit to you and your demented friends i am quite Effin capable…OH WAIT… thats right…. YOU have NOT stated anything about the profanity in THE MAIN FAUX ARTICLE….. BLESS YOU for reinstating to alot of the "NoRmAl" folks reading this on how SO MANY SO CALLED GOD FEARING FOLKS ARE SUCH NASTY SPECIMANS OF HUMANITY.. I Want to THANK YOU for NOT BEING WELL RECIEVING of most comments here and being such ASSHOLES to the public, instead of teaching you have trampled…instead of helping you have hindered…instead of Saving you have slaughtered… <—- "and A HUGE SUPER DUPER THANXX for trying your hardest to get me all riled up.. its been entertaining… PUT DA NEEDLE ON DA REKARD CAUSE THE DRUM BEAT GOES LIKE THIS…….

          12. Amber Leigh


        1. Jeff

          Tyson brings up great points about these “raves”. I participated in one in the 90’s and shared a douchebag with some ravers to squirt ectasy water up my bum. Little did I know the water was contaminated with chemicals, and I wound up in the hospital having my entire anus amputated. I traded my douchebag in for a colostomy bag.

          1. swiss

            hahahaha So you’re at a party, and someone offers to share an anal douche… and you said yes.

            I don’t know what is more rediculous, the idea that you did that, or the idea that anyone would actually use a douche to insert drug laced water up their ass.

          2. Only God Can Judge

            that blows good thing it’s 2011 and we are not dumb enough to do that WTF WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

          3. Sajsquatch

            Isn’t a douchebag an actual bag that you put douches in, not what you put in yourself? I did see a rainbow colored vampire midget with a string hanging out of his butt at a rave once.

          1. Malachi

            “This should not be a surprise as we know communist Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society.” – This idiot is a total racist!

            Jesus would have been a raver… he was all about spreading love… unlike this Christian hate-monger, who is a disgrace to real Christians everywhere!

            DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE WORD “CHRISTIAN” MEANS? It means to be “Christ-Like”… something I do not think you understand!

        2. Kaya

          People like you give other Christisn’s bad names. May God have mercy on you. This article is a load of b.s

          1. JT

            I completely agree. I am a Christian and have been involved with this scene for over a decade. It is NOTHING like this article portrays it. Yes, there are SOME people who occasionally take A drug or two; however, most of the people who are deeply involved with this scene know how harmful these drugs can be and abstain from them as well as sex — ESPECIALLY INSIDE THE EVENT. Whoever wrote this article should take another look at these events with an open, sober, and non-judgmental view of these events. Christ would have NEVER written an article that anywhere resembles this.

        3. spin tastic

          Honestly sir, this whole website is one giant assumption, do you really believe everyone that goes to these events wares acid laced neck-less or is on some form of hallucination/ if we juge this content to be true then you can argue that these ideas of someone deciding to go to a place and be around people and relax how about opium dens are the ties with heroin partys, the form of these events can go back to even native american culture listening with the emotions of bass and drums giving a form of comfort, and this comfort stems from are creation in the womb ware we felt our mothers heart beat, bass and vibrations of the MUSIC is what keep us connected in this “acid party” by the way does anyone els call it that because i have never herd that term till now, as well to the culture that we are in today, sir we are in a form of a deppression our economy is week and from time and time again what has our economy done to forget this down turn.. like in the 1900’s swing partys’ (night clubs) ware they would drink let lose and dance, how about something you may remember disco partys in truth that turned into more of coke abusing elders as well as drinking heroin and dancing, (and you yell at the youth for smoking pot) I am only defensive on this sir, for the reasoning that WE ARE PEOPLE we have feelings I am an event coordinator as well as a traditional romen catholic of the eastern right and my events are advertised as chem free, (not even alchole you can check as well for blitzkrieg my last event held at a middle school with town cops, 200 people enjoying music and dancing and you know what NO DRUGS can you belive it.) I am one of those i belive im labeled under o yes my own Kandi JUNGLEST PLUR BABIE! o sorry STRAIT EDGE KANDI JUNGLEST PLUR BABIE! other words dont start a debate unless you actually know one of the sides.

        4. Hannah

          Sir, I agree with you about how sad it is when kids get hooked on drugs. It is also sad when people write lies when there is plenty of truth out there that is even more disturbing.

          Did you know that there are christian raves? I have heard of many ministries that are involved in raves.

          I have attended raves since I was 14 and did not take drugs or even drink underage. I have never smoked cigarettes.

          We all used to shun any strange older people who stumbled upon our events and acted sexed out, because ravers were even less sexual with each other than kids are in the average school, in fact we all dressed alike, boys and girls. We kind of looked like little kids having fun dancing, wearing oversized clothes and back packs. I always felt safe, because there were so many good hearted people there, even if a bad person was there, the majority would protect me. Several times a group of young men strangers protected me from a non raver that was bothering me…heros, many of them christians, good people. These are the ravers I remember.

          The author of this “article” is probably trying to see how famous he can make a story, regardless of truth. They call it ‘going viral’, which means an internet story or ‘post’ spreads so fast to so many people it seems like how a virus spreads.

          The definition for the term ‘going viral’ is true, you can look it up to confirm anywhere. This is not the case for the definitions of the terms the author uses in his satire publication. The most heart breaking to me is that he admits that PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, but then tries to say that it really stands for a random, lewd list of body parts/fluid. That doesn’t even make sense. Every thing he talked about in the article took one fact about raves and perverted it with a stack of lies, that are apparently funny to him.

          It’s like If I wrote an article saying Jesus was a pervert because the sheep imagery referred to him having sex with sheep, and that the sacrament of water or wine and bread is based on Jesus’s disciples being cannibals and eating babies or something horrible like that. I would never really say that, even as a joke, because some good hearted buddhist or muslim person, that grew up surrounded with their religion and knew nothing about christians, might actually believe it and be horrified.

          Don’t be embarrassed that he played this immature prank on you. Your heart was in the right place. Please know that ravers are not defined by drugs and sex anymore than schools are. In fact I was offered drugs at school and hanging out at peoples house who were not ravers MORE often than at raves, because we all just danced for hours and enjoyed exercise endorphins, rather than sitting around bored and getting into trouble. I know some druggies will go to raves, but they can’t keep up with me on the dance floor, some druggies work at your job every day and you don’t even realize it, so it’s a bigger problem. Don’t blame my community of good people.

          If you want to fight real perversion in the world, involving young people who don’t have a choice, my best friend’s (and fellow raver) older sister became involved in this organization:

          Because we can saves kidnapped women and girls from slavery in brothels. Don’t let immature pranksters distract you from the real good work to be done out there. Keep caring, just like the real ravers do.

          True Raver

          1. Molly

            Whoever wrote this article did either did zero research or only read biased accounts of conservatists and people who believe raving is a source of nothing but drugs. The music is the most important part. people at festivals like Woodstock took just as many drugs as many of the people in the rave scene and they’re not demonized for it. Dont hate what you dont understand because that just makes you look ignorant and stupid.

            I’m not sure where you got the information you did about the rave scene but this entire article is complete slander and if there were individual parties you had mentioned you’d be in jail. Reading these lies were the biggest waste of my time ever.

        5. courtney

          this article is completely wrong and whomever wrote it is severely misguided. I am part of this culture and the accusations in this article have really upset me. I am a Christian and I am also a Kandi Kid and I can assure you none of my beads are “laced with acid”. Many “ravers” are music lovers and lovers of human kind. Not drug induced hippies as the author here describes them. I am proud of this culture and am truly honored to be a part of it.

        6. JBaby

          Who said narcotics are good for you? Stop putting words in people’s mouths. You are far too old to have ever been to a rave, or even understand what they are. It’s just like the days of the 60’s and 70’s when the elderly and religious fanatics tried to stop rock and roll. Rock and roll is now the best-selling genre of music in recording history. Even this self-proclaimed expert listens to rock and roll. Stop worrying about shit that does not concern you. If you really need to get in somebodies business, try to stop METH, not a club playing fucking EDM(you pricks probably don’t even know what that stands for)

        7. Fellow Christian

          You guys are ignorant. I have never done a drug in my life, nor will I ever but my mother suffers from chronic back pain because a student of hers threw her over a fork lift. She can barely walk from one room to the other without feeling excruciating pain. After 2 years of experimental procedures and trial physical therapy sessions nothing has made her feel the least bit better. On a scale of 1-10 her pain is a 7 at all times. If not worse. The only thing that we have recently discovered makes her feel better is medical marijuana. She eats it and for half of the day she is in very little pain, and whatever pain she is in, she forgets about. You would rather my mom suffer the rest of her life than to keep medical marijuana legal? If so, then you do not care for the betterment of people and are sinning. Just my comments on your marijuana reference.

        8. Darren Morgan

          This article is full of inaccurate nonsense and should not be taken seriously.

          I suggest that before concentrating your efforts on supporting such nonsense that you target your efforts on the thousands of people that die each year for alcohol and nicotine addiction – an addiction that is whole heartedly supported by the governments due to the enormous amount of tax that it generates.

          This is the reality: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13624303

          1. Matthew B. Glosser

            I suggest you heathens start doing some research.. “Marijuana kills over 600,000 people a year in the United States alone” (National Center for Disease Control, published report on Cannabis #312: Vol. 18, p. 259)

            That was a real, government statistic i just quoted to you.. imagine how many children are killed by the even more horrific drugs in the “raven scene”.. The “Ectascy”, the “Super K”, the “Mystical Mushrooms”, the “Spud” .. the Surgeon General says “Marijuana deaths are the just the tip of the iceberg compared to other drugs, which not only result in death, but also flamboyantly homoerotic behaviors” (Surgeon Generals Report to Congress, 19, May 2003)

            get a clue you satanic witches, and stop defending the devils game known has the “raven scene”

          2. Bruce Danus

            Matthew, you seem to know God’s love, while these “ravers” will never learn it. I pray for these children daily, but more of these “Festivals” pop up everyday.

          3. Ash brice

            Errrrrrrrrrrm this must be a joke lol no one is this misinformed.
            I go raving pretty much every weekend and i do take drugs ive done most of them….and let me tell you this much..I have met more honest kind friendly people at raves than ANYWHERE else ive been and guess what??! most of them are good people because they want to, not out of fear of going to hell lol!!
            “Organized religion destroys who we are by inhibiting our actions, by inhibiting our decisions, out of fear of some intangible parent figure, who shakes a finger at us from thousands of years ago and says “Do it, do it and I’ll fucking spank you!”
            And btw cannabis has never killed anyone!!

        9. Brenton

          You do Have some good points about the scene cause i am out of it now i can look back and enjoy my memories and smile as for orgies and all the crazy stuff those kinds of people have been around forever and if that is what they want they will find it somewhere to just pick on ravers when there are so many things in this world to corrupt our kids this particular scene is no worse than any frat party or keg party by high school kids they are all looking for sex and shame on their fucking parents for not knowing what their young ones are doing why that has been the problem all along if you knew and every ones parents knew what was going on this would be a better country as for why our county is at war well if you can not figure that one out than you do not deserve that gas guzzling suv and to bring pot into this is crazy try blaming alcohol for Americas problems for once how bout that how can you go to any place and drink then drive home or stop at the store and pick up all you have money for cause they will sell you how ever much you have cash for this county has a lot of problems but to just single out one group is not fair cause my problems are just as bad as yours

          1. Billy Joe Grammar

            No one can take your response seriously due to the fact that you wrote the longest run-on sentence in mankind’s existence.

        10. hdshfshds

          I dont even know what to say. You made all this shit up. first off you did no research what so ever. If you even listened to a happy hardcore song you would know “Groove is in the Heart” is not happy hardcore.

          1. Malachi

            Christians and money… reminds me of George Carlin’s take:
            But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story. Holy Shit!


        11. richard jones

          In England alcohol culture is, far far far more dangerous. Booze causes lots of death, criminal behavior and damage. not to mention domestic abuse. i been to many ‘raves’. generally it’s nuthin but an atmosphere of love and tolerance. (people trying to get away from bullies ridiculous night clubs) lets just be sensible, and weigh things up properly, i don’t condone regular or binge drug taking, but alcohol and cigarettes are just as bad,
          whilst we continue to be hypocrites the kids will ignore us.
          hope u don’t take this as a personel attack on u cuz it’s not. i’m sure many will disagree, but this is just propaganda, try some and see if u don’t find god, with out the need to tell other ppl their wrong and are going to burn in hell. (the burn in hell bit is not aimed at u personally , just religion in general )

        12. some girl

          im sorry sir, but you are being entirely arrogant. You seem to think you have some kinda of special inside knowledge but you dont.

          This entire article is a joke. About 99.99% of this information is false. Sure kids go to raves, sure some of them do drugs, and sure some have sex, But raves arnt giant orgies or places to go to shoot up or rape. Raves are loud dance parties that encourage people to express themselves. I’ve gone to some of these parties that you speak of and they are nothing like what is described in this article. No i am not some drug addict, i do not even drink (a drug much more harmful than the pot you say is disgusting). PLUR and kandi kids are not rapist-drug addicts they are kids who believe in acceptance and self expression. Ive met many of these kids and yes some do drugs, but there are also many that will never do drugs. These kids (from my experience) are extremely nice and welcoming. This article is a result of poor research and very poor scare tactics to try to convince parents that if your teen wears bright colored cloths and listens to electronic and techno that they are raping and smoking meth.

          This is a christian site right? Than why are you telling lies, graphic ones at that, to these people? Why are you judging these people, especially since they are so undeserving of this judgment. So since the last time ive been to church the saying went from ‘love thy neighbor’ to ‘judge thy neighbor’? It is people like you that give religion a bad name. Your hateful insted of understanding, or even tolerant. Instilling hatefulness and intolerance in kids is never going to make things better or improve anything, your just going to have more hateful people in the world, and honestly raising a hateful, intolerant, judging person is a worse sin than any kind of drugs or sex.

        13. THE TanMan

          you are an idiot. lets start at the beginning. PLURR. two “r”s is PEACE. LOVE. UNITY. RESPECT. RESPONSIBILITY. not all of us follow Jesus Christ. PLURR is a way of life. number 2 not all “ravers” are drug fueled sex addicts. yes there are alot of creeps and what not.but as a dj. i know i dont do any of that bullshit. next time. lets learn about the scene before we bash it? yes. thank you.
          the tanman<3

        14. KSTR

          watch this and tell me this song isnt fucking sick!

          im a dj and as an avid raver, it saddens me to see kids take drugs. whats worse though is when stupid fucking cunts like you associate the behavior of a few people to the entire scene. oh and its PLURR, not PLUR.


        15. brandon

          first off if you believe anything in this article then you would believe any lie write on the internet. I find is sick how someone who is religious attacks a group of people by spreading lies like this and the sad flock of sheep that believe them. this is not what religion is meant for .I bet the writer of this also damns anyone to hell for believing in a different religion than the one he is a part of. Stephen you are apparently one of the sheep of this world . anyone who takes the time to write horrible lies like this article should not be called a journalist.REAL Journalists write facts!this website should not allow things like this to be posted if it was a true Christian web site .i find it funny how “Christians” like this writer and Mr.Billings judge others based on lies

        16. SJ FLECK

          Absolutely nothing in this article is true, and the fact that the author cannot spell makes him even less credible as a journalist. There are so many things that are incorrect or just fabricated that it was completely ridiculous to me. I laughed at most of it, and the arrogance of this man who wrote it.


          1. Jebuz

            If you look at Tyson Bowers son’s FB page he confesses to being a drug dealer on his wall (got your hook up?) – and I have to say, he looks pretty wasted on his profile pic. This has to be a parody – does God even make people this stupid? Oh, wait…

        17. Abigail

          Stephenson Billings you are soo sexy! I want to suck your dick while i’m high off of ecstasy. Will you please cum in my mouth? I bet your semen taste like the cherry lollipop im sucking right now! Can i just rave on your dick all night long?!!

          1. Sajsquatch

            You got a response out of “SIR” Abi, awesome! He probably believes your post as much as his own. He post’s back “you are truly sick”, but you know he’s spanking it to your post. I think “SIR” is a sick perv and wants to believe that all of this this goes on at Raves.

        18. Clone

          Are you serious? I’m not a drug addict, I have been DJing and producing electronic music for nearly 16 years now and I think you’re more lost than the kids who are experimenting with drugs that in some cases have been introduced to the populace by the US government (meth & crack).

          FYI MDMA (ecstasy) does not kill, it’s actually impossible to overdose on it.. maybe you should educate yourself on some cold hard facts before lending your two cents on a post that’s also full of lies and misinformation.

          btw, I’m also a christian, and I feel far closer to God dancing under the stars (drug free) than getting brain-washed in a church, maybe you should try it sometime.

        19. jimbo

          Some one please tell Tyson he misspelled the word ‘do’ and I’d also like to ask you, have we as people not evolved beyond such ignorant ways of thinking and such barbaric excessive presumptions? This article is sheer ignorance. honestly….what’s wrong with you people?

        20. Kevin Monahan

          Sir I’m not here to insult you, but let me lay down a few facts that TYSON here has been wrong in, DJ does not stand for drug jockey, it stands for disc jockey, the person behind the turn tables mixing the music. these people have their own lifes, while some people may not make the most proper choices, but there are people outside of this “scene” that make terrible choices as well. you should have more faith in the way you raise your children to understand what different drugs really are.

          Also, the reason ambulances are on call at these events is the same reason that an ambulance is on call at any concert, any large gathering, when there are groups of people something could happen someone gets hurt trips falls gets stepped on, all kinds of possibilities, thats called safety first. His reasons behind the kandi bracelets that kandi kids wear, is completely false and inaccurate. those beads are exchanged as a greeting or just a friendly ice breaker even. they arent signs of this is who ive had sex with. thats just ridiculous.

          This man cant even classify “ravers” properly, its Junglists not jungle lists, and its Drum and Bass, not drummed and bass, and its not because they beat on drums and thats how bpm loops started like how does that even connect to each other? all it is, is music that somebody came up with on a computer while they were at home, its something these people enjoy creating, and that they want people to be able to get into. Its a part of Electronic Dance Music, music made electronically on a computer, whether its a guitar drum violin french horn, its all music and it all reaches people to a different level the same way that EDM does. Junglists dont get in clique’s either and think about who to rob either. this is all just a bunch of biased improperly researched garbage.

        21. stupidignorantchristian

          I really feel sorry for your kids, raise them in such ignorance and believing in fake devils and your own personal (and very biased) perception of God and what being a good christian is. Hope your kids become absolutely everything you load and runaway from a delusional father and get a glimpse of the real world and what love and hate actually are.

        22. DP

          ey. man you’re a crazy loser. Anyway you look at it. You’re a loser. People like you are the reason why man can’t seem to get their shit right. so fuck you, fuck off and your religion is completely retarded. good luck you’re gunna need it XD

        23. ME

          You sir represent all that is wrong in the world, you are a control freak and i will assume you are slightly learning disabled, at best underling autistic tendencies. I feel sorry for your wife and children assuming any female would be crazy enough to marry you and even crazier to procreate.

        24. Andrew Lawrence

          Ah dude, and now I’ve looked into and you seem to be a really sick guy. That’s depressing… Some people are just brought up wrong or just weren’t properly educated and they end up being ignorant and perverted when they get old. It’s very sad. You can tell by the way that when obviously nice, civilized people provide facts he gets extremely defensive and calls you Hitlers and drug addicts and crack heads. He even says, “You people make me sick.”
          It’s really sad that these people exist but instead of feeding their pathetic rage or ignorant ideas, we need to just learn to ignore these people. Notice he never would have made another post if amber did not respond.
          If we don’t want sick people like this talking to us or saying extremely offensive things, just don’t respond to them. Let him stay alone and ignored until maybe he finds the way.
          May god have mercy on you.

        25. johnny

          “His hobbies include antique soda bottle collecting and the piano.”

          -this guy is definitely a chester

        26. Dave

          Do you know what I find shocking and unnerving?

          It’s that a lot of people lure themselves into believing this kind of ridiculous misinformation in 2011. What is this, the Dark Ages?…

          If Tyson had actually once set foot in a rave party, he would have had much difficulty finding evidence to back his delusions.

          The truth is that he knows so little about the whole scene that his attack only comes off as ignorant, racist and retarded.

          Honestly, I have raver friends and have been close to that scene for about 16 years and I just couldn’t stop laughing at how awkward, clumsy and misguided Tyson’s accusations are. You can be critical about ravers taking MDMA, LSD or amphetamines, if that’s your thing, but the reality is that a lot of them don’t take anything illegal and they certainly don’t participate in bi-sex orgies where acid-laced beads are awarded… what kind of crap is that? Does anyone believe this?… Do you? Really?…

          And DJ’s don’t deal drugs, they are DISC JOCKEYS. They play records, and mix them. Jesus, get out of your christian ignorance-pit which you call a “home” and get a clue…

          Am I being trolled here? Or are these people for real?…

        27. Bod

          Tyson, you’re a reformed crack / smack head right? How come you know so much about drugs? I’ve been to the odd rave or two but your ‘knowledge’ puts me to shame! Heavens above, if I thought I was being enticed to the sort of dodgy dens you frequent I might well have left the party in time to get to church on Sunday morning.

          That said, seeing how you can be so judgmental and racist about others, it’s clear you commune with Satan for in Gods eyes you are nothing but a hypocrite. The fact that you wrap up your sermon in your ‘holier than thou’ pretence shows you also to have a serious personality disorder. Time to reflect Tyson on your words and deeds and the fact Spikenard, the very concoction which Mary Magdalene annointed Jeshua,contained cannabis.

          Get thee behind me, Tyson, crawl across the floor on ye belly and pray to God for your forgiveness, you filthy-as-rags fool.

        28. Panda

          most ravers are not drug addicts…. you do realize stephenson that you cannot become addicted to the drug MDMA. learn your facts before you start spreading lies.

        29. Kyle

          this article is hilarious! thank you for the laughs!
          it is sad however that there are people still listening to people like you for their “facts” rather than experience something for themselves or research it on the internet for themselves. it’s getting a little harder for you religious fanatics to tell us all lies now that we’re in the information age, huh?

        30. "PLUR BABY"


        31. marinus

          We need people like you and bowers to spread our evangalism. Give us more (negative) exposure and lies of what happens at raves, our word is stronger than that of your prophet(s).

          Even as we speak the West- and Eastcoast are already being taken over. Whilst Churches are losing their people, we are growing stronger each day.

          And when the time comes, even you are welcome to join us. Some of us believe in God, some do not. We do not hold a grudge against eachother regarding this, because we believe in freedom of the individual.

          And about the drugs; They are there, just as in the rest of society.

        32. Scott Blank

          I am very sorry to inform mister billings that this article is either a joke or it is someone who does not quite understand how to research. Raves have nothing to do with nazi germany. “drum beats (known as bpm loops)” anyone in this century knows that this statement makes no sense. Anyone who knows the first thing about the rave scene knows this. The Nazis did not use mdma they tossed it aside because it did not fit their cause. MDMA was first synthesized again in the US. Britain got raves from us. Chicago house… “drummed and base” its Drum and Bass… How can you not understand how ridiculous this is. I hope it is a joke and if not i feel sorry for this person and anyone who believes the first thing of what he says. Mister Billings your defending someone who is wrong, very wrong wether it is on purpose or not. What is sad is how delusional you are.

        33. Someone with sense..

          You poor misguided man..if you’re taking any of this seriously there is no hope for you..
          This article is either a joke, or written by a massively assumptive idiot with bad hearing and delusions..
          Drummed and Bass? Drum and Bass.. So termed because it’s focus is on the drum and bass elements..
          As for the use of narcotics.. Cannabis cures cancer. That’s a scientific fact, unlike your “ecstasy kills” statement.. (ecstasy doesn’t kill, the combination of it plus alcohol is dangerous, but it’s dehydration that people have died of, seriously.. Try actually reading the facts instead of inserting your assumptions, you’ll get much further in the world)

          Of course Alcohol (your beloved wine) is more harmful both to the drinker and to society than ANY of the drugs you term “narcotics”..

          The use of hallucinogens spans back past biblical times. It’s called psychonautics, and is a spiritual practice all of it’s own.. It’s only because of Christianity and it’s inherent bigotry that these drugs have become associated with parties at all..

          I swear, people like you and the author here make Jesus look bad..

        34. XoeP

          If Christ made the earth, then Christ made cannabis and “magic” mushrooms. Yet you’re talking about how people can’t praise a deity because they’re on “drugs”? Let’s take a walk through time. Pot has been illegal since the late 1920s, and that was UNDER 100 years ago. Before people started looking at mushrooms and cannabis as drugs, they used them in RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES. The Spanish brought Christ to the Americas, and the Mexican’s brought cannabis and psylocibe mushrooms into the land that was becoming America.

          You are an idiot. Learn your history before you spout your mouth off.

        35. teddiPLUR

          wow. the author of this is a complete ignoramus. spreading propaganda. hes worse than the national socialist party’s(the nazis) propaganda during the world war 2 era. the author and any of his little sheep who seriously take stock in these words are no better than a jew hating baby killing nazi.

          open your eyes and your minds people. think. to sit here and blindly accept everything that is being told to you by this man is to be ignorant. a great man once said “i think, therefore i am” this to him meant that his ability to rationalize and logical weigh the merits of any topic is what made him a human, when you refuse to use that ability you give up what makes you a human.

          if you want some true empirical data on drugs and the uses of them then take a visit to erowid.org and read.

        36. sam

          You are an idiot. Pot legalization is disgusting? I think treating addicted people like criminals is disgusting. I think your attitude towards handling our drug problem is disgusting. Marijuana isn’t harmful if you knew anything about it. obviously narcotics are bad for you, but marijuana isn’t a narcotic dumbass, its a medicine that cures cancer. find it on cancer.gov a goverment website that talks about marijuana’s potential to cure cancer. think before you speak. I come from this new generation, I’ve been to raves. rave is just a place to dance to electronic music. There isn’t this drug scene like everyone thinks there is. I appreciate what my parents do, and what the troops do, but I don’t appreciate ignorant assholes upholding the stereotype of marijuana that has caused millions of harmless americans to be put in prison for simple possesion of a plant. Smoke a joint and relax you faggot.

          1. Katsiru

            apparently Amber Leigh doesn’t understand that. “mmmm… meth” was suppose to be sarcastic lol.

          2. Katsiru

            So apparently this article was written by a retarded animal baby. Not only are there numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the article, but the writer has not sited any of the sources which he bases his “research” on. Secondly not only does the author demonstrate an incredible ineptitude and understanding of the rave scene, but he clearly doesn’t understand Christianity either.

            I am a Gnostic Christian. And from what I can see his brain and spiritual development are still incredibly closed and immature and he will probably die to be reborn again and repeat the same pathetic life until he gets things right. The fact is this writer expresses opinions and hate commonly found with those whom misinterpret some phrases of the bible as “gods word” when really it is the Demiurge or his Angles. Now granted most christians now are too stupid and ignorant of the early church to understand any of what I’m talking about so I’ll move on since this is going WAAYYYY OVER THEIR HEADS.

            Aside from that. When I first read this article I thought it was a joke i mean honestly…. this made me laugh harder than I have in a long time.

            “These parties were drug infested sex orgies, full of pre-martial sin docking, multiple and same sexed closet make out sessions and enough acid to send a gorilla on a trip down the Dorthy’s yellow brick road, while holding hands with Captain Crunch and rainbow colored vampire midgets” ~ Tyson Bowers III

            ^ at least its nice to know that the writer has some what of a sense of humor. (now if only he weren’t serious)

        37. Haylee

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess, but this article has no concrete facts or merit. It’s just an over abundance of exaggerated rambling from an angry person that seems to think its his mission in life to scare people into beleiving lies. Next thing you know he will be telling us the world is going to end…AGAIN.

          P.S. its called “drum and bass.” and it means exactly how it sounds, it’s music primarily of DRUMS and BASS. Next thing you know we will be hearing how house music is really meant to signify “the house of the devil.”
          LOL, dude, LOL.

        38. Jakkolantern

          Wow ignorance is bliss huh fucktard? You are the reason why people hate us conservatives…you are more like a NAZI than anyone here. Not all of us that rave do drugs and i take pride in that. I go for the music and you sir are fallacy to human kind. I praise God too but not to an extreme like you do. GET IT YOUR HEAD THE WORLD ISN’T THE GREATEST PLACE TO RAISE IGNORANT CHILDREN YOU’RE ONLY LEADING THEM TO THEIR DOWNFALL AND YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO SHAPE THE WORLD IN YOUR NARROW MINDED IMAGE!!! Go fall in a hole, I really hate stupid, ignorant people like yourself.

        39. mike

          Listen, i like to get a good rear high going just as much as the next raver, but if you are going to talk badly about us you can atleast check your facts. First of all, we do not use female cleaning product bags….we use old drug bags. Second of all we use other fellow homosexual saliva to cut our drugs with, not water. i will credit you and say that we do dip our fun sticks in the slaiva/drug concocktion and nozzle up multiple partners sewer holes to squeeze satans liquid love sauce up for a quicker stronger high

        40. mike

          so you are a single old man and a Special Leader of Christian Camping Trips for Hearty Teens!……another fine example of the catholic church being a bunch of crazy sex starved old men. You disgust me, and may god have mercy on your soul. I will keep you in my prayers.

        41. ry

          I wasn’t sure if you’d get down to my comment or not Mr. Billing but Just wanted to say. . . you’re one of the best Trolls I’ve seen in ages!!

          Absolutely Hilarious!!!

          +1 Internebs sir!

        42. Nichole

          I stumbles upon this horrendous excuse for journalism via a friends link. Having been a part of the “raver” scene since I was 15 years old, I somehow managed not to contract any STD’s or have multiple sex partners or do any of the other ridiculous made up fantasies the author is obviously trying to play out. I also managed to graduate top of my class from high school and earn 2 college degrees from LSU and I now practice as a Registered Nurse. Any person who is ignorant enough to believe this misrepresentation of a generation of americans and claims to be a christian needs to remember that God does not want us to judge, condemn or lie about people. That’s really all of the time i can waste on this poorly written peace of trash. And yes i agree with freedom of speech, but their is so much misinformation in here that it isn’t freedom of speech, it’s ridiculous speculation, ignorance and stupidity! Have a lovely life!

        43. Marcus Dephallus

          You are such a nigger lol Jesus was the ultimate party animal. The motherfucker took water and converted it to wine just for the hell of it. Shit, if your blood turns to wine, you’re an alcoholic. Hence, Jesus was an alcoholic that dated a prostitute.

        44. evon

          You sir are a complete idiot and shouldnt be allowed access to the internet, because its clear that you will believe anything you read. Just like the Bible(which I`m sure you follow to the letter like the rest of the Christian community with no will of their own) this article is full of lies and…well, no, just that. I`m sorry you dont know how to gather REAL facts and form a valid opinion based on proven information, NOT this “article”.
          I used to be a raver when I was younger, and yes there are a few ISCOLATED incidents of kids overdosing at these functions. But the truth, the actual truth of the matter is that more people are killed by beestings and shark attacks than from extasy.
          The author should have his hands chopped off for spewing forth such complete and utter bullshit.

        45. doodlewacker

          Racists! go hide behind your bible.. fuckin cowards make outlandish rediculous unfounded offensive accusations then use the ‘this is a religious site for families’ as a defence.. coward!

          the priesthoods are rapidly declining in case you didnt realise idiot, religion is on the way out.. the rest of the world is waking up, a new age is upon us.. the statistics and figures are all right here on the internet.. maybe you can use your ‘education’ rofl and look for yourself..

          1. Gambit

            Dear Bored Christians,or whatever we feel like calling ourselves for the day,I am rooting soooo freaking hard for the Author of this site&our frien Billings….(Honest to god I do) he may be old maybe even a little ignorant,but definitely bored.He or she (who the hek knows or cares) wrote the article regarding the scapegoating/demonizing of drugs/sex/raves,etc.He threw in some namecalling lines about music,rock’n roll=satans criteria blah-blah-blah,and has gotten y’all,not everyone(for you sensitive ones,stomping him down,calling him sick,and doing what today’s sensitive&special boys and girls do when culture(s) and the unbiased interesting facts are stated/said regarding them….yep crying racism….He left the comment box open to get it built up by most everyone’s blatant/ruthless, (defensive…maybe?,wow this is your only defense words/statements that a good bit of you can lash out with…I sure hope not)…I have left more of those “Christian” protesters tongue-tied than (who the hek cares)..I live in the French 1/4Nola 4 12 yrs….Now about our “Fine and Interesting” Christian friends that protest during our festivities on Bourbon St…usually they have signs with most every non-christian religion written/painted on them. OK,my strapping little racist/barkers,this coincidence may help you better fend off those bad old racists…Did u know there was once a society that formed in the States after the “CIIIIIVVVVIILL WAAAAAR” IT WAS A mean OL’ RASCIST WAR”, and some sore losers formed a group called (now brace yourselves my little this word may Racist/Ranters that rave YOU MAY WANNA COVER UR EYES BEFORE THIS WORD) THE KU-KLUXX-KLAN,and they killed,terrorized,extorted any non christian,Non-americans they could get to.It has been documented that they killed actually republican white people(I’ve researched just to make sure that “white-people” isn’t a Potty-mouth nor is “Asian” or “Black” actually black can be used in your coloring..or Communist..so they can be used as happy words)…..well those mean ol’people seemed to vanish after awhile,noone seemed to know where they went.Some yrs years later they resurfaced and started to call themselves “Christians” with all those same enemies they preached….Coincidentally,those VERY,VERY same protester people’s signs those same enemy names as those mean ol’ KU-KLUXX KLAN did…weird thing about the name KU-KLUXX is Greek meaning “circle”…Greeks were on their (uh-oh another word for the day, again)….are we ready….”B-L-A-C-K….LIST”. U no what, I went to raves in the 90s loved em …OH U LITTLE MONKEYS ON HERE MUST HAVE BEEN AS BORED AS I TO BE ON HERE, I’LL SAY THIS….. AND THIS GOES TO RAVERS,ROCKERS,CHRISTIANS….I COULD CARE LESS IN WINNING IN NEITHER OF UR VIEWS BECAUSE EVERYONE ON HERE SURE IS SHARING ONE CRUCIAL CHARACTERISTIC …. “SOMEONE/ANYONE DOES SOMETHING GOOD…NOONE HARDLY REMEMBERS…THEY DO SOMETHING BAD/OR JUST EVEN A SIMPLE MISTAKE….NOONE FORGETS….”

      2. George Lucas

        hehehe this is a good joke!
        i actually am DEEP into the rave culture in Boston, MA. This article is almost completely 110% unsubstantiated. I can provide you with hard evidence (scientific studies, surveys, doctor references, many many personal experiences, etc) that leaves absolutely no room for any of this nonsense to be published. Ever.
        The fact that so many lies have made it to a source like this is depressing.
        My rave friends and I (who dont subscribe to any of the non-existant sects described in this article) might be some of the most loving, open-minded, and sexually safe people you would meet. Don’t judge a book by its cover, and more importantly, do your research.
        Please contact me with any questions you might have.
        Clearly I have changed my name for spamming reasons.

      3. Sticky Data

        ya know… i think this was suppose to be more of a hurtful joke. it’s obviously exaggerated. don’t get so bent cause some jerkoff who can’t even spell is hating on our culture and music. but he kinda did hit a lot of good points too lol kandi kids are fuckin’ retards. then again, i’m just a jaded junglist who stabs people hahahahaha XP

      4. Zarkzies

        Raving was never all about drugs, this page is a joke and a Lie. I have been a raver for3 years and not once have a touched a drug. We Dance to the beat of the Music. Actually go to one before you misjudge them.

      5. truthbringer


      6. Um..

        I see you’re not very smart. Dude, stop. You’re giving us a bad name. I will spell it out for you: THIS IS SATIRE.

      7. Kate

        Of course it is… it makes me laugh how many gormless people are on here, failing miserably to pick up the massive amount of irony and piss taking in this article!

        Its just a ridiculous piece of writing that the journalist did for a laugh. and to parody old fashioned rave culture.

        (unless i am very very much mistaken).
        funny what people take offence at. but then this is the internet, and people love moaning.

      8. Lexie

        I so agree. I say how about talking to the kids that go. I love Kandi kids they are bright fun and child like. Not sex addicts and crap. It even says that if this author even cared to look up the deffintion. P.L.U.R is an awesome saying and doesnt have to do with sex at all. I dont know where they did there research but this is just crap.



      1. Bruce Danus

        You appear to still be under the drug induced hypnosis of the Thumpa-beats. Please drop any homogay lover or child you are currently raping and head directly to the nearest hospital or Church.

          1. Bruce Danus

            I agree Amber. PLURRLIFE is a disgusting person and should immediately seek treatment.

        1. infinity420

          WOW this shit is full of fucking shit! just like the person who posted it up. its OBVIOUSLY they you dont know anything about raves & what a raver is. ppl always judge by looks but never by knowledge.. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOD, he’s not gonna judge me on my wrongs in smoking pot, because IT IS a natural, safer medication than any other fkn RX drug.

          & PLUR originally fucking stands for P.lease L.et R.avers R.ave but also P.eace L.ove U.nity & R.espect(Responsibility) on the act of knowing & limiting your drug. ex//acid//meth w.e the fuck it is. we’re just free spirited young people that dont give a fuck but know what we’re doing. soo FUCK all whoever posted this shit up & the ppl that agreee, fkn ignorant ass dumb fucks.

        2. George Lucas

          you should look into your heart and accept others. until then, keep to yourself please.
          with love,

        3. Friend of friends

          Hey Bruce. Love your article. Very compelling stuff. I think you have a real future in journalism. And I am a photographer. I say we get to the bottom of this rave nonsense. Lets pack up some gear and actually GO to one! Write about all the sex we see everywhere and all the people who dress like they are in the 1980’s like in your pictures! Then we can actually TAKE ecstasy so we can accurately report on the negative side effects. Maybe find a “Drug Jockey” and get an exclusive interview on the latest drug trends. Then we can find all the asians and blacks and beat them with clubs before they have a chance to hurt anyone else. And God will be ok with ALL of this because its just research for more of these articles. I dont do drugs and never will. But I love electronic music, I am not gay, I praise Jesus and I go to raves to enjoy myself. I will see you at church. Make sure you tell God you are willing to kill people because they are a different skin color than you. I dont think thats on the ten commandments so you should be fine.

    3. Amber Leigh















        1. Amber Leigh

          I have never smoked meth or have ever been on heroin…lmao..

          I am however in school holding a 3.2 G.P.A. currently going for my R.N.

          I have 3 other Degrees/Certifications

          I have a job.

          And am the mother of 2 High School aged Children who both are in many Varsity sports programs and school activities like FFA and 4H.

          Soooooooo ummmmmm ya… Guess you can shut up now..

          1. djhaze

            Well said, I have been going to “Raves” for over 10 years and went to college the whole time and graduated with a 3.75. I too am a parent of 2 who are involved in various after school activities. This type of stuff makes Christianity look stupid, so please don’t litter the internet with such silliness.

          2. Bruce Danus

            DJ Amber and DJ haze, perhaps if you both stopped going to raves and stopped rectally induced drugs parties, you both could have better than average grades in your “Colleges”. I’m sure you are both either Liberal Arts Majors, or in Cosmetology School since you go to raves and claim to be “DJ’s”, so getting a 4.0 should not be hard since it is not actually College.

          3. Claire

            Bruce, considering how you have “Men’s Room at the Rest Area off Exit 223 on I-5″ as your college on facebook, you have no right to make fun of anyone’s education.

          4. Bruce Danus

            Claire, I miss you. How is Christian Housewife Boot Camp with Sister Susan going? Don’t worry, most of your cats are still fine. There was a slight lawnmower accident with 2 or 40 of them however. Anyway, as to your comment about my Facespace twitster page, I haven’t been on there in years, so I haven’t been able to update it since I found the Lord. Thank you for reminding me though, I would hate for somebody who didn’t love me, like you do, to stumble on it and see those horrible things. This is why I love you Claire, you are always looking out for my best interests. Have fun at Boot Camp with Sister Susan and I can’t wait to see the “new” you when you return!

          5. Claire

            Hmm, that’s odd, considering how your most recent facebook wall posts are three hours ago, seven hours ago, nine hours ago, eleven hours ago…

          6. Bruce Danus

            Claire, did you go through my rolodex and steal my account passwords for the facespacebook? If there are recent posts on there, it must have been you because, as I said, I haven’t been on there in years. If you did it, it’s okay though. We are married now, so what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.
            You forgot to mention how Christian Housewife Boot Camp with Sister Susan is going? I’m also waiting for those postcards you promised to send once you got there.

          7. Tyson Bowers III

            “I am however in school holding a 3.2 G.P.A. currently going for my R.N.

            I have 3 other Degrees/Certifications”

            Holding a 3.2 GPA at a Trade school is nothing to brag about. You must goto the same school as Claire.

          8. ben

            Id say dont waste your breathe on this tool Amber.. but its kind of fun isnt it? Makes you realise how lucky we are to be freethinking openminded loving people.. can you imagine what it must be like to be so ignorant, full of fear & hate? Anything has got to be better than believing you were born into sin.. seriously…

            Love your work..

      1. Neoconstipated

        A common trate of the drug addicted is that their Caps Lock key gets stuck from a combination of dried up finger box fluids mixed with semen and corn syrup that drips from their ring pops.

      2. Bruce Danus

        Lovingly, Amber please stop shouting your un-proven nonsense. It is bad enough that you try to refute Tyson’s well researched article without giving us one shred of proof, but then you type in all Caps, basically yelling at us. Typing in all Caps will not make us believe your insane ramblings when we know That Tyson has researched this article for months. As the kids say “Don’t be a Hater, Yo!”

        1. Amber Leigh







          ENJOY YOUR DAY..

          1. evan hill

            I think youre hurting more than helping. No one likes a crazy ranting person…thats why we dont like fake internet christians! Dont be one of them :)

          2. :)

            yeah i was raised mormon, wanted to kill myself at age 13 because i found out god hates fags, then found glory through music, i dont do drugs never will, but what i will do though is dance all night to music. My god loves everyone for who they are no matter what. my god is a humble one. i go to the events because i love the music and produce the music just like the producers who make the stuff you listen to on the radio. my influences come from artist like bach and billie holiday and i produce jungle/breaks. I go to these events because i love the music and i am accepted for who i am as a person, and yes im still a virgin will be till i get married to the man i love. My body is a temple and i bless it with beautiful music and dancing. GOD LOVES ALL!

        2. Friend of friends

          Hide behind God. Maybe he can teach you how to spell and use correct grammar. Most of the rave kids posting comments have better grammar than the author of the article. Maybe Bruce is on drugs that are causing him to have brain malfunctions. I was just thinking, I bet you found The Lord, but now he cant get rid of you. You follow him everywhere. He told me the other day. Complaining about how Bruce wont leave him alone. God said he would meet me at the rave later and he never showed!!! I think its because Bruce was bothering Him and He couldnt get away.

        3. kgardner

          If it is well researched can you post your references please? I would like to have a look at where you got this information.

        4. Femanon

          Kids dont say that anymore, and this article is not well researched. This article is entirely lies. And please show me where Tysons research came from? Some other confused Christians? Your asking her for proof? i want some proof that this article is true (which it is not). All you and tyson are doing is judging people for living differently. So how do you react to difference? Like savages. Please by all means educate yourselves and grow up a little before you post more nonsense. Thank you.

      1. Stephenson Billings

        When you report on a topic, sometimes it’s important to read controversial Facebook pages for firsthand information. It’s called being a JOURNALIST. You need to “like” them go get unfettered access. These sources are invaluable to understand youth trends. Journalists do it all the time, a fact which you seem totally unaware of. I highly doubt Tyson would ever listen to this garbage as a fan. He’s practically twice your age and is a devoted member of his church. Stop trying to avoid the issue of addiction with your lies.

        1. Lua

          I’m always amused by people who preach about certain professions they know nothing about.

          Journalists should, at least those you didn’t graduate from some XYZ community college in Bumfuck, Hickstate know the following:

          1. Spelling and grammar:
          ‘same sexed closet'(what now?),
          ‘communist Asians and blacks due the same’
          (DUE they now?)
          ‘PLUR Babies are their to distribute Satan’s..’ (are they? are they their or perhaps THERE?)
          ‘rave party the crew with go to’
          (say what?)
          etc. etc.

          Remember – spell check, like Google, is your friend.

          2. Investigating: Well golly, I’ma befriend me some crazy rave music fans on FB and I’ma learn all about rave from them. What’s that now? they seem normal? Well darnit, I guess I will have to make shit up then.

          3. Truth: or at least a certain degree of it.

          4. Everything else the author of this article is not aware of.

          Mr. Billings, please do not compare Mr. Tyson to myself and other people who actual know how to write an article. Thank you.

          1. Adam Nelson

            “Mr. Billings, please do not compare Mr. Tyson to myself and other people who actual know how to write an article. Thank you.”

            I think you meant to use “actually”, Lua. Is English not a primary language in Hawaii?

          2. Stephenson Billings

            Excuse me you obnoxious little “journalist”? I happen to be a real Investigative Journalist with all the credentials that entails. I have worked for many years in the field and have experience that would put simpletons like you to shame. You clearly have done far too many drugs to have a clue what you’re talking about. This is an issue of faith and patriotism. Tyson is motivated by his heart and soul and speaks a truth you seem too immature to comprehend. I pray that you wake up some day and see the light. God bless.

          3. The Comedian

            //Excuse me you obnoxious little “journalist”? I happen to be a real Investigative Journalist with all the credentials that entails.//

            Stevie, a drawing you once made in elementary school is NOT sufficient enough to prove that you’re a journalist of any kind, especially when you’re proved wrong oh so many times on ALL of your subjects.

            //I have worked for many years in the field and have experience that would put simpletons like you to shame.//

            Yep, those gang-bang parties you go to with your boyfriend would surely make any other gay man jealous.

            //You clearly have done far too many drugs to have a clue what you’re talking about.///

            Or maybe you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about in the first place.

            //This is an issue of faith and patriotism.//

            Telling people that they’re wrong for believing in the things they do is not faith or patriotism, especially when you use fear tactics all the time. The correct word is ‘terror’, as in, you’re a terrorist.

            //Tyson is motivated by his heart and soul and speaks a truth you seem too immature to comprehend.//

            Tyson hates blinking lights and doesn’t understand that drugs can be involved with anything and everything. Don’t believe me? I once knew a chick who gave her boyfriend a blow job at church, and one of them got high afterwords while still at the church. And she went to that church on sundays. So yeah.

          4. Stephenson Billings

            Comedian, you have a black, black soul. I really wonder why you get so touchy when the subject of hippies and drugs comes up. Don’t you realize you’re too old to be living this lifestyle? At some point you have to “grow up.” I know this is hard but it’s about time you be mature. I want to love you and help you, but I really think you need to take the first step. Your buddies in California might think this lifestyle is fun and maybe they have sex at these parties and that’s why they’re into the lifestyle, but it’s putting your health and your mind at severe risk. Over the months here together my friend, I have grown to care for you deeply. I really want the best for you: health, love, spiritual depth. Can’t we pray together some time?

          5. The Comedian

            //Comedian, you have a black, black soul. I really wonder why you get so touchy when the subject of hippies and drugs comes up. Don’t you realize you’re too old to be living this lifestyle?//

            I ain’t a hippie, you’re just such an ignorant fuck and your latest target is the hippie crowd. If you start hating some other group almost exclusively, I’ll be sure to rip you a new one on that subject as well.

            //At some point you have to “grow up.” I know this is hard but it’s about time you be mature.//

            A man who screams at people on the internet to leave him alone and let him carry on with his terrorism should not be commenting on people growing up.

            //I want to love you and help you, but I really think you need to take the first step. Your buddies in California might think this lifestyle is fun and maybe they have sex at these parties and that’s why they’re into the lifestyle, but it’s putting your health and your mind at severe risk.//

            Let them do what they wish. Rather than tell them that the entire thing is bad, just say ‘hey, drugs are bad, and even if you’re at a place like a rave or whatever, just don’t do them’ and go for the harder substances, ones that have been proven to kill people, like heroin. If you tell people that something like marijuana is bad, you’re gonna get laughed at. You throw too many blanket statements everywhere that you end up condemning harmless acts in the process.

            //Over the months here together my friend, I have grown to care for you deeply. I really want the best for you: health, love, spiritual depth. Can’t we pray together some time?//

            No. You’re an ignorant, closeted little homophobe who refuses to admit that he’s wrong. You’re a disgusting human being who has an immense hatred for everything, yet you disguise yourself as a ‘loving’ person. You are nothing but a false prophet, a liar, and a thief. You don’t follow the bible and insist that others bow down to your will. Why the hell would I ever want to associate myself with an oppressive asshole like you who wants to lord over everyone and force them to follow your ways or else they’re gone?

        2. Mike K.

          I have never done a drug in my life, have always gotten A’s in school, and are currently attending Colorado State University for Business Administration and am holding a 3.9 GPA. I also regularly go to raves in my area, and I have to say that yes, there are a few of the stereotypical “Ravers” at these parties, but for the most part, it’s just a large group of people that enjoy electronic music. I’ve seen more harm done on this page with the accusations and name calling, than I have at one of these parties. The rave scene as developed a lot in the last decade. The so called “facts” in this article may have been true ten to twenty years ago, but it isn’t the same now. Before everyone starts attacking my statements, just know that I am not trying to start a war with any group of people. I am just trying to get the up to date facts about the topic out in the open.

    4. Vdub

      This is a perfect example for the argument against religion…

      The author has got to be the most ignorant, moronic, idiot that I’ve ever come across…

      Jump off a bridge buddy. You are useless on this world…

    5. Direkt_Influence

      Besides being homophobic and racist, the author of this article clearly never made it past the third grade. The amount of grammatical errors and misspellings (not even mentioning the actual content is absurdly inaccurate) totally negates any sort of point or logic to this reading.

      I think I speak for ravers and people who enjoy dance music everywhere when I say go f#ck yourself and the high horse you rode in on.

      -Direkt Influence Productions, NY

    6. Haley "SunShiine" Ashley

      WOW. Whoever wrote this is so stupid. Us ravers are NOTHING like this has described. This is why I absolutely DESPISE “christian” IDIOTS like this. They wanna think they’re better than everyone else, when really they’re lower than most people and want to cause problems about certain groups of people just because they don’t live down to their expectations.
      This guy really deserves to be slapped.
      That is all.

    7. Intellectual

      Christianity, this website, and the articles therein all prove that religion is still the most effective drug in causing idiocy and delusion.

    8. riley

      this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read im 21 years old a raver and an avid follower of jesus christ…. 75% of this article is based off of the early 90’s and is sooo misinformed i have read the sources this guy used and they are all anti-rave so naturally the article he writes will make raving seem like you are worshiping satan himself but that my friends is intirely incorrect and iggnorant.. i challenge you… go to a rave… see what its like… but if not dont let some 80 year old monk persuede you to think badly of the rave scene.

    9. God Loves Ravers

      If jesus was alive he would be a raver.

      I think its funny that all of the comments from “Christians” are full of hate. (Ps- you are going to hell) and all the ones from the “drug users” are nice, constructive, and information filled. Jesus and god preached things like “love thy neighbor” not “all you crazy kids are going to hell”

      Honestly, if you think you will go the heaven for being filled with hate (regardless of who you are being hate-filled towards) you are mistaken (you are going to hell for being an asshole to ravers) JESUS WAS A RAVER!!

      1. v

        I used to listen to this muisc called deee-lite and other haver stuff like marliyn mason and kmfdm and other things that where no rleation to god and be bysexal and dress as sick and oversexed goth freak and not see what hell I’m doing with my self liesting to the devil muisc my life with the thrill kill klut lords of acid is the most oversick sex music next to kiss that are only for them sel’ves not for you or god. Now one if people believe in god and spareds the word will not go to hell if there with god. And also follow god why but obbsessty is not godlly eather nor not fast if you lean the bible none of this will sound like bull shit to you and matilca is also the devil music. I become a chirstain because god weak me up and showed me that also madnna and the beastiy boys is full of sex evil and the movies and that is called saceilly TV my spelling bad but you now what I mine. I a few more thing I food is now going to be labled as gmo free look it up online or in book’s. The water is not as clean has you think there flioured in it like your teethpasit buy a dame filter for you water and obama the anit-chirst and hidden past look it up this man is a lier and foued and is bysexal not god like is nor are the death matel and any other music after but not are bad after bytoeven and lost but not les god is the why the life and the bible is comming true don’t be fool by the devil world look ask for god and son of god jesus chirst.

        1. v

          I mint to say not all music is bad but must of it is .if you go And look up rock star selled there soul for fame and money you will not be the some or like must people don’t pay any mind to what I’m saying I believe in god and many other people do. There is a world full of things to know like if you like anime or sonic video game and some tell’s you that you like cute is bad for you and bring you down to there level having sex orgy’s and doing drugs atfer while if you servie you will feel where did all my good time of feeling good and feeling free and hleathy go this what the maida is doing over sexed movie that make fun of people killing fightting drugs in movie make went to go out and do this but atfer this you feel like was a wast of time. Plases I ugr you to see the light.

    10. djgtfo

      It’s called “drum and bass” you ignorant fucks, because theres DRUMS AND BASS involved in the music. I feel like I mentally handicapped 3-year-old was the main source of the information you have provided here.

    11. mike

      The information that was just given is a bunch of bullshit that is not true what so ever. try going to a rave and seeing what its about before you make outrageous accusations about it/

    12. krystal

      okay people you are all too serious, this is simply poking fun at the rave culture back then. NOW there is all different types of parties or gathering that go on. Some gathering such as the genre of music “PSYTRANCE” has a very spiritual approach. Drugs such as LSD and MDMA have many wonderful effects on the brain and the way one sees his reality IF YOU PEOPLE DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH YOU WILL SEE THAT THESE DRUGS ARE BEING USED AND TESTED IN PSYCHELOGICAL STUDIES for people who suffer many horrible things. http://WWW.MAPS.ORG WAKE THE F UP PEOPLE. THESE ARE HEALING MEDICINES IF YOU LEARN HOW TO USE THEM PROPERLY. DANCING UNDER THE INFLUENCE IS SIMPLY CELEBRATING LIFE IF YOU ARE A MATURE DRUG USER.


      i cannot stress enought what lsd has done for my life. it has changed me in the most positive ways possible.

      rave parties are much differnt than psytrance parties much different people and the whole aspect of loud music and psychedelic drugs.

      still people stop your damn fighting and do some damn research, the answers are all there you just choose to not look! fuck!

      1. Sajsquatch

        Okay, time out, “Back then”? Your obviously new school. I have been a raver since 1992. “Back then”, was about 95% lsd vibe & 5% exstacy vibe. The feeling was exactly what you are describing. Everyone dancing all night, 100% good vibes! This was the original concept of how raves were meant to be. As time went on, NON-RAVER type people introduced harder types of drugs which is when the ambulances started attending raves too. Specifically when G became popular. G sent many people to the hospital because it was so easy to O.D. on. However, acid and x have always been the two most popular. Meth is the one that really tainted the scene. All other BS drugs have come and gone. In more recent years the concept of straight edge raving has become more popular. One thing that is certain is that cannabis has always been the most popular and most excepted. I’m with you on most of your post. The “back then” comment got me though. As if us veteran old schooler’s raped and orgied. I love the bit about battling for a sex session with the other crew’s girl.

    13. Silas

      This Website is Hilarious. It’s like The Onion minus any legitimate factual information. but what I think makes it more comically entertaining than The Onion is that everybody knows that The Onion is a joke and on Christwire.org people actually believe that these articles are real and contain factual information. Tyson Bowers sir you are truly a comical genious. I would love to write some articles for your website please tell me how i can submit my writing. I totally get the level of humor you guys are on. Truly Genious. Well Done

    14. Lanie

      I hate to tell you, but none of this is accurate. Once you have attended a rave yourself, (A LEGAL one) you will find none of this is applicable. I have raved for awhile now, and never once in my life taken drugs, or drank alcohol. My kandi, I MAKE and wear. I’ve never have an orgy in my life? I’m pretty sure you’re just being a huge troll for “Shits-n-Giggles” but come on, don’t be ignorant.

    15. TehChemist

      It is in fact.. a joke. It’s satire.. a humorous, though sometimes crude, spin on actual scenarios. The whole site is written in this way. It’s a beautiful article, and all bullshit and whining aside.. You really believe that he really thinks that don’t ya? that…would be the point.

    16. Concerned Friend

      You know what I would like?
      Some citations, because Tyson here has thrown around quite a few statistics and “facts” without providing where he got them from. (Though, I think we all know they were made up.)

      I’d also like to point out that MDMA inhibits a man’s ability to “get it up”. So, raves obviously can’t be these orgies you so claim them to be. This whole article is lucrative.

    17. SwarthySy

      I havn’t stopped laughing at the ludicrousness of this misinformed gibbering idiot is on about. Sorry sbout the spac….e I’m still laughing…..Ha Ha ha ha a ha ha ha …And i’m an extremely successful businessman who did take these drugs (drug jockey) where did that one come from? I loved it.Yea you get loved up but it hardly ever led to orgies. If there were any, I must have been in the other room. Please! If you want to preach utter crap do it on the toilet..!

    18. Christ-Follower

      Jesus hung out with whores…you sir are a satanist because you don’t “follow christ”… all you do is judge, lie, and rot in sin…

    19. adam

      this is seriously the dumbest thing i have ever read…nothing but lies lies lies…pretty sure GOD said lying is a sin…whoever wrote this should be ashamed at the mis-information that was just presented as truth…absolutely rediculous…even sad really…i wasnt sure if i should be upset or laugh..that’s how bad and ill-informed the individual who wrote this is…your speaking about maybe 1% of the “raver” population…would u like me to focus all my attention on the 1% of christians who mess it up for the rest of you? all those homophobic preachers that turn out to be gay? all the televangelists that become rich and never help the poor or sick? stop over exaggerating…not even jesus would forgive what you do

    20. A Drum and Bass Producer

      your misinterpretation of rave’s and flash judgements caused me great pain in my childhood, and split my family in pieces. it saddens me that people like you use your ‘righteousness’ to full effect.

      1. Sajsquatch

        I’m not so sure this is a joke. It sounds like it to ravers, but most nervous xians are going to believe this shit. The Onion never takes their jokes to such a hateful level.

    21. stupid religious people

      It should be a joke but sadly and beyond belief these people are serious! Could they be any more wrong? racist? homophobic?? This is not information by any means, and people involved in electronic music movements are not involved in such kind of activities.
      Read, get some real facts before making fools out of yourselves before millions of people.
      Wish all you religious fanatics could some day realize how dumb you are and that you are only using religion as an excuse to hide your insecurities, your deepest fear and your hate, and sometimes the fact that you use drugs or would love the idea of having sex with someone of your same gender but your so scared and so confused to admit who you are that you turned it into hate
      You are nothing but hypocrites, disgusting monsters trying to disguise as lambs.

    22. stupidignorantchristians

      you just spread hate, judgement and ignorance, that is not very christian right? God must be very angry at you and putting you on his “to hell” list. And no is not the DRUGS talking, fyi I’ve never touched drugs in my life you judgmental pricks who are not capable of listening to anything that threatens you and prove you are ignorants

    23. Jay

      Serious??? you are full of shit and need to stop believing stereotypes. If one bad apple represented an entire scene then all Christians are rapist and child molesters. Grow the fuck up and stop judging what you don’t understand.

    24. ME

      it must be, this guys comments are not only 25 years out of date but totally wrong and ill informed at every level.

    25. Miss_MayfirePLURR

      Sir, please learn how to use spell check on your computer before you attack something you know absolutely nothing about. The only reason you’re saying this is more then likely due to the fact you went to one of these “Acid Parades” and nobody liked you because you are an uptight idiot.

    26. Michael

      This is the most ridiculous display of ignorance and bigotry i have ever seen. Dear author; I would think you would at least research this topic if you had planned to write an article. you dont even have the terminology or timelines correct. Can you supply a list of sources? Even in English 101 in college you are required to show that much information. I mean really? “jungle lists” hahahahaha You sound so stupid. Get your facts right if you want any person other than a brainwashed retard to read your sludge… Or at least figure out professional standards within the Journalism industry. Even God would expect you to tell the truth, or are you too lazy to research it for real? Idiot…

    27. Tasha

      wow, this guy must be the real doper, he can’t even write… Misspelled words, complete non-sense. Not even worth reading the whole article…

    28. Dance Doctor

      This is the most laughable, badly informed, cobbled together, a-historical nonsense I’ve read in ages !!!

    29. shawn

      Is this guy for real? I really hope after his editor gets several reviews of this poor mans work he will be soon out to find another profession. These photos are clearly over 20 years old and the story line doesnt fit into any era. Glad to read this hilarious story line, go sensaltionalist media!! Make someone feel like they know something, then let us laugh then off the planet for believing such rediculous articles.

    30. Peter Thomas

      I feel that while I don’t agree with any of the article you wrote, you have the right to say it, however, it does ‘reek’ of inaccuracy and bigotry.

      Jesus said, “let him without sin cast the first stone”. John 8:7

      I wonder what danger the dance music scene poses to Christianity or any other belief system? Surly people enjoying a night dancing with friends and celebrating the fact they can wouldn’t be frowned-on by the son of God, or is this just sour grapes?

    31. Stephenson DERPPings


      For all of you who will be too lazy to read the other comments – Troll site is trolling.

      Get a grip on yourself and quit raging
      This is some funny stuff

    32. Kita

      To The Author: You seem to know a lot about homosexual behavior & drug use in Raves. So my question is, did you research this personally? I have been to many Raves. I think your stereotypes are highly over stated. You forgot to add a few groups in your blanket Satin speel…;

    33. Mike

      If you are going to publish information like this as fact, then you should probably check your facts. There are so many things wrong with what you have said. Seriously. You are so far off base. Other than the fact that “ravers” take ecstacy, just about everything else you said was some sort of delusional, paranoid fiction. I was going to take the time and make you a detailed list of corrections, but then I realized that I would be wasting my time, because anyone that would write and article like the one that you have written is not going to listen. I feel sorry for you, sir.

    34. alexandra THE RAVER

      who ever wrote this is a fucking IGNORANT IDIOT. take it from me, an actual raver, to tell you straight. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO CORRECT 99.9% OF YOUR RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT. raves are like concerts, our favorite dj’s that we like spin at them. we go for the music, for beautiful people, and to feel the love from the music. i am one of the few ravers who DOES NOT do drugs at all, & never will. i can tell you tht raving isnt about drugs. yes many ravers take drugs but thats their choice if they want to enhance a feeling, or for whatever reason. and the dj’s dont supply our drugs, they come, they spin, they give us the music we love, & they leave. security is thick & strict at raves. they WILL kick you out for fighting, doing anything overly sexual (like having sex or something like that) or just disturbing the peace, being too drunk, or if you look like your about to O.D. i own plenty glowsticks. and i have LED gloves too. with them you create “gloving” a type of dance i guess you could call it, with your hands, it looks beautiful & you give ravers “light shows” with your LED lights. no one battles, theyre just giving eachother light shows. and theres no winning or losing. we also do dances like shuffling, tektonik, gogo, hooping, ect. you really should look all this up on youtube to see how beautiful it rly is. ravers can be straight, bi, or gay. whats wrong with either of those sexual orientations ? NOTHING. and its actually PLURR. peace love unity respect RESPONSIBILITY. not whatever you think it is. and plurr is what we try to live out everyday, to try to make our lives happy & others happy. kandi does not represent anything besides pretty bracelets and jewelry that we make to wear & trade, simply because it looks cute to us. when we trade them we repeat the plur with hand signals, link hands, and put them on the other persons arm. its a sign of respect. our music is beautiful & i cant get enough of it. ravers are beautiful, positive, amazing people. some of the nicest and most generous human beings. unlike you, your not plur at all.

      1. Bruce Danus

        You seem like a person who needs an Exorcist immediately. You have babbled incoherently for 5 pages and you talk about evil things as though they were good and Holy. Seek immediate help from a Church or a mental hospital.

      1. J Swane

        That’s not a rave tho. Raves were underground and rarely, if at all exist anymore.
        I mean, I’m with you. This guys a crazy lunatic though, what you posted on here is not a rave. It’s a gigantic walmart sized event with electronic music.

    35. anon

      bahahahha this article was awesome!! My favorite part was the battling with glowsticks for sex or the “dancing like silverbacked gorillas”….and then someone posts that stupid ravers manifesto that gets posted on every rave message board every few months…

    36. abraxas cypher

      you went from Germany to 1980’s…wrong …try reading Tom Wolf’s “Electric Kool-aid Acid Test.” Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters are the originators here in the U.S. for light shows…dosing…tripping…getting high…looping music and sounds. So maybe you should do your Due Diligence first. And maybe you should come to seattle and see our family dance community first before you write about things you obviously don’t have a clue about. And you will never write a genuine article when believing in a religious doctrine. peace

    37. jeff

      Who ever posted this has no idea what they are talking about…there is very little truth in this article.Who ever you got your information from is an idiot and if you believe that stuff in the article you probably believe the earth is also 6,000 years old. Wake up think for yourself. Spirituality comes from within. We are being enslaved by religion. Watch Zeitgeist.

    38. evan Talbot



    39. Katerina

      ”This is a joke right?”

      Like the whole website?

      I mean with topic such as ”I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People” and ”How To Spot A Masturbator” it’s speaks clearly that this whole website is for people that have no idea of what they are talking about. Where are the valuables references for all those articles??? There’s none! Why? Simply because there’s only lies in those website pages.

      I thought that Christians had good values and believing but after reading some pages of this website, I can see they are racist. So here’s the big news: All people (even if they don’t believe in the religion or coming from a different country, etc.) that all men are equal.

    40. doug

      this read made for a good laugh.
      dont get me wrong, i’ve seen some people who almost come close to some of your descriptions but as a whole, your way off the mark.

      of course, giving the nature of the site your blogging on… any ‘facts’ would be questionable to begin with.
      in addition, its doubtful you have ever actually been to a rave.



      I’m embarrassed for so many people here. Everyone is freaking out about how this guy is soooo offensive/ridiculous and didn’t do his research… Well DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and maybe you would know that this whole entire website is satire!!! hahahahaha

      I loved this and thought it was hilarious. Loosen up! Take a joke! Every druggie here that’s getting crazy and defensive needs to take a chill PILL!! And to those of you that are saying “omgz well this isn’t funny!” Smoke a bowl or something. Sheesh. I’ll join you and we’ll talk about our orgy experiences together. I have lots of kandi, so I have lots of stories for you…


      Your Average Hippie of 2011.

    42. Kate

      This is the worst piece of trash that have ever read, and I am an avid reader. I am a 22 year old with great things going for me. I have been to college and graduated. I have a good, steady, well paying job in the medical / accounting field. I have a good realtionship with a man that has had the same well paying job for 5 years. We own our home and are having a baby in October. I am a Christian, raised baptist, and believe in God and Jesus.

      I also go by the name K-Bug. I am a proud Kandi Kid and have a PLUR tattoo. I enjoy many forms of EDM music from Happy Hardcore to Electro to Breaks to Drum and Bass to Trance to Chill Out. I also enjoy Jack Johnson, DAve Matthews, Boy Tinsley, Relient K, Bayside, Death Cab for Cutie, Garth Brooks, Adele, Florence and the Machine, and many many more non EDM bands/artists. I own many pieces of kandi and have probably had less sexual partners than many of the “good, on the right path, straight and narrow, church going kids” that I know.

      Yes drugs are part of the scene but what has been written is ridiculous and false. Not all people that attend these events do drugs, and as far as sex goes, I have NEVER seen someone actually have sex on teh dance floor. What happens after in a car or at a house is not associated with the event or music.

      You are a horribly hypocritical man and I hope you pray for your sins because being racist certainly is one.

      Peace Love Unity && RESPECT


    43. fuck you

      this is the such bullshit wrong info,, not credable information…. it didnt start with happy core it started with the chicago house scene dumbass.. i cant believe people actially think this is true…and now it is more festival based like any rock or other music show. i think the author of this is a nazi and just doesnt want people to have fun and enjoy dance music. you dont have to take drugs to enjoy dance music cut the crap and jsut accept that America likes electronic music and ur just to old to apreciate it. FUCK YOU i hope u die knowing that ur a dumbass jsut like the guy who thought the worrld was going to end. i hope this is a joke and if it is u got me :P…. but i still think your a dumbass

    44. rachel

      hahahahahaha!!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year! “mouth acts on satans scepter!” noe of the parties I was ever at were that good!!!

    45. Rachel

      Wow. I have never heard something so far from the truth. It’s amazing, i thought religiouse people where suppost to teach love and understanding but i think the ravers are better at this than the people who wrote and or believe this article. Nice way to be so settle in your racism too. Good job on getting almost everything wrong i cant believe this is a .org you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    46. J

      Actually a REAL journalist goes out and experiences what he/she will write about first hand. Good thing your not”reporting” on a war giving people all your first hand knowledge from sites on Facebook. And actually sir YOU are the arrogant one. I think God is big enough to make the judgement on people when its time. He doesnt need little peons like you putting words and opinions in His mouth. PS Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…. yeah exactly so why dont you take your place back in line with the rest of us. The only sins here are your mediocre writing skills attempting to spread hate and fear (much like Hitler actually) around half truths.

    47. Matthew Cloyd

      You have to be kidding me. I love the fact that you stupid jesus hippies have nothing better to do then bash on anything that has to do with bringing a smile to someones face. This is the most unfactual article I have ever seen in my whole life, and as a DJ and raver myself I’m appauled at this article. I think it’s funny that you church people live in fear. Everything is the devil to you and that is because you guys are a society that is fuelled by fear, fear gets you guys new clients and members everyday. I must say though it’s a great marketing scheme. Religion is the biggest commercial money making scheme in the world. If anyone is ungodly here it’s you preachers, pastors, priests and bible thumpers that spread your false filth to our society. You come in and tell people “I speak for God” and get people to believe your interpretation of the bible. When people don’t believe you guys you threaten them with Hell and Satan. Your nothing more then a bunch of cult leaders. I don’t believe anyone should speak on behalf of God. I also don’t believe that you have to go to a building for a couple hours, pray a little, sing some songs, drop money in a basket and then eat a wafer to be in good with God. I think it’s up to each one of us to make our own relationship with God and it’s up to each one of us to interpret our bible. I mean really though who is one man to tell you what God meant and wanted. For centuries you guys have contradicted your self and re-interpreted Gods word to fit to your standards. It’s you who make a mockery of God and Jesus when you get followers by spreading lies like this article. At this point in time Mr. Tyson Bowers III you are a sinner by your own means through lieing to society. You are a liar and I hope you pray to God for forgiveness. I believe in God and Jesus, just not religion. Religion is the cause for all major problems in todays society including war and prejudism. Religion is fake, it’s nothing more then a corporate empire and a money hungry machine. I have God and Jesus with me and that’s all that matters. PS: God is a DJ. He plays off of emotions and moderates daily life, constantly tweaking with society. He adds and reduces here and there. He plays the music we call life.




    49. Jacqueline

      (1) There are a whole bunch of kids that go to raves together known as the “Straight Edge Crew.” For those not in the know, that means that they don’t do drugs (legal or otherwise), they don’t drink, and they generally don’t have sex. Kids that are “straight edge” tend to be highly religious people.

      (2) I know a lot of kids that go to raves that never do hard drugs, and that have never been in trouble with the law, and are better people than most “religious” folk I’ve met. Which of course makes the nutjobs on here assuming that any commenter that doesn’t speak for the article and against the parties (which are not the same as “Acid Parties,” for the record) is obviously addicted to heavy drugs more than a little absurd.

      (3) Ravers trading kandi have a whole little ritual when they do it, and the words (and meaning) are “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.” Funny, but I somehow remember those being some pretty important ideals in any good Christians should believe in, based on the Bible – or have you all forgotten about those bits of the Holy Book?

      You are absurd.


      “Standing in a church doesn’t make you a Christian, any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

    50. DJ (Disc Jockey) dick head. K-dose

      First of all, who ever wrote this article doesn’t know dick about the electronic dance scene as it actually began in the UK in 1989, not Russia, you twat. Now as a “beat maker”, also known in society as a PRODUCER, there is actually a substantial amount of skill, talent, originality, creativity, and MANY other aspects to creating a song; which people of ALL ages and generations love and appreciate. This is because it strikes a note in their hearts and they can relate to the meaning behind it; it takes them back to a moment in their life which they can connect or relate to.

      Being able to express and experience emotions through music regardless of what genre it is, and being able to do something that you love so much and make thousands of people happy, is amazing! and the fact that you allow your ignorance to blind you to the fact that dance music (which is currently the biggest and fastest growing genre of music)is simply a display of how narrow minded and retarded you realy are, 1st of all, 99.9% of what has been written in this article is completely incorrect and to be honest absolute bull shit, your obviously very misinformed or deluded as to what the “dance music” scene is about, so, before waisting your time in writing redicoulisly fictious articles about you personal opinion on the “dance music” scene do some reasearch, and dont be so ignorant to the fact that, it, just like your christian music, opens up peoples minds and hearts in ways that otherwise couldnt be done, ive run raves/dance parties for the past 7 years and started doing so to keep underage people off the streets drinking alcohol causing trouble and have them in a safe controled enviroment where they can have fun and enjoy themselves, i actualy attended a christian colledge for the better half of my education where i was scrutinised for my ambition to become a DJ/Producer as it was not idealistic or realistic, im now a signed artist who is about to embark on my second tour of the U.S. so who says dreams cant come true = ) so yeah open your eyes and mind.


      You’re so wrong about so much. The least you could do is actually research your shit, man. :/ You’re a joke. Dumb Christ-fucker.

    52. scarlett

      It has to be. I was brought here by reading the article on Burning Man, and these articles are too ignorant and horribly written to be anything but jokes.

      1. Paige Orton

        Lololol bible thumping bitch!
        Not everyone does drugs at raves, they play awesome music and have cool light shows plus you get to dress crazy!!

        Get your motha fuckin facts straight !

      2. Evan Deli-Fi

        You are so ignorant and uninformed it’s pathetic, but what can we expect from someone who considers glenn beck a moral guardian. The truth is most ravers are better people than almost any christians I have met. I like your Christ, but not your christians, Your christians (and you Tyson Bowers) are nothing like your christ.

      3. djhaze

        You are a moron. Instead is slandering people, why don’t you try and write something that people really care about instead of putting your 2 cents in on something that you have no idea about. Oh and I like how you are passing judgement, if I remember correctly that’s Gods job, NOT YOURS.

        1. Amber Leigh



          1. Christian Intellectual

            Please seek help for you anal drug addiction. Do it for your kids !

      4. Rocky

        “No, Christians are a sick bunch.” is what I originally wanted to post, but you know what i know many christians although i myself am not one, and not all of them are sick. Just the self-centered, lie speaking, foul mouthed, fear spreading, mis-informed, un-educated, hate filled, radicals like you. You sir, are going to hell for the fear youve struck into these other ignorant people that actually believe this bullshit.

      5. Haley "SunShiine" Ashley

        You’re a dipshit.
        You and your so called “Christians” are the actual SICK bunch.
        At least us ravers don’t brain wash everyone around us (including children) so that they worship some made up figure. And then go preach to anyone who doesn’t live that sick life.

      6. Reverand Price of PHX AZ

        Tyson Bowers, You my son had no right to post something so far fetched, I took part in these parties while i was young before i decided to follow Our Lord And Savior. The things you have written herein are completely biased, racist, and non Holy. The fact you call your self a Follower of His Almighty is appalling. Are you going to call me such devilish names as you are these children? Did you not have some type of music you followed when you were younger? Just because you disagree with these young ones choice of music and nightlife doesn’t mean you need to post such filth on one of our Good Lords websites. I suggest you go to Church my son and repent for the foul devilish things you have posted here.

        1. Alex Keating

          Mr Bowers III is a respected member of the international Christian community. His reports are not to be questioned. Your blasphemies will earn you a place in hell if you aren’t careful.

          1. houliangLi

            Now that´s exactly what was missing.

            As a journalist the most important thing are the sources, from there it comes the information and the article. First of, Billings claims he got information from different sites on facebook (let me note it was Mr. Billings speaking for Bowers), which in my opinion it´s one of the least valid and most biased sources of all.

            Second, you state how Mr Bowers III is a respected member of the ICC, therefore his opinion must not be doubted. If I´m not mistaking the only one to believe blindly was God himself and his commandments that were transcribed to the bible BY THE LORD´S INSPIRATION. Now that this article comes out from an imperfect human being you say it´s not to be questioned even tho members of your own community stand against it?

            Third, you sir are threatening a fellow christian, and therefore, your brother. Jesus teaches to seek souls to save, to correct them, not to threat them as they show some sings contradicting your beliefes (your belief in Mr Bowers, not bible, not church, not God).

            And now, I feel it´s totally hilarious how the christians only reply to the weakest arguments, and never replies to the strong solid ones. And when they do, they never answer directly to the questions and acusations, but going for misleading topics so we lose focus because, dare I to say, you don´t have any logically formulated answer at all.

            Now I know christians, I´ve got christian friends and I myself am a christian. The difference between the ones I´ve read so far on this site and the ones I know is simply the research. When my friends and I talk about a topic, we get informed with trustfull sources about the topic, something that was missing on this article.

            Now, Mr Bowers III, I ask you, for your reputation and so maybe you can make us see the truth that we might have missed, show us your sources, show us where you got the information, but firstly, show yourself.

          2. DJ Warren G

            Alex, those are the classic words of a SHEEP. Don’t question what you are told… just listen and obey. It’s sad how you and others on this site mindlessly believe these hateful lies. Think for yourself for once in your life, you may be surprised what you see when you finally open your eyes to the world.

          3. Bruce Danus

            DJ Warren G, you should take your own advice and find an original name, unless you are the hipped hopper rapper named Warren G. If you are that same L.A. Crisps rapper, you also should get more original and stop stealing other people’s songs, but that is just what Ravers and Hippity Hopped Rappers do, I guess.

          4. DJ Warren G

            My first name is Warren and my last name begins with a G… I’m not stealing anybody’s name.

          5. HAL

            I LOVE the very iddy bitty tip of your penis mr. Keeting… Because its the most hidden from my protected eyes… Infact, God tells me its not real, just like your balls.

      7. DJ J-FORM

        Tyson Bowels 666, you are a sick bunch!

        Remember, fear IS the mind killer (http://www.discogs.com/Eon-Fear-The-Mindkiller/release/41176) and you live in it full time.

        Your facts are fukt

        Can we inSINuate that as a member of the cathaholic church that you indulge in pedofilia and the underground gay scene????

        Were you a “good little altar boy”, and did you keep quiet as you were told??

        yeah, yeah, keep throwing stones from your “crutch”, I mean church – oops.

        I seem to be so bad at spelling, just like in the rave article above.


      8. Sajsquatch

        Have a glass of Jesus Juice and shut the fuck up you judging asshole. Jesus was about peace, love and acceptance, not falsely judging and shunning people. If this article has been a joke I’m just going with it, if not then fuck you and get a clue or else mind your own fucking business!

      9. J Swane

        I think that the person who wrote this is WAY more f#cked in the head than anyone who’s ever taken acid or any drug for that matter. In fact, I’m sure that the average crack head can probably give more factual information than this nut.

      10. L

        I have never been so offended in my life. To think it was a religious person who wrote this article just makes me sick to my stomach. The hypocritical statements posted all over this thing are just pages among pages of “Christians” who sound so hateful it makes me wonder if these people are actually christians or posers? It’s one thing to say you’re a christian and another to act upon it.

        Clearly the words stated in the original article are misinformed, hateful, RACIST, and judgmental to several different ways of life. I can’t believe someone could go into such detail about how “awful” they think another group of people are. It’s not fair of anyone to judge anyone based on their decisions. I was raised a christian and was taught to accept everyone as my equal, despite their decisions or actions, and instead of looking down on those people and judging them, pray for them or help them if you can. As far as the music goes, once again, sadly misinformed. Music is one of the most beautiful ways one can express themselves! Just because someone isn’t making music about Jesus doesn’t make it wrong. In fact, most of the christian music I’ve heard is super cheesy and doesn’t make me feel any closer to God. I’ve had much more spiritual experiences through music and responsibly ingesting mind-altering substances. You obviously wrote most of this article on assumptions and opinion.

        And where are the author’s references? I’ve seen several people ask for them and nothing has shown up. If you can’t legitimately back your “facts” maybe you should consider doing that next time so you don’t look quite so foolish.

        Just because you don’t believe in something, or believe something different, doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong. Learn to open your mind and accept people from all walks of life around you and their beautiful differences, and I promise those hateful words will start to become forgiving, accepting, and LOVING words.

      11. King Kyle

        Tyson Bowers and his buddy Steve-mothafuckin-O…you two are a pair of ignorant, racist, sick fucks…you have nothing better to do than spread hatred and dissent, Im not gonna repeat the words of some of my fellow ravers here, Im just going to hate on your retarded ass the same way you hate on us. I pity your existence on this planet. No Peace Love Unity and Respect for you…EVER…fuck off!!! Get it?! I have the ballz to say it on your pissy ass CHRISTIAN WEBSITE…Stop hiding behind your computer screen, stop trying to “save lives” and stealing peoples money. FUCKING STOP! Get it?! Should I say it in fuckin Spanish?! YA BASTA! Puta madre…Ive learned a little Arabic from my roomates, should I say it in that language too?! Nah…you might think Im a terrorist…You should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian! Besides how the fuck do you two know about shoving drugz up yer ASS?! You two seem to be in on this together…I wonder what you faggots do after Church service on Sunday?! Suck cum out of each others asshole probably…DUDE…I am being as offensive to you as your article was to many…FUCKING DEAL WITH IT!!! I hope you both rot in your own stench, hypocrites…ILL SEE YOU IN HELL!!!

  1. Sith Lord

    Bowers seriously I would love to know where you get your ‘information’ because you are seriously beyond stupid

  2. Cool Tom Kimbo

    The fact that some will stoop to call this a “culture” is horrifying. Loosening rectums and morals with drugs and thumpa-beats is not “culture” it is Satan made corporeal through sound and sin.

    1. sean4dummies

      The fact that people with your level of ignorance are allowed to walk the planet is proof that if there is indeed a supreme being in charge of the universe, he/she/it obviously doesn’t give a shit.

    2. willy

      You’r statement is vulgar in it self “loosening rectums and morals”?

      You can’t possibly buy into You’r own bullshit cause if You where religious You would not talk that way not every on at a rave is on drugs.
      How old are You raves are sooooooooo 90s
      If You are for real I predict You will get caught fucking little boy’s sometime in the next decade

      1. Cool Tom Kimbo

        Your prediction is ridiculous. I predict that you are a ten-tongued bisexual Medusa. See how useless such statements are? Find God before it is too late.

        1. RedHead

          Being ten-tongued bisexual Medusa is better then belive in something that stuped like “god”… Imaginary friends are for kids.

    3. Evan Deli-Fi

      The fact that Christianity still has an influence on our culture, and holds people like you as intellectual prisoners is what is ridiculous. Raves don’t make anyone gay who wasn’t already, you clearly have no idea what goes on at these events, but it’s nothing like the author of this article describes.

      Not everyone at a rave is even on drugs, some people, like myself enjoy dancing to music in any state of mind. I’m not always sober at these events, but the vast majority I attend I am. EDM culture has spawned many offshoots not just raves, rave/kandi-kid culture is a bit immature but there are many other type of events with electronic music.

      I myself prefer outdoor, smaller intimate gatherings that foster a sense of spirituality and community. Even though your understanding of my culture is so off-base and full of hatred I take comfort in the fact that I know if you came to a moontribe, you would understand what it truly means to be a one with god, and you would literally begin crying as you realized your entire previous spiritual experience was meaningless and vapid. You would realize how silly it is to get your spirituality from a book and a church when it’s possible for everyone to develop a personal relationship with the infinite that some refer to as God.

    4. AutoAxon

      I totally agree, the culture of rectum-loosening belongs to the priests, how dare these ravers try to usurp their glorious traditions! (That was sarcasm for you intellectually devoid bible thumpers)

  3. L.N

    Tyson, I read the first three paragraphs and i could tell you know nothing about raves at ALL. You have to TRY to be that stupid when it comes to general knowledge about raves.

  4. Neoconstipated

    I must concur with the warnings presented here regarding the dangerous drugs provided in abundance at these sinful events. During my daze of sin, I ingested similar laced narcotics. Brother Tyson’s research into the effects of said drugs compared to mine except I held hands with Count Chocula .

    My experiences were especially disturbing as I was continually confronted by tootsie pop welding hores that evacuated me to the corner where their juice craving appetites could be fulfilled at the expense of my mushrooming peewee. I was a slave in a sex hell.

    Thank you for exposing this travesty to morals and decency. Ravers must be stopped.

    1. brok


      thank you for your silliness helping everyone to remember to calm down and not take any of this to seriously

  5. Blanche Beecham


    noun /ˈrāvər/ 
    ravers, plural

    A person who regularly goes to raves

    A person who talks wildly or incoherently, as if delirious or insane

    A person who posts comments defending the practice of raving by name calling and admitting they didn’t read the entire article. (See L.N.)

    1. Mollie

      I am a raver.
      I do no talk incoherently, and am not delirious or insane.
      I did read the entire article.

    2. Really?

      Blanche, cite your sources! You clearly cannot copy and paste from a dictionary without adding your own shit. I do not see anything about your last line in this dictionary. Should I keep looking for your bullshit definition of ravers? Or will you just fess up to your lie?

      raver [ˈreɪvə]
      1. Brit slang a person who leads a wild or uninhibited social life
      2. (Music / Pop Music) Slang a person who enjoys rave music, esp one who frequents raves

      rave (rv)
      v. raved, rav·ing, raves
      1. To speak wildly, irrationally, or incoherently.
      2. To roar; rage: The storm raved along the coast.
      3. To speak or write with wild enthusiasm: Critics raved about the new play.
      4. To attend a rave.
      To utter or express in a frenzied manner.
      1. The act or an instance of raving.
      2. Informal An extravagantly enthusiastic opinion or review: The play received raves.
      3. An all-night dance party, especially one where techno, house, or other electronically synthesized music is played.
      4. Chiefly British A raucous party; a rave-up.
      adj. Informal
      Relating to or being an extravagantly enthusiastic opinion or review.


    3. RedHead

      Christian – a person who has always the same and always stuped irrational answer to everything – god.

    1. This one guy

      I would like you to find one commandment that we DO break.
      I am a raver, and a Christian, I have NEVER gotten high at any one of these events, nor have i taken part of or witnessed ANY SORT of sexual act.
      A rave is just a dinner party, minus the dinner, plus the glowsticks and dancing.

    2. Sajsquatch

      I didn’t realize that dancing to electronic music is breaking a commandment. Please explain this to me.

      1. Guffaw

        You should spend less time investigating children who go to parties, and investigate the children who end up being molested by your faith’s “most devoted” who never get the chance of being carefree and enjoy themselves at parties and raves. Not that you’d really give a shit, of course 😉

      2. Alice.A

        Investigations? Have you been to any raves? Have you Listen or interacting with the people there? I am a devoted christian. I am hard worker. I am a raver. (in that order)

      3. chris

        Let me ask you a question. What kind of drugs are you the fuck on to think that a peace loving people actually do the things you have said in this string if toilet paper? Where did you do your research any way??? Let me guess from behind your protective book of lies! Let me give you some advice before you go talking shit about a movement that spans the whole world. ACTUALLY FIND OUT WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU SPEW THIS UNEDUCATED BULLSHIT AND THEN SAY THIS IS WHAT GOD THINKS!!!! whEN IN REALITY GOD PROBABLY LOVES US BECAUSE WE PROMOTE LOVE PEACE UNITY RESPECT!! These are all words you obviously know nothing about!!!!!! For the record TYson Bowers You are a scared, stupid, and whats worse is your ignorant!!!!!!

      4. Sajsquatch

        When you lump everyone together, you are judging. A very small percentage of the things you mentioned may have ever happened at a rave and the small percentage that has you make it sound like it’s every rave, everybody, all the time. There are much bigger problems that you could focus on like the problem with Rx drug addiction. Why don’t you write an article about how the government is failing to rid the streets of pcp, heroin, coke, meth and crack and the negative effects. This is screwing up our society a whole lot more than ravers(some on E) dancing to electronic music.

    1. Blanche Beecham

      Careful reading of the actual scripture, in its entirety, shows us that the instruction is not to refrain from all judgment, but to refrain from being a hypocrite.

      Each will be judged by the same measure used to judge others. You can’t tell someone about the speck in their eye when you’ve got an even bigger one in your own eye.

      Herbert, Tyson Bowers III is a honorable Christian that attends services regularly and works with the disadvantaged youth pressured into the dank abyss of drugs and misplaced sexuality.

      Take a moment from blaspheming God’s word with your own interjections of meaning, put on your big boy panties and develop a modicum of understanding that one may not pick and choose verses to look cute or make some show for your little atheist book club without the judgment from above.

      Kind regards,

      1. L.N

        “Careful reading of the actual scripture, in its entirety, shows us that the instruction is not to refrain from all judgment, but to refrain from being a hypocrite. ”

        Which you all clearly violate as often as humanly possible.

        “Each will be judged by the same measure used to judge others. You can’t tell someone about the speck in their eye when you’ve got an even bigger one in your own eye.”

        Unless your a Christian, which apparently means you don’t have to worry about this rule one bit.

        “Take a moment from blaspheming God’s word with your own interjections of meaning, put on your big boy panties and develop a modicum of understanding that one may not pick and choose verses to look cute or make some show for your little atheist book club without the judgment from above.”

        Christians like you do it all the time to justify your irrational hatred of things. Care to try again?

      2. This one guy

        I would simply want to point out one of the many
        blasphemous things you have posted.
        “an honorable Christian that attends service regularly”
        God cares not how often you attend any form of Christian service. While they can help you to grow in faith, time spent in ministry or telling testimonies can accomplish much more.
        The Bible holds NO passage against cussing or profane words.
        Shit piss fuck ass cunt dick.
        I’ll still be in heaven.

      3. Intellectual

        Of course, careful reading, much thought, and brainstorming every way to bend a texts meaning to fit your needs will show you whatever you want to believe.

      4. SwarthySy

        I’m not condemning a single word of truth but this is hypothetical garbage dredged up by A mind that is spun out on religious fanaticism. Raves bad indeed…! Utter balderdash!

      1. Sith Lord

        And with that statement alone you nut jobs consider yourself better then others or in the ‘right’ morally or ethically then other people. I am so glad this website is a joke I just hope you do realize as the authors of this that there are real crack pots out there who read this garbage nod and try to carry it forth in real life for a moment really think about it is publicly making a satire of an entire religious group worth the possible trauma some people might endure?

  6. Herbert Xelington

    Book of Samuel

    1 Samuel 15:3


    3 Now go and smite Am’alek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant

    If God is all good, then why command a human to kill others. If God is all good, why murder infants?

  7. Brendan

    AHAHAHahahaahaha. Oh man. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

    You’re completely insane right? I can’t tell if you’re taking the piss or just massively coma-enducingly retarded.

    “This group of raver also has the largest homosexual population and are no strangers to sin snake to rectum entry sex parties and their female clan members all have partaking in fish cave worshiping.”

    What does this even mean? Do you seriously think that an electronic beat and an introduction of chemicals into someones system will turn into into a sex-crazed maniac?

    Are you on drugs, my friend? This is the only logical conclusions I have reached because there is no way someone could reach the conclusions you have and not be smoking boat-loads of crack. You’re probably keeping the Mexican cartels in businesses by yourself so…at least you have that to put on your resume. That and smoking huge amounts of crack. And somehow having access to a website.

    Anyway, a large reason these people do what they do is to infuriate people like you. So keep doing what you’re doing. Its great entertainment.

  8. Son of God

    WOW. Please tell me this is a joke. As someone who attended hundreds of raves, I can attest than 90-100% of the information contained in this is pure bullshit. Also would like to point out that ravers are generally some of the most peaceful and loving people I’ve ever met… Definitely more so than most of the so-called “christians” out there.

    1. Blanche Beecham

      Have you also attended “hundreds” of Church services? Have you really done a thorough comparison or are you just posting “peaceful and loving” lies?

      1. LOD

        I have and I attend raves or rave-like-parties at least once a week. I’m Roman Catholic and I attend church service every week- if I miss a service because I cannot make it, then I go to confession since its a sin to miss mass. I’m even involved with Catholic Relief Services and working with refugees. I was baptized as a baby, received first communion when I was around 1st or 2nd grade, and I was confirmed when I was in 10th grade. I’m more religious than many of your so-called Christian brothers and sisters. I pray to God before I go to sleep every night and I pray the rosary.

        I can tell you this entire article is untrue.
        1. I do not do drugs at raves
        2. I’m straight (not that I have any problems with anyone’s sexual orientation because I believe God loves all and makes no mistakes)
        3. I wear Kandi bracelets and it is not laced with drugs nor does is represent ‘orgies’ I have never been to an orgy and I don’t plan on it
        4.I don’t have sex at raves.
        While I do know people that take ecstasy and acid, they still do not do any of the things mentioned in the article (including shoving it up their bum)

        Also, maybe you should look at club instead of a rave. At clubs girls get date raped, molested, and guys start brawling. I know ‘clubbers’ that snort cocaine and take more drugs than ravers. I also know more high school students that take drugs or snort pills to get high than I know ravers that do that.

        I love going to raves because of the people…its an environment where you feel free and loved by everyone. P.L.U.R.R.- Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibility.

        I’m sure you’re just trolling the internets and all, but be careful, ravers are very protective of one another which is why so many of us are confronting you. Within the community, if something happens to one of them, it is mourned by all regardless of whether or not you actually know them. Also, be forewarned that Christians like you are the reason we have a bad reputation. This is the reason we have sin and corruption not just in the Catholic Church, but in all Christian societies. Believe what you will to help yourself sleep at night, but just know that God is watching you at all times and he loves all his children, no matter the race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or handicap. God loves all. But God does not love you spreading hatred or lies. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. You might be trolling, but remember if you are Christian, you are in fact breaking the commandments right now.

      2. Sajsquatch

        I was raised through a Christian church and school and I agree with “Son of God” 100% Christians could take a few notes from ravers(most) in regards to peace, love and respect.

  9. Dez

    I really want to DIE OF LAUGHTER after reading this. Might I ask where you got your references? I would also like to ask why there are LEGAL RAVES AROUND THE NATION FOR ALL AGES if it’s a sex party. Don’t you think the police officers in attendance would have an issue with people being there under the age of 18? Believe it or not, there’s actually a fair number of virgin ravers, and in fact THERE ARE CHRISTIAN RAVES..

    “kandi” is actually a show of friendship. PLUR refers to creating good vibes, helping those in need, and creating an overall happy, friendly atmosphere.. something you obviously don’t understand in all your ignorance. I step forward with an open mind and a friendly helping hand, so although I may be a raver, I’ll continue to be closer to God than you’ll ever be :)

  10. Inscrutable

    I saw a “raver” during my walk downtown this morning. He was wearing tattered neon speckled clothing and was pushing a shopping cart full of baby pacifiers, a boombox blaring post-disco mind-control music, and two elves who also enjoyed that sort of thing (riding in a shopping cart pushed by a raver blaring mind-taking-rhythm-music for young people).

    He shouted the following at me as if full of the devil (Lady Gaga) himself: “Do you have any change?”

    I gave him a Bible. God’s word will bring the ultimate change in this sinner’s life. When this young ruffian thrust God’s generous gift back in my face, I knew that I should employ God’s wrath via His blessed pepper spray.

    As he lay writhing on the concrete from the continuous streams of Holy Pepper Water directed at his black soul, his elves descended back to hell, taking the cursed music with them.

    Alas, as I had taken my eyes off of the “raver,” I did not notice that he had accessed his magic sex creating Ecstasy pleasure procedure. He arose in an Ecstasy fueled frenzy, screamed, “Plur!”

    Fortunately, Christ’s Holy Dome of Protection (all rights reserved), protected me from his satanic wail. I opened my Bible and the raving sinner was burned to cinders by its Holy Rays (new album out next summer!).

    To make a long story longer, you can see how God punishes sinful ravers who dare keep sexually desirable elves in shopping carts.

      1. Inscrutable

        You should take the all caps off. Perhaps not use so many exclamation points. Please children, ask your parents before using the computer; God sees your terribly sinful grammar and knows you are only nine years old.

          1. Inscrutable

            Thank you for your curiosity about the more sinful aspects of grammar all-caps high Squiffy. For your benefit, and to further my glorious Church’s mission I offer you the following piece of God’s True Grace.

            Marks of Evil Spelling

            1. Uses all caps: angry and agitated, this demon possessed individual has all the Beelzebub inspired traits of a black cat. This cat is mewing at the top of its black lungs; your eardrums burst and Satan wins.

            2. Mixes exclamation points with question marks: The King of Darkness inspires the writer to communicate in a contradictory way leaving the reader wondering how they should take what they’ve just read.

            3. Doesn’t capitalize God: Sinner believes they can become God even if they aren’t conscious of doing so. Can surface as an involvement in such cults as Mormonism, Armstrongism, Gagaism, and John Leninism.

            4. Random bursts of laughter followed by an ellipsis: Madness caused by toxic sin gas in this person’s bowels, perhaps triggered by a homogay ecstasy experience.

            5. Utilizing the pseudo-word “ur”: Dismissive otherworldly comments (from Hell) spew out from the writer’s hands and onto the screen quickly and sloppily; not unlike urine. Using text message shorthand is a sign of cell phone hypnotism or a sense that you are doing something when in reality you are not doing anything of importance. Given to wandering around with drummed and based music administered by the Holy Drug Jockeys themselves!

            6. Overuse of the exclamation point: Liars use this device to sell you a used car that breaks down immediately after you buy it. Satan offers you a broken down life filled with Techno and E rape drugs via ultra loud sequencers that shoot out passe waves of repetitive disembodied demon trance rays. Writers who have no time to write properly have been given the power of Satan to broadcast their numb minded shorthand all over the internet. Bad product shoved in your face loudly; yep, that’s Raver culture for ya.

            7. Complete and utter failure to capitalize the beginning of every sentence: I think you can begin to see the correlation between rebelling against our Lord and rebelling against punctuation. This same person will usually also rebel against not taking drugs, as they feel righteous enough to rebel against the science that says ecstasy will eat holes in your brain.

            I suggest you turn to the scriptures and let Christ shield you from the error of your evil punctuation habits. Have a Christ filled day.

        1. Alex

          Grammar? Check the article again because grammar is not Tyson’s strong point. Does that make him a sinner?

  11. Purps

    Lolol who has sex on ecstasy? Its not likely you can get an erection on ecstasy. And ecstasy doesn’t cause arousal. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from haha.

    1. Sajsquatch

      If you can bust a nut off while on E it probably took a lot of work. E makes you social not sexual. It also breaks down your punk ass USA programmed self and think on your own without judging others.

  12. Dan

    This is a joke right? Like some of that was true but 98% is wrong in so many ways. The excessive drug use is waaay off. I am a raver and have been for 4 years. I dont use drugs all the time like stated. i’ve never had sex at a “rave.” i’ve never been to a orgy rave LMAO. You sir are invalid! Invalid I say!

  13. Steven AKA IceManPLUR

    LMAO…..IF this isn’t a joke…. I feel sorry for you. That you can’t look past the bad to see the good. Yes… there are TONS of drugs @ raves. As well as concerts, high schools, and every street corner. It is YOUR choice to do them or not. Not everyone who likes to go to raves does them. I for one am an example. And know more “ravers” that DON’T do drugs than do. You will find them anywhere. Instead of looking @ these as “acid parties”, think of it as a concert. Go to any concert, INCLUDING HANNAH MONTANTA, and you’ll see SOMEONE on drugs. As for the whole Nazi Germany being responsible for it. That’s BULLSHIT! Electronica music is derived from DISCO! That’s where it all began! And the disco era ended. But the music evolved and changed into what it is today. Saying it’s from Nazi’s is like saying the devil created rock and roll! Get out of the 50’s. And grow up. I do not condemn your generation thinking they are all as stupid as you. I condemn you… because you have the ability to think, but you choose not to.

  14. Inscrutable


    Please visit this link for the inside scoop on these violent and sex crazed disco sticking sinners! It is truly worse than we God Fearing Christians could ever imagine!

    We need a world where we can walk down the street without a raggedy, sexually aroused raver trying to force us into heavy petting on a fluffy beanbag chair! Lord have mercy (on me only).

    I ask myself what the world is coming to when the kids these days can’t even listen to a Donny Osmond record without getting bored? Were they born this way, or just as a lousy copy of a Madonna song called Express Yourself? Does Satan attack in the womb? Where does the disease of raving start? Is sinful raving is a choice or simply a genetic change triggered by the endless abuse of erection causing Ecstasy? This world is a confusing place, but I know I can count on Christwire to cut through the liberal media’s glorification of these dangerous sex crazed youths.

  15. Supah_RAVAH-45


    this is funniest holy boly bull shit ive ever heard i mean most holly sayings have a good message or a meaning at the end, alls we got out of this is your one judge mental human

  16. Real

    it seems to me that u need to get your facts right. there is a lot of ignorance in your views, one might say u are ill informed, start with the dinosaurs

  17. gullibly ignorant

    Do people not realize this is satire? Obviously the person who wrote this did so knowing people would actually believe it!

    “People will believe anything they read on the internet if it fits their pre-conceived notions.”

    – Thomas Jefferson

  18. Joe

    I will first start by saying, I am a christian, Secondly I work in the music industry and have attended many legal raves, clubs and music festivals.
    How can the author of this article be so generalistic and out of touch with how it really is? Yes there are underground drug filled raves, but that’s only 1% of the scene. I have never been to a so called rave that made people crazy and have premarital sex with other randoms.

    It is very sad that some have such a biased and ignorant view on society today. Yes there are people who do fit this bill but as a whole you can’t just generalize all ravers as such. Treat others as you would have them do unto you. Rather than pointing the finger and writing damning articles how bout go out there preach the word to said lost souls rather than filling the internet with slander, don’t associate people who love music and take some drugs in moderation with the Nazi Regime. That is being disrespectful of others.

    He who is sinless cast the first stone.

    1. Bruce Danus

      Why do people keep insisting on quoting only one Bible verse over and over here: “He who is sinless cast the first stone”.

      We aren’t casting stones, just giving warnings to Wholesome Christians to tell them warning signs and what to watch out for. There is no stone throwing here, just love and respect for God’s Creation.

  19. cat in the hat

    I can’t believe that every article on this site gets the same outraged comments. This site is geared toward lampooning the neo-cons, how do people not get that?

  20. Joe Burbiglia Homage Jr. III

    THIS PAGE IS THE FUNNIEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE INTERNET! between the article and the comments…i just cant put into words. you all have made my night, if there’s a god, IF there’s a god you better PRAY he doesn’t send you to hell for misinterpreting EVERYTHING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH IM PUTTING ANIMAL TRANQUILIZER UP MY NOSE AT THIS VERY MOMENT! f’reals.

  21. Jesus

    Ay dios mio! Blown out of proportion. Don’t worry, kids! Everything is at your own will!

    As long as your not pushing your morals and beliefs down people’s throats, I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuudge!

  22. Kootah_Cloudz

    This one time at a rave, i Injected Heroin into my penis well smoking meth and shoving a 10 stack of pills up my bum, shit was sooooooooooooo cash, had the most hektic night, wall fully sick brah!

  23. Sasha Fierce

    I have never heard so many terms for assholes and penises in my life. Thank you, you ignorant christian. I got a giggle or five out of your ridiculousness.

    1. djhaze

      It sounds like you also have no idea what you are talking about and whats sad is that you will never truly understand that it is NOT about the DRUGS.

      1. Bruce Danus

        No, we understand that it isn’t about the drugs. We also understand it IS about the rape, which the drugs help make happen. The Christwire Fellowship does not just write articles to upset certain types like ravers, Twilighters, Hippies, Gamers, mexicans, Drug abusers, women, Gym members, homogays, or anybody else. We are here to show people what they need to avoid in order to get to Heaven.

        1. The Spice

          Do you REALLY believe that our destiny is made of light on the other side of the universe? (Terence McKenna)
          i´ve read the bible x2 & was raised in a Christian family and now a producer of electronic music and have attanded well more that a 1000 “raves” – i´m full time employed tax payer and Head of a Customer Support department and i cannot confirm one single line of what the author has written above ..
          but i do feel sorry for those ppl having no other chance than publishing lies as they will never feel the fun and freedom of a real Psychedelic Trance Tribe gathering in the woods as long as they close their eyes in ignorance
          P.L.U.R. >>> Peace&Love&Unity&Respect

        2. Sajsquatch

          Rape is something that raves are NOT known for big mouth! Even if it has happened before, it’s certainly not nearly as common as altar boys being molested be priest’s. So maybe the article should have been about that instead.

  24. Alecks Auclair

    Ok first off these are completely UNCITED claims, not one of these things you claim to know as fact regarding the “rave scene” let alone the live electronic music world, are fact. these completely unbacked statements of bigotry, your racial slurs and sheer ignorance show your lack of faith in your fellow man, your disregard of any form of knowledge regarding the subject matter and your arrogance in your opinion. if you consider yourself a christian, or even a man of decency, im sorry, but you are horribly mistaken.

    1. Bruce Danus

      His name is “Tyson Bowers III”, not Theo. Theo was from “The Cosby Show”. I believe that was one of the most racist shows ever too. There were only 2 white people on that show in the entire 9 seasons. Please don’t lump Tyson into your racist comments.

      1. Cleis

        Hello, Bruce. You look nice today. Have you had your hair cut? Kudos to your barber for resisting the urge to remove the ears you don’t listen with anyway.

        “Theo” in this case is being used as a prefix meaning religion – as in theology (a bogus study subject), theocracy (the form of government in the Vatican and some southern US states) or theobviouslyfalseravingsofadesertmadman. That last one may not be entirely accurate.

        Anyway, Brucie (may I call you Brucie? Thanks ever so), in spite of what your frankly hilarious attempts at basic thought processes might tell you, GoTrojans was referring to the fact that this “journalist” manages to combine religion with being a complete moron. It’s not a rare condition.

      2. Sajsquatch

        Your a bigot mr. dANUS. That does not make a show racist. No wait I’m switching it to Bruse d Anus.

  25. justDemo

    if this was a skit on the Colbert Report, I would pay money to have it on dvd.

    p.s. Drug Jockey? lol.

  26. djhaze

    The author of this article obviously has NO IDEA what he is talking about. This is where the media gets its INCORRECT information.

  27. Kit

    This guy is either one of the funniest people on the internet or one of the most outrageously ignorant people on Earth

  28. GIlbert

    Why should anyone have any right to demean raves and ravers, just cause they’re “a raver” and they go to “raves”? Why do raves and raver have to be thought of as a bad thing… who are you to judge? Did “god” himself come down from the heavens and speak to you and say “Judge and make false assumptions of these people know as ravers” You know what? Im a raver and damn fucking proud to be. My life, my choices.

    Im sorry to say but all this that you speak of it utter bullshit. We ravers are most definitely NOT what you described us to be. Raves are certainly NOT how you describe them to be. Ravers are the people that love to go to these music festivals and enjoy this electronic dance music, ravers are people that want to escape all the bullshit from the real world, ravers are people that need to get away from idiotic, closed minded people like the ones that have written this article. We go to these music festivals because there, we are as ONE, we do NOT judge others, we do NOT make fun of the way one looks, dresses, or the color of their skin. At a rave, all people there are one big happy family. Yes, some ravers are under the influence of drugs, but some actually go to ravers to enjoy the music sober, but the funny thing about that is, whether they are sober or under the influence, there is more peace and love at a 12 hour rave then there is in this old corrupt world.

    Now these Kandi Kids you speak are not who and how you think they are. This information is invalid. Kandi Kids are peaceful, fun loving, happy people that wear bright colored clothing and bright colored bracelets that they have taken time out of their day and put so much love and dedication into making these. Kandi bracelets are traded at raves to other fellow ravers, it is a sign of friendship and respect that people have for each other. These bracelets have nothing to do with any sexual acts or drugs. These are the raver kind of friendship bracelets.

    It enraged me to read what your description of PLUR means because this is the dumbest thing i have ever read in my life. I live by this saying because it’s the only one in this world that makes sense. PLUR actually does stand for PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and RESPECT, and yet they have added another R at the end for RESPONSIBILITY. Christianity has the 7 deadly sins that will send you to hell, but i believe that us ravers have come up with the 5 heavenly words that can send you to heaven if you live by them.

    I mean no disrespect towards you people but please take this down because it is racist and disrespectful towards us ravers. If you have this up, then why don’t you have another article up towards black people or jews? or better yet, other religions? It’s not fair that you can make assumptions towards something you obviously DO NOT know anything about and have not made any effort to actually study what a true rave or raver really is about. It’s sickening that you sit back and call us ravers drug filled, homosexual, raping, STD carriers. No. That is not right and i’m pretty damn fucking sure that what ever “GOD” you believe in would NOT allow you to make assumptions like that. If you think that what you’re saying and doing is right, in the end, i wanna see who burns first. Please take your head out of your ass before it’s too late. Let us ravers save you close minded people and show you the true lights and sounds… the neon laser lights and electronic dance music sounds that is.

    Our god is the DJ.
    Our heaven is the music.
    Our dance floor is the world
    We are the ravers.

    1. Bruce Danus

      Can somebody summarize Gilbert’s comment for me? It seemed almost intellectual, but then it drug on for 500 pages and I realized he was on the meth or the cracked coked canes.

      1. GIlbert

        what’s funny abou this comment is that you “christian people” can read 50000 paged bible filled with back peddling non-sense but you cant read the truth that an open minded human can speak? haha who’s the one really on crack, buddy?

        1. Meh

          What is even funnier is that none you fucking morons realize that this article is fake and the people that run this site or pulling your leg. Also, the fact that many people, including myself, have continuously raided this comment section with announcements of how this is satire and you’re all a bunch of fucking imbeciles for buying into it….. Yet, you people keep thinking it’s real.

          If this isn’t a sign for you ravers to stop popping pills, I don’t know what is.

    1. Stephenson Billings

      You know nothing of the work of Christ. You smear campaign against Tyson Bowers is just plain silly. He is not a “HUGE FAN” of your music. This is abundantly clear and I have explained more than once that using Facebook to learn about youth trends by “liking” certain pages is a journalist tool used by many, many reporters. Get over yourself, Amber. You are sounding irrational. I pray that you do find the light some day, however. Your soul seems full of so much suffering. I hope you will take comfort in this passage from the Bible:

      “Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” –Galatians 5:19-21.

      1. Amber Leigh


      2. Amber Leigh


        1. Stephenson Billings

          You’re the one typing in all caps and replying three times to one simple comment and you call me irrational? Do you have some sort of feminine problem this time of the month? You’re acting very, very odd.

          1. Amber Leigh



          2. emma

            haha! it’s hilarious how in response to every intelligent comment made, Billings responds with personal attacks. “feminine problems”? are you twelve?

          3. Paige Orton

            This whole website is full of a bunch of dimwitted lunatics with an imaginary friend in the sky. No one believes you but yourself..

      3. doodlewacker

        funny how you dicks quote scripture as some kind of evidence..

        jesus was a magic mushroom.. dont you know that?

  29. rapist23

    hilarious shit. not as funny as the fact there are people out there so clueless that they actually read this article seriously.

  30. so so funny

    Cant believe any of u morons think this is a real article….

    jesus is laughing at your stupidity

  31. infinity420

    WOW this shit is full of fucking shit! just like the person who posted this article up. its OBVIOUSLY that you dont know anything about raves & what a raver is. ppl always judge by looks but never by knowledge..

    & PLUR originally fucking stands for P.lease L.et R.avers R.ave but also P.eace L.ove U.nity & R.espect(Responsibility) on the act of knowing & limiting your drug. ex//acid//meth w.e the fuck it is. we’re just free spirited young people that dont give a fuck but know what we’re doing. soo FUCK all whoever posted this shit up & the ppl that agreee, fkn ignorant ass dumb fucks.
    ravers dont go to raves for the drugs, we go for the music <3 because we are ONE at that moment of a natural high, which is the most beautifullest thing because ppl all alround the world go to these amazing festivals. its amazing how so many ppl can have love for this music & the great vibe <3 we're just young adults, living our lives. getting away from this corrupt world of hatred. war & judgmental people like you! we let go, & dance our problems, stress away <3 instead of paying $2OO to see a therapist & talk about it.. see the difference ? with that said, you can go fuck yourself now :)

  32. Steven

    Oh lord, please forgive the faggots and non-believers that have fallen prey to the devil’s handiwork at these “acid parties”. They are simply misguided.


    Hey stevie do you know Christ personally , have you got your own mind? have you heard of evolution. so you read a book and refer to a book as it was written for you and the do gooders. Ok so why would christ say its ok to kill children? or rape women or place a drug called DMT inside you skull. I read books too and I love green eggs and ham. I recall something in the bible about no image of god or christ creations being recreated on earth, but god made eve and adam in his own image, so what ya got. another rule? whos your ruler?. Your killing the earth and sinning as you use your computer. Ok another fact jesus was the light yes… lucifer mean light barer. YES LUCIFER look it up . The only reason why you are defending this is you have spent your life surrounded by people with the same dis function, your old ya brainwashed and you have an invisable friend. You use a book that was written 500 years after jebus died, it was word of mouth. The church is a bizness it keeps you oppressed. See the trees outside do they get told what to do, no they grow how they want, they grow due to light the earth, sustenance from the ground. its wen jesus comes along hacks into it with an axe re shapes it re names puts it into a new form and tells you its a table. Its still a tree its still wood its function has been shaped by mans mind to serve his purpose of control, over other things outside of self. What makes an atom bomb go boom is inside you 2, you must be a terrorist. See its people like you that stop us from being connected on a bigger scale you hold onto your past. can you see the past the future or just now now now not then or when ? are you marty mcfly? frequency is music frequency causes u to speak to sing your jesus songs music is magic sound makes the birds sing to the planets outside of earth. I got nothing against doing good and helping people, dont get me wrong and don’t get other people wrong either. Don’t fear what you lack understanding in, you seem to wanna disagree with one of what you say is god children. Your sinning, your sinning by living by being by functioning as an organism that evolved from an ape eating mushrooms in a cave to sitting infront of a computer refering to events that you never were part of, but wish you were fuck I like to see the truth too but it will never be so do what you have never done live and think for your self for the first time. I don’t wanna seem negative but you are being negative yourself by dismissing and judging a culture music or belief as bad or a sin. I make music I make art I get naked I fuck girls and make scream fuck oh god.wen Im lucky that is 😀 I step on ants and don’t even know if I have or not, I get crucifixs turn em upside down snap the horizontal piece and make a peace sign from it. There is other history apart from hitler, and hitler read the bible too so what your stupid view gonna say next, sorry I mean someone elses view. sheep. That christ was a blond haired blue eyed man in the middle east? funny that looks a bit like one of hitlers ideas. Oh amber wait till the daytime and say fuck you stephen the lights beaming and ya still seeming to be blind go read a book steve steeeeve eeee eve see oh my what a sin . PEACE TO ALL FREQUENCIES even the ones that don’t wanna listen to all music, death metal to motown to african tribal chant, to that beat in ya chest, Don’t pray for me steve you have no right to do so. OH YEAH one more thing STEVE yours a tool 😀

    1. Bruce Danus

      We prefer if you speak English when writing comments on this site. Thank you for trying though, we appreciate every person’s effort to be involved.

      1. An ELECTRON

        dear dickhead I have dyslexia I spent a very long time trying to learn to read and write so if you wanna say what language to speak Ill speak yours which be pig latin

        1. Bruce Danus

          I understand Pig Latin, it isn’t my first language, or even my second or third, but if that is the language you need to use to convey your point, I understand and am readily awaiting a translation of the random mumbling you did earlier.

    2. Stephenson Billings

      “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God– having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.” -2 Timothy 3:1-5.

      1. The Spice

        looking direction Vatican one could have seen all those things listed … including others:
        * collaboration with the fascists
        * sex with young altar boys
        * huge savings and estates while half of the worlds population is suffering from various needs
        * going back a few centuries … burning innocent women and men
        * the crusades
        etc etc etc
        wake up from your nightmare called a life full of hate and ruled by your so much loving god – get yourself to a proper rave and see the light of true LOVE shining over the dancing crowd – if you can stand this massive pulse of positive energy :-)
        good morning and good luck!!

      2. doodlewacker

        judjing from that haircut its your ‘last of days’.. leave us young uns out of it.. we’re livin our lives..

  34. Grumpie Khunt

    I tip my hat to the writer.

    Trolling of epic proportions, with a perfect blend of twat in the responses.

    I’ll sleep with a smile tonight.


    yes now lets look at all of this and see the human condition for what it really is . lets judge without knowing and think we are so smart then realise oh shit Im fucking blind and steven knows christ personally, wow so does he wear nike or adidas. Funny both nike and adidas are wrong in the spell check here, fuck this site is so shit:D maybe we should speak the ye olde way. Speak english hahaha you mean a bastard language from all other languages they stole from, all the countries the english invaded sorry must be the convict in me. hahahaha whats even funnier is english is wrong to. Stephen get a better comb over. Last days for you its the same day anyway time is an illusion and religion is a tool for control youll never admit your wrong coz ya think god is on your side. Now shut the fuck up before I go burn the bible I will don’t try and stop me ohhhhh oh no. Language like thier is one form. Fuck your the NAZIs

    1. Thomas Jubilation

      Dearest An ELECTRON, you seem…upset. Take a deep breath, everything is going to be okay. I understand the crack cocaine must seem very “street” at first, but it’s made you very irritable. I’m worried, An ELECTRON, worried for your immortal soul.

      God’s children, let us pray for our poor bewildered friend.

  36. Mo 3.14

    OMG, this is hilarious, as is this entire website. I haven’t laughed so hard reading stuff online in ages. Had to share with friends so they could have a mid-morning laugh attack as well. I highly recommend the Bonnaroo article: the graphs are ridonkulous!

  37. offensive

    As a raver who was raised in an Assemblies of God church for most of his life, I found this website and specifically this article to be the most ignorant piece of ‘journalism’ I have ever read.

    I had to read this article twice, to make sure it wasn’t satire. I thought I was reading The Onion. Then I realized this, like most of your articles is completely unfactual and sourced from other far right / extremist points of views.

    The author as well as Mr Billings above should be ashamed of yourselves. With some of your nonsense articles you are no better than Westboro Baptist, spreading filth and lies. It’s hilarious you can even consider yourselves soldiers of Christ. You are nothing more than pawns spreading this garbage agenda.

    How you are able to sleep at night is beyond me. All you are doing by publishing this bullshit is pushing others further away from Christ. People look at you and see nothing but ignorance and do not want to be associated with that.

    1. albert

      Worlwide Youth gathers to socialise,listen to music and dance!the article distorts all,and stereotype everyone.
      such a shame people so call christians or watever faith they have dont want to deal with reality.kids do need real love from parents and education,but they also need to socialise.The so call rave scene like many scenes started small and underground and full of great intentions,no alcohol was served and we all cared for each other however was INFILTRATED by all kind of agents..thats true.now ask me who really ruin the scene>?

  38. Erik

    This article is just so sad and terribly wrong. It´s hard to find more prejudice, hate and ignorance anywhere on the internet today than on this site. Now, what would Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord say about the hate and unloving behaviour that the people running this site are proving to live by. But he forgives your ignorance and hatred. You will be saved by Jesus Christ eventually, once you will see every persons right to exist and live their lives as they choose.

    God bless you all and have a nice evening.

  39. not sure if trolled or just stupid

    I give you guys props. This shit was way more believable than the onion. Only because the religious right really does spout this sort of nonsense.

  40. John

    I think you are the most misinformed, fabricating, judgemental, poison, closet pervert fake I have ever has the misfortune to stumble upon.

    Anyone who takes heed of your words and abides by them a a way of life needs to forget God (your version at least) and go some get help from a shrink.

    For the record, although I’m not condoning it, I think folk would be BETTER OFF with drugs than listening to [Stephenson Billings] this idiot, at least you’d get some sensical real-world speak and not end up a complete social leper.

    A small amount of corrections. FYI The whole article is innacurate in every way, but unlike yourself I will try and teach you something useful:

    It’s JUNGLISTS, not Jungle-lists.

    Dee Lite’s Groove is in the Heart is a dance/pop crossover song, nothing LIKE Happy Hardcore and about 5 years its senior.

    Drum and Bass (not Drummed and base) are musical instruments. You know, like the ones you probably sing your poison sermons along to.

    I’m going to stop there as you’ve already insulted my intelligence way too far.

    I suggest you:

    1 Put your computer down
    2 Head off to the nearest homosexual hangout
    3 Check your sat-nav for recent places if you can’t remember from all the drugs
    4 Go and get the anal pounding you so crave to get all this pent up frustration out of your system.
    5 Destroy the computer
    6 Get some help from a professional (or just end it and do us all a favour)

    UK Raver/Occasional drug user/never did me any harm/Graphic Designer/DISC JOCKEY/REALIST

  41. 0_0

    ..this is a joke right?.. I can’t decide.. the comments seem funny too.. i just am unsure how to take this.. 0_0 .. haha
    let me just say..
    i am a conservative
    i was baptized to the mormon church
    i graduated high school.
    i have a full time job.
    saving for college.
    i am anti-abortion.
    i am a raver.
    i am for homosexual marriage.
    i dont wear acid laced beads.
    i dont acquire my beads from orgies.. i acquire them by either making them.. or trading them with someone i see at raves
    its drum and bass
    deee-lite is not happy hardcore nor is that song associated with raves in anyway shapy or form
    it’s kandi kids
    i’ve never even heard of jungle lists or plurbabies
    PLURR does not stand for whatever you said it stood for.. even thinking it does is perverted and weird.. it stand for Peace Love Unity Respect [Responsibility]
    PLURR happens to be something most of us live or at least rave by.. as in raves are somewhere people can go and NOT get judged like that^^
    raves are not called ‘acid parades’… they may have been before.. but now they are most definitely not
    these aren’t what they used to be.. they are now public events that are sponsored by HUGE companies
    djs are not ‘drug jockeys’ they are DISC jockeys..
    djs do not name drugs so that parents dont know what they are.. nor are they named things like you listed..
    people dont have dance offs with the reward of sex with a female.. <– nothing of the sort happens like that.. where you got your information i can't even fathom..

    frick.. i just want to know where you got your sources mister tyson.. and in reply to amber.. uhh.. yeah i went to tyson's page and it says he likes tritonal?!… uhmm.

    1. Mo 3.14

      If in fact dance offs did get you laid, I would have banged a lot more chicks at parties. But as “we” well know, MDMA is the emotional “love” drug, not the “love” making drug.

  42. lulz

    This article is the most obvious piece of satire about the rave scene, how do you people not see that? o.O


    Jungle Lists <—- it's Junglist not jungle list, I mean if your gonna pretend and play reporter why don't you actually do a little research before hand?

    "goto these parties to stir up trouble"<—- wrong again… people go to listen to music.
    "Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society." <— actually I know more white people in the scene than any other race.

    A Jungle List is known for liking what is called “Drummed and Base” <—- it's Drun and Bass.

    music and are known for their pot and meth addictions. You cant be addicted to pot, and the the meth, lol, i dont know anyone in the scene tat screws with that crap.

    The term “Drummed and Base” (again drum & bass) comes from the fact that they like fast African style “tripped pops” music and smoke meth or “basing” while dancing like angry silver-back gorillas. <— wtf, i think you guys are on drugs

    Each Jungle List group has a leader, also known as a “Rudeboy” or “Bom Bom Cloud”. The leader gets to pick which rave party the crew with go to and what type of dance battles they will perform. <—- this statement is completely wrong

    once again christwire comes out with some bias , nonsense, with little to no actual facts or research…. the only thing this organization does is spit out hate much like the west borrow baptists church. But then again they are probably banking on the "shok factor" and figure if they make such outrageous stories they will get attention.

  44. 0_0

    Revelation 21:8, “…and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone:”

  45. Synthetyx

    Yea so I read your entire article, i am not delirious or insane and i already have less misspelled words then you do in your entire making me more coherent then you. I was born to and raised a Christian family and i believe in and have asked into my heart the God you claim to follow. I am also a Raver who does not do drugs or have crazy sex parties, or stds, this is the same with all of my friends. So in conclusion, get off your self importent, self righteous, bias uninformed horse. You obviously don’t follow God because it says in the bible that final judgement is reserved for God. So have fun having sex with your underage alter boy(I was molested by my preacher and am still a Christian) then be set on fire, you douche

  46. dominic

    The finniest thing of all is that Christians will actually read this and believe its a truthful and revealing article.

    Brilliantly written fiction, far better than the Bible bravo!


      the funniest thing of all is that you read this and believe it was intended to be a truthful and revealing article.

  47. Fred Strong

    I wish we could throw you morons to the lions again. You should imitate your ridiculous fairy tale, and martyr yourself. What would the lucky charms leprechaun do? He would eat lucky charms? The Tooth fairy? He would take the tooth and leave a quarter behind? WWJD? He would have himself nailed to a cross! You should certainly do the same!!!

  48. Kaz

    Oh Christians, what are you folks like.

    Just so you know, I go to raves and have never touched drugs in the 20 years I’ve been on this planet. I think you people need to take a step back and look at what you’re all doing wrong before judging others.

  49. jay

    You all DO realize that this is a satirical website right? Stop taking it so seriously. Their articles are a social comment on the perceived insanities and beliefs of fundamental Christians.

    1. Bekah

      JESUS CHRIST, you guys HAVE to make it clearer this is satire… I thought the whole thing was for real. Some far-flung right-winger out there is going to think this is serious and start justifying their bullshit arguments…

  50. Rainbow Brite

    Oh my, have you ever even seen a rave?
    I’ve been to a few and let me tell you they are nothing like you describe. It is a place where many people are accepted. It doesn’t matter what you believe the colour of your skin or who you were in high school. It’s a place where you go to make friends, eat candy and dance to great music. Most people that go to raves don’t even do drugs. They have ‘sober ravers’ who don’t do any drugs and are usually against doing them. I am one of these sober ravers. Hardly anyone has sex at raves and even though many people are homosexual they don’t flaunt it by having intercourse at raves. If you are going to write an article about something you should actually talk to someone who has experienced it or experience it yourself before you go judging it.

  51. Whitest Person Ever

    The guy who wrote this was on a serious BAD ACID trip himself.

    These are not Christian values. They are racist, white supremest values.

    Get a life man.

    Go check on your daughter, she’s in your basement having sex with her cousin and needs an abortion asap.

  52. Ramz

    The amount of misinformation in this article clearly shows it is a parody and not to be taken seriously.

    Would people please acknowledge the satirical nature of the write-up and avoid posting ridiculous comments. I think Christians should be a the very least somewhat offended by the fact that this is a Christian site and you have a crazy person posting complete nonsense. Mockery disguised as truth is very dangerous and is an easy way to scare misguided parents through deceit.

    Also some of the comments in relation to the article are inflammatory and not in line with Christian teachings of respect and peace.

    Thanks to all who have mentioned that this is most obviously sattire and I urge all Christian parents to communicate with their children openly and honestly about their lifestyle choices.

    Love to all.

  53. Alex

    BAHAHAHAH Wow and this is exactly why i am an atheist. No book will ever brain wash me into thinking any person is below another. before you go judging others you should probably think about what your saying and see how ignorant and stupid you sound.
    you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, and probably have never attended a rave or researched them in your life. read a fucking book other then that fictional piece of crap bible that sits on your desk.

  54. Brandon

    It’s bad when a christian has to sink as low as lying to try to get his twisted views across. I am both a devout christian, and a “raver.” I go to raves for the music and the friends, whom as well do not use drugs, just like I don’t. To think that raves are sex orgies filled with drugs is like thinking Hell is where you go if you kiss someone before marriage. RADICAL VIEWS!. These types of posts give Christians bad names, and honestly, I almost want to not be a christian after seeing how stupid some can be.

  55. sd

    This is such a load of Misinformation….
    Talk about SIN… The amount of Lies and truth stretching in this poor excuse of journalism is incredible.

  56. Conrad Twitty

    ChristWire once again speaks nothing but crystalline truth, shining in the darkness of contemporary society. Ravers won’t have anything to cheer or dance about when they’re unrepentant homosexual lifestyles and gratuitous pre-martial sex earns them an eternity of suffering.

    The Lord approves ChristWire dot org! You sinners have plenty of options across the internets to discuss your uninformed worldview. Leave ChristWire to the faithful and righteous!

  57. Joanne

    People like this make religion seem stupid. You talk about how much you love god and equality then continue to spread such stereotypical and stupid shit. If you’re going to post such stupid articles to “protect christian families” make sure you know what the fuck you’re talking about first. I’m sure drug users spread more love and hope for humanity than religious people like you. You’ve made a fool of yourself and it’s not even funny. Just embarrassing for you.



  59. housebeats

    OMG whomever wrote this article clearly never been to a party its bunch of lies and to me its hilarious that ppl actually would believe this article content lol

    Its all about music it always been about music I have NEVER seen orgies at parties so whomever came up with these bunch of lies- their head is clearly in the gutter and probably is the one that wants to join an orgy lol. It’s not one bit a reality of a “rave” party as you guys call it lol This article however its good if you want good laughter so props for that hahahaha

  60. Cheyenne

    Hahahahaha. This is funny. This guy would be a good troll if he didn’t over-do it so much.
    I wonder if he calls HIS penis a “sin snake” or “Satan’s septer.” Hahaha. XD
    He really needs an editor, as well. His spelling and grammar are just terrible.

  61. Vince K

    sounds like the author is complete idiot and basing his studies on HIS perceptions of raves. What.a.dumbass…..you should write more about the real problems, like poverty and unemployment.

  62. karen

    I didn’t waste my time reading all of the posts. All I have to say odd whoever wrote this article is WRONG beyond words.
    These “christians” are giving Christianity a extremely bad name with all there talk in here. It really disturbs me. I will say some ravers are dirty and irresponsible. But the information listed in the article is completely FALSE! I am a Christian and I love EDM! I am a raver!…..and I love Jesus. I go to school, i take care of elders with disabilities, I have a beautiful, smart and very healthy 5 year old son. Yes, there are kids/people in ” the scene” that are very immature and don’t take life seriously. And some do need to grow up. I have been in the rave scene for almost 10 years now and I wouldn’t change it for anything. If you guys are said Christian you would not be judging so deeply or accusing people of doing such foul things. I know I’ve made a difference in ppls lives for the better.

  63. Meh

    It’s absolutely mind-blowing at the amount of people commenting here that are complete fucking retards.

    1. Vince K

      in my raving days, ive never herd of PLUR being used as labi penis etc. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT AND WHO PULLED THAT OUTTA THEIR ASS?! FROM WHAT IVE KNOWN, ITS PEACE UNITY RESPECT. DUMBASSSSSSS

  64. Mark

    wow, I must have been going to the wrong ‘rave’ parties in the 90s cause non of what is written in this article is what I experienced during my rave days.

  65. karen

    Tyson, your far from correct with your article. The grammar isn’t even correct. All of my kandi bracelets are from fellow ravers I have traded with. I have never seen an orgie at a party, and I’ve been to a lot of events/raves/festivals. There are parties out there that are sex parties. They are very different from raves. Us ravers are all about the MUSIC and meeting other people that share the same Passion in our music! Or atleast it should be. I use to do drugs. The only person I was intimate with was my boyfriend of many years.

  66. Agnostic

    In all my years of attending Raves, I have never witnessed any that unfolded into a Nazi Sex Orgy. People attend raves for one reason – to enjoy music and the company of other people who are also there to enjoy music.

    I hope this is a joke. I actually laughed out loud at most of it, (mainly due to the fact that the information is so completely false) so I can only thank you for that.

    This post is just as fascist, racist and mis-informed as the Nazis were, I’m afraid. Huge, huge no-no.

    If you can’t practice, don’t preach and if you do want to preach, get the facts straight first.

  67. Charms

    Beads cannot be laced with acid.
    1. We buy them at department stores such as Walmart, Michael’s and other craft stores.
    2. The acid could never be soaked into plastic because plastic is not permeable or porous, that’s why it’s taken by paper.
    3. acid degrades after a very short amount of time, so a raver wouldn’t be on a trip every time they put on those beads. Completely impossible.
    4. All these people would die being on that much acid, if every bead they’re wearing had acid in it.
    I don’t do drugs but I know this because I read scientific research.

    Like I’ve told other ravers, just because you like drugs, that doesn’t make you a raver. Ravers base their lives on PLUR: peace, love, unity, respect. Peace in their mind and around them, love for all no matter who they are, unity amongst all who wish it and respect for everyone who deserves it. I’m a sober raver: I uphold peace love unity and respect, I love the music and atmosphere, I trade my kandi I’ve made with people to show that I think they are awesome, I give them to my non-raving friends like friendship bracelets. These beads are a reminder of the people you have met raving or people who are special to you in general.

    HappyHardcore did not start the rave scene. HappyHardcore is also just an EDM genre. Hardcore and HappyHardcore aren’t even that popular here in the US. If you listen to 90’s rave music it’s mostly

    The ravers who follow PLUR do not support Glow-sticking battles and I can tell you that as a glow-sticker and a raver, because they are two different cultures. You can be both but not all glow-stickers rave and not all ravers stick. Glowsticking.com a site where you can learn how to freehand or string (two different types of sticking)says that only collaborations are allowed, none of them support battles. They support learning from each other.

    PLUR babies? What is that? There are baby ravers, who are called that because they are new to the scene, but just to show that this whole article is false: PLUR babies do not exist. That is not a raving term. I even looked it up and I don’t see anything about it.
    Also it’s Junglist not Jungle List. You are also saying that the D&B or drum and bass, not drummed and base, is just afro-angry music, then go off on how blacks and yellows like it and blacks and yellows rob from everyone. That’s not only generalizing, that all blacks and yellows steal but they’re not blacks and yellows, they’re african americans and asian americans. That’s being racist whch is not supportive of being a good person.

    It’s articles like this that are completely biased that are shown to the world and make raving sound so terrible, no one writes anything about how raving changed somebody’s life or how it could have even saved them. Becoming a DJ saved one of my friends from depression.
    No one wants to listen. You are just trying to scare the public with sex and drugs which is not what raving is about.

    Ravers have learned tolerance, how about you?

  68. what a joke

    misinformation, not even close to any reality on any subject. raves started in russia? are you on acid? lol

    you guys must be part of that crazy church that protests funerals.

  69. Meh

    PEOPLE! THIS IS SATIRE!! How so many people can be so ridiculously idiotic and not see that is beyond me. Look at all you raver bastards who are blasting the writer. Some of you need to cut back on the drugs because it’s hurting your ability to comprehend simple things.

    1. GIlbert

      it doesn’t matter if its fake or not. Obviously if someone wrote an article about black people or christianity or whoever and talked shit on them and it was just a “joke” just like this article talks about raver, im pretty damn sure that those people would be offended and get pissed. Obviously, us ravers, do take offense to stupid idiotic misinforming shit like this.

      1. Nonsensei

        Guess what happens when someone gets offended?


        “I went to a comedy show last night and the comedian started talking about The Lord. And, I was so offended that the next morning I got leprosy!”

        Grow a spine.

      2. Meh

        You’re a fucking idiot. Grouping “ravers” in with an entire race is just ridiculous. I get what you’re point is, but, umm, why the fuck would any logical human being take your perspective? Getting offended at a satire article is just plain arrogant on your part. I went to raves from 1997-2004 and I found this to be hilarious. None of these people angrily responding to this article realize that it’s satire. Please go back and actually read the responses you fucking simpleton.

  70. trollol

    lol i fell for one of these articles before and got really worked up. this is a joke! it’s hilarious! if you are in the scene or have been in the past.. and you can’t read this and laugh about it.. you’re taking it too seriously! lol so amazing

  71. stickybeatz

    OMG this is my new favorite web site! Not sure which is funnier… the article itself or the idiotic comments. Finally a site that makes fun of both Christians AND ravers. I’m beside myself.

  72. praise ignorance

    So yeah, I sense that Religious freaks are going crazy again. With making others suffer and such with their slander, treachery, and lies. If you Christians don’t have anything better to do than to slander others with false accusations then why don’t you go catch a few more priest raping small boys

  73. zomdizzy

    Does this guy have anything better to do than to sit on his ass and write nonfactual stories about ravers! I sense someone might be obsessed and a little depressed that his life is full of drugs and nonsense like this article right here. You know its been said that people judge others people depending on how they act themselves. hmmm seems like someone needs a little help.

  74. Alicka York Hunt

    Hey who wants to go take acid extascy pill beadz and engage in rousing sexual activities?

  75. Dr SUDS

    Lol – obviously a troll article. I found the Lord in the mists of this very scene. And anyone who really understands wouldn’t write like this. This is obviously internet troll humor or a really mixed up mistakenly “saved” person.

  76. hahahaha

    hahahahaha ….oh wait you guys aren’t being sarcastic this is actually a site of people who believe this shit… wow…

  77. Meh

    My favorite posts are the ravers who are writing paragraph after paragraph defending the party scene and all that comes with it. In the end, it is them that look like complete morons and do nothing to help the raver stereotype. I went to parties for years, but I didn’t do enough to my brain to where I can’t decipher something satirical from something legitimate. For love of God, some of you people are damned cretins. Lay off the ecstasy.

  78. Aspentroll

    Kudos Amber and Claire, you sure kicked Stephenson Billings ass. This is a ridiculous site at best.

    1. Meh

      You’re as big of an idiot as the two people you’re praising. You do realize these guys were baiting these two the whole time, right? They’re laying it on pretty thick too. This article was a spoof; a joke; satire; whatever you want to call it.

  79. John

    The first raves were tribal people ingesting hallucinogens beating drums and dancing throughout the night.

  80. Know TheTrue

    This is the worst article I seen in my 42 years of Life!

    Go get some knowledge jerk!

  81. Meh

    No this is not a site full of people who believe this. It’s a satire site filled with people in the comment section totally fucking with you and you completely buying it. The people in this comment section that aee “supporting” the article and “God” are being humorous and it’s STILL escaping you. This is a site the wrote an article titled, “Mexican Zombie Flu Raises Black Rapper “Tupac” From The Dead”. If you think this is a serious site, then you’re a serious moron.

  82. Anon

    buy ravers manifesto mugs, tshirts and magnets
    Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is technology.
    Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none.
    Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be. You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence.
    We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children…
    We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself.
    We are The Massive. One Massive.
    We were first drawn by the sound. From far away, the thunderous, muffled, echoing beat was comparable to a mother’s heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring.
    We were drawn back into this womb, and there, in the heat, dampness, and darkness of it,
    We came to accept that we are all equal. Not only to the darkness, and to ourselves, but to the very music slamming into us and passing through our souls: we are all equal.
    And somewhere around 35 Hz we could feel the hand of God at our backs, pushing us forward, pushing us to push ourselves to strengthen our minds, our bodies, and our spirits,
    Pushing us to turn to the person beside us to join hands and uplift them by sharing the uncontrollable joy we felt from creating this magical bubble that can, for one evening, protect us from the horrors, atrocities, and pollution of the outside world. It is in that very instant, with these initial realisations that each of us was truly born.
    We continue to pack our bodies into clubs, or warehouses, or buildings you’ve abandoned and left for naught, and we bring life to them for one night.
    Strong, throbbing, vibrant life in it’s purest, most intense, most hedonistic form.
    In these makeshift spaces, we seek to shed ourselves of the burden of uncertainty for a future you have been unable to stabilise and secure for us.
    We seek to relinquish our inhibitions, and free ourselves from the shackle’s and restraints you’ve put on us for your own peace of mind.
    We seek to re-write the programming that you have tried to indoctrinate us with since the moment we were born.
    Programming that tells us to hate, that tells us to judge, that tells us to stuff ourselves into the nearest and most convenient pigeon hole possible. Programming that even tells us to climb ladders for you, jump through hoops, and run through mazes and on hamster wheels.
    Programming that tells us to eat from the shiny silver spoon you are trying to feed us with, instead of nourish ourselves with our own capable hands.
    Programming that tells us to close our minds, instead of open them.
    Until the sun rises to burn our eyes by revealing the dis-utopian reality of a world you’ve created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture, and of the values we believe in:
    Peace, Love, Freedom, Tolerance, Unity, Harmony,
    Expression, Responsibility and Respect.
    Our enemy of choice is ignorance. Our weapon of choice is information. Our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever laws you feel you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating our existence.
    But know that while you may shut down any given party, on any given night, in any given city, in any given country or continent on this beautiful planet, you can never shut down the entire party.
    You don’t have access to that switch, no matter what you may think. The music will never stop. The heartbeat will never fade. The party will never end.
    I am a raver, and this is my manifesto.
    this is my ravers Manifesto.


      i stopped reading after you said our currency of choice is knowledge. that was a nice heartfelt message and everything, but this site is SATIRE.

  83. Dave MacNamara

    Ok, as a decent Christian I am totally baffled by this article. Really hope its a joke. ” These drum beats (now known as bpm loops) where transformed into what modern day electronic house music sounds like” Hmm if you did a little bit of research you might see that modern day house music derives from Funk, Soul, 80s synth pop as well as having roots in reggae and even some in rock n roll of the 50s. Basically I’m glad im not American because we don’t have people as stupid, ignorant and racist where i come from. I love America but you are the exact person that gives it such a negative view in countries around the world. Please if you are going to voice such ridiculous opinions could you please state that it isnt fact and purely your own imagination. I believe that God created music for us to create and enjoy and if you (like me) like to get up and dance like a maniac to 130bpm house music i dont think theres anything wrong with it. Like wise if you like to sit in quiet cafes and listen to Jazz or stadiums and watch U2. God created music for us don’t be so closed minded.

  84. Jesus loves the acid

    This is the funniest s&%t i have read in ages.

    You god squad types crack me up. I’m going to go shoot up and engage my satan scepter in some pre-marital sin docking.

  85. LOL


  86. Seann

    This is the most ignorant thing i have ever read in my whole entire life, i have been to many raves and they are ABSOLUTELY nothing like this, i have about 90 pieces of KANDI and i have never, ever been in an orgy, and none of my kandi is soaked in LSD, you fucking idiots, also, i have never done any drug, and i pride myself in that. This story is pathetic.

  87. Katy J

    This is a joke, right?… Right?… Please tell me you’re kidding. This is WAY to far fetched. Is this like, a jesus-freak’s version of The Onion? Come on. Really?

  88. Thomas

    It’s funny that it seems to me that the author of this rather unsubstantiated nonsense is so into the whole idea of sex and drugs, that it comes across as him really wanting to be part of it. Why does he care to begin with? Why does he write an article of that length filling it with lies and made up stuff, if he isn’t totally obsessed by the idea itself?
    It’s the same with many of the hardcore Christians: at some point they are found out to be gay or pedophile or coke-snorters themselves… what a dreadful life they must live…
    Let’s praise those that are courageous enough to do what they want to do. Those that fight for rights that are worth fighting for because they are based on human rights, based on love for others and understanding.
    The author of the trash-talk-article above is full of hate and envy of the freedom and fun of others.
    Peace 😉

    But then again by writing that I realize that I pay way too much attention to something/someone that is obviously completely out of it. I should just leave it, NOT read it, NOT pay attention and forget about it… idiocy is obviously everywhere.

  89. Ciera

    All I gotta say is I go to pleeenty “raves” and I don’t do drugs. I’m there to dance because dancing makes me happy, along with everyone else in the room.

  90. Budskies

    Wow a Christian would make up some crap like this. First Pokemon is the Devil!!! Then Harry Potter!!! & now Raves?

    Do you have any proof? Where did you find this information?

  91. BLC

    this whole thing is such a lie. everything written is fake & over-dramatic. its just trying to destroy a scene/genre of music they don’t like. & talk about fucking racist. ‘communist yellows’, blacks that dance to african drums? are you fucking serious. ignorant fools. talk about a loving god, you guys are the most unloving things

  92. PlurBabeee xox

    Top article – lol – hilarious – (am I the only one who gets it?) hahaa 😀 you forgot to mention the Cake. I have several slices inside me now.

  93. JONAS

    PLUR means “Penis Labia Urine and Rectums” ??
    How did you even come up with that? You dirty,dirty old man.eeeeeeW…

  94. Luna

    Wow are you serious this is total crap. At least know how to spell what you are trying to get out because if you want to say Candy go right ahead. You just look like an idiot with no knowledge of the stuff you are trying to write about. Anyway get a life and write about your own self.


    And as for Stephenson Billings

    SHUT UP…

  95. WowReally

    How can all you people commenting on this possibly be that retarded? Of course this isn’t fucking serious. Do you think The Onion is a serious news source too?

    “This is a Christian website for families. We don’t need your profanity and sexual talk here. Please try to be mature. Highly offensive, kiddo.”

    ^ Lmao no the fuck it is not. If you’re too dumb to tell by the articles themselves, look in the websites store. Would a serious Christian, family website sell shirts that say things like “Milk Sacs” and “Ecstasy Induced Wizard”? No. Learn to take a joke. Damn.

    1. Meh

      While it’s obvious this is satire, the guy you’re ripping is listed at the top of the page. He’s in on the joke and baiting these people.

  96. xraverx


    my stomach hurts.

    Drummed and Base, LOLZ!

    Woah, ignorance at it’s finest!

  97. Highly Amused

    This is hilarious. I really hope it’s a gag article! It’s too ignorant and misinformed to be anything else.

    1. DJ Lunashift

      Look at this sites store. (I want the Ecstasy Induced Wizard shirt! LOL!) This whole site is satire. Its so funny how many people just got trolled like whoa! Silly silly ravers! Listen to the DJ… This is not serious. Its satire! LMFTO!!!

  98. Nathan

    Drug Jockeys, I love it, This is obviously a joke , and if not, this shows just how much christianity is lying to you.

  99. Joe Morris

    I disagree where it says it became popular in the late 90s. For me, the hardcore rave scene was very popular in my hometown, Memphis, TN, around 1992-94.

  100. spazzology

    LOL what an idiot, knows absolutely nothing about the scene, the “tribes” and wut?? stealin from others? causing trouble stirring up fights?? crews battling with light shows for sex with females?? LOL OMG what kind of lame idiotic statements are those!! this twatwaffle makes it sound like gangs.. WTF honestly, i doubt hes ever seen anything with his own eyes, just some crappy info from people trying to shut down the party scene, unfortunately, peter jennings did a 2 hour news special on esctacy, with a bottom line that basically there is NOTHING wrong with the drug, nor has any horrifying effects as long as its taken in an appropriate manner, not OD.
    back to the drugs he says. what a dipshit. with 500-1000 clubbers in parties worldwide doing absolutely nothing at all of what was mentioned here. leaders of the jungle tribe, what the hell is this guy on.. its no gang wars.

    i was in this scene for over 6 years. been there, done that, but the article seems to only be linking the raves with sex, drugs with sex, whatever with sex??? let me rephrase it:

    -group of music loving people unite to hear the beats that set them free to do wutever without having a care in the world about wut anyone else thinks, everyone is considered to be equal, no discriminations, no prejudism, no IDIOCY like this article.

    this moron is just trying to blacklist the whole rave/party scene cuz his son/daughter is interested in listening to trance music LOL – needs to get laid and buy a case of STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is no sexaholic jibberish at all,

  101. Noah Thority

    This is the most ignorant shit ive ever read and thats saying ALOT… of course it was written by a pedophile hipochristian whom obviously has issues with their uncle grandpa and cousin dad. Please. Go to hell.

    1. DJ Lunashift

      Nope. It was written by a satirical humorist. Its not real. This whole site is satire. Have you seen the shirts they sell? And it got me at first too, so don’t feel bad. Just laugh, cause its fucking hilarious!

  102. Erica St. Evergreen

    so even if all of this was fact, I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously because of the horrible grammar and the stretching of the truth.

    this is a pathetic way to make us ravers look bad but thanks to you, we’re all enjoying a good laugh.

  103. C.P.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! When did these kind of kids come on the scene?? Like…. When do these rape sessions go on? Haha I’ve never heard of anyone getting raped at a show. This is hilarious. Is this for real or is this a complete joke. It can’t be real if it’s making me laugh. I’ve been to a few parties and I’ve never heard of fights or orgies going on. I guess the midwest is the best :p

  104. RaverSexFiend

    I don’t see the problem. I’ve been raping and satan worshiping at Raves, which actually stands for Rape And Victimize Everyone, for years. And I have always been fond of nazi sex orgies, and wish the world would just accept us, and our bruttish raping ways for what they are. Seriously. What’s the big deal?

  105. Meh

    I guess I have to type this in caps…





    1. DJ Lunashift

      THANK YOU!!! I’ve been screaming that since I read this! YAY!!! Someone else who saw this for the satire it is! Thank you random stranger!

    2. Drew

      Troll article is trolling. [img]http://static.tumblr.com/noiu98j/gUplb4j88/trollface.jpg[/img][/img]

    3. Danny boy

      Answer me this then meh as you seem to kno so much.. Why is it that you guys find this funny? Surely a man like yourself with so lilttle mind numbing drugs in your system would not be so easily amused? Sounds like something I’d come up with when I was 6 and you cannot be that young surely?! Because these people did not comprehend this as the poor joke that it is they highlight the points they disagree with, completely normal and professional. now get off your high horse.

  106. spazzology


    it’s everything that this article FAILED to mention. have a shitty day, asshole. go shove some xtc up ur ass and tell me how YOU feel in 20 min

  107. spazzology

    ah one last thing:

    most useless, pathetic attempt to try and brainwash the public with this nonsense. heres one big fat F U for the road, jack, and dont come back no more no more no more no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. aDrugFilledRaver

    People may think I am trolling, but my friend showed me this article because I’m the guy in the captain crunch shirt that was so kindly captioned. my name is Brett Warniers, look me up on facebook and messege me if you really want me to prove it.
    That picture was taken at pyroglyphics in Hartford, CT, 2009, July 4th. they had a photo booth set up and my girlfriend and I had just started dating and raving at the time, and there was a photographer there doing portraits with a blacklight, and we wanted some quality rave photos to hang on our wall.
    anyhow, I would like to start out by saying I was completely sober when that picture was taken. I spent my money on the portrait, so i didn’t have any left over for drugs. i had a pretty killer time, and now this image is easy to find on google if you just search “raver couple”, which I would assume it’s where it came from.
    either way, if this is meant to be serious, then I am greatly offended because it is not true, and the picture does not belong to this author. If we are all in fact being trolled, then my hat goes off to you, because I was dying of laughter every sentence.
    i kinda feel honored that a photo of me has become a stereotype to a scene of people who believe in true moral values, and have unconditional love for their fellow humans. drugs or not, i wouldn’t even consider myself a raver, i just like to go to sick parties here and there.
    anyway, i bid you all a good evening, and may you be blessed by my acid beads, and have sex filled eyes for eternity.

  109. Julian

    Well Mr Tyson Bowers III, there is ample evidence, and fairly solid, that every major religion to come out of the near and far East, bar Islam, started as magic mushroom ingesting, sharmanistic cults. (FYI, I have studied mysticism, mythology and religious origins for more than a decade).
    Judaism and Christianity particularly began as small groups of holy men and women ingesting the FLY AGARIC mushroom. If you know where/how to look, you will see this mushroom symbolicly represented throughout Jewish and Christian texts and art.
    So, Mr Tyson Bowers III, before you start on your deeply misguided rant about drug ingesting teeny boppers, just remember that your religion was founded by people inspired after taking the hardest of hard core magic shrooms, and tripping long and hard.


    This has got to be the most outrageous thing I’ve ever read. Not to mention racist. I’m not sure were you got your information from, but it is absolutely wrong! I have been to countless raves and the things that you are describing do not happen to to such extremities. This is suppose to be a Christian website that promotes Christian values. Lying, racism, and over exaggeration isn’t very Christian like. I in fact happen to be a Christian and find this horrible and I am ashamed that a fellow “Christian” would write something like this. I go to raves because I like the music and the fellowship of other people who like the things I like. NOT to to do drugs, have sex orgies, or rob and rape since us “blacks” and “yellows” are said to do such things. Are you telling me that Caucasians don’t rob and rape, or is it okay for them to do that? This is why people have become disillusioned with Christianity. Extremists like the author of this piece of trash disguised as “Journalism” cause people to feel that all Christians are all like this. Just to shout out to everyone all Christians are like this. Only the misinformed, agenda pushing radicals are!!!! I’m going to be sure to pray for the author of this article and hope the good Lord can change his heart.

  111. Jaz

    Does anyone actually believe half of this idiot’s bullshit?
    I guess the same idiots that believe that God is coming back hahaha
    & for the record It’s called DRUM AND BASS.

  112. max jettikid

    Dear Mr. bowers,
    My name is max, my close friend presented me with this article in the name of good humor. Although i did find your lack of knowledge amusing, I thought that you should know that not only is your article inaccurate to the truth of a party culture but I found it equally as offensive. I am a proud member of the NYC rave scene, I am friendly with those affiliated with the LA rave scene (among other branches and styles along with the culture.) Me and my girlfriend of two years have not once nor have we ever witnessed these mass homosexual orgies you
    claim is to be a large part of the rave scene. Nor have I or my girlfriend indulged in this type of behavior. What you have presented in this article are but stereotypes and are fare fetched from the truth.As i read through your article I noticed a multitude of spelling errors and miss labeled information. This not only shows your level of professionalism but your lack of education itself. It is called Drum and Bass not drummed and base and they are not called Jungle Lists…they are called Junglists and are very friendly (I have Junglist friends). I doubt greatly you have raver friends.I make and wear these beads (which in rave culture is called KANDI.) and have never laced them with acid. I make them because I believe in Peace love unity respect (P.L.U.R) which is what it means to me and those around me I rave with. I am disgusted with your lack of resources for this information. You have failed to make it clear and present where you received your sources for this information. Even in middle school I learned that if you wish to put facts and statistics in your article you most clearly cite them (otherwise it is false). I am not “lost” in no way or form. I am attending a university (Hofstra University if you care to know) as are many of my other raver friends (one recently graduated from farmingdale University and is making his way towards a career in forensics.) I have been to many raves and fights are rare to none. I do not know where or from whom you received his information from but unless you yourself have gone out and experienced the culture your information is greatly inaccurate. Even If you have received one on one information from someone who has experienced this kind of radical behavior at a rave they are disgusting (I know nobody who has shoved anything up their “Bum” for drug use.)and does not mean others participate in that kind of behavior. You are bias and ignorant, Once you have begone to stereotype and accuse “yellows” and “blacks” of being thieves and the dominate race of a group of party goers you have truly showed god himself where your heart is. I am a Man of god myself and pray that characters such as yourself will open their eyes and mind to end cultural oppression. Before you begin to waste time enlightening the masses with false information and grammar jumbled sentences about ravers being “a sick bunch” why dont you do research on why I must deal with these so called Christians writing about how ravers are a plaque to society mean while I cant walk through a subway in new york without having to hear a man devoted to god talk about cleansing the world of the mud race and how jesus spoke to him while he was writing an article on tysonbowersiii.com. may god bless you and your half minded soul.


      your lack of knowledge is amusing. this article is fake, look at the other articles that this site posts. may god bless you and your half minded soul.

  113. WowReally

    So many ravers I know have gotten wind of this article. All I’m seeing is “blahblah IGNORANT blahblah CHRISTIANS blahblahfuckingblah”

    I didn’t know so many of the people I knew were retarded. How can they not recognize satire? This article is not serious.


  114. Drew

    Well done sir. I’m pretty sure your explicit purpose was to post as an inflammatory post as possible. You target a subculture and then apply the most heinous crap you can think of, regardless of how it actually applies.

    You have subsequently…
    – Shot your page views up by all the people who are coming to disagree with this
    – Provided enough controversy that you got people to comment, providing even more views and links through shared comments

    However, next time, you should try to make things a tad more believable. I’m sure that might actually take some more effort (and hey, if you can generate a few thousand views for an hours worth of work, go for it!) but more realistic offenses might actually get real media attention. I’m sure if you had toned it down a bit, you could have gotten on Fox News as a guest!

    TL;DR Troll site is trolling. http://static.tumblr.com/noiu98j/gUplb4j88/trollface.jpg

  115. Drew


    Well done sir.

    I’m pretty sure your explicit purpose was to post as an inflammatory post as possible. You target a subculture and then apply the most heinous crap you can think of, regardless of how it actually applies.

    You have subsequently…
    – Shot your page views up by all the people who are coming to disagree with this
    – Provided enough controversy that you got people to comment, providing even more views and links through shared comments

    However, next time, you should try to make things a tad more believable. I’m sure that might actually take some more effort (and hey, if you can generate a few thousand views for an hours worth of work, go for it!) but more realistic offenses might actually get real media attention. I’m sure if you had toned it down a bit, you could have gotten on Fox News as a guest!

    TL;DR Troll site is trolling.

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  117. TehChemist

    So.. for all you guys that have been trolled… well…you’ve been trolled. This entire site is a crock of shit, they sell shirts that say “satans nectar” and “ecstasy induced wizard”. The harm here is NOT in the slanderous rantings about ravers or anything of that sort, I’ve seen it about hippies, hipsters, ravers, you name it.. it’s all for a good larf. The true victims of this article/site are the legitimately, god-fearing christians who are taking this word as gospel. Naive? HOOOO yeah. But victims nonetheless. Stephenson Billings for example. Sure, I’m sure he has his bit to say, I mean.. He rants on his facebook about sarah palin eating pizza with a fork. But he’s a lamb. (SEE WUT I DID THUR?) A lamb following the farmer right to the slaughter, getting all hyped up in defense of Tyson, who’s really just a grade-A douche with a f*cked up sense of humor. The reality is, Tyson doesn’t care. He puts one new comment up every 50 or so, just to keep the ball rolling. The prior comment about him “going viral” was 100% accurate. This is here for HaHa’s peeps, nothing more. Don’t get sucked into a stupid debate over supposed idiosyncrasies. That said, being QUITE the glowstick twirler and having been called a wizard more than a few times in my day. I may have to order said “ecstasy induced wizard” shirt.

  118. fl0ppyd00dle

    Source for all this bullshit history?
    Excuse me, I must keep laughing

  119. TehChemist

    So.. for all you guys that have been trolled… well…you’ve been trolled. This entire site is a crock of shit, they sell shirts that say “satans nectar” and “ecstasy induced wizard”. The harm here is NOT in the slanderous rantings about ravers or anything of that sort, I’ve seen it about hippies, hipsters, ravers, you name it.. it’s all for a good larf. The true victims of this article/site are the legitimately, god-fearing christians who are taking this word as gospel. Naive? HOOOO yeah. But victims nonetheless. Stephenson Billings for example. Sure, I’m sure he has his bit to say, I mean.. He rants on his facebook about sarah palin eating pizza with a fork. But he’s a lamb. (SEE WUT I DID THUR?) A lamb following the farmer right to the slaughter, getting all hyped up in defense of Tyson, who’s really just a grade-A douche with a f*cked up sense of humor. The reality is, Tyson doesn’t care. He puts one new comment up every 50 or so, just to keep the ball rolling. The prior comment about him “going viral” was 100% accurate. This is here for HaHa’s peeps, nothing more. Don’t get sucked into a stupid debate over supposed idiosyncrasies. That said, being QUITE the glowstick twirler and having been called a wizard more than a few times in my day. I may have to order said “ecstasy induced wizard” shirt. also, check out my glowstick videos on facebook, “mark getman” there’s a pic of some fire poi going on xD

  120. Matt Hart

    I could have sworn this was an email from the Nigerian Prince.

    I think I saw some of those pictures years ago. Not that their arent a plethora of HORRIBLE Rave pictures of kids being extremely too fucked up for their own good, but those are a couple of doozies.

    And for those of you that dont know, Raves died years ago, around the time when you didnt have to call into a voicemail to get the address of a dude posted on a corner, handing out maps. One good one for the right people, and a boonies map for the jokers. Only to follow the map to some abandoned broken in warehouse and dance all night.

    You kids wouldnt know a Rave if you were actually at one.

  121. Huggie Bear

    Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is technology. Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none. Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be.

    You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence. We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children. We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself. We are The Massive. One Massive.

    We were first drawn by the sound. From far away, the thunderous, muffled, echoing beat was comparable to a mother’s heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring. We were drawn back into this womb, and there, in the heat, dampness, and darkness of it, we came to accept that we are all equal. Not only to the darkness, and to ourselves, but to the very music slamming into us and passing through our souls: we are all equal. And somewhere around 35Hz we could feel the hand of God at our backs, pushing us forward, pushing us to push ourselves to strengthen our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Pushing us to turn to the person beside us to join hands and uplift them by sharing the uncontrollable joy we felt from creating this magical bubble that can, for one evening, protect us from the horrors, atrocities, and pollution of the outside world. It is in that very instant, with these initial realizations that each of us was truly born.

    We continue to pack our bodies into clubs, or warehouses, or buildings you’ve abandoned and left for naught, and we bring life to them for one night. Strong, throbbing, vibrant life in it’s purest, most intense, most hedonistic form. In these makeshift spaces, we seek to shed ourselves of the burden of uncertainty for a future you have been unable to stabilize and secure for us. We seek to relinquish our inhibitions, and free ourselves from the shackles and restraints you’ve put on us for your own peace of mind. We seek to re-write the programming that you have tried to indoctrinate us with since the moment we were born. Programming that tells us to hate, that tells us to judge, that tells us to stuff ourselves into the nearest and most convenient pigeon hole possible. Programming that even tells us to climb ladders for you, jump through hoops, and run through mazes and on hamster wheels. Programming that tells us to eat from the shiny silver spoon you are trying to feed us with, instead of nourish ourselves with our own capable hands. Programming that tells us to close our minds, instead of open them.

    Until the sun rises to burn our eyes by revealing the distopian reality of a world you’ve created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture, and of the values we believe in: Peace, Love, Freedom, Tolerance, Unity, Harmony, Expression, Responsibility and Respect.

    Our enemy of choice is ignorance. Our weapon of choice is information. Our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever laws you feel you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating our existence. But know that while you may shut down any given party, on any given night, in any given city, in any given country or continent on this beautiful planet, you can never shut down the entire party. You don’t have access to that switch, no matter what you may think. The music will never stop. The heartbeat will never fade. The party will never end.

    I am a raver, and this is my manifesto.


    Never in my life have a read such a false, misleading, fear-induced, inaccurate, ignorant, racist, abusive, mis-informed, impertinent, illiterate steaming pile of shit. This god-fearing, fear-mongering author clearly hasn’t done his research (not that he’d get into any raves with the name Tyson Bowers III) with 100% of the ‘facts’ inaccurate and/or completely false, instead opting for verbal diarrhoea of the Christian kind.

    I find it amusing that most of the comments on this all-Christian, family-friendly site are in strict opposition to the Christie-propaganda spread by the author and the other ignorant god-fearing minions… Intelligent people will see through this shit. And I find the pro-Christian comments even funnier -for such ‘holy’ people I am repeatedly astounded by their often hypocritical, aggressive, abusive, poorly thought out, self-righteous behaviour and tones (and of course there’s always the inability to critically think and rationally and reasonably debate the existence of God -often resorting to “it’s in the Bible, therefore it must be true” or “you’ve just got to have faith”. What a load of shit!). Christians are the least ‘Christian’ and least spiritual people I have ever met!!

    I’m not even going to bother to try to dispel the ridiculous crap about the ‘rave’ culture that has been perpetuated in this article (if you can call it that) -Christians are better off believing this misinformation and not knowing about the truly spiritual, mind-opening, positive and life-changing elements of the rave scenes around the world (it might shatter their world view a little too quickly!).

    This world and all of it’s inhabitants (human and non-human) will surely continue to suffer until ignorant, antiquated Christian rhetoric is finally quelled by rational and critical thinking.

    Do every one a favour, Tyson Bowers III, and take some LSD.

      1. L.N

        If you’re going to ignore any points made by someone, then everyone should ignore any points you make because you’re a psychotic Christian.

        Oh wait, we already do. Never mind, carry on.

  123. Grumpie Khunt

    There is no way an article like that would get published in Australia – we don’t have enough gullible Jesus cock smokers to make the effort worthwhile.

    Please, if you think this is a serious article, keep up with the responses. There’s a few million Down Under pissing themselves.

    But let’s talk about something else. Hey, how much did it suck when the Church stole Xmas from the Pagans, and whacked on some bullshit about it being some carpenters birthday to boost membership? That was so boss.

  124. Dance floor murdera

    First and foremost if you’ve never been to experience a rave you shouldnt be writing articles full of crap, I don’t know where you got your info but your DEAD WRONG!!!
    Raves aren’t about drugs it’s about music and the unconditional love of beats and breaks, it’s
    About a common vibe and outlook, raving gives adults and teens alike a spot for joyous meetings and the ability to be noticed without judgement!!
    Yes sure there are drugs at raves but to imply that these are drug parties I resent, your exposed to drugs everyday from your co-workers to your friends and certainly the people in power, it’s whether or not you choose to open your mind to it’s existence.

    Do us all a favor and pull your head out of the sand and get some facts better yet expose yourself to something other than the sheltered existence of you and your god in the passenger seat!!!

  125. Ambreon

    I am a Kandi Kidd raver. I’m am very much drug free as are my fellow kandi kidd friends. Kandi are all the bracelets that we make and trade with fellow ravers. Some people do there drugs, just because your a raver doesn’t mean you do. P.L.U.R. is what we all live by PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT.
    Maybe some people do do all this bad that your talking about, but there are good people in the world that like to join in on the techno, glowsticking, and trading pretty bracelets.
    There are good people who use the internet for good and there are people that use it for porn and hacking. There are Church goers who have faith and don’t bash on people because there not of the same color or religion and there are goers that molest there son or daughter when they get home. There are people who take drugs to cure there sickness and people who abuse them.

    Yes I did read this article.

  126. Penny Lame


    I find it funny that Christians are the most judgmental of all the religions (aside from the rag heads.. but that’s another story.)
    You do not have to be “liberal” to go to a rave. You do not have to do drugs to go to a rave. As a matter of fact, none of the raves I’ve been to ever involved any sex or drugs. Sure, people would look around for some coke or x, but they wouldn’t be successful in finding it. Why? Because it’s not quite as popular as you think it is.
    All of this acid and ecstasy that you speak of really isn’t as popular and easy to get a hold of as you think. And in any case, there are a LOT of “straight edge” people who attend raves. (For those who don’t know, straight edge is a term used to describe those who do not submit to drugs or alcohol, many times they do not get piercings or tattoos either because it isn’t natural, or they say they don’t want to harm their bodies in any way.)
    What were all the prophets and saints on when “God” supposedly spoke to them? They weren’t sober, that’s for sure. Drugs are an active part of your bible, whether you like it or not.
    Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily condone the use of hard drugs. I’m not against them either, though.
    You see, I won’t call any of you names or tell you how stupid and ignorant I believe you to be (ok, maybe I just did…), but I will tell you that your article IS very humorous. I didn’t believe it to be an actual article that’s meant to be taken seriously from man who thinks he’s a preacher. I did get a few laughs out of it.. until I realized that there are people that take this seriously and actually believe the absurdities posted on this website.
    To anyone who reads this, please be aware that the followers on this site are NOT Christians. They are a part of a cult. True Christians aren’t as backwoods as this. The people on this website that follow this man and his words (and others like him) are the equivalent to the inbred’s in Kansas who protest at Military Funerals and spew nothing but hate.
    I have nothing against Christians whatsoever. I feel as if the Christian religion is often thrown under the bus by the liberal media, liberals, and other religions in the world. However, those of you who feel you are Christians and get tied up in judging others and slandering groups of people and their events, not to mention actually BELIEVE what this man and men of his “authority” and word, have unfortunately fallen into a cult.
    The group that has put this website together ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. They are a CULT.
    As a matter of fact, the same kind of cult that, like I said, protest at Military Funerals, force their young daughters into marriage and commitment at severely young ages, and also make their wives realize “their place”. These are not people who follow Jesus’ word or actually praise God. They’ve made that more than evident.
    And please do not think of these people as being “conservative”, either. This old fart has just proven his liberalism by showing us his ignorance, judgment, and hatred. True conservatives would not put things quite the same way. Then again, true conservatives (such as MYSELF) don’t lie their asses off like this dude just did.

    Please, before you call me filthy names, judge me on what I’ve said, and attempt to convince me what a druggie I am, please know that I:
    A) Have grown up surrounded by the military and have VERY politically conservative principals.
    B) Am completely Agnostic and do not follow ANY religion.
    C) Am very experienced with raves and most parties in general. As a matter of fact, the Christians party more filthy than anyone I know! :)
    D) Have NEVER tried LSD or ecstasy, but I do not have anything against those who do them recreationally (the only way to do acid or mushrooms IS recreationally, since it isn’t an addictive drug). And quite frankly, Christians shouldn’t either, considering the bible is quite a large acid trip in and of itself.
    The thoughts, ideas, and stories in the bible would not have ever even been dreamed of if it weren’t for psychedelic drugs.

    http://www.facebook.com/pennyxlame :)

    1. TehChemist

      To make a correction, drugs are used recreationally when they are not used for beneficial reasons, such as science. Being addicted to them is very much still recreational use, because you’re doing it for shits and giggles in the end, whether or not you “need” to

      1. Penny Lame

        How right you are!
        But when I say “recreational use”, I don’t mean a daily thing, or even a routine. I mean “every so often” or “when I go out” or whatever. But alas, you’re still correct. :)

  127. Ex-Raver

    Best article I’ve ever read. Hilarious and I want to turn it into a movie!!!
    Dear Bible Thumpers, stop your noise. God doesn’t want this type of arguing over something so small. You are the reason why I pray at home and not in “the lords house”. You’re all silly and will go to hell. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha

  128. Penny Lame

    LOL Too bad no one made me aware of the fact that this site is completely satire. Never seen it until this article. Jokes on me :)

  129. Thecarnivale

    This is the most prejudice and incorrect article I have ever read. I am ashamed of the counter culture known as Christianity. While some might indulge this way, it is unconscionable to think or write that “every raver is a drug induced nymphomaniac with anal fetishes with other boys and girls.” This article was not featured anywhere other than the back page of the Google bathroom reader. But I must say “haters gonna hate”..starting with other religions, sexual orientations, and social parties. If you are jelly, then join us and enjoy yourself…or wait you only want to fear monger and spread lies. Nevermind…carry on troll. Worthless author, viewpoint, and YOUR religion.

    1. Penny Lame

      This is a satire site, dude.. Lol. I thought I already pointed that out. Nothing on this site is meant to be taken seriously. Though there are bible thumpers that DO think exactly like this..

  130. jay balance

    LMAO if anyone thinks any of this true you are a fucking retard! First off if your going to report or blog on something know your facts. all the stuff you have said is a complete joke and lie. ALL OF YOU CAN SUCK A BIG FAT SATAN DICK!!

  131. Bubbledickus

    Rave died in 2001, and it’s quite evident the people who are upset about this article are complete idiots, since they can’t see this is clearly written for humor. Same people who still use the word PLUR! lol

  132. Marazhan

    This article is proof of why I know there is no god. You have No clue what you are talking about. Just more Bait for the dump sheeple that aren’t strong enough minded to have faith in themselves….. I really feel sorry for you mindless idoits..

    Just keep listening to judgmental and corrupt jerks ( that by the way make a killing off your donations to “Christ” and “lol God”) and continue to be the uneducated SHEEP that support them.

    Thanks for proving me right again hypocritical, uneducated, christian idiots..

    1. not a moron

      You nitwits do realize that this is pure satire? Oh, you didn’t? Who’s the dumb sheeple now, moron?

  133. Inscrutable

    How can you feel the saving grace of Jesus with all this aggravated breaking and beating you speak of? God sees all and will surely be judging your pathetic gyrations as you break all eleven of His Commandments in one ecstasy driven night of sinful abandon!

    When will these youngsters realize that dancing to endless choruses of “Pump Up The Jam” or “This Beat Is Technotronic” will do nothing to secure their place in Heaven? Satan rejoices when computers suck all of the humanity out of music; so do ravers!

    Certainly it is clear that the evil stick of disco is beating these hellish bpm loops of fire into the American psyche via the Devil herself. The four on the floor Sex-Compulsion-Programming-Clown music is directly emblematic of course of evil dog style sex. These rhythms cause submissive women to exit the home and take on careers, all while popping out little ravers (with ecstasy birth defects)without even knowing they have been impregnated in first place! Ecstasy is a hell of a drug (makes a God shaped hole in your brain).

    It should be noted that ravers and raver-babies have much in common; both use pacifiers, cry when faced with God’s judgment, and have less developed brains than the rest of us.

    Uh oh; I think I hear a raver prowling outside my door. Better baptize them with my Holy Pepper Spray and play the song “Sunday” by Bryan Blake, my favorite singer of all time, on a continuous loop.

    Purely Laughable Unrealistic Ridiculousness. Puking Librarians Urging Rim-jobs. Pray for them . . . to stay away from you and your innocent children!

  134. Paul

    Why don’t all you bible pushers do your thing,and mind your own business. People are going to do what they want, no matter what you say. I myself am not a so called Christian and this is why. Christians are always judging people and hypocritical. I don’t judge people, you are who you are. By the way if there is a god, he knows who you are and if your a good person or not and allot of you so called Christians are in for a surprise. Because most of you are fake not all.
    I don’t care what religion you are just keep it to yourself and don’t push your views onto others. I don’t I just keep it real.

  135. Brendan

    I think if you look at the numbers of likes and dislikes on various comments you will see a great difference in the numbers of people belonging to each respective demographic.

    Nice to no evangelism and radical Christians are dying off with their old age. I look forward to a day when religion does not plague this earth and they’re not around to share it with us. Have fun in heaven now though wont you? Ill enjoy life while i live.

  136. Joseph

    This guy is…well… a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

    Oh and BTW, I can Copy and paste Scriptures off or google to support your rediculous alligations.

    Your Page says your a Fan of Jersey Shore and your a bible thumper. That really tells us alot. Your a Sad lonely man whos taking your aggression out on the happiest group of people known to man. Its a happy, pleasure seeking culture driven by community and music. Yes you will find drugs there of all sorts, just like you would at School, or with your friends, or at a club, or in public, or at a park, or behind a local gas station. If anything, it sounded more like a long list of hate mail. And dont give me this Journalist bullshit cause all journalists back there work, and your work is Falsified information.

    Peter warns Christians of all ages: “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their destructive ways” (2 Peter 2:1,2).

    I can play this game too. We can go back and forth all day. What’s it gonna prove, absolutely nothing.

  137. kermit


  138. Vlad

    LMFAAAOOOOOO AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA JUNGLE LIST! i love this… this right here is proof of the ignorance of some people in this world. please PLEASE dont talk about something you know absolutely NOTHING about… and you really need to spell check your work before you post it… its quite embarrassing.

  139. lucyfer

    Wow, such a work of fiction. Where did you get your facts… this perfidious article would be hilarious if it wan’t for the fact that some of your gullible readers will believe it. Call yourself a christian? You should be ashamed.

  140. Peter Monoton

    what a shit … the one who has written this shit must have IQ -4 or even less … buddy next time when you try to write something like this go to the toilet and masturbate your little dick it will make more sense

  141. Asheville Christian

    Thank you for bringing to light the true horrors of the raiver scene and their debauchorous irresistable tricks they play to guide God’s children onto Satans vile dancefloor of drug induced orgies.

    Some of these Drug Jockies even use sharpies that are laced in a mixture of drugs to “autograph” their unassuming fans to turn the event into a writhing sex crazed frenzy of young virgins loosing their innocence in piles of acid laced beads.

    These drug laced autographs or “tags” are also very dangerous even beyond the event itself. When a raiver girl, with her voluptuos, bouncing, sinful mammory cleavage signed, leaves the party and seduces an unspecting Christian, he will get hi from licking the ink, unable to control his tongue from lapping up her womanly charms. She then uses his altered state to force him into un-martial sex sliding her dripping sin hole onto him.

    These drug laced sharpies also spread STD’s because after everyone at the party is hi, the Drug Jockey uses the sharpie as a filthy sex toy, raping the partiers up the anus’, vaginias, mouths and whatever other body orface they can possibly find; all on stage in plain view for spectators to record on their phones and put on youtube.

    Here is the proof in a Drug Jockey’s facebook album displaying the drug laced sharpie signing horror. The drugs are so strong that you must not even lick the photos appearing on your computer or you will start convulsing in orgasmic ecstacy: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150110416931462.291070.168148231461

    1. andy karsen

      LOL. Galaxc girl represent, even though the link is broken. I met her on Xmas night in Atlanta. She sign mad titties…….

      1. Asheville Christian

        Dear Andy,
        The link works fine for me. It’s her album she disgracefully calls “TITS” on her facebook: http://www.facebook.com/galaxcgirl where a good servant of the Lord keeps reporting her filthy facebook photos so the wretched sucubus has also made a new album http://www.flickr.com/photos/galaxcgirl/sets/72157626738770507/ with all the ones facebook deleted such as this one of her proudly displaying a signing of a poor young girl’s smooth, pearl-white bum which she raped with unprotected sharpies right after this photo was taken: [img]http://www.flickr.com/photos/galaxcgirl/5788690048/[/img]

        She’s turning our sons and daughters into Satans whores who can then only lust after the next show, the next high they get from the drugged sharpie signing and euphoric dance orgies during her appalling, shocking, depraved “audio visual performances”.

        You are fortunate she did not touch you with her “magic” marker, or you might still be a drugged out bundle of waste twitching in a dreamland of delirious delights of a gay fairyworld with exploding fractal vagina’s, six titted bi-sexual translucent naked alien girls riding homosexual unicorns and other multi-dimensional abominations.
        God save and bless you.


        1. Asheville Christian

          PS: The hideous creature called GalaxC Girl is far more dangerous than the average DJ. She is a DJ + VJ (Drug Jockey + Vaginal Jammer) otherwise known as AV performance which stands for Anal Vulva.

          If your child absolutely must get their chest signed by her, I urge you at all costs to at least make them bring their own sharpie to avoid the carnal drugged induced states that her satan stick causes.

    2. andy karsen

      After further examination of the comments, I retract my previous statement that all of you are fucking morons. It’s approximatley 95%.

  142. Jesus Christ

    Keep in mind, my children, that I love all mankind. Even if they partake in this “Penis, Labia, Urine, Rectum” way of life. Do not shun them, but accept them. Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, that LSD they do is quite enjoyable.[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/93/Buddy_christ.jpg[/img]

    1. Beelzebub

      Hey, Jesus, been a minute… I lost your number, but you should text me, I’m going to this sweet acid party this weekend, thought you might want to take some Rainbow Kissed Sugar Drops with me and engage in a hot homosexual closet mouth sex session with me and some of my buddies. Anyways, feel free to hit me up. (666)666-6969
      -Beelzey <3

      1. Jesus Christ

        OMG! Beelzey! I TOTALLY thought you didn’t like me anymore… Go figure you just lost my number. Anyways, I would LOVE to go with you! XD

        Oh! Don’t forget next weekend is Father’s Day, and my Dad’s having a HUGE party! I can sneak you in if you want, we can go do some crack and go driving around, maybe hit somebody’s grandmother or something. I’m sure we can figure out how to fuck some shit up hardcore, if you know what I mean 😉

        Anyways, I’ll hit you up in a couple of hours, gotta go talk to Hitler and Genghis, see if they’re down to party with us.

        Much luv <3 <3 <3
        -Ol' Jeezy

  143. J

    The level of paranoia in that article is awesome. Thankyou for the best laugh i’ve had in ages…

    I’d stick around and troll you retarded god botherers, but i have to go to a ‘Rave Party’

    Btw… The Romans knew how to party and they killed Jesus, so just imagine what this generation of kids will do!

  144. Neil Lawrence

    Hey guys come on now cut the guy some slack… You cant deny the obvious clearly if you like music, fun and love you have to be a terrible devil worshiping piece of shit. Im just glad I have god and his undeserving children to tell me whats really right. You all know everyone who is different from you is evil and if you live in celabicy children are the answer, its only right…

  145. mary

    I’m no raver, but this is one of the worst articles i have ever read… couldn’t even finish it… terrible.

  146. Roger Martinez

    This webpage misrepresents everything the Rave culture stands for, it should be removed. I have been going to raves since 97 and and have always known PLUR as peace love unity and respect. I can also tell you that by reading this very disturbing and descriptively bias garbage that the author has never been to a rave. Also musical drum loops existed since man could beat on a drum NOT with nazis. There are so many parallels made with raving and debased culture or events that are complete baseless rubbish that I thought at first this article was a joke.

  147. GIlbert

    if “jesus” was here on earth, alive, and walking. Im sure he’d be at a rave and he’d be shuffling haha

  148. Phil

    is this guy retarded? not good as a journalist? to arrogant and narrow minded? or just a big combination of all of them?
    i know first hand that this is all a bunch of bull shit. I myself am a raver. Yes there are drugs here and there in the scene but its not all what its about. i myself usually prefer to rave sober and i know many people just like me. in the end of it all its about the music. Would you wright the same way about people who like to attend Pop Concerts? Its the same aspect. Not everyone likes the same music, and to us a “rave” is just another form of a concert, for the music of our taste.
    yeah i know you got your religion and all that, fine and dandy you do what you do but c’mon, isn’t it time to stop feeding lies into young innocent minds? open your eyes to the world people.

    1. Neoconstipated

      It’s the influence of Satan that draws our youth toward the sex and flashing lights of rave. Please gather your addicted friends and go to the nearest church. You and your friends will become fufulled in every way, including musically, where with Christ in your hearts, you’ll become drawn to uplifting wholesome country music.

      1. Hello

        By statistic information gathered, country music is the most depressing music genre. A study was held in numerous cities. All cities were very similar. Each city broadcast generally one genre of music. The cities which broadcasted country music had the highest rate of suicide amongst all the types of genre. Country music generally depicts self loathing, inner anger and very sad music. Where as metal generally depicts anger towards society, rap depicts anger towards others.
        So I doubt that everyone will “become drawn to uplifting wholesome country music.”
        They might just kill themselves.

        1. Somebody Important

          And, generally, this ‘Happy Hardcore’ music inspires love towards your neighbor (like your bible tells you to)

  149. Miss Ann

    Lying is a sin and the author of this article is lying through their teeth. I was a raver years ago and this article is 100% false and comical to read because it is so ridiculous. God uses a lying spirit to separate the believers from the non believers and if people are reading outrageous, fabricated stories like this one and believing they are being told the truth without researching for themselves the truth, then they are the ones who will be made fools of on judgment day.

  150. Yousatroll

    If this is a troll LOL, hats are off.
    If this is for real, God bless your soul. You need it.

    Also, I hope you people realize that spreading ignorant bullshit around like this makes Christians look more ignorant with every piece of ill-informed garbage that comes out of your pitiful mouths.

    P.S. When we die, we just rot. Prove me wrong, please. Have a nice day.

  151. djmoo

    Fantastic, hilarious! Good effort!

    What’s even better is there will be 100’s of absolute idiots who will believe this.

    Made my Friday 😉

  152. tatjna

    For someone claiming to be so close to Christ, this dude sure is obsessed with penises. Some of these descriptions would make a bad porn writer blush.

  153. An ELECTRON

    ain’t no barn dance english must be the crack that Ive never had. Mary wanted to abort coz she was slut. Instead she had to lie and lie and lie. And now your all lying to yourself the bible freaks that is. heres sum maths for you 1+2=3+2=5+3=8+5=13+8=21 and on and on the fractal universe in the quantum field continues. we have been on this earth for a short time and all you wanna do is let a dumb old idea rule your boring PURE life. pity ya water has floride in it and ya air is full of chemicals. so fuck ya purity fuck ya franchise chain of churches fuck every sense of your dictation and control and let go of the past. RAVE on take sum drugs drink sum wine drive a car use the net google lucifer and see the meaning of it. stop wasting our time being a troll or a fucked up freak. Chaos is this ‘oweriasu5gv1n n,m.cncncxv;lxfk mgcx;v flasbjdx5;lgosjz;hjrasdj;f.kk,afd anyone else wanna add to it its your choice:D

  154. Bigdogbee

    This is not accurate at all! who is this person. This is all wrong.Dont write about topics you know nothing about!

  155. Nathan Chojnacki

    Information in this article is GROSSLY inacurate, uninformed and laughingly incorrect. Your nomenclature is off, your knowledge of the history and culture in wrong. I’d like to call you out on specific things for the sake of intellegent discussion but I honestly don’t know where to start.

    I will say this; providing your readers with such grossly inacurate information, while you may think you are helping to raise awareness of illegal and/or unethical behavior, is just spreading ignorance. I mean, if your readers start going around calling raves “Acid Parades”, they’re gonna start raising suspicions.

    Pleas please please research before your write. you are killing your own credibility. Awating your response

  156. Sean

    Im truly ashamed of ur article. U are by no way a true man of god. Screw u man. Im a true raver and have never done drugs or had gay sex. I hope to god he has mercy on your soul.

  157. Jesus

    You will burn in hell for your lies. Not a word of truth in your story. You clearly havn’t researched any of this. You are the sinner for spreading hate. Telling lies about a culture you have never experienced or could ever hope to understand. You are the evil one. Whats a worse thing to have in the world? people spreading love, enjoying life and music? or a bitter, hate filled individual who spreads hate through lies. You sir, will burn in hell.

  158. TJ

    ROTFLMFAO! Wow, I’ve never seen such false information posted up about a scene. Have you ever been to a rave? Oh probably not because “RAVING IS THE DEVIL!!!!!” according to you. I’ve been in the scene for over 10 years and I’ve never EVER did any of the drugs you mentioned above. You want to know why? Because I like enjoying the music and having a good time. Guess that doesn’t apply to Christians because having a good time is sitting on your knees with a priests crouch in your face, holding his hand on your head shouting “PRAISE JESUS!!!” Hypocrite.

    I’m a college graduate and in every article or paper I had to write, I had to provide accurate and journalistic research to prove my points in my paper. This article has nothing of truth in it. If I was a professor and I read this from you, I would have given you an F.

    Learn more about a culture before you start making BS and false remarks about it. Christian Zealots are so stupid.

  159. Mo 3.14

    I think some of you guys are taking this a bit too seriously and crediting these guys with have a bit more influence then they do. An individual reading this would already have to be predisposed to this opinion to believe what is written. Even the most ignorant couldn’t be convinced by this.

    It’s a laugh, enjoy it. Read the Bonnaroo article for more hilarity. http://tysonbowersiii.com/2011/05/bonnaroo-a-festival-of-heroin-gay-sin-docking-mud-orgies-and-black-magic/

  160. cj

    That awkward moment when some relielf righteous cunt gets a keyboard and computerd makes an article about things he’s afrai and doesn’t understand. I dont know how the fuck you came up with half of the shit posted in said article but i’ve been raving for years and not once has someone asked me to share a douche full of drugs. there are people called drug free ravers, which I am, who are more than not praised for their clean style..i’m a kandi kid with a very clean complextion, i’m a male model, as well as an all A’s highschool student . you juding us because youre scared of whats not “normal” to you is going to send you straight to hell. and you know why the kids do drugs? its because they live in a society full of ignorant, self obsessed, religiously bigoted cunts like you. kindly please go fuck your self and get hit by a bus.

  161. a

    This is one of the most hilarious articles I have ever read in my life. None of this is true whatsoever. Also, the writer really has some stellar grammar skills.

  162. Juanita Greenburg

    you have got to be kidding me. this “article” is the biggest joke i have ever seen. to all the readers….please educate yourself on reality and don’t believe this pile of crap.

  163. kylesfiles

    Hilarious, Tyson (and Stephenson)! Job well-done…Now I can’t decide which is more entertaining: the article or the comments by people taking it seriously.

  164. andy karsen

    You people are all idiots. All of you. The entire “article” is obviously written by someone with a real working knowledge of the rave scene. They then distorted it purposefully and posted it up here as a joke to get people all wound up. He’s sitting back laughing at all of you arguing, as am I. LMFAO. The E-Douche guy is doing the same thing. Retards, all of you.

    Some of the best times of my life, JESUS RAVES. :)

  165. andy karsen

    …..oh yeah, and I went to my first party in 1994, and I DID ALL THE DRUGS FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND THEY WERE FANTASTIC. :)

  166. Pingback: Waaay too much on the *new improved* blog this wk to fit it all on here… So just open me up already!! - Plain & Simple

  167. cliff

    what a crock of shit!

    Grow a pair you freak, I’m off to snort some coke, suck my lolly and listen to repetitious beats all night, then off to church in the morning!!!

  168. hundo

    Yea really, these two guys are genius, again and again, all of you idiots are taken by this website. It’s a joke, they are joking with these articles. They are playing on how horrible most of christian culture is. billings you listen to dollie parton, pretty much making you a faggot. HA.

  169. Michael

    LOL! This is hilarious, I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

    When I was a teen (15 years ago) raves were pretty hardcore, lots of random and dangerous drugs, nobody in charge or liable. The modern rave is just a corporate sponsored rock concert with spectacular DJs instead of rock bands. They have security at the door, they search your stuff for contraband, the most prevalent drug that makes it in the door is just some pot and maybe some ecstasy, which these days is about a well controlled and manufactured as brand name headache medicine. Bunch of friendly people having fun, a few taking some practically harmless drugs. What could be better?

    I do have to say that last big about homosexuals is ridiculous, offensive, ignorant and hateful. No actual christian would have the heart to write such awful things about other human beings. But alas, people that call themselves christian and then turn around and encourage hatred of others will certainly burn in a hotter part of hell than the rest of us. Being christian means to act like christ, you can call yourself christian but christ certainly wasn’t a hateful bigot which can only mean you are the farthest thing from being a christian.

  170. Alex

    What the shit, you are out of your mind. If you’re going to report on a topic at least actually research it. This article is nothing but biased and unfounded judgments, and it is completely invalid and, in my opinion, completely stupid. Lol you are retarded. I really hope this is some kind of joke.

  171. Uhhhh

    I’ve never met a raver as hateful as this group of people are being. If anyone thinks this conversation is representing christian thoughts and attitudes, I think I’d prefer to eat lots of Ecstacy and attend many raves than visit your churchs.

  172. your a fucking moron

    you realize you are a fucking moron right? you spit on christian values and ideals you lonely child fucking dipshit… go get carpal tunnel playing world of warcraft instead of writing this shit you idiot

  173. slow kids

    i have been raving for over 10 years now. im almost 30 and have spent my young adult years in this scene. have done everything in it every way you can think of. i now throw these things called raves and we are very successful.
    we go out of our ways making beautiful pieces of art for these things. we have very skilled fire dancers, body painters and music producers, accented by the very best in lazer/lights and multi-media technology.
    these parties are displays on how far we have come as a species. they are celebrations of light and freedom. the idea is to unify. the less we fear and the more we realize were all like each other, the sooner we will find our selves in a utopia on earth.
    we have the power. we always have.
    you look at us as drug fueled sex machines. lol thats far from the truth. i have never seen or been a part of an orgy at a rave, nor have i ever had to deffend my self against a “jungle list”. the correct term is junglist btw. they are kids that listen too and love drum and bass. not drumbed and bass.
    i have scene ravers do great things in the community. we have freely supported several functions of charity w/ the rave as well. we offered our support at a event at a local community college that was raising money for a large recycling project going on in the area. we are also helping out w/ a event this weekend that is raising money for breast cancer. we plan on mainly doing charity events in the very near future and we plan on raising hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for charity before my life is over.
    i dont know what this racist pig has ever done for any one but bitch and throw money at a church thats done nothing but feed him lies. i guess you are what we east, cuz this guys facts are beyond twisted.
    honestly, this article is a joke right? if its not, that would be an even bigger joke some how. well, not really, but it will make me laugh… lol

  174. moose

    this is ridiculous. i am a christian with a strong foundation in the electronic music scene and this is nonsense. ignorant, uneducated, nonsense.

  175. Optics

    lol at the state of christianity – you have to be TOLD articles like this are a piss take – and yet some still take it seriously. i guess their really are some fanatics out there that believe this is genuine. they are a threat to society 100 fold more than anyone else..

  176. Christ-Follower

    ahahahahah Satan Septors!

    You swear like it’s some disturbing sexual Dr. Seuss orgy with primitive music…
    Why don’t you actually attend one to see what it’s really like instead of basing it off of your distorted and irrelevant informantion.
    Christ hung out with the hoes and the lowest of low…

    You’re nothing but a sactimonious Satanist for lying, judging,brainwashing, and covering up your sin by harrassing other people and exploiting ther sin…
    we’re all sinful.

  177. Ice Van Winkle

    To be a raver is to slap Christ hard in the face. My daughters have a 8:00pm curfew just to be sure that they will never slip into this evil and dangerous lifestyle choice.

    1. joker

      is ur first name really ice? wow thats stupid, it would make for a cool rave name. trust me ICE ya need to let ur girls get out more and see the world, the real world or when they leave ur house they will dive head first into the first crazy thing that comes their way, smokin dope, goin to raves, orgies, extacy. trust me sheltering them is only gonne fuck them up more. PLUR

    2. Daemn

      So you’re willing to sacrifice the well-being of your daughters’ future by not permitting them to live their own lives, let alone trust in their judgement to do the right thing? Assuming they, too, are Christians and have been raised under similar teachings as you, wouldn’t it be accurate to say they would not “slip into [that] evil and dangerous lifestyle?”

      I, too, was overly sheltered like your daughters. It only brought about deceit and hatred for my parent’s word. Soon enough your daughters will commit to the same thing I did as a teen: Lies, deceit, anything to go against your word. It will tear your family apart before your very eyes.

      Only after I became an adult at 21 did I realize that they only wanted the best for me; however, their “best” was nowhere near what I desired in my life. Think about what your daughters want and revisit your idea of “trust.” All I foresee is negativity in their lives.

      I feel sorry for your daughters and wish them the best, with or without you.

    3. Alison Manson

      And thats why when thier 17 thier gonna come with me and hit the clubs and try shit mith me and ima give ipods filled with blood on the dance floor marilyn manson and rob zombie ………….. eat that bird nose cum bucket

    4. chris

      do yourself a favor and let that iron grip you have on your daughters otherwise youll have some real hos on your hands!