What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

About Andrea Tantaros

Andrea is the daughter of an immigrant Greek family, so she knows the how the great LEGAL immigration system in America works. Due to her family following the rules of American citizenship, God blessed her family with a restaurant, where she worked as a waitress during her teenage years. In 1997 she graduated high school and attended Lehigh University and majored in Journalism and French. She knew if she wanted to be a true journalist, she would have to learn the language of the socialist and lazy enemies of the world. This is why she is also fluent in Mexican, British and Liberal Twaddle.

After college, Andrea did what most liberal woman aren’t capable of and got a high ranking job by using her wits, brains and not using women’s rights to further her career. Tantaros joined the Holy Gail of all journalism networks, Fox News, in April 2010 and currently co-hosts one of the greatest shows on cable, “The Five”, where she gives perfect skinned and plump glossy lipped truth commentary on current events.

If I didn’t commit my life to God, Andrea is the type of woman I would court.

What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

FASHION – Without fully exposing her sin treats, Princess Tantaros is able to embody class with sass. It is very important for woman to look professional when working in the man’s world and Andrea is able to mix and match proper waist size dresses and at the same time not wear something that would distract her male co-workers with thoughts of naught imagery. Men who work with liberal hussies, who dress like cheap $3 French whores, are shown to work at a 45% productivity rate, but when you put those same men with a classy Goddess like Andrea, their productivity is at full staff and capacity.

BEAUTY – Is it just me or does it seem like conservative woman have a natural glow to them? All liberal women need to wear make up. No man should ever see what these goal-less female’s truly look like without at least some foundation. When you have an angelic face like Andrea, make up is always optional. Now if libby females could take a note from “Drea Drea” and actually wash their faces after a long day of Wall Street protesting or maybe used some face cleanser to clear up their pot smoke causing zits, they might have a chance to have 1/87 of the beauty that our soft skinned angel Andrea effortlessly flaunts. But all in all, Andrea’s beauty is God given and remember God favors and gifts those who walk in his light, not denying him with Socialism.

HYGIENE – Sculpted P90X style biceps, white glistening teeth, hydrated lips, smooth Pro-active skin, lotion sopped legs and Vidal Sassoon, split end free hair. These are traits you would never use to describe a liberal fem, these are the words that echo in the Fox News hallways when they speak of Andrea. You would never hear such praises in the MSNBC coffee room, as the typical anti-God female thinks that walking around with a “Bed Head” boy hair cut and belly fat is respectable and natural. If looking like that was natural, why didn’t God make Eve a short haired dyke? He made Eve beautiful and by doing that, God was telling his children that women need to follow some basic rules of female hygiene. I bet if God sent down a photo of Eve, she would look identically like Andrea.

CAREER – Andrea didn’t get her career by performing countless mouth sex acts in the back alley of MSNBC or spreading her legs in the conference room at the HLN office. No, she used her God given brain power to work long hours to EARN her way to the top of the journalist totem pole. If liberal females could understand that they could use their mental talents instead of their vaginal talents, they might move up in the world with respect instead of sexual butt slaps.

So I leave you with this question and a song dedication:

80 thoughts on “What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

      1. Polytheist


        And what does her ethnicity have anything to do with it? I don’t like to disrespect my elders, but dear God, woman. Learn to love a little.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      That is TV make up. I know you girls are jealous of her beauty and will be flaming this post with hateful jealousy.

          1. NellieBVB

            Tyson change your picture! How dare you use a picture of my Uncle Frank. I should press charges.

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            Yes, please via my profile and you will see many photos of me. You should stop using an image of a chunky doo whooper. What is your BMI?

          3. Tyson Bowers III

            Denial is a sign of jealousy. To say Andrea is not more beautiful than a Hawaiian sunset, is plain out ridiculousness.

          4. erika

            I also never said that she wasn’t beautiful because she is. Also, me saying I’m not jealous isn’t denial. It’s me telling the truth. :)

          5. L.N

            “Denial is a sign of jealousy.”

            So you’re admitting you’re jealous of the intelligence of liberals? You deny it every chance you get.

          6. L.N

            Hypocrite. You’re just jealous that Liberals are smarter than you because they actually got past High School. Don’t deny it, because denying it is just a sign of jealousy.

          7. Tyson Bowers III

            Yes, my degrees from UofA don’t prove my passing of high school. Sorry L.N. the fact that I proved you are jealous of this girl’s beauty makes you angry. Go spew your hate on one of our other posts. Just like liberal fashion, instead of admitting something, you go to childish name calling and try to turn tables. You lack the ability to argue, which is why I ignore 99.8% of your posts.

          8. Tyson Bowers III

            And according to your AWESOME logic, you are jealous of Christians, Conservatives and hate homosexuals.

          9. L.N

            You know, when you try to spin someone’s logic against them, you might want to check to see if they didn’t do that to you already, otherwise it makes you look incredibly retarded.

            Oh, and just because you got a piece of paper from your mother’s version of a university (because there’s no way in hell any legitimate college would take your sorry ass, especially when you said you had to drop out of high school) doesn’t mean you’re actually smart.

            And do please point out my jealousy of a woman’s beauty to me. Why would a straight male be jealous of a beautiful woman? Do conservatives just assume everything is gay? Do you see gayness in everything? You’ve got issues. Did you get raped by your daddy as a kid after you tried to tell him you were gay?

          10. L.N

            What point? That you’re a hypocritical asshole that’s jealous of Liberals because they’re vastly more intelligent than you and because they’re actually happy with their lives and not trying to destroy the country unlike everything you have ever proposed?

          11. Cassidy Pen

            My liberal wife won’t leave me despite her waywardness. She tells me that I fill her up, whatever that means.

          12. Claire

            Nellie, no offense (I like you so I don’t want to hurt your feelings) but I’m kinda surprised that you wear a size 0 jean. I’m guessing that your profile pic is either outdated or that your face simply doesn’t reflect the size of the rest of your body.

            I’m a jean size 2 and this is what I look like:


          13. August Weisz

            Claire, how rude. That link is horrible. Please post warnings next time. Second, you were very mean to Nellie. When you post a picture from a link or “U.R.L.”, the picture retains its proper aspect ratio. Assuming your monitor resolution is set correctly the picture is displayed true. However avatars stretch or squish the picture depending on whether the picture was taken in portrait or landscape. Judging by previous pictures she has posted this picture is most likely very squished.

          14. Claire

            So Xenu suggests that Nellie is referring to size 0 as being a “tent size” and that’s perfectly fine, yet I politely say that I’m surprised that, judging by her avatar, she’s a jean size 0 and I’m being mean?

            Oh, and considering how your avatars keep getting creepier and creepier you’re in no position to insult my looks.

          15. NellieBVB

            The pictures from last year. I really like how my hair looks when it’s curled, so that’s why I used it.

          16. NellieBVB

            here’s a more recent picture of me


          17. Sexism Not Tolerated

            Heartless soul? Hawaiian sunset? This is creepy and ridiculous. I wonder what Andrea thinks of all this, and if she promotes this kind of sexism. I don’t think she would, somehow.

      1. Albert Toppers

        Too true, TB3! Too true! On the other hand, Rachel Madow will be blinded by demons sticking pitchforks through her eyeballs.

  1. Millennium

    socialist and lazy people … so you said France is a socialist country ???

    since when ?

    You obviously don’t know what socialist and communist is

    oh wait everything that doesnt fit american imperialism is evil am I right ?

      1. Millennium

        You didnt actually answer the question asshole USA is the most hypocrite country in the world everyone Know that How come you have so Many ennemy oh wait because you thinkl they are jealous of your greatness ?

        here is a Hint maybe because you have oppressed their people or their friendly neighbour in the past after all your army step on so Many countries that you don’t have enough finger to count them

          1. Millennium

            Too abd I’m not american hence your argument failed

            therefore its not Your country You don’t own it, The only thing you Own is your trailer

          2. smile your an idiot

            Hey dumbass American isn’t a language. Its called English, which when properly spelled has a lot of “OUR”s in it.

    1. Sexism Not Tolerated

      Don’t be sexist. You just end up looking stupid and conceited. And DON’T call women hags–seriously. And tell all of your ChristWire friends that they should swallow their “men-are-superior” idiocy. It’s ridiculous, and offensive.

  2. John Q Private

    Andrea is a goddess. I don’t watch the 5 unless she is on. Gut’s is funny and all but Andrea is awesome. I would sell my soul to marry that woman.

  3. Sean Korb

    I really don’t get the point of these kind of websites. They aren’t funny enough to be a parody, but they flirt with satire without falling on either side of the fence. Thats just blatant dishonesty. Seems pointless & counter-productive.