What Pubic Hair Says About a Woman

The sexual area of a female is an area of musky clotting and secreting mystery, but did you know you can tell a lot about a female just by doing a quick inspection of her public lawn care? No, not the kind of lawn care that Juan and his three sons do on your two acre yard, but the type of care the modern women feels forced to do to keep up the false American beauty that liberal Hollywood rapingly injects into their feeble woman minds. Below is a list of the most common pubic hair practices that females do today. Each one can tell you if you have a whoring woman, a late night lesbian whorelet or a “clean cut” Christian crusader.

The triangle is the international symbol for a fish cave worshiping whorelet who likes to perform licking mouth sex acts on another clam dabbling musky crack hunter. If you notice that your girlfriend or wife has started to trim this geometrical shape above her puff pillow, be sure that she is out late at night diving tongue first into a linguistic lust orgy with other women at some kind of leather BBW back ally pink party.

The strip or also known as a “landing strip” is exactly to mean what it is called. It is a runway for massive amounts of penile planes to come land inside the runway or moist and whorish sin. This symbol of open leggedness is becoming more and more common in college life and is highly promoted on internet torrent adult video sites. It is told that 7 out of 10 college females walk freely with their canker blossom decorated with a strip that beckons the friendship of multiple sin staffs.

When these women see the follicles of womanhood start growing, they rush to the bathroom to Venus razor shave them away. This hair style is purely to get rid of some type of lice or crustacean virus they contracted during a night of Satan nectar and copious amounts of devil DNA injection. These type of women are also to be said to flick their blood bulge 89% more often than regular masturbating female sinners. If your GF or wife has this mark they have a pubic sickness and have been throwing their neighbor of anus around frat parties like it is some kind of fleshy party favor. It has also been proven that women who go bald also partake in tainting their turd tunnels.

Women who cut initials into their downstairs hair are showing a sign of ownership of the person whose name starts with the letter carved into their blood sewer’s toupee. This is a act against God, as he is the only owner of the female’s baby hole. The female’s insides are for one thing and one thing only; to create life from God’s touch. It is not to be L.A. gangbanger styled tagged with a man or women’s ownership.

Full Eve
This is how women are suppose to be groomed, fully covered by God’s intended design. The design that Eve sported during her times in the Garden of Eden and even after she caused the world be sent into a whirlwind of sin, death, war, high taxes and liberalism. A man’s duty is to protect the woman’s mind, body and soul. This includes her pubic area. It is a man’s role to make sure his wife, girlfriend or sweetheart has the proper presentation of her body and that means while clothed and unclothed. Just like how you wouldn’t want your woman walking out of the house with he sin treats hanging out to temp other men with thoughts of demon whacking, you shouldn’t allow your woman to molest her sin cave with razors and tweezers like it is some kind of home and garden project or TLC.

28 thoughts on “What Pubic Hair Says About a Woman

  1. Blanche Beecham

    A woman’s public hair should never include curlers, hot irons and/or clips. I think Demi Moore really set the outer limit on this.

  2. Adam Nelson.

    What does it mean when it’s like a steel scrubber brush and white and smelly? That’s what sister Susan’s was like. After her, I decided to switch to homogaylity and love it!

  3. Cassidy Pen

    In this “shaved age,” the sins are sexual in nature and mostly due to Satan’s influence over poor brainwashed women.
    There’s also the “carpet-matching-the-drapes” conundrum that is clouded by this behavior.

  4. Alison Manson

    I don’t mind a lil bush on my lady friends but I mean too much is just way to fucking gross! I shave, hair looks sexy on other chicks but not me. Too much is unattractive and GROSS!

      1. Alison Manson

        Have u not seen my face book a have more pics of myself there from my fully clothed cute self to my sexy half nude pic. I’m not fake this site is and so are u……. Now then why on earth would u put ur small and disfigured dick in side a jungle of pubes? I mean really! I’m dirty and kinky but that is just way to fucking gross!

    1. Adam Nelson.

      Dear Alison, I am sorry, but no matter how hard you work out you will not turn me on. Deacon Bowers, brother Toppers and I are only interested in men. So if you are working to try and attract us, it is fruitless. However, if you want to help videotape our sexy clown and sheep orgies, we could use the extra hand. Hey Deacon Bowers, remember this? “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” And that was just brother Toppers whilst you were ramming him from behind! That was so fun, let’s do it again.

      1. Alison Manson

        By would insane to turn u on? Ewwwwwwwwwwww that’s fucking gross! plus I don’t want a due who wants me tomgrow a Fucking jungle between my legs! U and Tyson can both suck my hairless dick!!!!! INVISIBLE DICK!!!!!!!!!! ;D

  5. NellieBVB

    A lot of women don’t trim/shave their pubic hair for other’s, we mostly do it for ourselves. It’s more comfortable having little to no pubic hair.

    1. Claire

      Exactly, Nellie. I shave mine because it’s much more comfortable and it’s easier to keep that area clean during that time of the month. Considering how I’ve never been intimate with anyone I do it only for myself.

  6. RebelAshRunner

    Wow. I love how this is coming from a MAN. Not a real woman. And I beg to differ with what you wrote of women who shave themselves. I shave myself completely every few weeks. So what? I am single, and a virgin even to my own touch. What do you say to that, huh? The exception to the rule has just been proven. And you’ve been disproven, too. So there.


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