Yiayia on Current Events

Yiayai doesn’t like the way modern households have been developing. In her commercials we have seen her take on women who work, stay at home dads, fashion, drugs, relationships and a ton of other issues.

In the video below, Yiayai disapproves of Homosexuals, Obama and Liberals.

16 thoughts on “Yiayia on Current Events

  1. Blanche Beecham

    What a darling woman! Meek and gentle, she appears to have a holy halo around her dear head as she speaks from her heart.

    We need more strong women like her willing to stand up for justice in scripture and speak truth to the tale bearers.

    Praise click!

    1. black jesus

      i agree, there are a lot of good, god fearing people in europe! except thoes flying homogay nazi muslim extream euro terrorists who want to rape your face and corrupt your daughters into transvestite cultist whores on crack. but atleast there is no niggers or mexican there! only white people! right susan?

  2. Shannon

    Your video quality sucked ass!!!! Like any of us are stupid enough to believe that was a random video you found? That was Susan’s old senile ass pretending to be a lady from wherever your pretending it was made. Maybe it you didn’t tag it with christwire all over it someone might believe it was legit.

  3. Mihangel apYrs

    while I don’t quite approve of women preaching, there are time when our elders, women included, inform us from their experience and wisdom.

    As a mother for her children…

  4. Mike

    First observation, Yiayia is old. Old people can be wise, have a deep understanding of the world around them from their years of experience, and be wise counselors to the youth of the world.

    Or in this case they can be close minded and angry at the world just because it’s different than when they grew up. Change is the only constant, just because something changes does not mean it is wrong. Conservatives will continue to lose these battles because they are only hanging on with their fingernails.

  5. Adolf Hitler

    Glad to see our message is being spread. My only regret is that she appears to be a Zionist or a half Zionist (bionist if you will). Nevertheless her sacrifice for our cause is great.
    “Heaven will smile on us again”

  6. black jesus

    yea this is definetly not yai yai. this is susan speaking giberish, thats not greek its homophobic biggot racist nonsence like the rest of this site!

  7. This is ridiculous

    the only thing i have to say is that what yiayia was saying and what was actually subtitled was completely different! i’m greek and can tell you that yiayia was basically saying some random expressions that have absolutely nothing to do with gays, Obama, liberals or whatever other crap this site is trying to get you to believe.