51 Christian Friendly Words for Homosexuals

Gay Men

  1. Fecal fister
  2. Backdoor robber
  3. Chocolate swimmer
  4. Man sewer worker
  5. Turd tunneler
  6. Taint tickler
  7. Reverse poo pusher
  8. Mud monkey
  9. Low T-celler
  10. Fecal bandit
  11. Anal assassin
  12. Poo pirate
  13. Limp liberal
  14. Sugar plummed anal fairies
  15. Fondling Freds
  16. Ass alien
  17. Bottom burrower
  18. Totem poll sitters
  19. Disease addict
  20. Hot beef Harrys
  21. Winkle dandies
  22. Flesh sword fencers
  23. Phallic swindler
  24. Friend of Satan
  25. Butt pocket pan handler
  26. Anal tingle torturer
  27. Taint terrorist
  28. Vain worshiper
  29. Muscle cavern poker
  30. Brown saucy puncher
  31. Coco weasel
  32. Star gazer
  33. Mumble anus

Gay Women

  1. Clam dabbler
  2. Eve’s sister
  3. Satan’s Scissor Sally
  4. Crab captain
  5. Volleyball coach
  6. Fishy lollipop licker
  7. Tickler of the eye
  8. Flesh pearl Cannibal
  9. Clot slobber
  10. Fish cave worshiper
  11. Yeast fiend
  12. Flap elf
  13. Mississippi crawdad driver
  14. Blood venom slurper
  15. Fish garden mutt

Tranny Things

  1. Inny outy
  2. Inverted penile twister
  3. Man dyke

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128 thoughts on “51 Christian Friendly Words for Homosexuals

  1. NellieBVB

    Seriously? These are awful, rude, offensive, and Anti-Christian. Christians are supposed to love everyone and accept everyone.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      Are you a Christian? Do you go to church? Do you read the Bible everyday? Do you pray in the morning, afternoon and at night? Do you put 1 hour a day away for worship? If not, how can you tell us what Christians are suppose to do and how they are suppose to act?

      1. NellieBVB

        1. I don’t consider myself to be any religion
        2. Yes I attend a Christian church
        3. Yes I read the bible everyday
        4. I pray before each meal and at night
        5. I put 30 minutes a day to worship
        I do believe I know enough to tell you how Christians to act.

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          You don’t consider yourself a religion, but you say you do all these things……sounds like a big lie to me.

          1. NellieBVB

            No it’s not a lie. A person isn’t defined by what religion they consider themselves, they are defined by their worship. I worship the God you pretend you do.

        2. Tyson Bowers III

          So if your are NOT a Christian, you have no right to tell me how they are suppose to act. You get all emo baby when we tell you how to behave and than you go and try and tell us how our religion is suppose to be. Such a hypocrite. Typical idiot liberal.

          1. NellieBVB

            I do everything a Christian does, I just don’t call myself one. When you label a religion you take away the true meaning and turn it into something trivial.

          2. Millennium

            so a christian Must be a freaking douchebags asshole who hate everything and is hated by everyone else ? is it what you said ?

            No wonder more people become atheist and agnostic

          3. NellieBVB

            It’s the truth. You’re to bust saying “I’ma good Christian, praise Jesus” to realize how God wants you to be/

          4. Dan Raper

            The abomination is the true evil here. Of course they are sinning but it sounds like you are looking at this time as an “us against them”, “and them would be the gays”. Can anyone who agrees with these praises tell me that they feel a little fire of anger that is directed at the true evil, which is really the act of loving anything created more than your God? Homosexuals only do what they do because they do not fear God and they do not love God as much as they love their sin. Do you fear God enough to WANT what he WANTS and HATE what he HATES? Do you know what God hates? Please bear with me to tell you. The Father hates those who do not love him. The Lord has a hate for those that are not concerned with freeing Gays from the bondage that is keeping them away from the Father.

            Where is your heart. Surely you are not insecure about your own manhood. You should have no problem walking up to a homosexual and hitting them square between the eyes with the truth IN LOVE. I say science since that is probably the closest word which God would use. I have read some of the old testament to know that he never used slang.

            The old testament really helps you get to know the Father as he reveals a lot about who he is. You walk away with a better understanding about what he hates and what he loves. It scared me to understand how much God hates those that would lead anyone away from him. It is a lot safer to lead people to Christ with love that is equal to how you love yourself. Ok, I admit how hard that is to do when you see how blatant many Gay’s hate God. At least it seems like the activists do.

            I would only tell someone that they had better turn away from their sin, or else, loose a hand or some other appendage if you truly feel that it is going to work. Otherwise, you guys are burnt toast. You better make sure that the “get out of jail card” was really in your back pocket after all.

            Justice without love is not righteousness for God is righteous and God always satisfies both. Those who only care for justice and is willing to crucify the unjust were the Pharisees.

          5. NellieBVB

            I was raised to believe that God is a man of love, but if you anger him, then you’ll be punished.
            Being a Homosexual isn’t a choice. It’s the way you were born. I’m Bi-sexual, which means that I don’t judge someone as male or female. I will pick the person I spend my life with based on their personality.

          6. Dan Raper

            This site or any other site for that matter would not be a good place to have a conversation about what is wrong or write regarding homosexuality. I can’t talk to you and really understand your needs, hurts, etc… The only suggestion that I can make is that you talk to God about this and everything else. If this or anything else prevents you from praying to him, then it is a sin for you. All things that are good are from God and all things that are not good are not from God. Also, even the things that are good from God are sin to you if they keep you away from him. That is what idol worship is about.

            If you are talking to God, he will tell you what he wants you to know. If you know God and Love God, then very cool. If you do not really have a relationship with him, then come as you are in prayer to him and ask him to be your God. He will only change in you, the things that he does not like. You only need to be willing to let go of anything that keeps you away from him. He is your first love. When you can let Christ love you, then you will know how to love others.

          7. NellieBVB

            I don’t let anything come between me and God. As I said before I don’t consider myself to be a certain religion, because those are just words. I believe that you aren’t judged by what you call yourself, but by what you believe. You shouldn’t be classified by what you believe.

          8. Emily

            So firstly….why do you have so much hate? you could be a perfectly nice christian man who is like most of the teachers at my school and is accepting…if someone does something you don’t like why do you voice it like this? honestly you are the reason why the world is killing itself you have more “condemns” than praises and the girl you are fighting with has more “praises” where you’re backwards logic now?

      2. klayton knights

        Tyson Bowers III i think you might be gay if you keeping out things about gay people and you dont read the bible you dont pray in the morning or at night

        1. klayton knights

          NellieBVB dont listing to him he just cant fit all of this up his ass thats his problem plus do you think that god is happy with what is is doing or saying i dont think so

      3. Millennium

        she is right actually christian is supposed to be love and acceptance tehrefore you show bigotry hate hypocrisy and racism sexism as well how can you get More people to follow you by preaching that it’s illogic

      4. Captain Obvious

        Going to church, reading the bible daily, praying multiple times a day, and spending an hour a day worshiping are not requirements of christians.

      5. Remi

        You are the worst spokesperson of God yet bud! Its Gods place to judge if someones a christians not yours. Who gives you the right to bash people the way you do? Im Christian, I know the love of God and what this site is protraying is how much God hates! Why would anyone want to be a christian after seeing the ridiculous things posted on this website! Just because you read the Bible and pray doesnt nessisarily mean you are worshiping the right God! Because the Christian God I know, the Loving christian God i know would never ever approve of the horrible things said on this site. I think you need to take a look at yourself and have a conversation with God to see what you are doing here is right! We should be trying to win souls for God not scaring them away! Read the bible with an open heart! I hope and Pray God will guide you and open your eyes to what you are doing! Nothing positive is coing out of this site.
        Peace and Prayers

        1. Remi

          Oh and obviously you don’t read the bible 3 times a day and pray to Him or else you would see that God is way better then this pitiful site!

    2. Dan Raper

      Nellie, These people are not Christian. They are evil to the core. I would not waste your time with them. The best you could do is be a light to someone that falls into their pit of deception to save them from leaving this site thinking that this site represents Christ.

    3. itssoobvious

      I hope you have realized by now that this whole website is satirical. and if it isn’t intentionally satirical, it’s so amazingly insane that it is still satirical.

    4. Alison Manson

      maybe it’s cus ur new,…. but im tell u something,….. this is fake

      don’t stay here for long,… u lose IQ points, :)
      im telling u not from experience but from my sheer stupidity of staying here,….. on the plus side i “married” over 45 ppl 😀 !!!!!!
      plus they’re all gonna bully u,….. and im not of a religion either but i would rather my son go to a catholic church then turn into on of these idiots.
      I, on the other hand, have spent my extra time studying the other religions. and so far i like them better than christwire’s thoughts of “god”

    5. Alison Manson

      oh and BTW God doesn’t hate gay he’s just a lil upset we found a loop-hole in the system i mean some guys don’t wanna put up with a girl so the get with their buddy, and chicks want a deep emotional connection ,…. so they get with their friend and ta-da!!! match made!!!

        1. kmkmllk

          Neither gay people or priests are child molesters. A child molester is an individual who sexually obsesses a child. It does not hold a general name over a type of belief or lifestyle.

      1. Erin

        This is really rude. If these are “Christian friendly” terms, then are you going to teach them to kids? I certainly wouldn’t want any of the little ones I know saying such things.

        How is this list supposed to accomplish anything, other than being mean?

    1. NellieBVB

      A child molester is an adult (male or female) who is sexually attracted to children. A child molester could e Homosexual or Heterosexual.

    2. bitchplease


  2. Mario Nevarez

    NellieBVB Makes me smile. Tyson, on the other hand, makes me sick!

    “You get all emo baby when we tell you how to behave”. Oddly enough, she should be telling you how to behave. She is not the one acting like a child.

    Christian Wire??? Most Christians and people who go to church would be seriously offended by this journalism, I know my mother would be. (Yeah, I’m talking about your writing Tyson.)

    I’ve heard some of these words before and they have never come out of the mouths of “Moral” People.

    “Christian intellectual” adding to the list. SMH!

  3. Jonny

    Simple test to see if the phrases are wrong or right:

    Gay Men

    1. Fecal fister – wrong
    2. Backdoor robber – wrong
    3. Chocolate swimmer – wrong
    4. Man sewer worker – wrong
    5. Turd tunneler – wrong
    6. Taint tickler – wrong
    7. Reverse poo pusher – wrong
    8. Mud monkey – wrong
    9. Low T-celler – wrong
    10. Fecal bandit – wrong
    11. Anal assassin – wrong
    12. Poo pirate – wrong
    13. Limp liberal – wrong
    14. Sugar plummed anal fairies – wrong
    15. Fondling Freds – wrong
    16. Ass alien – wrong
    17. Bottom burrower – wrong
    18. Totem poll sitters – wrong
    19. Disease addict – wrong
    20. Hot beef Harrys – wrong
    21. Winkle dandies – wrong
    22. Flesh sword fencers – wrong
    23. Phallic swindler – wrong
    24. Friend of Satan – wrong
    25. Butt pocket pan handler – wrong
    26. Anal tingle torturer – wrong
    27. Taint terrorist – wrong
    28. Vain worshiper – wrong
    29. Muscle cavern poker – wrong
    30. Brown saucy puncher – wrong
    31. Coco weasel – wrong
    32. Star gazer – wrong
    33. Mumble anus – wrong

    Gay Women

    1. Clam dabbler – wrong
    2. Eve’s sister – wrong
    3. Satan’s Scissor Sally – wrong
    4. Crab captain – wrong
    5. Volleyball coach – wrong
    6. Fishy lollipop licker – wrong
    7. Tickler of the eye – wrong
    8. Flesh pearl Cannibal – wrong
    9. Clot slobber – wrong
    10. Fish cave worshipper (spelt it correctly for you there) – wrong
    11. Yeast fiend – wrong
    12. Flap elf – wrong
    13. Mississippi crawdad driver – wrong
    14. Blood venom slurper – wrong
    15. Fish garden mutt – wrong

    Tranny Things – wrong

    1. Inny outy – wrong
    2. Inverted penile twister – wrong
    3. Man dyke – wrong

    Now for the acceptable list that causes little to no offence:

    Gay Men

    1. Gay
    2. Homosexual

    Gay Women

    1. Lesbian
    2. Homosexual


    (depends on which they are there is a difference)

          1. L.N

            What, what a mastery of the English language you have there, Tyson. “is wrong is wrong”? Wanna try that one again sport?

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            No, that was correct. He said I was wrong, which was wrong. Look at you trying sooo hard to change this argument. Admit you were wrong. Wow!

          3. Tyson Bowers III

            I also never claimed anything. Your buddy said “10. Fish cave worshipper (spelt it correctly for you there) – wrong”. That was the debate, I proved you guys wrong and now you want to change the subject. Have fun with that you little idiot.

          4. L.N

            “No, that was correct. He said I was wrong, which was wrong. Look at you trying sooo hard to change this argument. Admit you were wrong. Wow!”

            Then you should’ve said ‘your ass (and why just ‘ass’, did you mean ‘smart ass’ you fucking moron?) remark of me spelling worshiper is wrong’. And as for ‘not claiming anything’, you challenged Jonny on the spelling of the word, which means you effectively claimed that the word was spelled ‘worshiper’.

          5. Jonny

            All you proved was that it gets spelt both ways Tyson. You too said that my way of spelling worshipper was wrong

          1. Tyson Bowers III

            Sorry L.N. I’m right again. Go cry. Also, in AMERICA when you typo “worshipper” you get an spelling correction error.

            Noun – PERSON, PLACE, THING. My usage is correct.

            Even with hard proof in front of your FACE, you try to lie. Another point for me. You lose again.

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            No L.N. You said “What dictionary do you use?”, as in saying I was wrong. You did not say you can use both.

          3. L.N

            The original argument was that you spelled the word ‘worshiper’ wrong. And considering how there are several dictionaries that say ‘worshipper’ instead of ‘worshiper’, yet refer to both, all you’ve done at best was prove that both forms are used, especially when you’ve even posted the links yourself.

            Oh, and considering how you’re lying out of your ass right now, yeah, fuck off with that smarmy little comment of yours.

          4. Jonny

            In Britain if you type “worshiper” you get a spelling error. All you do is add a word to a long list of words that get spelt differently depending on where you are. I did not know worshipper was one such word, now I do. No biggie.

            And by the way you never actually proved your self to be correct AS YOU SAID ME AND L.N SPELT IT WRONG not that it could be spelt both ways. So take your self-awarded point away from you as turns out BOTH OF US WERE WRONG!

            Oh yeah just so you know the fact me and L.N accepted pretty quickly that both ways are correct and you still seem hung up on this who is right crap means you lose.

          5. Adam Nelson

            You redcoat bastard you’re lucky this isn’t about 235 years ago and you keep running your wrong mouth like that. I’d make sure General Washington and the boys paid all of you a visit.

          6. Jonny

            As for L.N saying “What dictionary do you use?” referring to you being wrong. It doesn’t there may be a slight implication that you are wrong but it isn’t there for certain. L.N was requesting your reference. That isn’t saying you are wrong. So your smarmy little comment just makes you seem argumentative.

          7. Jonny

            Adam Nelson
            General Washington would more than likely have more important stuff to deal with rather than an argument about spelling. What with declaring independence and breaking your country off from probably one of the largest empires if not the largest. None of this would have been considered a threat to your independence so your point is irrelevant.

    1. Boxshot Bambi

      Speaking as a dyke, I really hate the word lesbian. I mean, “gay” is a descriptor but “lesbian” is a noun. What’s that about? If I’m going to be a noun, I want it to be something good.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      So it isn’t a correction, if my word is correct. Moron. Also, why would you only “correct” one and not the other?

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          No L.N., you guys said I was wrong. I was NOT debating which is which. I was PROVING you are wrong by saying I was wrong. You are such an idiot. You do this every time. You LOSE a battle and try to change the subject. You are a moron.

          1. L.N

            Jonny said you were wrong, I searched the word ‘worshipper’ and that was the result. Since I don’t trust your word whatsoever, I decided to not look up ‘worshiper’. Then you proved that ‘worshiper’ is indeed -A- (note the fact that I’m using ‘a’ to reference a singular occurrence) form of the word, while ALSO proving that ‘worshipper’ is indeed a form as well.

          2. Jonny

            Which you started by saying we were wrong as it wasn’t spelt that way. All you could have actually said was both ways was correct. Which is something you didn’t do. You said quite clearly that we spelt it wrong moron.

          3. Jonny

            Which you started by saying we were wrong as it wasn’t spelt that way. All you could have actually said was both ways was correct. Which is something you didn’t do. You said quite clearly that we spelt it wrong you are the moron.

          4. klayton knights

            look up Tyson Bowers III on a dictionary and it will say gay man no life picks on gay men cuz he tries not to prove that he is gay

          1. Jonny

            This is not America it is the WORLD WIDE WEB, kind of means it is WORLD WIDE. It may be run by and owned by Americans but it is on the web. That means pretty much any country can access it. So the “this is the way we spell in our countries” looses its validity. So does country-based grammar rules.

      1. Jonny

        I was going to apologise as it turned out it gets spelt two ways. However, since you went and called me a moron I think I wont. As for correcting one and not the other. What did you mean by that? If you meant one correction. I corrected every spelling mistake I noticed and that turned out to be a word that could be spelt both ways. If you meant one reference they were all in the process of being corrected.

        1. L.N

          That’s the thing about these assholes, they want all the credit and none for their opponent. They’re always refusing to meet in the middle in any given argument. They want their cake and eat it too, and they get pissed off whenever someone tells them otherwise.

      2. Captain Obvious

        LOL aren’t you a little old to be arguing like a petulant child? What are you, 50? Also, it’s “a spelling error” and not “an spelling error.” Learn proper grammar if you want to go around correcting people’s spelling.

  4. Albert Toppers

    Tyson solid reporting! And great work in the comments setting all these homogay heathens straight! Well done!

    1. Jonny

      Were you following the comments at all? He was rapidly loosing an argument he had no chance of winning. The more he tried the more he failed.

      1. Albert Toppers

        Am I supposed to be surprised by your comment? You have demonstrated on this site that you have your wrongs and rights completely REVERSED. You can’t even spell your name properly. It’s “Johnny.”

        And, with such a topsy-turvy moral foundation, how could you be expected to keep up with Pastor Bowers’ intellect?

        Please read the Bible.

        1. Jonny

          Actually I spell my name correctly. My first name as written on MY birth certificate is spelt J-O-N-A-T-H-A-N. So when I shorten it to “Jon” and/or “Jonny” I don’t add a random H in wherever I please because that is how others can spell it. Also everyone I have known who uses “Jonny” spells it that way.

          As for my moral code. It is fine, I know what is right from wrong. I treat almost everyone as equals and accept almost everyone’s belief systems as valid. The only people I actually have a problem with are intolerant people. What with the whole “love thy neighbour” commandment being THE most important, I’d have thought that it would be an integral part of the “moral foundation” of most of the Christians moral code on this site. Clearly it is not. (to avoid any unwanted insults to those tolerant Christians on this site I am talking about the people who write most the articles and comments from those like Albert here).

          If you’d actually bothered to read my past comments Albert you’d realise I have a pretty decent moral code. I go without when others are in need. I’ve lost track of the amount of times in my life that I have given people my food and/or money and let myself go hungry or without what I want instead.

          Also intellect and morals are not linked. You can be the most immoral person in the world yet have intelligence to rival the greatest geniuses of all time and visa-versa dumb as a plank but be moral. And yes I know I can keep up with “Pastor” Bowers’ intellect. It has not been difficult to prove him incorrect yet.

          As for reading the bible. I admit I haven’t read it cover to cover. However, I can pretty much guarantee most people here have read an abridged version at best. The original bible is actually quite long and most current versions have removed sections irrelevant to it and added new passages to suit the editors needs. The Christian Bible has been around for just under 2000 years. Translated countless times and edited by who knows how many people to suit their needs.

          Also I was actually raised Christian but the kind that believes in a god that loves everyone equally. I have a fair knowledge of the Christian religion.

          Please actually read my comments before insulting my intelligence or moral code. Both of which are strong. By the way that isn’t just me saying it. It is EVERYONE who knows me personally.

          1. Captain Obvious

            Wow. Very well said. Too bad everyone here is too damn thick to understand half of what you typed.

          2. Jonny

            Thanks for the praise.

            I know they are too thick to understand. What makes it even more pathetic for them is I live in England. It is early in the morning now I have had a busy day and I haven’t been to sleep yet. So I am making more sense then they are with very little sleep.

    2. Britt

      they dont change! they are born that way! i was born bisexual. i should be proud and i am. you people tear us apart. lesbians, gays,bisexuals, transgenders we are proud to be who we are. if you were one of those how would you feel reading this article!? this makes me sad to be a christan if this is how im supposed to act! grow up! please. im 14 and im not as immature as you people at christwire!

        1. Jonny

          You have not got a catchphrase, “grow up” is not catchphrase material. Something said by many people at multiple times is not capable of becoming someone’s personal catchphrase.

        2. Britt

          Bitch GROW UP! and grow some balls! im 14 and not as immature as you and christwire. id rather be aithiest than christain if im supposed to hate gays/lesbians/or bisexuals. if im supposed to hate bisexuals am i supposed to hate myself?

    1. REK

      obviously the people who post the articles believe what they’re posting lol but it is all pretty funny it just pisses me off that these people think they can say these things.

    2. Tom

      Old news. LOL! I just come here for fun, after all, if these people were that stupid in reality, they’d forget to keep breathing in and out and would quickly die.

  5. REK

    As i have said before on this CONTRADICTORY website; aren’t you people supposed to be Christian what happened to love??!!! LOOK AT YOURSELVES! Look at the pain you may be causing!!! Using words like that what is that showing any body??? Didn’t Jesus say love one another oh wait he did; Matthew 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” Or Mark 12:31
    “And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than this” Now what happened to you people YOU AREN’T PEOPLE OF GOD!!! people of God, people who love the Lord and his one and only son Jesus Christ do not act like this with PETTY name calling and rude statements! Love one another that’s what you are supposed to do. But you people with your protesting against gay rights and words they’re not spreading love, as is the lords will,those words and actions are spreading HATE! And you know what you guys don’t even use facts in your protests you use hurtful words EXAMPLE A. this list example B. this article: http://tysonbowersiii.com/2011/11/andy-beersack-still-gay-all-that-remains-now-a-good-christian-music-example-singer-phillip-lebonte-calls-beersack-a-fking-faggot/#comment-189023. Maybe it is YOU who should remove the LOG from your eye before you try and remove the SPLINTER from another’s! NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT TRULY SAY THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD! but either way you shouldn’t be acting like this! it’s wrong you’re spreading hate and YOU GIVE GOD A BAD NAME! this is why no one wants to hear the bible because you’ve interpreted it yourselves for your own ideals YOU”RE NOT RIGHTEOUS you’re acting out of selfishness not for God! Oh and look I used no vulgarity in my words and i used truth instead of lies WOW what a concept!

    1. Dan Raper

      You are right that there is no love here and they are not Christian, however, Romans 1:26 does clearly state that Homosexuality is not the will of God. Are you familiar with these verses and if so, how do you interrupt it.

      1. Britt

        yes but homosexuality shouldnt be condemnd. homosexuals/bisexuals/transgenders have feelings. if god didnt want us to be like that he wouldnt have created us like that. im bisexual but thats not stopping me. christwire is not a friendly website. i will agree with you there. but homosexuals/bisexuals/transgenders have feelings and they love people like a straight man loves his wife. they love. they have sex. they even adopt kids. homosexuality and such is a gift. and those people need to be proud.

  6. Gud Nooz

    Thanks again, Tyson. :) I would far rather use these Christian-friendly, family-appropriate terms than anything that sounds like science.

    Jesus is Lord, amen. <3

  7. Britt

    this is not right whatsoever. im 14 and bisexual. you guys need to get over yourselves. im a christan and ive read the bible but i still go to church. if you guys were gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender how would you feel?! put yourself in there shoes before you say something. not all of us are straight you know. im fine being with both male or female. i have a boyfriend and hes perfectly ok with me being bisexual. lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgenders have feelings and we love too. love is love. stay out of other peoples lives and making them feel worthless. thats all you guys do. you guys do not act like christans whatsoever. and i dont care if im not accepted by the church because of who i am. get over it. its there own life. not yours.

  8. abstractreality

    “-ual”…pertaining to

    There is a reason for the way that everything is in the English language. Even if this article and the one’s like it are a joke, they are degrading. Isn’t there Christian law for degrading and hurting someone? No matter who they are?

    “An it harm none, do what ye will.”
    Blessed be.

  9. Caitlin

    These words are so offensive and immoral, aren’t Christians supposed to be kindly or something? I myself, am not religous by the way, I’m agnostic.
    Whether a couple involves two men, two women, or a man and a woman, I call pair of people who love each other just that. Because that’s what they are. Just people, who love each other. Why is that so wrong to you people?

  10. Alex

    I refuse to take Christianity or whatever variation of this seriously. If they are condemning homosexuals than they are no better than Adolf Hitler. Getting rid of those considered to be “imperfect” or met by their standards. YOU ARE IMPERFECT. Everyone is.


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