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51 Christian Friendly Words for Homosexuals

Gay Men

  1. Fecal fister
  2. Backdoor robber
  3. Chocolate swimmer
  4. Man sewer worker
  5. Turd tunneler
  6. Taint tickler
  7. Reverse poo pusher
  8. Mud monkey
  9. Low T-celler
  10. Fecal bandit
  11. Anal assassin
  12. Poo pirate
  13. Limp liberal
  14. Sugar plummed anal fairies
  15. Fondling Freds
  16. Ass alien
  17. Bottom burrower
  18. Totem poll sitters
  19. Disease addict
  20. Hot beef Harrys
  21. Winkle dandies
  22. Flesh sword fencers
  23. Phallic swindler
  24. Friend of Satan
  25. Butt pocket pan handler
  26. Anal tingle torturer
  27. Taint terrorist
  28. Vain worshiper
  29. Muscle cavern poker
  30. Brown saucy puncher
  31. Coco weasel
  32. Star gazer
  33. Mumble anus

Gay Women

  1. Clam dabbler
  2. Eve’s sister
  3. Satan’s Scissor Sally
  4. Crab captain
  5. Volleyball coach
  6. Fishy lollipop licker
  7. Tickler of the eye
  8. Flesh pearl Cannibal
  9. Clot slobber
  10. Fish cave worshiper
  11. Yeast fiend
  12. Flap elf
  13. Mississippi crawdad driver
  14. Blood venom slurper
  15. Fish garden mutt

Tranny Things

  1. Inny outy
  2. Inverted penile twister
  3. Man dyke

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CollegeHumor.com Now Promoting Child Molestation

We all know our team here at Christwire put a stop to Jake and Amir’s long running gay episodes. They must have heard I was leaving for our Spring into God festival this past week and decided to be gay little homo child molesters while I was gone.

In their latest and veil video, Jake and our favorite homo hobbit Amir, talk about a camping trip, which is gay talk for orgy and how Amir drugged and anally rape a park ranger. But that my friends is not the worst part. They go online to show their gay viewers how they can sign up as a big brother and pick a child they wish to rape!

Jake tries to play this off as a joke, but butt heckler Amir shows the true reason for this video. To promote child molestation!!

Just like any good little devil hole fiend, homosexuals love praying on little boys and what better way then to have them delivered to your door step with family issues. A gay will use this to their advantage and treat the young boy nicely and gift them. This makes the young boy trust the predator and feel that they must do whatever is asked of them. Knowing this, the rump ruffian will usually drug the young boy, have his way with him, send him home and knows for a fact the young victim will never say anything.

This site is nothing but filth and homo preaching!

Shame on you College Humor, shame on you!

God Flexs His Power and Shows His Anger Towards Homosexuals

An amazing video has been captured of God showing his power and anger towards the way the world has been living. God ignited a underwater volcano off the coast of Tago to show a preview of what is to come if we keep allowing homosexuals to run around freely.

Trust me my friends, this is just a tiny snap of God’s finger. Now imagine what will happen next if we allow gays to get married and allow them to adopt and molest more of our children.

Marvel Now Promotes Gay Agenda With Wolverine Toy

It looks like our homo supporting friends over at Marvel have created a new toy to encourage young boys to perform mouth to mouth in a non holy way to a blow up toys twiddle rompus!

We might as well line our children up and burn them ourselves! If we make these types of devil pleasing acts ok they will all be burning in the fire lakes anyways!

I spit on you Marvel for creating such filth and then trying to cover it up with lies!

What’s next? The Wonder Woman lollipop? You are sick and twisted and I hope God’s Wrath purges the sin right out of you and then sends you to your master!

I bet the homo queers in San Fransisco are just waiting for their new pray to turn the ripe age of 12, so they can get their dingle dongs touched by some young boys lips! I pray everyday that God sends a fire ball right into the center of that city!

I ask all parents to pray that these homo gay supporters go out of business soon and that their black savior doesn’t send them a bailout package!

College Humor Promotes Gay Office Relationships (Part 2)

My friends of God, today yet again the sinful employees at CollegeHumor have posted a gay infested love bath of a video featuring their two favorite affirmative action gay employees, Jake and Amir.

At the beginning of the video Amir comes out to his new “BFF”. He says within the first part of the video that they should be “partners” and then get involved in a tickle fight.

The video cuts to Jake and all he can do is talk about his lost jew friend, love buddy. He can’t even see that his new co-worker (a female) is into him, because he can only think of Amir’s devil hole. On a side note, the girl he is talking to might be a victim of homosexual abuse herself.

This video proves my last point about these two being gay lovers and how CollegeHumor promotes gay office relationships to the utmost factor of high.

Richard Simmons Wants Obama to Give Him Permission to Moleste Your Children

As I search the internet for unholy content to expose, I came across one of Christianities worst enemies. The closeted homosexual, Richard Simmons. This man is nothing but filth and full of gay agenda sin!

I found this new video where he is actually asking Mr. Obama to give him permission to get closer to our kids. This man is sick and we all know what his true intentions are, to touch young boys! Just view this video and you will see the devil ooze from this man.

Also, knowing how our new president is, he will be more than happy to give this gay homo money to open up camps that will corral or youth, so he can force his gay agenda and other things into our children.