Now Promoting Child Molestation

We all know our team here at Christwire put a stop to Jake and Amir’s long running gay episodes. They must have heard I was leaving for our Spring into God festival this past week and decided to be gay little homo child molesters while I was gone.

In their latest and veil video, Jake and our favorite homo hobbit Amir, talk about a camping trip, which is gay talk for orgy and how Amir drugged and anally rape a park ranger. But that my friends is not the worst part. They go online to show their gay viewers how they can sign up as a big brother and pick a child they wish to rape!

Jake tries to play this off as a joke, but butt heckler Amir shows the true reason for this video. To promote child molestation!!

Just like any good little devil hole fiend, homosexuals love praying on little boys and what better way then to have them delivered to your door step with family issues. A gay will use this to their advantage and treat the young boy nicely and gift them. This makes the young boy trust the predator and feel that they must do whatever is asked of them. Knowing this, the rump ruffian will usually drug the young boy, have his way with him, send him home and knows for a fact the young victim will never say anything.

This site is nothing but filth and homo preaching!

Shame on you College Humor, shame on you!

22 thoughts on “ Now Promoting Child Molestation

  1. fuck

    people that hate anyone that is different than them is what is wrong with this world. good for you guys for using your warped minds to see the “double meaning” in colleghumor’s videos. have fun burning in hell assholes!

  2. Danny

    i don’t really like american humour, i think that video was shit. it didn’t make me want to rape anyone though lol i dunno where you got that part from…

  3. Michael

    Hahaha, wow, you should link more of these. These are great. Wouldn’t’ve found it if it wasn’t for this awesome site.

    Are you folks going to publish a book anytime soon? I bet it would be even funnier than the Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox. It would be the best joke book ever.

  4. Zack W

    They never mentioned child molestation or even hinted at it jokingly. They hinted at sex with a park ranger and that was completely unrelated toanything they said about the kids. It looks like you are running out of things to hate! Now you just have to make stuff up!

  5. Stephen Webber

    I think that it is you is promoting child molestation. You sure seem to know how its done and you explained from what I assume to be from experience.

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  7. JaniceFun

    The internet is a really beautiful gift, probably from God himself and all his glory, and It just makes me so upset that people use it for all the wrong reasons. Especialy when you young. Its just too easy to get one of those movie camera and make a film and put in on the internet and get every one all excited, But whos watching? it could be any old pedophil with a criminal record and its so easy to get into touch with you, it really is that dangeros. I would ask all the mothers out there ot pay more attention to kids like them and stop this sort of thing. Watch there web history, look at there face books. If they do to much, tell them they are bad and take away the computer. We cant let our children go this far into the dangers of sex and strangers and gay lifestyles. I am one mother who says no way to the gay.

  8. Jane

    I cant tell if you are serious or not… Is this a real, albeit idiotic, Christian hate website, or is this a hilariously clever way of making fun of the stupid hate filled Christians who actually think like this… I cant tell.

    1. Cate

      Me too, I’m beginning to think that this is some kind of parody news website, like the Daily Mash or something!

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  10. Cate

    Please stop using such crude language. Would Jesus like that? Really? Would he approve of the phrase “hole fiend”?

    Oh, and “praying on little boys”? I think you mean “preying”. “Praying”, as you should know, is something completely different.

  11. Lori

    I don’t think that that video was promoting child molestation, or gayness for that matter…

    I’m not sure where you see that occurring in the video…

    But anyway what do you care…if you don’t agree with it don’t watch it. It was your choice to watch the video…and by watching the video you made yourself angry and enraged.

    I hope that some day the Lord will help you see that being negative and angered towards others doesn’t solve the problem…it only makes it worse.

  12. Someone

    Jake and Amir are comedy. I, personally, didn’t notice anything about anything that you said. This is just full of nonsense, and I think all the writers are just paranoid.

  13. Nathan

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  14. Gonzo

    you mean Catholic preists?

    not familiar with too many outbreaks of Judeo-Christian sex scandals…


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