Satan Enters Another Child’s Body

As you can tell from some of our past posts:

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Nintendo Wii Infects Kid With Strange Spirit

We have been researching the internet to find proof of Satan entering child’s bodies while they are engaging in acts of sin. This child is singing a “techno” song, which we all know techno promotes drugs, anal sex, orgies and other grotesque activities.

As you can see, this child has no control of himself while the music subliminally enters his mind, which opens a gateway to hell and allows demons to enter his mind and control him.

I ask one question…….WHERE IS HIS PARENTS!?!?!?!?! I hope they will be proud of their child when he has a empty soul, selling drugs and attending S&M nights in some homo part of town in San Francisco!

Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

84 thoughts on “Satan Enters Another Child’s Body

  1. uuuuhhhhh

    Its more likely that that person is much older than you think and that they suffer from a growth hormone problem or a condition similar to Gary Coleman. Facial structure, gold chain, haircut, motor skills… mustache shadow.

  2. Bill Cannon

    “opens a gateway to hell and allows demons to enter…”

    “selling drugs and attending S&M nights in some homo part of town…”

    Tyson. I think your imagination is the only thing that we need to worry about.

    You think you’re more moral and have superior values to this kid? You’re showing us quite the opposite.

  3. andrew

    This is sad. There are women getting stoned to death for being raped and this is the attention you wish to draw. This is the ignorant plea at most. We live in a nation that can’t even farm its own food as we have pawned off our lives to big agricultural companies like Monsanto that prove to be cancerous.

    ” 5Therefore shalt thou fall in the day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night, and I will destroy thy mother.

    6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    7As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame. ”

    Oh believe me the Lord will take care of the ignorant in his own ways. Fear not for those who are pure will reap their rewards, but I implore that you please reconsider the world around you if you think your eyes are truly open. You have a world of information at your fingertips and it doesn’t seem that you have seen an iota of the evil that I have come across.

  4. matt

    Honestly, everything you have to say is just a laughing stock for everyone on the internet Great shit. This kid will def burn in hell. You are seriously one fucking moron

  5. Becky

    This isn’t Techno, this is dance music. Techno is a specific type of electronic dance music that sounds nothing like this.

  6. BMac

    LOL! I thought I was reading an onion article until I discovered you were serious! I didn’t know people really think crazy fringe stuff like this.

  7. agris

    the fact that you can’t relate to a child singing and dancing to a song, a decidedly innocent song at that, points to you having a far more empty and depraved soul than than him. grow up, and learn how to observe without immediate judgment.

  8. Dody

    This kid probably suffers from a growth issue JUST like my daughter. He is adorable. I don’t see how lip singing is evil or that it is even techno. I live in the hills of Arkansas and you look stupid to the rednecks around here! Are you even serious? This is the most backward place about some things, but you have topped even the worst among the ignorant here.

  9. JoeTX

    Any religion that breeds halfwit hate-filled old men like the one that runs this site is a detriment to society.

    The world would be better off without you, sir.

  10. godonastick

    Ha ha. You look like a pedophile. With a name like one, too. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    “WHERE IS HIS PARENTS?” Probably helping him with his grade school homework. Maybe when you finish rubbing one out while watching this video they can help with yours, too.

  11. Jimmy

    Tyson, Are you crazy? This not techno; the kid is just having fun. He knows nothing about what you say, YOU are going to HELL for having those thoughts!! Yes, YOU have those thoughts (not this kid)!!!

    Talking about techno (which this is not); I listen to it, just did today. I have not done anything you claim it promotes.

    He is in complete control; even holding the Wii wheel. So cute! haha

    One question for you, why are you even looking at Have you seen the nude pictures, drug, booz, sex, etc on the site??? Yyou pic this as the bad thing? (I am not even saying the other things are bad; but in relation to other things on this site I can’t even see what drew to this video…unless you like kids??)

  12. Jack Gould

    Whenever I see frightening and heart-wrenching videos such as this, I find myself wondering if the parents let the child watch those no good animes that they show on tv these days. I believe the enemy may be using those cartoons to pre-warp the mind of our children.

  13. tom

    I can’t for one minute believe that you, the man who posted this video, is not a pedophile and/or a lunatic. I’m guessing both.

  14. Dameon

    So….let me get this straight…you one the gayer looking individuals on the net with you turtle neck and hip glasses feels the need to call out a kid, from a comedy site, that made a joke video, a vessel of Satan?

    Let me give unto you a droplet of wisdom and knowledge so that you may forever learn from this (and I use the term loosely) mistake. STAY THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET!

    Also I leave you with a paradox

    If Jesus rose from the dead this would make him a Zombie
    However if a Zombie walks on earth than there is no longer room in hell
    Since there was only one Zombie incident, would it not be logical to assume that all dogs go to heaven, and only pussies like you go to hell?

  15. clean

    You say:

    “We have been researching the internet to find proof of Satan entering child’s bodies while they are engaging in acts of sin”.

    Jesus, I’d hate to see your browser history …

    Don’t you heavy duty fundamentalist type Christians have some sort of ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ thing you’re supposed to follow? By that logic, aren’t you looking at some serious judging yourself?

  16. clean

    (I mean, I get it … this is a parody site … but some fundamentalist Christians might come here and see the question I posed above … I’d like to know what their answer is … )

  17. Captain Obvious

    Hate to point out the obvious, that isn’t a kid, he’s a midget. The song is actually a remake of a country music song and is a Top 40 pop song. It isn’t techno. The kid isn’t possessed, merely unattractive. Mr. Bowers, you obviously have serious problems. I think you see sin and profanity in everything you look at. I’ll pray for your soul.

  18. clean

    That’s what I meant … some fundies’re likely to come here expecting this to be real. I wanted ’em to see the comment about judging I made and question themselves. Kind of silly of me to point out errors in logic to ’em, I know, but … πŸ˜‰

  19. Jerry Required

    This is very very sad. Old man abuses young kid to get people to visit his biased webpage.

    Will the brainwashing never end?

  20. BowBeforeMeandRepent

    Tyson, are you trying to compensate for something? You seem very into anal sex and know the gay parts of california… personal experience I assume?

  21. Cosmo Smallpiece

    How Fucking stupid are you!!!

    You should know that “WHERE IS HIS PARENTS!?!?!?!?!” Where ARE his parents!?!?!?!?! – Stupid.

    I bet they were in the same room, laughing at the antics of their son; like any sane person. Ah yes, I see what your problem is – generally insane!

  22. Matt

    0MΖ’9 7H1$ 1$ 7H3 B3$7 7R0££1N9 $173 0Β΅7 7H3R3!!!!![img][/img]

  23. Tony

    Geez, what a bunch of lunatics. Is this a joke site or something? You are just as much a freak as you think this kid is. Find something else to do with your time than to go around picking on people. You’re what, 60 years old? You act like a 12 year old picking on another kid in class.

    WWJD? Not put some innocent kid on a pedestal and make fun of him and saying he’s a bad example. Take a look at the world, look outside yourself. You’ll see people are making fun of you just as well for the way you act. When you grow up and realize all people are not perfect, you’ll realize you don’t have any room to talk. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not perfect. Logic and experience in life tells me this, I don’t need a god. You set a bad example for religious people, sir.

  24. lordy

    Jesus Christ monkey balls!! this website is hilarious!!!! if anything, Your bigoted and racist articles are a powerful tool for any athiest’s point of view!

  25. lordy

    also, i love this video! so funny! just a kid dancin’ to the music! If you want to see a video more convincing than that one, go to the classic numa numa! man, that one really gets into your head.

  26. Successful Troll

    I’ll just leave this here…


  27. Satan

    Hello, this is Satan, next time please choose another song, this one is pretty lame…

    Even I would want any anal sex on this one…

    See you soon

  28. Dario A.

    Good luck chasing man-bear-pig LOL

    (oh no… now he’s going to say that i was ass-raped by Satan for watch southpark)

  29. The Anti-Christ

    GO WIERD KID, honestly i think he’s not a kid but a midget, his face seems to be a little wrinkly. BUt other than that GO WIERD KID AND FUCK YOU TYSON, go suck a BIG, FAT, GAY, JUICY, Cock…im pretty sure i included all the things you hate in there πŸ˜›

  30. Hell's Angel

    Is this a real group or are you just comedians? I have never read such moronic redneck viewpoints as are published on this site ever… chumps and people like you give religion a bad name. Baby molesters and klan members the lot of you. One day you shall be judged with the same ignorant hate that you judge others!!!!

  31. Danish Ninja

    Sir, you clearly do not know your music. I would classify this particular song under “techno pop” rather than the aforementioned “techno” music which is clearly defined by the presence of a verse chorus verse song form. Please be sure to provide more accurate information in your future posts.

  32. Denali

    First of all you Jackass, this is a little person!!!

    Look at the form of his knuckles.
    No Child has there hands of that much “Muscularity” of strength!

    People are Such dumb low hand thoughtless pricks

    Get your facts before actually taking an non-fact belief of,
    Staging “People’s Enjoyment”

    So to As some Christians quote “Rock music is the devil”
    Whooptie F’**n Doo…
    buddhism shave there head bald and wear robes ;; Are they Racist’?
    So Depending on My Prerogative
    I Will Choose Freely of my Will to do Anything.


  33. Diana Williams

    May God Bless and strengthen you on your mission to warn other’s of the deceiever’s way’s and mean’s. I feel very blessed to have been awaken to what you are trying to warn other’s of.

    I often think of Christ calling out “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

    If only we had the ability to share so that all would hear. Then again I have to remind myself, God’s way not our way.

  34. Fallen

    Sir, athor of this article.

    Two questions, first is this site a joke site, I simply can not beleive that this is real.

    If it isn’t a joke site, where in the Bible does it say you can not lip sync and dance to music? I am incredibly serious, where does it say that?

  35. ....

    I might have considered giving this post some credit were it not for the terrible grammar contained within it. You people need real lives.

  36. Talamasca

    Honestly Mr Bowers! The child is mimicking what he sees on television.

    If he watches Sesame Street, Barney and Mr Rogers and mimics what he sees them doing, does that make him possessed by Muslims, evolutionists and homosexuals?

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  38. Michelle

    I would never talk down to any religion, but this has to be the MOST ignorant piece of literature I have read in my entire life. AND I edit papers for Newark kidsso trust me I KNOW ignorant. If you’re so Christian who gave you the right to pass judgement? Or to talk down to anyone for that matter? Posting a video of someones child and talking crazy about the what their parents have to say about it makes you no better than a “empty-souled drug dealer in some part of homo San Fransisco.”

    Piece of shit.

  39. David McMillan

    Well you are the person that came up with the idea about sex… not this kid LIP SINGING to DANCE/TOP 40 track. I bet this kid will not even understand what S&M is until he’s twice his age. Where are you coming up with such sick nasty stuff? You are saying a lot of mean things about this innocent child.

    Now why do I have the term “plank eye” in my mind.

    PS on a side note, not that it’s important but the music is not techno.

  40. Elijah

    Your comment was uncalled for. You making these accusations against a innocent child who is singing? Let me repeat that. He is singing. That’s it, just singing. Ever tried it?

    Where is your mind at sir?

  41. Mr Man

    Ya that Pokemon Anime (animation)is a real hardcore kids porno all right. They all got demons in their balls, which they whip out in the presence of other children. Then they battle until their monstrous energy is spent.
    As for HENTAI (animated porn), why is it that real-life Priests can ass-rape children, but an animated tentacle is not cool? Is it because the main characters end up killing the raper in the end?
    Why is it Japan has pretty much the lowest crime-rate in the world? Answer: They can distinguish between Fantasy and Reality. How much sex and EXTREME violence would there be in an uncensored animated movie based on the Bible?
    I hear of people getting “infected” by God sometimes too. Though usually followed by ” … and he told me to drown my kids.” or “… kill my brother” or “kill my son” or “give up my daughter to be raped by a mob” or “murder the golden calf worshippers” or “bomb Iraq” or “…told me to rape those boys so I wouldnt be guilty of breaking my vow of abstinance”
    Please read something, then count to ten …… think about it ……. then read an opposing view ….. count to ten ….. think some more ….. then formulate an opinion. Ignorance is a tough stain to get out.

  42. Jack Gould is a tard


    I absolutely love it when people have no idea what they are talking about, and saying that anime is Japanese for porn is absolutely the best. Not only does it show a lack of understanding in the Japanese language (which you are claiming to understand to even a little degree by providing definitions), but you also show lacking in the general ability to extrapolate based upon a limited dataset, surprising that all anime shows are animated, isn’t it?

    As for Mr. Bowers the third, you my friend are something that is causing a blight on the world, you preach ignorance and shield people from reasoning and truth. You are abhorrent.

  43. corn

    Ok, I posted this reply in another article, but I think it got modded or something, because now I can’t find it >_<. Here it is in short:

    The admins should make it clear as to whether or not this site is a parody, in writing and in a place people will see it. Take Landover Baptist Church and their forums. Their introductory threads leads me to believe that the whole thing is for real, but their ToS says that its a parody, a work of fiction.

    My issue with this is that we’re going to see new converts to Christianity searching for answers, and then they stumble across stuff like this and think its representative of actual Christian beliefs and practices and do one of two things: a) Join them in the hating or b) Think that all Christians are like this and wash their hands of them.

  44. Mr Man

    I was born in a Christian family. My mother didn’t Baptize me because she wanted me to have the freedom to choose my beliefs. I’m caucasian. I spent time in Japan. I spent time in China. I spent time in Thailand. Not only did the author have NO idea about their religous beliefs or practices, but the insinuation that they are “uncivilized”? Compared to who? You? Sitting on your perch. Judging others culturally, religiously and racially, in a way that would make Jesus weep. The missionaries you send to these countries, I saw first hand, tease peasants with education for their children and food for their families, but first you must convert. Judge not lest ye be judged yourself mother-fucker, cause your whole website is about trashing others. You seem to have a figure watching over your shoulder, but let me assure you, it isn’t Jesus.

  45. Mr Man

    I just realized this HAS to be a joke sight cause there can’t really be fuckers this dumb. Im guessing they’re really computer geeks doing some kind of humorous study??

  46. The Anti-Christ

    o god he just pulled out another christwire link o god help us all lol! U know i don’t think i deserve the title of anti christ! IN fact i believe that it is THIS site that as a whole should be called the anti-christ!!!!

  47. Fallen

    Sir, do you know that this site has a very very Christian spin to it? You can not cite a link to a website and call it any sort of evidence. If you tried to pull that in any sort of college research paper, you would lose points. If you ever tried to get up in front of a panel and attempt to defend let’s say a Master’s Thesis with arguments from a website, you would be laughed out of the room. But I digress, you probably never went to college, there’s just too much science and reason there.


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