Liberal States Caught Searching Nasties Online

The liberal mind is one of filth and sloth. While God loving patriots use the internet to search for relevant information and to be up to date with news, the liberal spends their day looking up vile and unholy search terms.

We used the latest in search engine technologies to find what kind of band widths keywords each state uses while browsing on popular search engines like, Bing, Yahoo, Hotbot and Lycos. The results will shock you.

Below is scientific data maps pulled from some of each search engines most popular search terms and that data was generated to create some amazing color coated heat maps to show you that the liberal states abuse the internet for porn erotica and other pro-choice style browsing.

Let us see what kind of filth we have floating around the digital highway:

The only reasons some of the Conservative states have been dinged, is because of liberal relatives coming over to visit and using up their band width to get their sick fix. This goes to show you that liberals have no respect for friends and families.

49 thoughts on “Liberal States Caught Searching Nasties Online

  1. August Weisz

    Amazing data!
    A few things I noticed.

    What’s going on in Illinois? Must be related to Obama leadership.
    I am surprised Massachusetts isn’t black on this chart. The filth in that state has no limits.
    Idaho Is still perfect in every way.

  2. Blanche Beecham

    I Googled Santorum. He’s the former senator from Pennsylvania. I would expect Pennsylvania to light up like a Gay Pride Parade float.

  3. L.N

    I do love how you will bullshit everything, be offended when asked for sources, then proceed to ask for sources then DENY those sources simply because it wasn’t written by a conservative Christian who’s as nuts as you are.

      1. L.N

        You claimed you had sources, but you failed to pull out their data. You made the map, not the search engine sites. You’re trying to convince others that you’re right yet you refuse to show proof. You can claim that you got your information from the top scientists of the world, but unless you link directly to their quotes, you’re just a dirty liar. Same with this, if this information is available to the public, then you should have links to the sites that prove that what you say is true.

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          L.N. you can do the search yourself on the Bing and Hotbot map data keyword search. It is a free tool that anyone can use.

          1. Claire

            You are REQUIRED to cite your sources; it’s not optional. Insisting that your readers do it for you is what sets you apart from all of the real journalists out there.

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            You mongoloid, I believe I have now posted two times stating my sources and how you could make your own map via these websites.

          3. L.N

            Yeah, do you not understand what it means to be a journalist? You do actually have to cite your sources, you can’t just say ‘oh, well it’s out there’, and leave it at that, you’re expecting people to do YOUR job of finding the truth. Why should I believe you if I’m the one that has to go and prove your point? What, you couldn’t even get a screenshot of this supposed data? Hell, you didn’t even post up any numbers, for all we know, the most popular search terms in the states could come down to less than 20.

            Hell, the little flames you added in don’t help either. In fact, they hurt because they’re supposed to represent specific areas. Well genius, what ARE those areas? What if I don’t have a map handy? What if I mistake the area you’re pointing to? It’s your fault that I’m now thinking that a different area has had a lot of those search terms.

            Just admit it, you don’t want to post up sources because you don’t have them. You say you know a guy who knows what he’s talking about, but you never bring the guy directly in. That’s all you people do, reference and make claims that you know what you’re talking about, without actually proving it, and then you go and insult the people who either ask for legit sources, or point out your bullshit.

          4. Susan B. Xenu

            non christian news outlets dont seem to have the readers pestering them for sources. Why do you persist in pestering us? It is becuase we are christians and you are part of the homo gay agenda that is trying to tear us asunder

          5. L.N

            That’s because there’s a (supposedly) crack team of people who do actual investigations and fact finding, and even THEN people are careful to not put too much faith in them, since anyone can be wrong. When you’re small time, you’ve got no choice but to listen to the criticisms of people, especially if you want to have any amount of dignity after all’s said and done.

      1. Susan B. Xenu

        oh I dont know about that. I have heard bad things happen when you google someone or something.

  4. Claire

    “You mongoloid, I believe I have now posted two times stating my sources and how you could make your own map via these websites.”

    Please list the search terms you used to find out what states tended to search for particular things.

  5. August Weisz

    What’s with all the comments about sources?

    When you are in school and the teacher tells you 2=2 is 4 do you ask for a source?
    If your trade school teaches you what a Coccygeal Vertebrae is on a cat do you ask for a source?

    Tysons reputation is all anyone needs. As I pointed out in my first post, I was surprised and by some of the stats, but I didn’t whine about it, I just accept, comment, and move on.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      And I have told them 2 times already how they can go online and recreate what I did. Yet that isn’t good enough. Just wait till Saturday.

      1. L.N

        Yeah, that’s the problem jackass, you’re wanting people to do the work instead of you providing the proof. Why should I trust you on anything if I’m the one that’s supposed to look around for it? There’s a difference between belief and fact. Belief doesn’t require hard evidence; facts do. You’re trying to present what you perceive to be a fact without providing the evidence, and instead expect others to do it, and trust you simply because.

    2. Tyson Bowers III

      Liberals are to lazy to do research. You have to hold their hands and do everything for them. It is so hard to goto and type in a few words and OH MY GOD, you have to click links and read!!!

      1. L.N

        “I mean, why can’t they just trust a homophobic, racist, sexist pig who’s never proven himself to be trustworthy and has a one-sided mind that those who don’t agree with me are fools? It’s just common sense that someone like me is a completely believable person!”

        That’s exactly what you’re saying right now when you get down to it.

          1. L.N

            All of you, since you’re all so damned and determined to claim that white people are better.

          2. L.N

            Well for starters, you think the Chinese are evil, you think black people have ‘tribal rage’, you think that all Muslims are terrorists, and that all Asians look alike. If you want quotes as to where this information is, from your own mouths, I’ll be more than happy to provide after a couple of hours since I have business to attend to. That, and I don’t want any bitching of ‘out of context’, so be sure that I will spend a good chunk of time to researching your insane remarks.

          3. L.N

            All right August, back and with my sources about you being racist:

            From Rev. Custer on “North Korean Communist Band “Secret” Promotes New Gay Trend “Shy Boy””:

            “When filthy yellow Commies refuse to bow down to the authority of Christ, the authority of Satan takes over and here’s a fine example of the soldiers recruited to the service of Satan – homosexual, perverted, colored-skin reprobates.”

            That last bit especially proves it: colored-skin reprobates. Not only that, but considering that the ‘article’ in question mentions a band that’s in South Korea, but claims it’s from North Korea, AND calls the group ‘kamikaze fighters’ (a term that’s from a JAPANESE fighter pilot), and claims that a bunch of babble translates as ‘America, die, die’.

            Then here’s your post from “Under Pressure From Civil Rights Activists, Amazon Discounts Caucasian “Little Mommy Play All Day” Dolls Over Black, Latino Ones”:

            “Think these pricings have a lot to do with basic consumer habits. By while traveling I noticed many minority species tend to spend large amounts on frivolous items. Where my friends and families may put extra money into a 401k, the Africans might spend extra money having their cell phone bedazzled or Mexicans on lowering their car further. Smart retailers realize these habits and take advantage of them, After all do you really think that Hebrew Grandma is going to waste as much on a doll as Auntie Oprah?”

            You made the comment that black people spend their money to ‘bling’ their phones up, and that Mexicans spend money to lower their cars. That’s nothing more than a stereotype and a blanket statement that you’ve made. You follow stereotypes, yet insist that the only one that’s wrong is the stereotype against Christians, but you’ll follow through those stereotypes full-force.

            Then there’s your own ‘article’ about Eminem, and claim that he’s a ‘non-threatening’ white rapper, and you will completely disregard the fact that he has made several songs more or less devoted to wanting his ex-wife to die. You will be offended at the presence of a black rapper, regardless of whatever the major theme of said rapper is, but you’ll be more than happy to support a man who wants to murder his own wife.

    3. Millenium

      In journalism is different Kiddo

      You report enws you MUST put a source

      The more source you put the better it is

      Oh and doN,t put source related to the same site

      also what is ice cream child porn ?

  6. Claire

    “Show me one African who didn’t stop on their way to get diapers to see what new ring tone they could buy with the money instead.”

    My neighbor. And my other neighbor. Oh, and my other neighbor, too!

    1. Bruce Danus

      Don’t worry Claire, after our Wedding tomorrow, you won’t have to live in the ghetto anymore.

        1. Bruce Danus

          “You’re a racist son of a bitch”

          My mother was a Saint. You would’ve really learned a lot about being a Good Christian Homemaker from her. I wish she was still around to teach you how to bake her tasty apple pies.

          Also, how is it racist to let you know we will be living in a beautiful home in a gated community instead of a project apartment in the ghetto?

          Now get some sleep, you got a big day tomorrow with the Wedding and the flights to Idaho for the reception and then to Saudi Arabia for the Honeymoon. Do you wanna join “the mile high club” on the flight to Idaho or Saudi Arabia? Nevermind, we can do both. There will be plenty of time.

          1. Claire

            It’s racist to assume that just because I have black neighbors that I live in a ghetto. Although there is low-income housing right up the street I live in a nice little neighborhood.

  7. Mare

    You know, I heard it’s because of all those gay faggot-loving-cock-sucking-asshole-tonguing-rapist-pervert-paedophile liberals that the Rapture is coming tonight.
    God damn them all, may they be confined to hell where they will writhe in their lust and blue-ball agony.

    They will all be…. LEFT BELOW

  8. electricbluesasquatch

    So where’s the research into the Bible Belt states in regards to KKK meetings. Or how to rape then discredit your own daughter?

  9. Emily

    I like girls. I’m 13 years old. I’m an atheist. Such my dick? Run away in fear? Roar?
    (I thought this was a troll website but apparently it isn’t, lol. Still think it might be.)
    You’re all racist, unintelligent, homophobic bigots~ Though I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you are closeted.

  10. gfnebtylibn

    so fucking what? everyone has natural sexual desires no matter how weird. It’s called a fetish and everyone has one. Hell I looked up gay porn just to find out if I was gay. (I’m not so don’t get all homophobic on me.)


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