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Photos of People's Reactions After Being Surprised with Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a scary thing, but to 98% of Americans, they have been able to keep safe from having to be scared by viewing the actually act of demonic sin docking or the act of clam twaddle. Homosexuality is starting to seep its poison into America via erotic song and dance shows, vampire movies and these Homo Gay Agenda propaganda tools are making us forget how vile and unnatural the act of homo sex is. In an attempt to rebirth homo awareness a group of people put together a hidden camera booth in hopes to not only show people how gut wrenching the gay really is, but to also capture the reactions of the viewers to prove that people do not like gay penetration being enacted within their country.

In the images below you will see the trembling terror that attacks the body once it has been exposed to men and women performing gayness and you can see by the fear in the viewer’s eyes that they wish to never experience such a sight of sin again.


Gays Release New Perverted Christmas Cards

There is nothing that gives a gay a lispy chuckle more than that of smearing their fecal infested lifestyle on the face of America and this coming Christmas they have a plan to saturate the holiday spirit with the spirit of sexual poses and fresh gay orgasm faces. Instead of having happy cards with snowmen, angels and little children gathered around a festive tree, the isles of America’s major shopping centers with be plastered with these full frontal paper treats of demonic sex pleasure. These Christmas cards are the gays new seasonal weapons to push their Homo Gay Agenda instead of using their anal scented mouth turrets to spew gay onto American.

Examples showing the war against a Christian American Christmas:

Gays Now Using Santa to Entice Man Boy Love Relations
Mexicans Stole My Christmas

Dr. Seuss Releases Book About Demon Whacking and Pre-martial Sex Docking

Leave it up to a Communist to write a children’s book on how to teach boys to tickle their twaddle tallies and show girls how to flipper their fish cave. In Dr. Seuss’ latest book, he does just that and not only does he talk about self raping, he also instills sexual ideas inside children in hopes that they will go out and experiment sexually with the nasty sectors  of their bodies.

Below is a some pages of this book and you will see it is marinated in sin. You will see it talks about self M-ing, sex play and even the sinful act of read entry sin docking.




How to Spot A Hipstersexual

Hipstersexual NounHip-stir-sex-you-all – A hipstersexual is a Parliament (P-funk) smoking rich kid who usually surfs the web using Google Chrome or the iMac version of Netscape, posting Photoshop’d images on their Tumblr accounts and tags their images with anti-capitalist comments and rant about how America is such a drag. A hipster will never blog without running it through the hipster online thesaurus to make their verbal library seem vast.

You can find hipstersexuals in any high income cities, where they try and act like they are poor, while mom and dad spend money on their 2 year trade school art degrees and their “white side of town” studio apartments.

These freak free loaders need to #occupyajobapplication

Typical Boy 1:Why is that homosexual kid wearing purple leggings, an aqua and Autumn brown scarf and smoking a pipe while he plays Gameboy?
Typical Boy 2:Oh, he is a hipstersexual.

Who's More Sinful: Casey Anthony Or Amanda Knox?

The media has been swarming with silver sassy whores this past year and there isn’t anything more two faced whorish and lustfully laced with sin than Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox. Both are murders, both love to be in skanky dressed outfits and both enjoy Satanic sex orgies, but the question we want to ask America is….”Who do you think is more sinful?”

Please view pictorial before voting.

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Proof That Nothing Good Comes From Masturbation

Masturbation lead to this man being robbed and having his dog killed from magic mushrooms that he most likely purchased from a hippie drug dealer. Instead of demon whacking his skin twinkie, he could of been watching a light comedy or brain teasing game show and his hands would of not be preoccupied and would of been able to fight off the intruder and save his dog from organic drug death!

Forcing ones penis to drip ooze of sinfully created devil DNA, is not natural and it is not something God would want you doing during your free time. To avoid such temptation, once should talk up a crafting hobby to widdle the time away. Thin about it, a wholesome American hobby isn’t sinful, it is productive, you learn a noble skill and your chances of being robbed and having your pet murdered are lowered.

Masturbation is gaining popularity

Here are some shocking articles about what type of criminal activity can accrue when one has become a chronic masturbator.

Brazilian boy, 16, dies after masturbating 42 times without stopping

Man kills mum when she finds him masturbating

Trucker flips his rig after masturbating while driving

Preparation and education is key when confronting someone with a disease. They came become violent and enraged with self hate and lash out at you in a physical manner.

Michael Jackson’s Dead Body

These photos were used as evidence in the trial against Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. Jackson’s doctor is convicted of involuntary manslaughter for providing and injecting Michael with a prescription drug called propofol . In the June 24 photo, you can see Michael performing one of his dance music songs during a rehearsal for his “last” tour.

To Decrease Outrage of New Facebook Layout, Facebook Now Offering Free Facebook Bras

The only change that has come from the Obama administration era is Facebook changing its website every 6 months. And just like the change Obama wants, the changes in Facebook dives us deeper into chaos and anger.

Below is an image of the new Facebook layout, in where now instead of being able to find everything in one place, you will have to click more links and pokes to get to your friend’s profile. Now all you will see is a huge timeline of oversize images and annoying Farmville updates. Pretty much this will now look like MySpace, but with less emos and images of Tila Tequila.

With every new update or modification Facebook releases, its user base becomes more and more disgruntled. Just like when Obama tries to implement a new policy, his approval rantings falls down and rightfully so. But wait, just like how Obama dangles welfare and extended unemployment to unproductive Americans, Mark Zuckerberg is dangling free items in the faces of his loser, stay at home Bejeweled Blitz champions in the form a free Facebook bra. Since the average Facebook user is overweight, this bra could be worn by both men and women.

Homo Gay Agenda Wants Babies to Wear Thongs

While you would think that the sickness in homosexuals couldn’t get any worse, it has. Our shadow walking phallic stuffers have dug their Old Spice scented, manicured hands deeper into the Hanna Barbera underwear of America’s youth. Even against popular science, homosexuals do not have a age limit when it comes to their victims. The Homo Gay agenda is trying to create a flash mob of gayness inside the urine protectors of your toddlers and newborns.

Just like when I warned parents of The Gay’s attempt to use toys to anally rape your children during poopy time, The Gays are now using waste products to attack your children with fondling feely fingers in the shape of thong diapers. These new diapers fit to the baby in the form of a thong, you know the kind of underwear that gets soiled by moist Satanic juices when a cheap whore like Ke$ha or Oliva Munn get finished performing a mouth sin act on a Hollywood executive.

Obama Shows His Racism by Covering Up Oriental in Photo

The narcissistic personality disorder that rages within Obama has been caught on film again. Not only does this man need attention, but he craves it so much that he will perform acts of racism just to make sure he is the centerpiece of a photograph. Chinese people are evil, but being racist is not acceptable and by Obama covering the yellow header communist shows that his hate for anything non sin colored runs deep within his Kenyan blood. Knowing Obama would try to do something outrageous, the photographer tried to have the quickest snapping finger, but Obama’s quick attention whore wit is lightning.

Marvel Uses Aborted Fetus To Promote New Movie

A few years back I reported on the fact that Marvel was promoting The Homo Gay Agenda by making a Wolverine doll that taught young boys how to perform a mouth sex act on an adult homosexual. This is nothing compared to Marvel’s latest stunt to promote their newest movie coming out in the summer of 2012. You would think with the billions of dollars Marvel has, they would use flashy TV commercials or hire brainless whores to dress up as slutty super heroes at comic parties, shaking their milk sacs in the faces of pimp infested nerds. Instead Marvel has dug themselves into a new ditch of soulless debauchery and I feel they have dug so deep that they have opened a hole directly to hell.

This past week their marketing campaign was released and what was shown would make a liberal or communists taint tickle with pro-baby murder climatic arousal. Marvel took aborted babies and painted them like the featured characters in their up and coming movie and displayed them in jars, so they could float and look like the super heroes where in a incubation state, waiting to be born. How sick do you have to be to take a lifeless, forced killed baby and display them in circus freak-like manner in hopes to increase ticket sales to a movie.

It has been reported that Marvel paid Planned Parenthood $35 per fetus and also promised special effects and marketing credits to them in their movie. In return Planned Parenthood would make sure that Marvel is deliver only freshest of kills and to make sure that each fetus has the same weight and length. Once the bodies are received at the Marvel marketing headquarters, the babies are cleaned and sent to the art department for painting. Once painted the never given a chance at life children are dumped into a clear less square container, which is than filled up with a liquid to make sure the look like the are suspended in mid air.

Next thing you know, your children will be trying to get knocked up so they can line up behind Planned Parenthood begging to be vacuumed so their unformed baby can have a chance of being the next Aqua Man or Batman marketing centerpiece.

Jersey Shore’s Slut Devils, Deena and Snooki, Share Unholy Lesbian Mouth Acts on Television

Now that Mtv has become “Masturbation Television”, it should not be shocking to find out that they are now dribbling syrupy images of lesbian fornication nonsense onto the screen for all young eyes to see. Recently Mtv has exposed your children to an x rated episode of the famous television show, Jersey Shore, which is a show about hobgoblin $4 whores and orange pastel colored closeted homosexuals and their adventures of intoxication and multiple partner sexual encounters. You know, the wholesome stuff that all 10 years old should be watching. In their latest episode they feature a lesbian kiss which leads into a night of demonic clam dabbling and female to female fish cave worship, between the midget pavement princess, Snooki and the Jeeny Craig drop out, Deena.

Below I will show you a pictorial of the nights anti-Jesus sexcapades and a in-depth explanation of what exploits were going on.

Here we see the massacre minx’ engaging in a lesbianic tongue mouth act. This type of behavior is caused by drinking too much devil nectar and once in an intoxicated state, Satan is allowed to enter the body and take control of ones mind, body and soul. Once their lips are locked, Satan takes hold of their syphilis encrusted baby doors and moistening their camel humps with hell fire juices of sexual arousal.

Now deeper enthralled in Satan’s grip of lesbian fantasies, you can see the two sluts of Jezebel in a death lock of tantalizing tongue tennis.

Now fully aroused in baby slit moisture juices, the two females decided to engage in a typical drunk fluzzy dance to draw more attention to their actions. Whores like nothing more than to be gawked at by the public. You could say they re just like homosexuals when it comes to the need and urge for attention, even if it is negative.

Full of intoxicating fluids, God attempts to bring the girls back to reality, by love tapping them to their knees. Of course the plastic filled mick sac’d $2 street walkers pay no attention to God’s warning and continue on with their night of spray tanned musk of debauchery.

Once home, the two whorelots break into demonic dances. Filled with Satan’s spirit the two can not control their bodies and flailing their arms around like two drunk beached whales trying to get back into the sea. You even see the Snooki fall down and be paralyzed into a cat pose. This pose is a symbol that Satan has finish his onslaught of abuse and leaves the body to deal with hellish dehydration and regret.

Just like all things evil, they all are punished by God’s wrath of love and discipline. Because the two girls decided to flash their baby holes and milk sacs to the world and not pay attention to God’s first warning, he had to take action again. Just like all good father’s they will love tap their children into submission and God’s hand was in the form of a car accident.

So remember kids, if you want to be hauled away by the ambulance or even in a body bag, keep your naughty parts in your pants and do not drink of the devil’s cup.

Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore Invaded Television and Twitter with Pornographic Imagery

The tale of the farm boy and big city cougar unveils a new chapter in their book of anti-American, liberal etiquette. Recently, Aston was booked to appear on the lesbian fish cave worship talk show “Ellen”, where he decided it would be a great idea to grow his hair and beard out to look like our Lord savoir and also decided to appear in the nude, baring his fleshy candy sacs. He did this to purposely mock Jesus. We both know Jesus would never appear on a clam dabbler’s television show and he for sure would not allow himself to be film in such a hardcore pornographic way. This is Kutcher’s poor attempt at homoifying God’s only begotten son and his attempt will land him on Two and a Half Satan’s, while he burns in hell.

In response to Aston’s naked Jesus appearance on the No-dick-van-DIKE show, Aston’s silicon sac’d whore demon decided to post some overly provocative images of herself as she was finishing up relieving herself from body sewer waste.

Not only did this woman of scandal take a photo of herself baring flesh, but she also posted it on Twitter for all your young children to see. I guess we don’t have to worry about porn sites or gay social sites attacking you kids with images of flesh swords and milk sacs, they can always just follow Demi and get an eye full of demonic nudity. These images are even worst than when Howard Stern posted drunk nude images of his child bride on Twitter for all to see.

So step right up American, let you kids be victims of Twitter rape. That is right, every time one of these anti-God actors post fleshy images of themselves on Twitter your children’s minds are rape with naughty thoughts and can lead them down the dark path of self “m-ing” and we all know that masturbation is a form of self rape.

Images of Communist Hipsters

Homosexual hipsters destroying our metro areas of America is one thing, but there is something I can’t stand even more…..COMMUNIST! If you look below you will now see that the commies in Russia are now trying to adopted the American hipster look, so they can come over here, try to blend in with the homosexual street kids and cause terrorist attacks.

Jordin Sparks Uses Black Street Drugs to Lose Weight

Did afro-saxon pop singer lose weight by hard work and by following a nutritious diet? Maybe she caught the lesbian syphilis disease to drop the massive amounts of cow she packed on by eating five McDonald’s number threes every day? Actually, the answer to these question is “no”. Former American Idol tubby actually dropped her tons of gluttony by going on a regiment of black rock ghetto street crack.

As you can see in her photo, not only did the crack make her drop 21 dress sizes, but she has also turned into that type of black you would see in a Big-E Pac video. You know the video, where the slave skinned girls are shaking their thunderous gluts and rubbing their syrupy glazed baby caverns into the naught area of the rap singer.

Miss Sparks, my advice would be to go to Costco and fill up on the fattiest foods you can find and eat yourself back to some self dignity.