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This Is How You Advertise For A Safe Childhood

What happens when you make anti-drug PSAs about gaying? The below images are postcards for you to print out or use the html coding to post it on your Facebook and MySpace pages. The first step to removing gay, is to educate about gay. Together we can beat this sickness.


If you feel your child has dabbled in some gay, please contact your local church and schedule a counselling meeting. Most likely your child has been exposed via public school, video games or song and dance TV shows. Only your pastor or priest will know how to cure this demon that has enter your child’s soul.


He Said She Said TV Can't Get Enough of Christwire's Holy Word.

The flaming fecal assassins at He Said She Said can’t seem to get enough of Christwire’s Holy glory and influence. Week after week these two banshees of debauchery keep subliminally inserting our message into their TV show. We think after last week’s on air drugging of Bryan Blake, they have had a change of heart. We feel Bryan’s holy presence did a number on their souls and they are secretly trying to tell their audience to stop being gay and turn their sinful backsides into Holy followers of God.

Bryan Blake Drugged and Forced to Lie About Our Site on HSSS.TV

Just look at the photo above, poor Bryan Blake, drugged up and surrounded by Satan’s little ass miners. Bryan was invited to speak about our holy mission and instead, he was greeted by the bugling bicep’d bear, Aaron and was forced to take gay ecstasy drugs and was told that if he didn’t lie about the website, they would perform sick gay sexual pleasures on him. Scared for his life and soul, Bryan complied with the damns and as you can see in the video, he uncomfortably lied about our Holy message. He also told us that The Man Dyke, was constantly trying to slip its hands down his pants and say “Every play pool with a stick with tits?”.

Look at the sick and twisted description of the show below:


It’s finally here, the epic interview we’ve been waiting months for. Earlier this year, Opheliaand Aaron chatted about a blog post titled “20 Ways To Tell If Your Teenage Daughter is a Lesbian” found on the holiest of sites on the net, ChristWire, and since, HSSS been a target of their “righteously” brutal anti-homo agenda. We’ve shared several of their blogs and they’ve fought back by exposing us as the gerbilling, homo-facist ManDykes that we are. After months of back and forth, we nabbed the interview of the year – a sit down with ChristWire co-founder & regular contributor Bryan Blake. Tattooed, toned & very easy on the eyes, Bryan shared with us how ChristWire started and what it has grown to become, a virtual magnifying glass for the often over the top idiocy that is the ‘Religious Right.’ ChristWire receives millions of hits a month, with contributors from across the globe and has spawned not only a book (out next month,) but very soon, a play along the lines of theVagina Monologues. Get to know the man behind the Christ…wire. Oh, and speaking of vajayjay, here are 51 ChristWire-approved descriptors for the lady part that won’t make you sound like a vulgar heathen!



51 Christian Friendly Words for Homosexuals

Gay Men

  1. Fecal fister
  2. Backdoor robber
  3. Chocolate swimmer
  4. Man sewer worker
  5. Turd tunneler
  6. Taint tickler
  7. Reverse poo pusher
  8. Mud monkey
  9. Low T-celler
  10. Fecal bandit
  11. Anal assassin
  12. Poo pirate
  13. Limp liberal
  14. Sugar plummed anal fairies
  15. Fondling Freds
  16. Ass alien
  17. Bottom burrower
  18. Totem poll sitters
  19. Disease addict
  20. Hot beef Harrys
  21. Winkle dandies
  22. Flesh sword fencers
  23. Phallic swindler
  24. Friend of Satan
  25. Butt pocket pan handler
  26. Anal tingle torturer
  27. Taint terrorist
  28. Vain worshiper
  29. Muscle cavern poker
  30. Brown saucy puncher
  31. Coco weasel
  32. Star gazer
  33. Mumble anus

Gay Women

  1. Clam dabbler
  2. Eve’s sister
  3. Satan’s Scissor Sally
  4. Crab captain
  5. Volleyball coach
  6. Fishy lollipop licker
  7. Tickler of the eye
  8. Flesh pearl Cannibal
  9. Clot slobber
  10. Fish cave worshiper
  11. Yeast fiend
  12. Flap elf
  13. Mississippi crawdad driver
  14. Blood venom slurper
  15. Fish garden mutt

Tranny Things

  1. Inny outy
  2. Inverted penile twister
  3. Man dyke

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Homo Gay Statues Across The World

There isn’t a corner of the planet that isn’t safe from the fecal soiled hands of the Homo Gay Agenda. In the photos below you will see the stiffness of their movement from the past 1,000 years of their vile existence.

Here we have a statue of a homosexual trying to ram his fecal plunger into some warm mud. This statue shows you that homosexuals will drop their twiddle rompus into anything that is warm and oozy brown.

This statue shows two ruff and buff muscle homos entangled in a sexual “bear” hug. In Roman times, the homosexual who passed out first from their opponents tight grip ended up being the “power bottom” for the nights sexual endeavors.

This is a group of homosexuals talking about how their life struggles are just as hard as the afro-saxons. In these “gossip circles” gays make plans on how to make people feel sorry for them.

This statue is showing the act of homosexual mouth sex acts. You can see the “bear” is holding his “twink” down in a dominate manner and forcing him to play a game jazz trumpet on his sass whistle.

Gays love to display their syphilis encrusted testicles in public fashions and this statue shows a gay giant flashing his musky candy sacs off to unaware bystanders.

Do we even need to explain what is going on here? We all know what gays do to little boys and that is as far as I will go with this description.

Gays love to play a game called “fecal finger” and this piece of “art” depicts two flocking fancy fannys skipping naked while they try to ramp their fingers up each other’s sewer holes.

We all know gays have a fetish for man on animal fornication and this statue shows that this sick obsession was even present in the gay community, even before Internet nasty sites.

4 Dogs That Will Tell You a Dog Owner is a Homosexual Man

Dogs are man’s best friend, not a man’s accessory to enhance their tightly groan pressed skinny jeans and P90X peck pushed v-neck shirt. Throughout history some dogs were breed from hunting tools into companions and toys for females and young children. Now in modern days, the world has been shifted to be more flamboyant when it comes to dog ownership and each dog says something about its owner. Below is a list of typical dogs owned by homosexual males. This list will helpy ou identify any frolicking fecal fairies in your neighborhood. Remember, the last thing you want is a sneaky homo being a part of your women’s dog walking morning activities. They will feel your women’s heads with fantasies of “Sex in the City” lifestyles or convince them to become fag hags.

Just like the ferret, homosexuals use Pomeranians as fetish anal pleasure toys. If you notice one of your gym buddies or neighbors walking these pint size butt plugs, make sure they are a Megan’s Law distance from your children.

Shih Tzu
Nothing screams “Chocolate Butt Pudding Pirate” like these little commie canines. Shih Tzu were illegally shipped to America in the 1980’s during the American gay outbreak epidemic. Homosexuals would pay up to $50,000 for one of these fuzzy rodents and just like rodents they are breed themselves across American and into the households of many gay couples. So, not only are the owners dilly dappers, they also support Communist China.

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Just like their Mexican importers, Chihuahuas are smelly, weak, lazy and require you to take care of them 24/7.This is why the gays love them. Gays like their prey to be weak and needy and by having a Chihuahua in their man purse at all times, it makes them feel like they have their young child prey with them at all times. If you see one of these dogs popping out of the bag of a man at a PTA meeting, inform the school principle of a possible child stalker walking the campus.

Let’s face it, these dogs look like a rectal star and we all know that another man’s anus is the gays favorite food. If you see a man and at the end of his leash is a pug, you will know for a fact that they are a fine dinner of musky man sewer hole.

Sinning Lesson From Deacon Tyson Bowers III

1. Take a piece of paper and crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, but don’t rip it.

2. Unfold the paper, smooth it out and look how scarred and dirty it is.

3. Now tell the piece of paper you are sorry and try really hard to make the paper look like it did before you abused it.

4. Notice that no matter how hard you try, you can’t undo the damage of the abuse, no matter how hard you flatten out the creased paper.

This is what homosexuality does to your spirit. No matter how hard you try to fix what you have done to your body, the scar still remain on your soul and Jesus can not forgive you for that. So before you fold and crumple your body with gay sin docking creases, remember that you can try and pretend it never happened and might be able to tell everyone you are sorry, the fact is, those marks of sin will never go away.

He Said, She Said TV Tries to Bash Christwire on Their Gay Erotic Podcast

Deep within the swelling LGBT city of San Diego, a cosmo sipping, anal fisting show is televised to the masses. The TV show is call He Said, She Said and is hosted by one Cher singing drag queen and one P90X using pretty boy. The draggies name is “Ophelia Later”, which refers to “her” giving out free mouth sex acts in the back alley of any DDF gay bar “she” can stumble into and Aaron, which is just the gay way of spelling Aron, the extra “r” stands for rugged.

In their episode from October 7th, Aaron and “Man Dyke”, take a copy of our book we sent them and trash it on their show. Just like good little homosexuals, they deny anything holy. They didn’t realize we sent them our book in hopes of turning their lives around. Instead, in typical gay fashion, make fun of our topics and claim it isn’t even real. WHy is it that the gay community doesn’t like gay bashing, but will for full penetration when it comes to bashing Christians?


Gay Men Release Gay Flatulence Across Campus

Young homosexuals are the most rebellious of the homo breeds. Back in 2009, I talked about how one gay child drew a penis on his parent’s roof, just to be a little rebellious lily picking ass assassin. Now, little gays are filming themselves walking around campus and releasing a copious load of gay anal gases. This new type of viral video is called “pooting” and is worse than any planking or owling video on YouTube’s band widths.

Gay flatulence is different than heterosexual flatulence. You see, gays shove jellies, animals, automotive repair tools, unapproved FDA toys and other things up their sewer hole and this can create deadly bacteria to grown within their sin muscle walls. Also remember gays are obsessed with anything fecal, so it should come to no surprise that their new past time involves an anus.

In the video below, you will see a group of anti-Hetero homosexuals prancing around school campus and releasing vile filth onto fellow students. You can clearly see that these gays are preforming hate crimes against their normal sex having college students. You can see the sick pleasure in their eyes every time they smear their queer vapors onto the skin of the unsuspecting victims, who are merely trying to get to class on time and not waste their college years on sick and twist fecal smelling gags.

The last thing we need is faggy flatulence, that carries deadly airborne viruses, to fill up the fresh air at college campuses.

Gay Man, Lance Bass, Releases First Emo Boy Band, Heart2Heart

Former Backstreet boy and current homosexual sinner, Lance Bass, has hired members from Black Veiled Brides, Falling in Reverse and Blood on the Dance Floor to form super emo boy band, Heart2Heart. Dancing to black pop BPMs and dressed up in flashly GAP cut off shirts and LEE skinny jeans, this new boy band threatens not only your daughter’s vaginal virginity, but also is vigorously attacking your son’s manhood and ability to not becoming a sissy pretty boy, schoolyard bully target.

Now, These boys may wear more make up than a three dollar French whore eating a Nancy Grace and Joan Rivers sandwich, but make no mistake that their homo fashions and haircuts are dangerous to the mind of America’s youth. Using their soft skin and Mtv styled dress, these boys will have no problems tempting your females around the world to open u p their baby holes to some one night stand penetration or even trick your son into thinking they can have sexual urges towards other men, as long as they are caked in Revlon.

In their new popular viral video called “Facebook Official”, these hip hopping homo hobbits talk about stalking your daughter or son on Facebook to force them into a sexual fling or a homosexual daddle dee. They also talk about spamming their profile page with hearts and other gay symbols. This is also called “Gay Cyber Bullying” and they are teaching all the little gayagers how to use digital terrorist techniques. Gay cyber bullying is when a homosexual is denied by someone of the same sex and instead of dealing with the rejection like a normal minded human, they spam their victims Facebook or Hi5 profile with homo erotica in hopes to embarrass them digital.

Also notice in the video that they have hired whorelet L.A. models to pretend to be little love stricken devil whores. These types of subliminal marketing make girls think they need to dress like cheap Coachella fest hipsters, flaunting their flesh candies around and also makes boys think if they dress like a modern day Disney Channel David Bowie, that girls will like them.

The only good news is that according to their YouTube stats, 15,917 have disliked their new age techno homo pop and only 1,942 likes to support their attempt at a full frontal tween gay invasion.

Besides trying to use homo gay agenda materials to corrupt children into a sinful world of gaydom, they are also spreading naughty sex materials on their web to older gay pedophiles. Their website is a lexicon of Photoshopped images of the youngins in sexual poses just sitting there ready for Sneaky Steve or Fondling Fred to play tug of war with his exposed danger rod, while he frantically clicks to the next image. Think of this website like a deep dish pizza that is jam packed with homosexuality and sinful gayness and it is being delivered hot and fresh to homo gays across the world.

Photos of People's Reactions After Being Surprised with Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a scary thing, but to 98% of Americans, they have been able to keep safe from having to be scared by viewing the actually act of demonic sin docking or the act of clam twaddle. Homosexuality is starting to seep its poison into America via erotic song and dance shows, vampire movies and these Homo Gay Agenda propaganda tools are making us forget how vile and unnatural the act of homo sex is. In an attempt to rebirth homo awareness a group of people put together a hidden camera booth in hopes to not only show people how gut wrenching the gay really is, but to also capture the reactions of the viewers to prove that people do not like gay penetration being enacted within their country.

In the images below you will see the trembling terror that attacks the body once it has been exposed to men and women performing gayness and you can see by the fear in the viewer’s eyes that they wish to never experience such a sight of sin again.


Gays Release New Perverted Christmas Cards

There is nothing that gives a gay a lispy chuckle more than that of smearing their fecal infested lifestyle on the face of America and this coming Christmas they have a plan to saturate the holiday spirit with the spirit of sexual poses and fresh gay orgasm faces. Instead of having happy cards with snowmen, angels and little children gathered around a festive tree, the isles of America’s major shopping centers with be plastered with these full frontal paper treats of demonic sex pleasure. These Christmas cards are the gays new seasonal weapons to push their Homo Gay Agenda instead of using their anal scented mouth turrets to spew gay onto American.

Examples showing the war against a Christian American Christmas:

Gays Now Using Santa to Entice Man Boy Love Relations
Mexicans Stole My Christmas

Gays Make New Gummy Worm to Infiltrate Your Son’s Rear Muscle

“dual flavors, a ribbed body, and a five inch girth. It makes an amazing gift for now or later”

These are the tricky words of a marketing department swollen with the urge to tempt your children into suckling the tit of a homo gay lifestyle. Words like these only spew from the gay’s anus loving mouth in hopes to confusion your children into thinking that a sugar high snack isn’t a step into the direction of pure gaydom and sin. This is a perfect example of how the homo gay agenda uses “playful” propaganda to promote homosexuality to your children via yummy treats and sugary sweets.

Let us not be ignorant and naive and pretend this ribbed gummy worm does not look like something that is sugar plummed with anal sin and that this does not look like a toy that twiddle rompus worshipers wouldn’t use to sin dock their open and willing partners sewer hole. Let us not deny that this treat of terror is inserting nuggets of homosexual behavior into the minds of our young men.

The gay’s plan is to get your sons comfortable with playing and caressing toys or food that are shaped like a homosexuals favorite pleasure chest toy and hope by the time your sons come to age (usually 12), the gays will be able to fully convert them over to a homosexual with little resistance.

Look at the marketing video and you can see the eyes of Satan piercing are into the hearts of unaware viewers. Look at the homo-erotic faces each “actor” expresses when playing or even sucking on the “worm”. How can anyone tell me this video isn’t smothered with the maple syrup of homosexuality?

DADT, Should Be Changed to DADC (Didn’t Ask, Don’t Care)

People don’t realize that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was actually a way to keep homosexuals from craving attention while serving in the military. This point is proven by all the homosexuals making YouTube videos showing off their gayness. They act like DADT has kept them in the closet from their friends and family, but in reality they just used DADT as an excuse to hide their sinful lifestyle from the world.

When you sign up for the military, you are not signing up to join a fan club or an exclusive gyn membership. The only think you should be concerned about is your training and how you are going to kill terrorists.

Why do homosexuals think DADT is all about them? How do all the heterosexuals that serve keep their sex life out of the picture while doing their job in the military? This is because they followed the rules of not letting their sex life or the need to use their sexuality to get attention interfere with their duties. How many YouTube videos are being posted of heterosexual servicemen calling up family members and telling them that they are heteros and that they couldn’t let their families know because the military is hateful? None! This is because heteros don’t let their sex choices make who they are.

Gays will tell you that they like to perform sin docking with other males even before you ask them. Sometimes you might not even be thinking about if they like to mouth sex act on another same sex partner, before they throw on a shirt saying they love penis. Unlike healthy minded heteros, gays can’t understand that no one cares or wants to know what they do. We all know they are going to hell and we keep that to ourselves, while they flaunt their sin scepters at their annual parades for all the world to see. Just like it would be rude for a hetero couple to be having sexy talk at a restaurant, it is unacceptable for gays to show off their sick choices of sexual appetite. I thought gays want people out of their bedrooms? Well that privacy stops once they bring their bedrooms out into public.

This is why the military should reinstate DADT, but change it to something the gays can’t cry about. The new name would be “DADC” which stands for “Didn’t Ask, Don’t Care”. This way gays can’t run around saying they couldn’t fully serve cause they had to be quite about their sexual deviance. Instead, unless someone asks them if they like to gobble down on man candy sacs, they have to sit there and shut up up their sex life. I know the urges of not getting attention or not having the ability to write sad letters to their friends about how they are outcast due to their sexuality, but the military needs to rid soldiers of the thoughts that sex and lifestyle have a place in battle. This includes both hetero and homo lifestyles.

Homo Gay Agenda Wants Babies to Wear Thongs

While you would think that the sickness in homosexuals couldn’t get any worse, it has. Our shadow walking phallic stuffers have dug their Old Spice scented, manicured hands deeper into the Hanna Barbera underwear of America’s youth. Even against popular science, homosexuals do not have a age limit when it comes to their victims. The Homo Gay agenda is trying to create a flash mob of gayness inside the urine protectors of your toddlers and newborns.

Just like when I warned parents of The Gay’s attempt to use toys to anally rape your children during poopy time, The Gays are now using waste products to attack your children with fondling feely fingers in the shape of thong diapers. These new diapers fit to the baby in the form of a thong, you know the kind of underwear that gets soiled by moist Satanic juices when a cheap whore like Ke$ha or Oliva Munn get finished performing a mouth sin act on a Hollywood executive.

Is P90X and Tony Horton Turning America Gay?

What is P90X
Muscle confusion or sexual confusion? This is the question America should be asking one of the largest homosexual front operations in America, called “P90X”. P90X is ran by a company called Beach Body and they fill the minds of weak willed people to get up and get into shape. But the shape they want them to get into is in the form of a pink feather boa and assless chaps. With each 55 minute work out, their customers work up a sweat towards the path of homosexual.

You see, just like the Gay Agenda, P90X feeds on the weak minded people. They know they are the easiest to turn gay. All you do is give them a little bit of attention and you have them sucked within your demonic grasps. Heterosexual men and women workout to be healthy, not strut around in cut off shirts or walk down Melrose in jogging shorts. The only people who want bulging biceps or a tuckus that you could bounce silver dollars off of, are those who have the sexual deviance of a homosexual sinner. This is why most P90X users used to be fat or they target the ugly, Mexicans, fans of emo music and video gamers, because they all have one thing in common, no life and no self esteem.

P90X also works their victims slowly into their future gay lifestyle by repeating gay terminology and food choices. Gays love buzz words and trendy phrases, it is the reason why everything in the world today has been morphed from “Hello fellow American, it is a beautiful day outside” into “So, yo”. On term that sticks out in the P90X program, is the term “X-ing”. Tony is always “X-ing” you during his work outs and you even see his brainwashed co-hosts throwing up their gang like street signs when he says it. Did you know “X-ing” is the term gays use when they insert ecstasy pills up their rectums? Yep, these are the kinds of terms Tony is teaching while he has you drenched in gay lover man sweat. Next thing you know, you’ll be “X-ing” your new Cuban boyfriend behind Sparkles and Barracks on 5th avenue!

Another big thing in the gay lifestyle is gourmet food and this program pretty much requires you to hire a 5 star chef. The food gets you to crave posh delights that would only be served at a gay restaurant or nightclub. I mean, how many real men eat basil tomato soup? But don’t worry, if you can’t afford a chef you can pay out the rear for their custom shakes and protein bars. Each item contains what is called “Skake-ology”, which is packed with amino acids that attach the gay gene to ones dna. So not only are you huffing and puffing to great gayness, you are also downing loads of homo juice down your throat five times a day.

Who is Tony Horton
If Satan had a Pilates instructor it would be Tony Horton, a former gay club go go dancer turned international health guru. Tony’s main goal is to keep you focused on the task at hand with his quaky one liners and man boy good looks. Tony makes you feel like he is your buddy, your pal, your new best friend. He makes you start comparing your friends to him and within 90 days he gets you to unfriend everyone you’ve even befriended and make you fall in love with him. You start to seek out your first gay relationship with men that follow the same physique and hair line as Tony. Tony is now your God, he is your anchor into the new world he has created for you.

How to Tell if Someone is Using P90X

I created a print out for our readers, so they can use this and compare it to their friends, family members, children or spouses. If they fit any of these symptoms, they are in danger of having their soul rejected from heaven.

Photo Evidence
Most liberals and supporters of The Homo Gay Agenda don’t understand complex journalism, nor do they some time understand basic English. For those whose minds are to feeble to understand my Jessica Fletcher style of detective work, I have added images from the forums to show you the effects of P90X on American males.

Liberals and Obama lie, statistics and numbers do not. We polled 100 men and on and asked them some very direct questions to prove that this P90X system was cause of the shocking increase in gayness among Americans.

Effects on Men

Effects on Women

General Statistics

Gays Make New Devil DNA Squirt Gun

There is nothing happy or cheerful about your child being covered in gay devil DNA by a young boy praying ass bandit, but in an attempt to trick children into craving sexual attention from lurking homosexuals, The Homo Gay Agenda has released a new “Super Soaker” toy to brainwash children into confusing them with demonic urges. This new gun toy imitates the feeling of Billy Jazz Hands attacking your unsuspecting male child with his penile spatter, while he tickles his taint with feelings of naughty pedophilia accomplishments. Remember, this is not the first or even tenth attempt I have exposed on this matter. Back in 2010, I showed you how the gays were targeting young Mexican boys to turn them into Mexi-gays.

Nothing is worst than homosexuality, but a close third would be the act of self sexing. Remember, touching yourself in a non-child making matter is equal to rape. As a double whammy, the gays also crafted this gun to teach young men how to firmly grip their flesh torpedo in a sexual fashion while they pump it to the point of making climax.

The gays who made this commercial even show they love for variety in young boys. Notice that they even use a little black boy and a communist China kid in the commercial to not only add spice to their child Pee-wee Herman self sexing theater film, but to also promote interracial man/boy gay relationships.

So not only do we need to worry about MAC (Men Attacking Children) marketing their iGay products to turn your children homo, we now how to worry about toys that reenact gay men releasing their homosexually disease loaded goo on our child.

Proof Popeye Was a Sugar Covered Homosexual

Without the properly trained eye to find all the underlining homosexual threats in today’s pop culture, one can find themselves being mental rape by pornographic imagery of liberal laced propaganda. Good thing the Godly folks here at Christwire have been trained to sniff out such threats and expose them to the masses.

Just like any terrorist attack, the best way to deflect any causalities to be to prepared and I have prepared a outline about how Popeye has been used since the 1930’s to instill homosexuality inside the minds of young children.

Did you know the word “Popeye” is actually a homosexual term used by back alley male gang bang boys? The word “Popeye” refers to the act of when a “Bear” male takes his flesh sword to anally sin dock a virgin homosexual or also known as a “Twink”. You see the gays referred to the anus as the “Pleasure Eye” or “Eye” and a the act of taking ones “Eye” virginity is called “Popping”. So Popeye’s name alone is teaching you kids to go out and have their anus popped by some burly man in the back alley of a disco club in San Fagcisco.

The second part of his name is “The Sailor Man” and we all know gays have fantasies of sailor men docking port and than docking into their rear port or poop deck. The sailor man is a iconic figure in the gay chosen lifestyle and this cartoon is trying to make your child want to become that saucy man of sea bound gay desires.

Homosexual Wrestling
Brutus is the most common name in the homosexual world and that is the same name of the man that Popeye was rear naked choking on a daily basis. Whether it is in the UFC or in the gays bedroom, they all use wrestling as a form of foreplay. This shirtless form of ass grab allows them to rub up on each other in a violent way, while their twiddle rompus’ mash together until they become aroused by Satanic pleasure thoughts. Remember, gays get turned on by torture and violence and there is nothing that works up a homosexual’s twisted appetite than a rough body slam before a raw musky tug and rub.

Besides the fighting, Popeye and his slave master Brutus, always seemed to be dressed up in different costumes each episode and we all know that the gays can’t pass up a game of dress up followed by a gluttonous rounds of performing mouth sex acts on each other. You can also tell that Popeye is the soft chested twink in the relationship, while Brutus is the full bearded bear.

Does Drugs
It is a known fact that 95% of homosexuals have a drug problem and Popeye was no different. Ever notice that Popeye couldn’t go anywhere without his drug pipe? This is because Popeye was constantly smoking on a rainbow concoction of muscle relaxers and ecstasy, which filled his blood stream with Satan himself.

On top of his black street drug addiction, Popeye was always a fan of Spinach. Yes, I know spinach is not harmful and is actually great for the body, but not if the spinach was actually steroids in a can. You see, Popeye was smart and knew he couldn’t just walk around with needles in hand, so he would lace his vegetables with liquid steroids. When he felt like making a scene, like most homosexuals like to do, Popeye would pop a can Lucifer adrenaline and started to pick fights with random people.

What kind of message is it to children, when their favorite cartoon is walking around like a Los Angeles drug whore and picking fights with people for no reason whatsoever.

Overly Muscular
Homosexuals are also obsessed with fitness. No, not because it is good for you, but for the fact they need to be health to fight off all the gay sicknesses that fill their bodies. Popeye was no different and he tried to hide his illness from his friends by bulking up. He knew if he looked healthy than his friends wouldn’t have to worry about his medical condition.

Popeye’s most famous part of his body was his forearms. Now we all know that to get forearms that size, one must spend many hours giving out free demon whacking sessions to ever fairy body in town. These arms show the fact that Popeye was what is known as a “fluffer” in the gay porn world.

His Best Friends are a Fag Hag and a Hipster
If the reasons above are not enough to convince you of Popeye’s homosexual tendancies, than maybe the fact that just like all homosexuals, they have two best friends. One being a unactractive fag hag and a over weight and depressed hipster.

Olive Oyl was what you call a “bread” or a female that a homosexual uses to cover up their gay lifestyle. You notice that every time Olive Oly and Popeye kiss, he has a look of pre-vomit on his face. Just the thought of touching a female turns his gay little stomach into knots.

Whimpy is Popeyes emosexual buddy who he has around him to make him feel better about his gay self. You see, gays hate the fact that they turned their back onto God and decided to like a lifestyle of sexual sin, so they make friends with someone who is a lesser person than them to make themselves feel better. Ever notice that all emosexuals and hipsters have gay friends? Well, now you know why!

Ben and Jerry’s Wants Kids to Eat Sweat Dipped Testicles – “Schweddy Balls” Flavor

I exposed their first attempt at tricking kids into eating frozen spoon fulls of homosexual seamen and now the Homo Gay Agenda wants your children to fein for thick milky ice cream balls of perspired gay testicles. Just the name alone shows you that their true intent to destroy the heterosexual fibers of America that God intended. Thanks to the abuse of free will by homosexual sugar plummed fairies, emosexuals, hipsters and a large portion on none God skinned people, we have to watch our grocer’s freezer like a band of Nazis making sure that no evil pastries or dairy treats try to escape and turn our children into walking sin lusted, ass bandits.

Just like how the blacks used crack to control their streets, the gays are using sweet delicacies to get kids addicted to the taste of a musky and sweaty candy bags. They know kids don’t read the names of ice cream, the just want the newest flavor. Like the head crack dealer, liberal overlord, Alex Boldwhen, has been promoting this dairy death weapon for years now on the left wing cable show, SNL (Satan Network of Lies) pushing for your children to make their parents buy this product. Unaware parents will purchase this sin cream and allow their children to sit in front of the tv while they load up their mouth with not only highly fattening calories, but also force their taste buds to acquire the need to be bombarded with taint tingling tastes of homosexual desires.

Like I said before, I hope Southern California’s sinful cities of liberal gay parades are swallowed up by hell’s fire and burned to ash. Once that happens we can dance for joy on top of the remains of the gaytropolises that denied God!

Google to Launch “Gaygoo”

It is no secret that Google has some of the richest homosexuals in the world as investors and they have a major influence on how Google works. To provide proof of this is simple. Did you know that Google will block sex results that involve hetero people, but a confused child can type in the word “Twinkie” and instead of getting information on the favorite cream filled treat, they will be bombarded with a sea of gay-fully delightful imagery of muscle cave sin pleasures and URL hotlinks to man boy websites?


Right off the limply held bat, you can tell the Gaygoo logo has been redesigned to tantalize the queer eyed visitor. Dipped in homo gay colors, the Gaygoo logo screams “Type in a keyword and I will spit out sinfully lusty results to tingle your anally intrusive twiddle rompus”.

Websites have landing pages that are called “Homepages”. These homepages are usually lightly weighted down with bits, so the band widths are fast to load. The same goes with the Gaygoo homepage, but it has been reworded to be called the “Homopage”.

On the “Homopage” you can see it is setup just like the normal Google, but with a different set of verbiage. Let us take a look at the currently proposed “homopage”.

As you can see, the homepage is gayer than any Bravo television host could ever imagine to be. Gays can quickly find clubs to meetup with a new sin docking partner or quickly check their gay shirtless imaged filled emails from their Mexican twink boyfriend, Escobar. They even have a “I’m Feeling Horny” button, which if clicked, takes them to a random power bottom fetish website.

Gay Friendly Search Results
Gays hate having to think. That is why Gaygoo has setup a system that is allowed to think like a dirty like ass assassin. When a homo gay types in a few letters, Gaygoo can already figure out what their faggy brain waves are thinking. Let us take a look at what auto suggestion you would get from normal Google, compared to Gaygoo.



Pedophile Image Results
Google realized that 94% of the time gays spend on Google, is on the images page searching for unprotected MySpace photos of young children. They use these images to drool over, while they insert bulbous objects into their swampy muscle caves to force a “milked orgasm”. Now with the help of Gaygoo, instead of having to use keywords that are saved on their Apple computer’s cache and that can be used against them in a future molestation case. Gaygoo has removed the hardwork and worry all together and gives the gay a smorgasbord of pedo enticing images to browse from, automatically. Demon whacking will never be easier for the homo gay community.

You can see in the stolen image below, the amount of images that are pulled automatically for the gay surfer and notice the sidebar allows them to filter out the little boys to their personal liking. Thus feature alone will make a homosexual more gitty than letting them site front row at a Cher concert.

Without having to type anything in, the image pages automatically displays the following:

Here you can see the filtering system to allow the gays to zero in on their desired pray. It is quite sicking to know that Gaygoo is pretty much opening your children’s bedroom door, unprotected and open to a viral gay assault.